Spring WorkWear from Nordstrom

So, I don’t work outside the home, but if I did, this outfit would be my kind of style for work. The great thing about this spring workwear outfit is it’s versatile enough to wear to church on Sunday or even a weekend date night. And pink pants, just say spring to me!

Spring WorkWear from Nordstrom

I love to wear tops with added detail, and this one from Madewell has side ties that take it up a notch, even better it’s under $50.

Spring WorkWear from NordstromSpring WorkWear from NordstromSlides are a must-have shoe for spring, and these are perfect for workwear with the block heel. They come in several different colors.

Spring WorkWear from NordstromNordstrom has a section on called wear to where that features lots of workwear ideas at all different price points.

Spring WorkWear from NordstromSpring WorkWear from NordstromThese Vince Camuto pants run large, so I would suggest sizing down. I typically wear a size 4 in Vince Camuto pants, so I need a 2 in these pants (believe me they run large).

Spring WorkWear from NordstromI think adding accessories is a must for work, but I would want to keep it simple. Classic earrings from Kendra Scott are perfect for workwear.

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Side Tie Top(I’m wearing a small)//Side Zip Pants//Slide Sandal//Earrings (similar here)//Bracelet

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Nordstrom has you covered if you’re looking for workwear. Here are some of my picks and as always they have free shipping and free shipping on my returns. Need it today? Just set your store, check out online and pick up your order in store or they can walk it out to your car. Nice!

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Make sure you head over to Jo-Lynne’s blog and see what she’s styling for spring fashion!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Today we remember the death that brought us life!

But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed. Isaiah 53:5

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cyndi,
    You are an encourager; and a true inspiration to me. Have a blessed Good Friday and wonderful Easter.

    Kristi 🙂

  2. Also going to church at noon and I’m excited. Cindy what was the name of the book you were talking about on your Instagram page the other day. I would like to get it. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  3. I love the messages from you Cindi but what is discouraging is MOST times when I click on the shoe and am taken to Nordstrom’s to order MOST of the sizes are ALREADY sold and not available. So while we get all excited about a new shoe Cindi it’s discouraging to know that they’re not available FOR MOST Of US!! 😔

  4. I keep thinking about the words to the song we’ve been singing in church lately:” O what a Savior. Isn’t He wonderful!’” SO appreciate your words today,my friend. Have a blessed Easter with your sweet family! (Btw, love the look today!$

  5. This is an adorable outfit! I cant wear tee shirts to work though. Would love to see you style some business wear sometime! Love everything you wear and would love ideas to keep my work clothes from being boring!

  6. I took today off work – of all the holidays we get that I’m not interested in, this should be a holiday, but that’s my opinion :-), so I take vacation on Good Friday. I find myself very reflective on this day in particular so being home, and often alone, is exactly what I need. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me (us), and I’m so in love with him.
    So, now, not so serious, I recently bought a pair of pants almost that color pink and plan to wear to church for Easter. I like that they’re almost a neutral and I was surprised with everything I can wear with them. I love the shoes you have on – may have to find those!
    Happy Easter Cyndi, and to your family as well! It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming 🙂

  7. So funny that most adults at our church don’t dress up for Easter anymore, but they all plan cute dress up outfits for the kids!
    We always make “Resurrection Rolls” with the children, and even the teens want to take part in what kind of accidentally has become a tradition at Living Hope Bible Church…
    Hallelujah! He is Risen!
    Love, Blessings, and Happy Easter to All!

  8. I caught the interview CBS had the other day with Kendra Scott what a story to her business… Everything is closed here today where I live in Canada and closed on Sunday as well so nice to have those days for family and reflections on what God did for each one of us.
    Happy Easter

  9. I’m sorry but this outfit would not be considered suitable for most jobs. On the weekend, absolutely.

  10. So adorable. I sure wish they’d do more shoes for Spring in leather and not suede. Its so hard to wear suede in the rainy Spring weather we have. This happens in the Fall too. Our Falls have rain and so much suede comes out. I have similar pants I’ve had and think I’m wearing them for Easter if the weather doesn’t work for a dress. I also have the same type top but mid-sleeve so thanks for the idea.

  11. PS Happy Good Friday and Easter. I don’t think it feels like Easter unless I go to the Good Friday service and spent time reflecting. I need that. 🙂

  12. While I don’t have to get super dressy for work this outfit is much too casual. It’s the top mostly. Cute outfit though.

  13. A beautiful reminder to contemplate the amazing grace gift of our salvation through Jesus Christ. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful Easter.

  14. I love the grey and pink together, they
    always compliment one another.
    Wishing you and your family a very
    blessed Good Friday and Easter and
    as always thank you for today’s scripture!

  15. Also agree, I work for a non profit and we don’t have to be super dressy but this outfit would not pass muster. I love the pink pants and the top might be great for more casual wear.

  16. I don’t want to be negative, but I agree with the other comments. Nothing about this outfit would be considered acceptable for most work places including the dangle earrings. Cute for the weekend though.

  17. Very pretty! My first thought was the top is too casual to be classified as “workwear”. Although I do think many workplaces are more casual today and would allow this, I don’t think it’s what people mean when they say they want workwear ideas. But I see that Nordstom has it in their workwear category…it’s a causal world we are living in these days. Fine for church though and for a lot of workplaces I’d think. Adding a blazer would also dress it up a bit. <3

  18. Y’all sure are some “negative nellies.” My goodness! There are different types of work wear styles. Fashion changes everyday Ladies.

  19. I love your outfit too and thinking I wouldn’t be able to be that casual in the Boutique job I have once a week. It would be great though if I could. The shirt is cute and love the pink pants too! I am not into slides but love a heel. I gravitate towards the lace up suede sandals that are kinda gladiator or caged & of course Yellow Box flip flops. For church I like nude pumps with a dress….I love dresses but the only place I ever wear them much is church. 🙂 Hope your Easter was great!