Spring Trend Report-Wide Leg Trouser

Well ladies, welcome to the 1970s! Wide leg trousers are back and they seem to be back in a big way. The question is, can we wear them and look good?

Spring Trend Report-Wide Leg Trouser
First, let’s talk about how to wear them.  Proportion is key! Since the pants are loose, you don’t want your top to be loose or flowy. Go for a slimmer fitting top.

Spring Trend Report-Wide Leg Trouser

A cute jacket also works well. These pants are Chelsea28 High Rise Wide Leg Pants

Spring Trend Report-Wide Leg Trouser
Although I’ve read that the trend is to wear them well above the ankle, I have seen a lot of pictures with a longer length. I prefer the longer length.

This picture makes me want to wear them. I think they look best with a heel. If you are petite in size, I think a heel is a must. If you’re tall and slender, you could wear a flat sandal.

Spring Trend Report-Wide Leg Trouser
So what do you think are they a Yay or a Nay??

I’m hoping to style a pair during my 28 days of Spring Fashion which starts on Monday! Yikes!! I’ve got to start applying some self tanner!

28 days of spring fashion
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Scripture is full of verses that help us deal with anxiety. Sometimes it’s a good idea to write them down and put them in places we know we’ll see them throughout the day.

Psalm 143:8 says, Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go for to you I entrust my life.

Let’s trust Him today!


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  1. I am not a fan of the wide leg pants. But, then I was not a fan of skinny jeans at first either! If it sticks around long enough, I would possibly try them but I’ll wait a bit.
    Crazy how styles keep recycling around isn’t it?

    Thanks for keeping us current with new styles Cyndi!

  2. Hmm….I’m on the taller side and I’m not sure how I feel about wide leg trousers. I THINK I would prefer to wear them with flat sandals in a more casual way.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in these pants but short legged me will not be buying a pr this spring. I remember wearing them back in the olden days and they weren’t flattering on my pear shaped body. You will look fantastic in them though! :). Hurry up Spring!!!

  4. For those of us that didn’t look good in the “skinnies” they are welcome but I don’t know about the short-wide leg, (getting far to close to the dreaded culotte, look for me) so I agree with you….they look much better long with a heel! And since I am still “heeless” and not particularly tall I think I am in trouble with the “new/retro” look…..I will keep tabs on what is tending from the waist up and hope the bottom doesn’t date me, too much……

  5. I love the look of the black outfit you have shown above. I would probably wear them somewhat like that outfit, but I probably would avoid the casual look, unless I find a cute pair of linen wide leg trousers. I can’t say that I will ever wear the shorter version or the dreaded culottes that are back with a vengeance! 🙂 For me, I don’t like that jacket and wide legs pant look. Seems like it just adds a lot of fullness, like oversized sweats and baggy clothes. IMO

  6. Oh no! Why does everything come back? High school 1973 5’4″ 110 pounds , I could wear these wide leg slacks and look stylish. Fast forward to now…. i prefer slacks that help create a slim look. I will have to try some on but I am seeing short and dumpy as the look on me in 2015 in these wide leg trousers!!

    1. Hah! Just had to comment – that was me! High school 1973′ 5’4″, give or take 110 lbs. I’m still the 5’4″ (probably startingto shrink too), don’t think I can carry of that look now. And I’m definitely not the + or – 110 lbs.! I like to stay stylish, but I know my limits!

  7. Been there done that! Wasn’t crazy about the look then and I sure don’t like it now! I hope this new trend will be short lived.

  8. NO, NO, NO!!!! That is the answer for me personally! I think they will look great on a tall, thin person or a short, thin person. The key word here is THIN!!!! Otherwise, all I can think of is DUMPY!!!!

  9. I’m having a nice chuckle reading your responses from the other ladies 🙂 I am 5’4″ so if I did wear them I would definitely wear a heel with them. I’ve learned to never say never so I wait to see how they look on others. I like the black outfit you shared. Love the Psalm scripture too. Have a blessed day!

  10. I do LOVE this look! I am not a skinny jeans girl so I welcome the wide legs!

    My question is if you are old enough to have “experienced” this look before, should you try it again?

  11. Not a fan…I’m afraid that unless you are tall and/or slim these will look dumpy. I saw them at a fashion show this past weekend on a woman who wore a medium and was just a little taller than my 5’5″ and they were not the best look! Most of the women there were not fans of that look.

  12. I love the look and have am at the age of having been through this fashion before. Oh how I remember the 70’s….. I also love the black outfit and this possible could be a great piece for someone with a wider hip.. (I am talking about me)… Hope everyone has a blessed day. I think we might get some rain in California this weekend… Yippee

  13. Personally I love that the wider leg trousers are coming back! Not quite as wide as the first few pairs you have pictured, but I love a pair of trousers, and even jeans, that are fitted in the hip and then full through the leg. I think they make you look taller and thinner, especially with a heal. Like you though I don’t think I can do the ankle length as it tends to cut off the leg line in a very awkward way.

    1. You explained my feelings exactly. I think it’s a slimming look, especially if they’re slightly belled at the bottom. I currently wear them and love the look. I do NOT like the short side cropped look, even on really tall people.

  14. I wore this style in high school. Don’t know about them now. Can’t imagine them being flattering to my 55 year old body! LOL Besides my legs are one of my best features and they’d just be lost in those huge pant legs! I will probably pass on this trend.

  15. Sweet Mercy – lets save those for the 21 year old 6 feet tall girls who are super slim (like all my daughters! but not me!)

  16. Boy that black number is classy and uptown and I do like the solids vs. the shorter length and prints. I picture Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake and Jean Harlow sporting these slacks in the 30’s. I’m intrigued to see you model for us. Hurry hurry 28 days of spring fashion!

  17. The funny thing is – I hated the skinny jeans/leggings look when it first came out, I hated the cropped or ankle jeans and pants, and I never thought I’d like the shorter version leggings but I changed my mind on all of the above and love the looks. Pretty sure that will be the case again! Fashion history does repeat itself!

  18. I love the black outfit and would give it a try. It is very classy. Would definitely wear with a small heel and more on the pointy toe side. The orange and blue are also nice. I think you have to be careful about the length. Anything that’s too short is going to be a style very few can wear.

  19. I am 5’7″ and 53. I don’t mind the wide leg pants with a slim top. However, I try to limit my purchases and make sure everything in my closet goes with several other things in my closet so I doubt I’ll be trying the trend because of this limited purchasing (until our son graduates from college in December and $ is a little more plentiful).

  20. I do like the look and reminds me of my days in the 70’s!! I think I would like to try it again this Spring!! I am very short but. . . Cannot wait to see them on you!!:-)
    Trust and Obey fir there is no other way!!

  21. Not a fan. The black outfit is classy and looks great on the model. I think if I were to wear it, I would look like I had tree trunks for legs, no matter how high the heel or pointed the toe is. Lol

  22. Dang. Well, I’ll give it a shot, but not sure how it will work on this 5ft tall frame……The ankle pants will be juuuust about right for full length for me. LOL

  23. My mom made me the most beautiful aqua blue pair of these when I was in 3rd grade. I was really in style. I don’t imagine I will be in style again with this….been there, and done that.

  24. these outfits look fine on the tall slender models, with small waists, so it will be interesting to see how they look on normal-size women. 🙂 My first reaction is a “NO” but I didn’t think I would like the skinny jeans and cropped pants look on myself, but ended up liking it after finding the right ones. I really wonder what my husband would say!!

  25. I’m sure others will look wonderful in the wide legs. I’m not saying never; just being cautiously accepting. In addition remember, you don’t have to have an entire wardrobe of them. One pair for a fun statement.
    Really feel the older I get the more sense it makes to stay classic as much as possible.

  26. I absolutely love the styling of that black outfit…but, HELLO, the $825 price tag on the pants Is totally out of my range. Would love to see something similar but in a price range for a normal/average gal like me. 🙂

  27. The Palazzo pants were all the rage around here last Spring and Summer. I will never say never because I actually found myself in camo pants this past weekend! My husband was shocked.

    So… I’m going to fight the wide leg pants with all I’ve got!

  28. Not this trend. I’m trying to buy only garments that I love and that look good on me. I just discarded all my capris because they look awful on me (and most everyone else). Read dumpy and frumpy. These weight-adding pants are in the me-and-most-everyone-else category. Could they be in the other category of women-will-wear-anything-they-think-is-in-style?

  29. I am 5 ‘9 and I think with a more fitted shirt I would be willing to give it a shot. Most likely with a pair of flats because I am all about comfort

  30. Uggghhh! The only way I could wear these in the 70’s was with platform shoes. At 5’3″ with a 27″ inseam they don’t seem like a good idea.

    1. Karen,

      You’re not the only one bringing out the memories of the 70’s!

      We’ll see what else is trending for spring as the season comes!


  31. So sad that so many people are saying no to this.

    As Melissa M said, maybe not as wide as the first photos but I really hate skinny jeans and pants so love that maybe those of us who cannot fit into the skinny jeans (I’m definitely pear shaped with larger hips, rear and thighs – skinny jeans hug me so tight they are just not flattering) will finally be able to find something else in the stores. I’ve wasted so much money on skinny pants, hoping that I’ll get used to them and I just feel like a sausage. Hopefully this trend will at least give some of us more options!

  32. I personally like them, although I don’t care for the pleats, Talbots carries a wide leg trouser, flat front with a side zip, which can be very slenderizing

  33. I get compliments all the time when I wear my white linen wide pants. They can be very dressy for summer events. I wear them with a slim top and pretty flats. I love them

  34. Wow, there are some really strong feelings about wide leg pants! I suspect some of the haters will eventually buy them if they become popular enough and they find the right style. 🙂

    1. Hee hee, I don’t hate them, I just won’t wear something that makes me look as wide on the bottom as I am up top! LOL and that is what I see in my mirror when I do buy a pair until I cut and sew them into strait legged for my style. 🙂
      I don’t care how “popular” it may be in style, if makes me look bad, I won’t wear it. Believe me it won’t be the only style on the shelves to wear, I am confident I will find the regular straight legged, skinny, and tapered legged jeans and trousers to buy this summer.
      My opinion, I wear only the clothes that makes ME look fine. If they make you look fine in your mirror… Wear them! 🙂

  35. Sometimes I feel torn between wanting to stay “current” yet being annoyed that the styles swing so widely from one extreme to another. About the time I incorporate new trends into my wardrobe (not being the first to jump on bandwagons), the style changes again. And I feel annoyed that this is orchestrated by those who want us to buy new clothes. “They” have to keep changing trends so that women feel the need to go out and buy new things. I always feel the need to find a balance in It all somehow…

      1. Me too, ladies… I am 5’5″ and wore the wide legged trousers back in the 70’s when I was a teen and even back then my momma said that style will repeat themselves over and over as years go by, as she also wore them back in her younger days. So I guess it was about time for them again, although they were big last year too, cause I bought several in jeans and cut them down to strait-legged. It is much about the money and keeping us busy buying, as you said Suzanne!

  36. I generally like the classic styles with a trendy item thrown in. Love cardigans with the big necklaces. That said, I think I will try the pants and wear a short sleeve cashmere sweater on top. I don’t have the slimmest legs but what I have found is to try many different styles and brands. For me, my favorite skinny jeans are from INC and also ELLE. Not all skinny jeans are created equal. It is important to try on many types of clothes until you find one that works well for you. Totally cannot believe bell bottoms are back though.

  37. These can be classy looking ,thou many can not wear them. I went to the website. The black ones are sold out at $825!!! If one wants to try one pair, perhaps a lower price point would make more sense!!

  38. Can’t do it! I’m too short and reminds me of the style when I was in high school. Looks good on tall people. Too much fabric for me.

  39. I love palazzo pants!! They’re soooo comfy. Being 5’3″ I always wear heels or wedges with mine. Looking forward to seeing the big legs on you. Cyndi!!

  40. I think they would be very elegant for evening wear. Definitely, a fitted top to pair with them and a nice pair of heels. It’s a very feminine look. I’ll try a pair on and then make a judgement. I believe the fuller leg gives the illusion of long and lean, and we all want that. Let’s see you rock it, Cyndi!

  41. I am in… have printed cotton palazzo pants…so comfy and perfect for a summer vacation….and just bought black dressy palazzo pants at New York and Co. (~$40) for a wedding….loved them as an alternative to a dress.

  42. No thanks! Not for me. But then again, at my age I am no longer a slave to “trends”. I wear what I like and these pants are not going in my closet.

  43. I am 5’7 and 53 years old so I have done the wide legs in the 70’s–fashion does repeat itself. While I can definitely wear wide legs, and I think as you have suggested, they can be updated to 2015. However, I think I will let them go this time around. I was not in love with them in the 70’s and am not in love with them today. It is more important to love what you wear as it leads to confidence which is the essence of style. I feel there is a difference between a fad and a trend: a fad lasts a season maybe a year and a trend lasts a few years. Confidence never goes out of style! So if you love them–go for it!! Do you think the wide leg will be a fad or a trend?

    1. That’s a good question Diane. I think it sometimes depends on how we embrace the trend if it’s going to stay around a while or if it’s going to disappear quickly.
      I love to share the trends on here but I don’t think we have to wear every trend. I think what you said about confidence is true. We need to feel good in what we wear.
      Have a wonderful day!!

  44. I’ve seen a couple ladies wear these where I work and my first thought when I see them is, ‘Is today pajama day?’ Even though they look very comfortable, I don’t think I’d wear them. Maybe only if they were very sleek and with a dressy top, like in the all black photo above, but the patterns are too much for me.

  45. I like them. I’m short and curvy and will have to be very careful. But I think if they are balanced well and worn with a heel they could be cute. I will definitely stay away from the pleated styles and opt for the flat front though! Thanks, Cyndi, for keeping our minds open to try to new things:) Blessings Krista

  46. No way I could wear these. (Not that I’d want too) I’m 5′ 3″ and over weight. Besides I’ve just never liked the look. My opinion is they only look good on young girls/women who are very tall and very thin. On anybody else they look like PJs.

  47. I love the look but, as always, styling is critical. Work the proportions and this is a cool comfy option for a lot of situations and figures. Try before you buy and if it looks bad to you sit back and wait-another trend will come along soon!

  48. Humm wide legged trousers……
    Sorry, women of fashion, I was 10 -14 years old when I last wore wide legged trousers in 1977-81 and back then, I loved them… Now, not so much. LOL
    I do not, in “my opinion”, think that wide legged trousers benefit any body shape, they are not sexy, slimming, fashionable nor flattering on anyone.
    My preference is straight legged or tapered legged trousers or Jeans. Of course this is for my body type and my opinion, FOR ME…..
    I will still love to see how you, Cyndi, fit the wide-legged trousers in an outfit 🙂 You may just make me a believer in them and I just “maybe” buy a pair to prove my opinion wrong. 🙂
    I do, however, love the color and make of some wide-legged jeans and bought them and sewed them in to a strait legged for myself. LOL This is how much I am determined not to wear wide legged trousers, on me!
    I love reading all the opinions of other women over 40……

  49. I already lived thru these, bit since I don’t have ANY hiPs, they always worked for me. The pant is elegant in the evening with a great top , acessories and killer shoes. I say yes.

  50. Yay for sure on the wide let trousers! I’m an Image Consultant in CO and actually would love to know where I can get that beautiful black cocktail/evening pants outfit for a client of mine. It was hard to make out the designer name on your post. Thank you for letting me know.