Staying Cool With Zella

Tremendous thanks to Nordstrom and Shopstyle Collective for sponsoring this post.

I have shared many times my love for Zella from Nordstrom. They have so many cute pieces and with the weather heating up I love having some to work out in or to wear while we’re camping.

One of my favorite things about Nordstrom is that they offer free shipping and free returns because we don’t have a store near us.

This romper is great for working out because it has quick-drying fabric and airy mesh accents.

I’m also wearing the Zella Strappy Sports Bra, it’s one of my favorites for working out.

Sleeveless Romper (I’m wearing a small) • Sorel Sneakers (TTS) • Zella Sports Bra (I’m wearing a small)

This Zella tank dress is also another great option when the weather is hot.

These Sorel sneakers look great with all your summer athletic wear. I love the two-pod sole which provides extra cushioning and these run TTS.

Tank Dress (I’m wearing a small) • Sorel Sneakers (TTS) • Zella Sports Bra (I’m wearing a small)

If you’re looking for some great athletic wear, make sure you check out the Zella brand at Nordstrom!

Beauty For the Heart~~ In that day the LORD Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people. Isaiah 28:5

Truth: The northern kingdom of Israel was facing a dismal future as it slid into idolatry. Its wreath of glory was fading fast. Isaiah was prophesying doom and gloom, but there was hope.

There was a remnant of people that remained faithful, and God promised to encircle their lives like a glorious crown of strength and hope.

How does this apply to us in 2022? While we all can feel discouraged or even hopeless with our circumstances, remember that God’s presence is resting on us, and he encircles us like a wreath.

God is with us; let’s go shine His light!

Deeper Study: Read Isaiah 28:1-6

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!



Thanks to Grace for the pictures!


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  1. I love the tank dress, looks so comfy. I also love Courtney’s new decor, super beautiful!
    Stay cool, it’s an oven in Tennessee!🥵😁

  2. Our sun and heat returns tomorrow as it’s been a little rainy the past couple of days! Love these casual options and really like the athletic look…
    Courtney’s bedroom make over is lovely! Love the touch of blues… I’m on a blue kick lately!!!
    Enjoy your nice weather 😎

  3. I have the Zella tank dress in the same color and love it. The fabric is so soft. Now if we could get some Summer weather here in NW Oregon to wear it. This is the coolest, wettest Spring we’ve had for a long time. I love the romper on you. So cute. Love Courtney’s bedroom. The pillows in the blue she chose look great. She does have an eye for decorating.

  4. Love the meditation today. So many terrible things happening. The Lord is our hope. No doubt!

  5. Super cute and ordered black romper and sports bra after seeing your post. Will be great summer addition!