Staying Fit in my 50s and My Changing Style

Happy hump day! I hope you are having a good week; we are busy trying to get things done around here before we leave for Charleston.

Today I want to share how I’m staying fit in my 50s and my changing style. The reason I’m addressing this is that a sweet lady left this comment last week, “Sometime can you talk of how your style has evolved since you started blogging? You seem to have started a little more on the conservative side, and now I notice that you’ve become more trendy, along with personal changes such as weight loss, longer hair, etc.”

Well, if we had all day, I could talk about All. The. Things. But let me begin by saying that blogging did not start as a job for me. When I started blogging in 2009, very few people, if any, were blogging as a job. My Mom asked if my sister and I would start blogging with her, and the rest is history. I had NO idea what I was getting into.

Shortly, after I started blogging my Mom passed away from cancer. I think that and some hormonal issues I was having made me start looking into a healthier lifestyle. It has been a journey, and I’m not perfect, but I make better choices today than I did 10 years ago.

I choose healthier options — no more M&M’s for breakfast. I also stopped drinking diet coke. I rarely drink a soft drink, and it’s never a diet drink. If I’m craving some fizz, I drink a Zevia.

In 2016, I learned about The Faster Way to Fat Loss. I wanted to lose around 10 pounds at the time, but I was also intrigued by the overall program. Eating healthier, intermittent fasting, and carb cycling.

I could eat and feel full but still lose weight. I also noticed it helped with my hormones, with sleep, and I lost that pesky 10 pounds.

While I’m not trying to lose 10 pounds now, the program has a Membership Group that holds me accountable. I get tons of information on staying healthy, I get exercises, and I love sharing the FWTFL with other women.

Staying Fit in my 50s and My Changing Style

Faster Way To Fat Loss Book//Zella Tank Top (I’m wearing a small)//Zella Crop Pants (I’m wearing a small, another option here)//Black Sneakers (TTS)

Staying Fit in my 50s and My Changing StyleStaying Fit in my 50s and My Changing StyleStaying Fit in my 50s and My Changing Style

Now, I’ll address the part about how my style has changed. The best way to explain that is when I started sharing fashion, I didn’t know that much about what looked good on me.

I was struggling in my early forties, to say the least, which is why I wanted to start blogging about fashion and beauty. Truthfully, I wanted to learn how to dress my body.

I’m a dental hygienist by profession, and when I first started practicing after college, I was not as good as when I quit practicing dental hygiene in 2014.

After doing that for years, I got better, and it’s the same way with fashion. I hope after 10 years of blogging and sharing about fashion and beauty I’m better today than when I started.

If nothing else we take better pictures today than we did in 2012. Halleluiah! I have aged in the last 7 years in this picture, but knowing how to pick clothes that fit my body makes a difference. I’m also not afraid to step out of my comfort zone with clothes.

Staying Fit in my 50s and My Changing Style

Here are a few of my tips for looking our best as we age: (this is not an exhaustive list, just some of my top ones)

Use your sunscreen! While I do get some sun on my arms and legs, I never tan my face. Sun ages us, and while I love a tanned body, I don’t want to look like leather.

Take care of your skin. One of the best things I have done over the years is spending a little extra on good skincare. I have always tried to use good products, and now I try to use good/clean products. I regularly get a preventative treatment such as chemical peels, hydro facials, and this fall I’m going to do micro-needling.

Drink lots of water!

Sleep! I try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep if possible.

Exercise regularly and choose healthy food options.

I know it’s pretty much the things you expected but, they really do help! What are some things you do to stay looking your best?

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Beauty For the Heart~~We get so worried about being “pretty” and having a “pretty life.” Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong. And pretty supportive.


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  1. Would you briefly share your current exercise routine and a typical day of what you eat?


    1. We all love you. Keep doing what you’re doing, praising God along the way. You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work and stay strong.

  2. Thank you Cyndi for doing this blog. I am struggling myself to lose weight and reduce the stress in my life. Although I have a long way to go, I am always uplifted by your blog. While I have more than 10 pounds to lose, I can look my best while trying to do it! Thanks for your help. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your blog. I am 45 and want you to know you have inspired me to age gracefully and beautifully. I tend to get stressed about getting older but have decided to take charge of my health in large part because of the inspiration from your blog. I have started my healthy journey with good food choices and regular exercise. I’ve lost 25 pounds and am excited to feel better about myself and excited about the chance to buy smaller clothes. I keep saying I’m going to give up diet coke next. Thank you for mentioning that. It needs to happen. You are such a sweet person and your blog inspires me to live healthier and gives great ideas for clothing outfits (I need all the help I can get). I have even invested in a few quality pieces of shoes and purses. It’s silly how a nice purse or shoes can boost our confidence when we go out into the big scary world. Thank you!

  3. I have followed you since your early beginnings and I think the changes you have made to your look and your health are absolutely spot on. I need to do betteer at following your example. I don’t want to feel like a frumpy 54 year old. I have too much life ahead to look and feel old. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  4. I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years now and love it! I understand that you are broken, just like me and neither of us are named Jesus! But I love your heart, your openness and your willingness to share your opinion and do the research I don’t have the time or inclination to do! So, I thank your mama for getting this started and appreciate your willingness to share your voice with me! I’m 48 and learned about the FasterWay from you. My sister, daughter and now my personal trainer are all members! My personal trainer has recently become a coach and I’m so excited for her and way I see God using FasterWay to bless her! I’m not usually a commenter, but wanted to say thanks and encourage you to continue the good work, ignore the naysayers and focus on God’s abundant love! It certainly shines through you!

  5. Cyndi, I love this. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am turning 50 next year, and was never good at fashion sense. Thanks to you, I have taken more of an interest in it now, and am doing a better job of dressing for my particular shape. It has been a journey though; I lost 37 pounds last year by following the Atkins plan, and this year my goal is to focus on physical fitness. So I joined CrossFit and am loving it! Anyway, I have been following your blog for a few years now, and it is so great what you do. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kristen Murphy

  6. You are a blessing!! Your blogs always brighten my day and remind me to cherish life. I am in my 60s and love that you try some trendier pieces. I want to be fashionable and I dont want to look old or like I’m trying too hard . The struggle with weight, style, and hair is real but you make it fun. Thank you for sharing your life. Blessed

  7. I think you are fabulous and very inspiring.
    I enjoy your blog very much !!!
    I look forward to it everyday!!

  8. I always look forward to your blogs, I know that I will be lifted up after reading them! It is easy for us to be quick to be critical of others, my constant prayer is Lord, help me not to be so critical. Thanks for your truthfulness and your reminder that words sting.

  9. Your tips mirror medical advice over and over! As a nurse this is a mantra I say a lot to my patients of all ages. As to clothes, my goodness, don’t we all change throughout our lives as our perceptions, face and body shift? Everyday is a gift and I for one am glad you give us a platform of positivity and God speak. Carry on!

  10. Thank you Cyndi. Your words mean more than I think you will ever know. Ageing is hard! I was always lucky and never had to worry about my weight or what I ate. Then I turned 50 and how it has all lchanged! I am terrible about my eating and I try to exercise but that doesn’t always happen either. You inspire me to try hard and to take care of myself. Thank you for all you do and being such a good inspiration. I love your style and have copied many of your outfits. You my dear are amazing!

  11. Great post, Cyndi. Aging is a sensitive subject and unique to all of us. I appreciate your sharing and transparency. I’ve had a long journey getting back to my best healthy self. I gained a lot of weight during my mom’s decade-plus illness, while juggling my career and family. After her passing I lost some weight but stagnated. Now retired, health became my focus. After 2+ years I’m down 102 lbs with WW and at goal. I vary my activity with gym workouts, Zumba, Tai Chi daily, kickboxing and dance. I have so much fun. I received comments opposite of yours during my weight gain. You said it – People have no idea what someone may be going through. I was barely hanging on. So stay in your lane folks! Excellent skin care is vital. Let me attest to this because my face survived a huge weight loss. On my next birthday I hit 60. I feel better than when I was 40. Thanks again for all you do to guide us through good health, good fashion and good faith. A delightful mix. You look fabulous!

  12. Cyndi you are just the cutest! You were beautiful then and beautiful now! You are aging backwards!! 🙂 I love your blog and loved your beauty for the heart today.

  13. Thank you so much for this honest post. It’s not often that a woman ‘of our age’ spends a moment to share the truth about aging and trying to stay relevant as a woman. In the past I was all about taking care of my family and aging parents and not until I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago, did I finally take notice of my own health and well being. With the help of a doctor who prescribed hormones and several supplements as well as a low carb low sugar diet and consistent exercise, I was able to lose 30lbs and am no longer a diabetic. It was difficult, to say the least, concentrating on my own health and well being as a 50- something woman. But I did it and continue to stay with this routine. I have good days and bad days and life isn’t perfect, but I am a healthier person and try to encourage other woman my age to take care of YOU. Thanks again for your honesty and for your posts. They make my day ever time I open the email. Blessings to you!

  14. Thanks for sharing Cyndi! A few years ago I joined you on the 21day fix. I was already doing Zumba a few days a week, but knew that I was not eating healthy and needed to get on track. I lost 10-13lbs through doing 2 rounds of “the fix” and have been maintaining that since that time. Not even sure how many years ago we/you did program? Anyway, you are an inspiration! I would have not done that program had I not been following your blog. I don’t know the hurt that you experienced, but I can guess. None of us know what life is throwing at each of us. We are all in this process of sanctification, right? Please never doubt the impact that your example has been, how encouraging your word of truth and scripture have meant to those of us following you and how God has and will continue to use you.

  15. Thank you for addressing the aging issue again. I think everything evolves – relationships, environment, family, looks, etc. There is no order – it is just life. I so appreciate the people who try and better themselves in all aspects of life. I noticed as I have aged that I am a better mom, wife, and person which I chalk up to experience. I find myself gravitating towards people who are positive and always looking forward and not back. Stay true to yourself.

  16. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Cyndi – not just today, but every day! Love your blog and your style (always an inspiration for style!), but most of all, your love for the Lord.

  17. A year and a half ago I checked out the Faster way to Fat Loss (FWTFL) that Cyndi mentioned. I love it. I lost those pesky 10 pounds and even better I lost inches. The best part is the support you get from this group. It’s phenomenal! I turned 50 this year and started feeling bad about myself, only saw my flaws. But honestly this blog and FWTFL have helped and now I’m able to look in the mirror and say “hey I’m 50 and this body has birthed 2 beautiful children and looks great!” I’ve never felt that way before. It feels so comforting to know we are normal in our thought and others feel it too. We have our ups and downs and go through the same things…..together.

    Thank you for your honesty Cyndi.

  18. Well presented Cyndi and elegantly explained… although I feel you don’t owe me any explanation. You look great and are healthy which is what we should all strive for. I have always enjoyed exercising and have always watched my weight; however in my 40,s a few extra pounds crept on and after loosing both my parents within 5 years I was now 50 and I stared paying more attention again and changed things up a bit… I lost the 10 lbs I too had added to the scale and have kept it off with exercise and healthy choices. I still love chocolate and will never give it up:)
    I joke and say I exercise so I can eat… thank you for your fashion faith and inner beauty that shows from inside out… I hope people see Christ in me 🙂

    1. I also stared wearing a sun hat and keeping sun off my face in my 40’s and always use sunscreen… and maintain a well balanced skin care program. I don’t plan on getting any work done so being prevented is important to me.

  19. Dear Cyndi, I can relate to a time when life was unpredictable and full of hurt and changes. I was pretty skinny and not all by choice! Changes can make you look at your life and take better care of yourself on all levels. I enjoy the growth and care that time in my life brought.
    Your blog is great and you have brought lots of good insight and information consistently… and it’s fun! Keep up the good job!

  20. I am in my sixties and think your articles are an inspiration for feeling and looking your best at any age. I love the Fashion ideas that look great from an age appropriate view and about enjoying your life and family. You look awesome and love reading your articles.

  21. Thank you for this post today. My takeaway from it is to use common sense and do the things we all know we should! Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, drink water, etc. sometimes we need a push to get back on track. I have read your blog for several years now and learn something most everyday. I originally found you on Pinterest when I was looking for a new hairstyle and your photo popped up. Who would have thought that would lead to all I have learned!

  22. I have followed you for many years, Cyndi, and your style HAS evolved. Your hair and weight HAVE changed. So have mine, and you have been part of the inspiration for that (the other inspirations are looking and feeling SO much better)
    One thing that has NOT changed over the years is your love for God, and your dedication to worship. And that’s what really matters anyway, right?

  23. I am so encouraged by your posts – you are beautiful inside and out. I love fashion and you have been a big help to me as I’m trucking on in my late forties. Thank you!! As much as I enjoy clothes, make up and the like, my true goal is to be clothed with Jesus. I look forward to your daily dose of encouragement and fashion.
    Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

  24. Loved your post and your honesty. I have two daughters and I always tell them to just always be real – don’t be afraid to let people see your imperfections or insecurities as well as your heart and strength. It makes life so much better and people love being around people that are real. I can tell you are such a lovely person inside and out and I so enjoy your blog – you put a smile on my face everyday as well as many others I am sure.

  25. Thank YOU, Cyndi!!! Your blog has inspired me spiritually as well as fashionably!! I have been following you for years, and i love how your style has evolved, and how you have shown us how to stay fashionable and still not look like we’re trying to hard to look too young!!! I think you are amazing!!! Blessings to you!!

  26. Yes, we all saw the weight lost and some of us were worried but I hate that some were angry. That is a issue I just despise about “social media” and how people feel they need to say ugly things. I as I know a lot of your sweet followers were, were just praying for you! Thank you for all you do to help us be our best! God bless!!

    1. I’m curvier and there is also this anger in the plus-sized blogging sector, where plumper bloggers are being blasted with anger by readers who get upset when a plus-sized blogger has lost weight. These curvier bloggers are also being shamed once they become less-plus-sized. Like they’re somehow no longer a genuine. What a horrid way to promote hopelessness – that we women will never, ever be good enough when it comes to our shapes Lets all stop this nonsense!

  27. Thank you for sharing. I am in my mid 40’s and have recently lost 25lbs but what I find the most difficult it wearing age appropriate but flattering clothing. I want to be trendy but not to trendy at 45 so I love the ideas and posts you share. I also always love outfit ideas and when you use a similar piece multiple times in various outfits since I don’t always have access to purchasing everything you post when you do this I can buy the one piece and use it over and over.

  28. Well said, Cyndi, well said! and BFTH is spot on! Thank you for a great post. I’m right there with you in how my style has evolved – I never want to look like a “20-something” but I do want to present the best me possible. You have helped me do that. FWTFL – which I discovered thru you and Traci has been a life changer for me. I’ve not only lost weight, but I enjoy the workouts-quick and easy, I eat more than I used to, and a couple of women I know have also started the FWTFL journey and like it too. Too skinny you – no – I’ve never thought so anyway. I cannot understand the need for people to be ugly – when you say ugly things to others it actually says more about the person making the ugly remark than the person the remark is about. My momma used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, be quiet”. AMEN!
    I too think sunscreen is important, a good skin care regime – consistently used is very important – and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one either. Good sleep, and smart food choices – yes and yes. And lastly, grace…we should give ourselves grace to “mess up” and others too. Everyday is a new start and a reset. As Amanda Tress says, “Progress not Perfection”. Resentment, anger, sadness, comparison, and other unhappy feelings are agers too. And lastly, a smile is the best improvement everyone can make – and it’s easy and inexpensive.

  29. I look forward to your blogs as I admire your style as well as your witness.
    I’m learning to embrace the verse, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”
    I want to be known for my love for others and you encourage me daily.

  30. I think you look great ! Sorry to hear people can be so mean 🙁 That’s normally a result of jealousy. I admire that you have stuck with it and enjoy it .. haha. I’m mid 40’s and have started going through hormonal issues and weight gain (ahh). So I need to hunker down and get with a program that I can actually stick with.
    Hope you have a good day !

  31. This was a great read! I’ve been following you for while and I love all of your style! I recently joined FWTFL after you mentioned it in a post I checked it out and just kept going back to it. So I finally jumped in. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!!

  32. You look great but more importantly sound great! what an honest message about struggling with everything from dressing to fitness to eating. at 50 I also initiated some lifestyle changes, started eating healthier and exercising. I can so relate to this post. being kind and peaceful is also the best lifestyle change anyone can make especially if you can do those things to yourself. as women if we weren’t so hard on ourselves maybe we wouldn’t be so hard on each other. I think that is the best message I have taught myself.

  33. Cyndi, I admire your strength, your courage and your dedication to help your followers to be better bothin appearance but more than that, spiritually!!! I look forward to all of your posts!!!!! As women we should all lift each other up!!!!!!!!!!!! If your sister is still blogging, I would love to become a follower of her blog, too. How can I find her blog?

    1. Cyndi
      You are an inspiration, you have taught me so much . I am in my mid 40’s and thinking that my 50’s will be here soon gets me so depressed. You have taught me that even though we get older doesn’t mean we can’t be fit , beautiful and fashionable.
      Love your post and inspiration for Women.

  34. My best tip would be that once we hit our 40’s and again when we hit menopause, to have thorough physical and specifically ask for a thyroid test and even a blood glucose test. It wasn’t until I was 41 that I was diagnosed diabetic, for example. That’s necessitated an entire overhaul of my diet, my physical activity, my sleep – and, quite frankly, my spirit. Our bodies change on the inside as we age, too. We mustn’t neglect our internal health it affects our external side!

  35. Thank you for the fabulous post today!! You were my “INSPIRATION” on why I joined FASTer Way To Fat Loss! I kept noticing in your blog how you were glowing & looking healthier. I joined without ever looking back! I’ve been in membership for a while now & it’s amazing!! More importantly I’m a Coach in the program, I want to lift other women up and to encourage them to be the best they can be (for them).
    By the way, my quote is in the book – I’m the 61 year old “Lauren”.
    I truly believe that God had this plan for me!

  36. It’s nice to read what you do to give the rest of us some ideas on how we can age gracefully. You referred to being on FWTFL and that you still follow that. I was reading on your sister’s blog that you once did Spark(or Advocare), do you like FWTFL program better then the Advocare program? Cute outfit too!

  37. I don’t know why people need to be so rude and hurtful. I feel like it’s an insecurity on their part. I think most people that follow your blog will agree that you’re a beautiful person both inside and out.

    I also love the quote “Sometimes the best response is no response at all”


  39. I’ve been following you for years and have loved to see your transformation. Because of you I joined FWTFL 💪🏻 a year ago and am enjoying all of what it has to offer. I’m 64, have long hair, love fashion so I follow trends. Don’t like being put in the box of “dressing for my age”. I do use good judgement. Lol. No crop tops!! 🤓You are beautiful inside and out and so brave to put yourself out there everyday. You do you. God bless…

  40. Cyndi, thank you SO much for sharing your fashion and beauty ideas as well as your heart with us. During a painful time in my life I lost a total of 75 pounds. Some of the weight I needed to lose but some I did not. There were some people who were mad at me too because they didn’t understand what I was going through. Some people asked if I was anorexic or if I had a disease! Of course I gained some of that weight back as the Lord walked with me through those tough times. Now being 50 is a challenge. It is really difficult to keep weight off! I really appreciate your inspiration. It’s helpful to know that you understand the changes that we women face!

  41. Thank yo for this post! I am in my mid 40’s married with 3 kids 24, 20 and 16. Most of my life has been being focused on my family but mostly my kids. I remember being conflicted on where to shop because i was a “mom” so I dressed much more frumpier in my late 20’s to early 30’s. I also weighed much more than I do now. I definitely am more healthy now. I am more confident in how I dress. I guess after the kids started getting older I had more time to focus on myself. That’s when I started seeking out fashion advice on the internet and found you and a few other fashion bloggers. I’m so glad I did. Thank you! I love the Winston Churchill quote!

    1. Michelle, I completely get this! It’s hard when you feel like “just Mom”… and I LOVE being Mom… it’s my most favorite blessing! But, I also want to look cute! It can be seem confusing and conflicting when choosing a wardrobe… especially, when you’re fashionably challenged like myself Hahaha! I adore Cyndi’s style! She has inspired me so much… through fashion AND faith!

  42. I’m headed for a cruise to Alaska soon, but when I return I’m starting FWTFL with Nichole Boggs as my coach. I’m a little scared but nothing else has worked for me and I have to lose weight! Do you do intermittent fasting still?

  43. Love your advice and honesty. I need to consider again my “exercise “ routine or lack there of. You look great but more importantly seem to feel better. I could use some of that. I’ll have to check out FWTFL again. Haven’t wanted to spend the money. But it might be time.

    1. the fact that you put yourself there for us is awesome. You are beautiful lady inside and out. You have made yourself vulnerable to all of us. More than anything you have shared your love for God to all of us and I appreciate that. I am 59 years old and I love the style that you have given us and you have helped me have confidence in what I wear and no I do not wear crop shirts or mini skirts thanks to you I feel like my confidence has improved and so has my style. You keep being you thank you for blessing us all.

  44. I think you’re a great person and shouldn’t worry about what others say. My goodness, who has a right to be mad at you for being “too skinny”?That’s bananas. I’ve never had the pleasure of being skinny or petite, but why would that make me mad at you? Envious, sure, I’ve been envious. Per my family of origin AND my sisters in law, I’m a “big girl”. At 5’9” I tower over them, there’s nothing I can do about that. I wasted years wishing I could be petite and perfect like they all seem to be. So I struggle a lot not to be envious of smaller, more feminine women. All my life I’ve been called “fat and ugly” by most of the women in my family. I did WW for years, and while I was healthy, and still am relatively healthy, I could never seem to get below 148 pounds. I know that sounds obese to petite women like my sisters, but in actuality it’s really a pretty healthy weight. I have never in all my adult life, been able to wear a small, or anything smaller than an 8. Sometimes I wear a 10. I do exercise. I try to eat right. But I just can’t seem to attain that tiny, perfect body. I’m kind of tired of trying and finally learning to just go ahead and be me, even if the other women in my family think I’m a “big girl”. Goodness I hate that phrase.
    I noticed I have a hard time reading your blog when you put your sizes. I read it as “I’m wearing a size PERFECT” or sometimes “I’m wearing a size xtra-PERFECT”. But I don’t blame you for that. I’m not mad at you for that. It’s not your fault that you’re a better size than me. And I’m finally starting to realize most of these issues probably stem from what I’ve been told all my life. That I’m a “big girl” a “large woman” “too tall” “manly” “fat” “too big for heels” “look stupid in a dress” etc. No matter how athletic I was, how strong, how much I weighed – if it was 165 or 145 – I was always told I was too “something negative”. I used to cry over the fact that there was no possible way to shrink my height. Now I’m battling a lifelong slouching problem. But I’m finally starting to believe my husband likes the way I look, regardless of what our sisters and mothers say to me. I’m too old, life is too short. I can’t let what they say continue to make me so unhappy.
    I FINALLY went back to the beach this year – one of my favorite places – and I used to avoid it because I didn’t want to disgust people. But you know what? It was fine. It was fun! Nobody was disgusted or even cared that I was there. And I got to enjoy the ocean that the Lord created and that I love so much. Finally. It was a happy day.
    Sorry for the long comment. All of that to say, keep doing your thing! Yes at tines I’m envious of you, but that’s my problem, not yours. And nobody has the right to comment negatively on things you are improving about yourself. Some people will, and believe me I know it can be crazy hurtful, but just try to ignore it. (Now I need to go and try to take some of my own advice!)

    1. I am a retired nurse educator and your height and weight sound healthy to me. I would love to be 5’9”. I would never wear heels again and could finally reach the dishes in my cabinets!

    2. Becca, I loved your comment and I so agree with everything you said. I struggle with my weight and the older I get the harder it is to lose it. I am almost 65 and a work in progress. Thank you for your great comment.

    3. Becca, I just read your comment and wanted to bless you for your kindness to my friend Cyndi. I know she loves ministering to women like you! And I also wanted to encourage you–you sound like a lovely woman. I’d like for you to think of your size as majestic and lovely. Certainly, anyone who needs to lose weight for health reasons should find a good and healthy way to do so, but to be 5’9″ and 148 pounds sounds just great to me! I thank God that not everyone is petite; we need people of all sizes and shapes. Every blessing to you!

    4. WOW Becca!!! What a story!!! Dear sweet lady, i would love to be 5’9 and 148!!! I’ll bet you could model like a pro!!! God made you to be you, and i’m so glad that youve stopped letting your family abuse you!!! Straighten that crown, pop those sholders back and keep moving on, girl!!! I’ll bet you’re way more BEAUTIFUL than you give yourself credit for!!!

      1. Hi Ladies, thank you all for your sweet words! I’m 44 years old and only recently starting to shed the baggage of all the comments that were made to me over the years. But this blog and all of you are very inspirational.

        I just want to be honest, I’m not 148 pounds now – that was my lowest weight. I’m hovering closer to the 165 end. 😳 But I’ve recently started working out again and cooking healthier and my whole family is losing weight so that’s a bonus!

        And Cyndi you are so right, no one ever knows what we are going through. We lost 9, yes NINE friends and family members in 2010 – including my father in law – five of them suddenly, three of them tragically. It was a horrific year. It took a long time for us to work through all of the pain and loss, all on different levels. But we had to keep living our lives and a lot of people just didn’t understand what we were going through.

        Thank you all again for your kind words. This is a helpful community of ladies. I, too, am sometimes unsure about this new stage of life as my baby is going to be a senior in high school. At times I feel my purpose has been fulfilled and there’s not much left for me. My husband keeps encouraging me that we’re only just beginning! But it helps to know there are beautiful ladies who are in this with me!

    5. Becca,
      I’m on the shorter side, but my best friend is 5’10” and we both have always envied each other’s height! Funny how we always want what we don’t have.
      I don’t think your weight sounds obese at ALL!!
      You sound perfectly lovely! I’m so happy that we’re all different heights and weights! Please don’t anyone ever let you feel less than you are. I know that’s not always easy, but you are beautiful!!

    6. Becca
      What you wrote touched my heart and resonated with me. I too struggle with my weight and judge myself harshly, feeling like a failure if I am 160 lbs. I too feel envy at others who are petite or slim. I am reminded that God has made us all in His image, all shapes and sizes. I tend to be my own worst critic and have to “shush” my inner cray cray voice.

      Cyndi: you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for opening yourself up to us. Your authenticity makes us all love you. If anyone does try to shame you, its more about them, their envy, their own issues. I am 45 and see you as a great example of aging gracefully and healthily. God bless you!

  45. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing those thoughts with us!
    I tend to feel as if all the bad stuff that happens is only happening to me, Thinking that way, it’s easy to get down on oneself. You and your post are reminders that all of us are in the same boat–we have our insecurities, our family situations, etc. It’s how we deal with them, the faith in God we continue to have, and the ways we rise and carry on, that count. Making the effort to look our best is part of making our little corner or the world better–we as individuals maybe can’t change the world, but if we can make our corner better, with words and acts, I feel we are doing God’s work.
    Hope this makes sense.

  46. Good for you for staying on the FWTFL maintenance program! I am not on that program, but I have my own way of eating and execise that works for me. I have definitely found through life (I am 57 yrs old) that once the weight is lost, more than half the battle is keeping it off! It truly needs to become a lifestyle! So glad you have found what works for you!

  47. Cyndi, first of all I would love to be able to connect with your sister on her blogs, how would I do that? Secondly, I’m so inspired by you. I’ve followed you for a few years now and I feel like I connect with a sweet friend each morning! I love the fashion, the skin care and hair advice and most of all I enjoy hearing about your lovely family, your home and your heart.

  48. Hi Cyndi, thank you for the information you shared today. I am in my 50s. Like you about 10 years ago I went through a challenging time and lost too much weight. My girlfriends were very concerned and with God’s help, prayed me through. I know my style, I’m classic through and through. I love your blog. I use your blog and others like yours to tweak my style so that I don’t look dowdy. I think that is one thing that will help us to remember; if you know your style you can add what you need and leave the rest. I don’t know you personally but I can tell you are a sweet person. I love your style and your spirit. I take what I can use and leave the rest for others. I also love the scriptures and words of encouragement you share everyday. I am eating healthy and exercising but I can’t do it without the Lord’s help and you remind us of that each day.

    Thank you,

  49. I think you are adorable. Thank you for being transparent/honest. Perfection is boring, anyway. Haha

  50. Hi Cindy, I rarely leave a comment. I can’t resist today. I adore your posts and share them with a lot of friends. The fashion is wonderful, the model (you) are beautiful (inside and out) and the scripture and prayers are always a blessing and uplifting for me. Please keep up the good work you do. Ignore only one comment out of hundreds of positive ones. It is human nature (i understand), but try to remember WHOSE you are! You do a fantastic job everyday.

    Thanks and blessings,


  51. I have been following your blog for several years and love how your style has evolved. Your style is one I gravitate to as I am the same age. Your style is casual elegance and classy. I think you look younger than your 2012 picture and in a good way, without trying too hard. Your words are so on point and I try to teach my kids that you need to watch what you say. Be kind, because you just don’t know what someone may be going through at the time. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Keep up the great work! Love your blog, fashion sense and advice on living our best life.

  52. I am sorry that some postings were hurtful. I like the quote “If you can be anything, be kind.” You have opened up your life to so many and are an inspiration to those of us in our 50’s. Actually, I am turning 60 this year and it is a bit of a head game for me. It is reassuring to know that there are others dealing with similar feelings. Thank you for your honesty and for your amazing tips on styling, fitness, and life.

  53. I love your blog and your honesty. I look forward to it every day. I couldn’t put myself out there like you do. I have learned so much from you. I joined fwtfl after seeing how well you did. You Inspire me to look my best and how to dress age appropriately. I especially look forward to your beauty from the heart.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you so much!

  54. Thanks for your comments on today’s post. Being healthy and aging gracefully is a challenge for all of us, and I’m like you….some of the aging is an emotional and/or physical challenge. It’s just hard to see me as a 66 year old. The hair and body are changing and I’m trying to adapt accordingly! But, for sure, my three greatest allies in this season are Jesus (how can anyone do anything without Him?!), exercise and healthy food, and healthy relationships–those who will give me a good dose of honesty and love! You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing honestly. Keep up the good work!!

  55. Thank you for the insight. Stepping out of our comfort zone is important, but difficult for some of us. We just might find a style that works for us, that we never would’ve tried before.

  56. I am new to your blog and i agree with you on your perspective of growing into the knowledge of what truly looks good on you and taking care of yourself. Like you i am a child of God and want to take good care of the body that God gave me, especially as i mature in my years. I enjoy your fashion savvy and your love for our Lord. God has done a good work in you. Blessings, Sue

  57. Great tips, Cyndi! You have aged gracefully! Loved your Beauty for the Heart. We are to work as unto the Lord and not to men. Continue with your encouraging and uplifting words given to you by the Lord. Blessings to you beautiful lady!!

  58. LADIES…..what happened to helping each other to rise above? I’m in my 50’s and take GREAT care to be in shape like Cindy. I too at 5’4 130, keep in shape for ME, my children and ME again. Here’s something to think about “Let’s help each other keep our crowns on”…life is already tough on us, so let’s not add ridicule to it. Cindy…keep doing what you are doing! YOU are my inspiration to love myself, my style and keep my eyes up to the sky for God’s blessings. XoXo

  59. Great tips, Cyndi! You have aged gracefully, Loved your Beauty for the Heart. We are to work as unto the Lord and not to men. Please continue your encouraging and uplifted words given to you by the Lord. Blessings to you beautiful lady

  60. I look forward to your posts everyday. You are an inspiration to all women. I love your style and how candid and honest you are! Thank you!

  61. I look forward to you post with the helpful tips on how to dress take care of yourself and Beauty for the Heart. You have come a long way since 2012 in fashion,, which has also helped me break out of the “old lady” look with my style. Thank you and continued blessings

  62. Thank you for sharing all the latest fashion, hair styles, fitness and skin care for those of us over 50. You have been such an inspiration to me on changing the way I dress and take care of myself. I also look forward to reading the Beauty for the Heart at the end of your post.

  63. Hi! I almost never leave a comment, but like so many of the comments below, you are an inspiration to me. Watching you explore new trends through your blog has given me a prompt to push out of my comfort zone of wearing black & white every day! Your faith & the words of wisdom you share make me continue to strive to be a better person in thoughts & actions. Thank you for all you do to keep us over 50 knowing that we can still be fashionable & healthier at any age!

  64. Good Afternoon! Your so right not everyone knows or can even understand what another is going through. People can be thoughtless not knowing. I think you look fabulous! I myself appreciate you and your fashion tips. I still need help with how to dress! Lol. I am 55 and 5 years into menopause! Ugh. I do face peels too. Looking back even 3 years ago. Wow what a difference!!!! I love the coola sunscreen, natural and smells so good too. Thank you for this post. Keep looking up to the hills for whence your help comes from. Amen
    Have a blessed rest of your day.
    Xo Cindy

  65. You are also an inspiration for me. Boy, none of us are perfect that is what makes each of us very unique. We all struggle with all kinds of things and its tough to lose your Mom. I lost my Mom when I was 28 and still miss her. I am now in my late 60’s and I love M and M’s too! We strive to do our best but we all fall short. Thank God that we have a savior that sees beyond our imperfections. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves either and honestly, we have to toughen up when someone says something mean to us…we have to move on.

    Enjoy your blog and love the outfits. Keep up with the good work.

  66. Nicely put. Thank you for your openness. I think it is the responsibility of each of us to live well and that means changes to our lifestyle throughout the years as we get, dare I say it, older and wiser.

  67. I have been following you for several years so I have seen your style evolve over time also. I went back to the post you referred to from last week, reread and didn’t read it as a negative comment, just one of interest. I am so glad you addressed it with your usual honesty. YOU LOOKED GOOD YEARS AGO. BUT LOOK EVEN BETTER TODAY!! Good for you. Isn’t that what we all want to do? I found your description of your journey from then to know very enlightening. I know my style has evolved over time also and has improved, thanks to you. Through following you I learned about the FWTFL in 2018 and on 1/1/19 joined. I also had 10 lbs to lose and nothing I tried worked but FWTFL did it. I lost 8 inches and 9 lbs. At age 70 that was huge and I have changed now what I wear and look so much better. I also have grown spiritually by reading your blog. I so admire your love of Christ and you’re style. Please keeping doing what you do. You are one blog I Will not miss each day.

    1. Linda, I did not mean that the comment from last week was negative. She was just asking if I would share. Sorry if that was confusing.

      I haven’t had any negative emails or comments lately but they do come every once in a while and that’s just part of being on the internet.

      My point is that so many times we have no idea what people are going through. I’m trying to be careful with my own words. I want to build people up not tear them down.

      Thanks so much for sharing,

      1. It was not from your writing in the post today that I read an undertone that seemed negative to the person’s comment last week, it came from some previous comments today. Sorry if you thought I was implying you were negative. Not at all! You always inspire me to be kinder, more understanding and empathetic. I am constantly working to improve in that area. I’m sure we all are.

  68. Hi Cyndi,
    I think you are a beautiful person both inside and out. We evolve as individuals especially as we age and trying to figure out what works best for us through the process. I appreciate your style and love the changes over the few years I’ve been following you. At 52 years old, I’ve been told that I appear to be aging in reverse……looking better the older I get. And, like you, I have learned how to dress for my changing body and how to better take care of my skin and health.
    Thank you for your daily posts. I look forward to them.
    Lisa N.
    North Carolina

  69. I have followed you for a couple of years and I don’t miss a post. Every day I love what you think and post. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Following the Lord he will continue to bless you and your family. You made a difference in my life. God bless you and give you the strength to continue blogging.

  70. Thank you for the reminder that we never know what another person is dealing with or how our words may be completely unnecessary. I’m trying to grow in that area, every day! You are beautiful, just the way you are. I enjoy learning from you in all that you share. I believe we all agree that the aging process that shows it’s ugly head in our 50’s is not fun. The changes in skin tone, hormones, weight, energy, hair texture….. they aren’t fun. So I hope we all show each other true grace. The reality has set in that the body is changing and learning what products to use (hopefully toxin free), supplements to take, and how to eat to combat the changes can be a full time job during the learning curve. God grant us the ability to love on those who are also going through the same.

    Love all that you do to keep us informed and looking great!

    1. Cyndi,

      I really enjoy your blog. As a woman in my late 50s I realized I really needed some fashion help and beauty tips. Thank you for your daily wisdom. And I can tell from your writing that you are even more lovely on the inside. How can I have never heard that Winston Churchill quote?? It is perfect.

  71. You were the reason why I joined the FASTer Way last fall, Cindy! I was impressed with your results, and you made the process sound like anyone could do it. Well–I did it! And I’ve loved it so much, I have even become a certified coach! I’m so happy I found your blog a few years ago–not just for the nutrition and fashion, but I also love hearing about your faith. You have been an inspiration for me to start living a life filled more with faith–and I thank you!

  72. Hi Cyndi! I LOVE your post and this one made me want to tell you a little about myself, your reader to encourage you. I’m a Christian Women who had a stroke at 41. It was severe. I couldn’t walk or talk or eat or drive etc. Along the way when my therapy ended my husband suggested working out and I so didn’t want to. Also my kids got older and didn’t need me as much as before and I aged too. I asked God to help me redefine myself: Clothes, makeup. I found your site and learned so much from you! I look and feel so much better now. I’m as you said, a work in progress but you inspire me and I look forward to what your wearing . next! I’ve also been doing CrossFit now for about 6 yrs. It’s helped me so much. Keep inspiring us Cyndi!

  73. I think you look great!!! Interestingly enough, I try to give up Diet Coke and I rebound time after time. What was your major reason for giving it up and what positives have you noticed by no longing drinking Diet Coke? Maybe it will give me some inspiration. I am a Nephrology nurse and while I do know better, Diet Coke helps my stress level. I love your style. Don’t allow any viewers to hurt you. Not worth it. Hugs!

    1. Don’t sell yourself short:) I gave up regular coke 19 years ago and haven’t had a sip since.. Also gave up my hot tea( as I put too much sugar in) over all when I met with a natural path dr. All the sugar was bringing down my immune system. I have been the healthiest in the last 19 years and wish I had done the changes sooner. It was motivation enough for me to never look back. Good luck 😀

  74. Thank you for your honest and well put words today! It is my experience as well, that you never know what someone is going through. Being in my late forties has brought so many challenges that I never dreamt would be mine to have—hormonal changes, empty nest syndrome, aging parents being dependent upon me, and on and on. Kindness is the best dish anyone can bring to the table!

    1. I really needed to read this post today! I will be 45 tomorrow and I am not one who is willing to grow old gracefully! I cried for 2 weeks when I turned 20! 30 was depression and 40? I think I’m still trying to get over that lol! I have come to realize that everyday is a precious gift from God! I’m learning that age is only a number because some days in my mind I still cannot believe I am a grown up!
      I can look back and have tons of regrets but I’m choosing to look forward and cherish each moment because time really does go by too fast! Thank you for the motivation and inspiration!!

  75. Hi, Cyndi! I think you look younger now than you did 7 years ago! I found your blog a couple of years ago and now look forward to it every day! I feel like I have my own fabulous personal shopper and spiritual coach all rolled into one! Thank you & keep up the great work!!

  76. Thank you for your honesty & helpful advice! It is an inspiration to me to see a woman continue to be her best whatever her age.

  77. Cindi you are such an inspiration to all of your followers. You share so much of yourself with us and I for one, am thankful that I came across your blog (4 years ago). I know we aren’t personal friends but you have thousands of friends that follow you. You might not know everything about health and fashion but I know many of us are feeling better about ourselves because of you. Thank you for all the time you spend helping us out! It’s a blessing to be one of your followers.

  78. Thank you so much for this blog & all you do and share! I love your Godly wisdom and inspiration & openness, it has made a difference in my life. I’m 54 and am really working hard to live better, healthier and with following your blog, make better fashion choices as well. A lady at church actually approached me Sunday about talking about it to other women because she liked my outfits etc. ( I was wearing one of your fashioned outfits!) I told her I follow you & your choices, so I can’t take credit! I have bought a lot of the clothes you style and I love them and feel good in them. I feel I know have a better feel for what works for me. I am so visual though, so seeing you pair things helps tremendously. So thank you again and I pray you continue to keep blogging & styling for a long time, you make a positive difference!
    P.s. I made the move to Charleston 4 years ago and love it, I hope you have a great visit here and feel very welcome!
    Terri Carrington

  79. I am curious whether you do a weekly or monthly fasting day since you still follow FWTFL? I didn’t join in on that part of the program and wondered if you did and continue to?

  80. Cyndi…. thank you for this wonderful post. You looked great in 2012, but you look much younger now!
    I appreciate how you show us how to age gracefully. I’ve been following your blog for about four years now, and I’ve learned so much from you. As they say, aging isn’t for the faint of heart. But, as your mom said, we should count each birthday as a blessing. ( I keep reminding myself that each year! )
    Again, thank you for all you do! God bless you!

  81. I am almost 65 and I started really taking care of myself at 50. All of your suggestions are spot on. I refuse to age gracefully and want to stay as young as I can for as long as I can. Your blog gets me to move out of my comfort zone fashion-wise. I do modify sometimes but thanks for the ideas! As a pastor’s wife, I appreciate your Christian witness in this fun way. Thanks a bunch!

  82. Hey Cindi Just want to say I love your post today. Let’s just remember actions speak louder than words. I just had a mass taken off my face last week and Thank God it wasn’t cancer but could have very easy been. It started growing very quickly about a year ago which started as a pimple and was on top of my gland and now was 4cm. I got made fun of a lot and heard a lot of hurtful things but be careful what you say remember God hears these remarks. I am fine now just came from doctor today. Thanks Cindi for being yourself and serving God. Love your post.

  83. Cyndi……. You are just wonderful the way you are! Thanks for being you and sharing all your adventures with us.

  84. I’m 51. A secret I have is that I exfoliate every three days and I shave my face about once every two weeks to get rid of fine lines. I receive many compliments on my skin’s condition. I’ve never had Botox or any other expensive temporary fix. I use Olay Regenerist religiously. I get very littl sun on my face. Never around my eyes. I use Jergens med-dark face tanner moisturizer for extra color on my face. I need to look into your diet program as I have ten pounds that annoy me.

    1. Check with your local gymn. The faster way to fat loss is not wort the money. There are many on-line long term proven weight loss programs( weight watchers)

  85. I love your “Beauty for the Heart” today! My husband and were just talking about this in relation to how a pretty life looks ugly on someone when their words and actions don’t match.

    Also, thanks for the Macy’s sheets sale tip! I bought some King sized sheets – both my husband and I are very pleased with them! Please alert us to deals like this…I’ll need queen sheets soon for my guest room! 🙂

  86. I’ve only been following you about 2 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to what you have to say as well as what you’ll be wearing. The reason I started following you is I appreciate that you’re not all about fashion but also about godliness. Thank you.

  87. I think you look wonderful! I have been following you for several years and love the way your style has transformed. You have found the fashion, products, lifestyle living that works for you, and I for one applaud your change over the years! Plus, I thank you for giving me the courage to change my style, for better or worse😉, at 61!!!

  88. Cyndi,
    Would you please post your Mom’s chocolate Zucchini Cake & icing again ? I accidentally deleted that post.
    Thank you so much ,

  89. Thank you for sharing! I love you your heart and your relationship with the Lord. I’m 53 and I love home décor and fashion, but honestly, sometimes its hard to find bloggers in the same season of life (or similar). Again thanks for sharing!

  90. Thank goodness we get better with age! Enjoyed this post! I think you look great, love the blog and look forward to seeing new posts each day. Love the transformation.

  91. Thank you for sharing from your heart with your blog. After my devotion each morning is the thing I look most forward to doing. Love your sweet spirit and tips!

  92. Thanks for the great post! Your blog has helped my fashion style quite a bit-I’m still eating m&ms for breakfast tho ( including today)- really gotta work on my eating habits and sleeping – they are so terrible! You looked great in 2009 and also today! I am sorry you went through something so sad that you couldn’t eat- as far as readers writing in angry that you were too thin- they were obviously jealous- it’s the ugly side of blogging, but really it tends to be the ugly side of women sometimes- we need to lift each other up (not tear each other down), and you do that everyday in your blog and especially on Sundays!

  93. Cyndi,

    I appreciate your willingness to share your heart and faith!

    As a mother of only sons, I need all fashion help I can get!

    I’m greatly disappointed in The Faster Way to Fat Loss Program. I completely one round last fall and it was great. I completely second round this past winter and it was terrible: I was never contacted by a coach.
    My posted questions were never addressed.
    It may have been a good program in the beginning, but now it’s definitely not worth the money. A big rip off! Money better spent at a local gymn.

    Thank you for keeping us up to date in fashion.

  94. Hi, Cyndi! I tried typing in a message earlier and got long-winded and accidentally sent it before I edited it! So, I will attempt to be more concise. I have followed your blog for several years and very much like the fashions you choose. I also appreciate your Bible quotes and positive messages, as I am a follower of Christ also. I always look forward to reading your posts, they are a bright spot in my email. Thank you, and God bless you!

  95. I started following you several years ago because you always seemed to post something inspirational that I needed to read at that moment. But I always enjoyed your fashion sense and tips as well but I too have noticed a big transformation in you and I’ve gone through one too. I’ve lost 23 pounds and have worked to keep it off for two years. I am only 5’1 so 20 pounds was a lot of extra weight to carry. Anyway I have more confidence and at 58 enjoy wearing some of the trendy styles but recently had a neighbor (same age comment on my skinny jeans and I immediately felt like she thought I was too old to be wearing them. I later decided that I don’t dress to please others, I dress to please myself and wear what I am comfortable in.

    1. Here here, Gloria! I completely relate to everything you said. In fact, I have so much in common with you it’s amazing! I am also 58, 5’1″ and am close to my goal of losing that pesky 20 pounds that looks like 40 pounds on a shorter person. I also dress purely to please myself. Fortunately, no one yet has “called me out” on dressing too young or inappropriately… at least not to my face. But to be honest, I do self censure myself on my fashion choices, nowadays. For instance, I no longer buy or wear very short dresses even though I still have very good legs. I also avoid midriff tops and most skintight clothing, in general, including leggings. Actually, I just don’t like leggings. It has nothing to do with age. On the other hand, I still wear short shorts, though they are never tight, over the knee boots, and I love trendy tops.These are all personal choices, based on what I know looks good on me, what makes me feel fashionable and what is comfortable. My clothing choices will continue to evolve as I grow older, but I hope I never lose my sense of fun with fashion. No one will ever shame me into becoming dowdy or matronly.

  96. Cindy, thank you for putting yourself out there, taking the good with the bad, and sharing things I have NO time to research myself. I LOVE the beauty for the heart. Love your soul! Keep on blogging!

  97. I found your blog a few years back. It truly helped me with clothing choices that were appropriate for my age, yet still trendy.
    I also found JoLynn through your fashion days together.
    It has been great to finally find clothes that actually fit well, and look good.
    I am 65, and can’t tell you how may times people stop me to comment on what I am wearing…most recently an airline Stewardess who said she wanted to be me when she grew up. Many thanks

  98. Hi, Cyndi! Thank you for sharing a little about your personal struggles. I just went through the same thing where I lost weight and everyone thought I was on some sort of “health/vanity” kick when actually I was so stressed for such a long period of time that any extra weight I had came off. I was constantly surprised by people’s reaction. I never told anyone about the reason(s) for the weight loss and never really responded to the comments which were mostly good but still I was rather disheartened/disgusted by the vanity and insecurity of others. You look great any way you slice it! And as many of your loyal, long term followers will tell you at this point, you are loved for YOU in addition to the clothes, beauty tips, etc. Soldier on, girlfriend!

  99. Hi Cindy!!
    I am a reader, but hardly respond. I just want to thank you for your transparency…I am also the wife of a “pastor”…so I understand the struggles, pain, etc. I could feel your pain the last couple of years and can relate. Love your blog and your heart!!! Stay true to yourself!

  100. You have found your purpose in life……….whether it’s fashion tips or Beauty for the Heart….never doubt your calling….we are all happy we joined your journey.💕

  101. Amazing! You’re 8 years older than the picture on the left…yet you look 10 years (at least) younger! So encouraging and inspiring.

  102. Love your blog! Hopefully we all grow and change for the good. I think that should be the point, right? Thanks

  103. Thanks for being so open and transparent. Can you share your advice on the best sports bras?

  104. Cyndi,
    I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day! Be who you were made to be not who others want you to be! Remember this “You’ll never be their cup of tea”!

  105. I hope you feel encouraged by all the comments today! I just wanted to chime in too and make sure you know that I appreciate your bravery and courage to put yourself out there to be a light to us. I KNOW it’s not easy even if you LOVE what you do. So here is one more THANK YOU and I’m so glad to be along for the journey.

  106. Would love to learn more about the FWTFL – been looking at it for awhile now. Can you give me any more specifics- specifically how it works with a coach – how much interaction is there? How much support and ideas for menu olanning?

    1. I am new to your blog but first saw your photos on Pinterest a few years ago. Just here to say I really enjoy your blog posts and appreciate your authenticity! In addition to the fashion pix, of course. 😉

  107. Thank you so much for being honest. I struggle with having the energy after work to exercise. And I know that exercising will give me energy and I will feel better I don’t exercise in the morning because I don’t have time after my devotional time. (I get up at 5am and try to be at work by 7am) Do you think reading that book would help me to learn where I can fit exercise into my life?

  108. Great blog today Cyndi, Thank you for that. You look fabulous and I feel that your blog today is very inspiring.

    Have a Great weekend.

  109. I think you are adorable😊 Over the years I have copied your styles. I too, needed to learn how to dress for my body for casual every day. After working 30 years in banking, I needed help for my new retired lifestyle. For years, I have snapped a picture of an outfit you had on (all seasons) and copied it to an “outfit” folder 😁 I have purchased a few products you recommended, too! Thank you for sharing, being honest & being an inspiration! I think as we grow older we are more in-tune with becoming healthier. I am down 10 pounds over the last year, as well. And all that you said you do works. No tea or soft drinks for me, only water. There are days when I only eat two meals & I will skip dinner. On those days, I generally switch and cook a good lunch & then fast for dinner. I cut out my afternoon cravings of chips 😬 I keep a lot of fruit on hand. And, I exercise now!! Thank you again for doing what you do💕

  110. I think your calling in part is your blog. I read every single post! I love how you add Christ and beingspiritual into the mix. One can only wonder how many lives you are changing for the better.

  111. I Thank you that much younger and your style has Also evolved into a much younger trendy style I think. I’m interested in the chemical peel and the Hydro facial could you tell us more about those

    1. You are just an inspiration to me.I am in my 50’s , all the kids are gone,dealing with aging parents. What can I say to me life is not fun anymore. But when I do read your blogs everyday, they make me smile and want to try to do better with my health and overall appearance. Thanks!

  112. I just discovered your blog. I appreciate your honesty and advice. I am 54 and I have noticed things changing for me also. I also love the scripture quotes. I am so excited to have another way to have God in my life daily!

  113. Frankly, I am happy to see a lovely 50 something woman look so lovely and fashionable. We need to get out of a rut in fashion. Dowdy has never been attractive. I am glad you are free to dress in ways that highlight your personal taste and fit your body type. I am approaching 70 and , want to continue to look fresh and current, obviously my body shape has changed in the last 10 years, so styles I wore before, are no longer flattering . Thankfully, fashion now has more options available for all body types.

  114. Everything you said resonated with me today! Just went for my 6 week checkup post hysterectomy and I was told by my gynae I can start exercising again! Again? I never started! But I’m definitely going to!
    Thank you for the tips and the wonderful inspiration Cyndi.

  115. Love your posts! Curious? Why did you choose to give up diet Coke? It’s definitely an addiction. I’ve tried many times to make better choices, but my drink of choice goes right back to DC. It’s not even about the taste 😒

    1. It has been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease in several studies. Research has found that just one serving of an artificially sweetened drink per day is associated with an 8–13% higher risk of type 2 diabetes. It also has been linked to kidney damage, cancer, strokes, depression, and even obesity.
      To me, it was worth giving up!

  116. I have been reading your blog for years now, and I really enjoy you insights on style and spirituality. I am 51 years old, and I have worked in dentistry for 30 years, the last 15 as a hygienist. If you dont mind my asking, what made you leave dental hygiene?

      1. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t have to leave because of work related injuries. You’re blog is wonderful!🙂