Step Up Your Style: Summer 2024 Shoe Trends

Summer 2024 shoe trends are all about statement shoes, a touch of nostalgia, and a lot of comfort. Let’s dive into the hottest trends that will have your feet looking (and feeling!) their best.

1. Woven Details

Photo credit: Tuckernuck

Natural textures are taking center stage this summer, with a focus on raffia, jute, and woven elements. From sandals and slides to intricate platform heels, this trend adds a touch of charm to your warm-weather looks. Think beachy vibes but with a sophisticated edge.

2. Kitten  Heels

Photo credit: Dolce Vita

Good news for those who prioritize both style and practicality: the kitten heel is back! This elegant, low heel adds a touch of vintage charm and offers comfortable support for busy days and nights.

3. Flats of All Kinds

Photo credit: Evereve

Flats are having a major moment! Embrace the ease and versatility of ballet flats, minimalist sandals, or trendy mesh flats. Whether you’re running errands or going to a summer party, these shoes combine comfort and effortless chic.

4. Retro Sneakers

Photo credit: Madewell

Tap into nostalgia with sneakers inspired by the past. Think old-school basketball silhouettes, chunky dad-style sneakers, and minimalist running shoes. Pair with high socks and denim shorts for the perfect throwback look.

5. Slingback Heels

Photo credit: Evereve

Slingbacks have always been timeless shoes, but they’re making a major comeback this year. They’re everywhere! Add a pair of slingback sandals or heels to your wardrobe for a sleek, sophisticated way to elevate your looks this summer.

6. Platforms & Flatforms

Photo credit: J.Crew

Elevate your summer outfit with a pair of platforms (a thick sole with a heel) and flatforms (a shoe with a thick sole that is level). Platforms are great for dressing up an outfit, but flatforms are a great option for adding style while still maintaining a casual look. You can wear your platforms and flatforms with everything from denim to dresses this summer.

Bonus: Practical and Pretty

Photo credit: Nordstrom

While playful trends are fun, let’s not forget that sometimes simplicity rules. Clean minimalist sandals and mules with comfortable footbeds are always a summer staple. Choose high-quality materials and timeless styles for a look that transcends trends. Of course, I think a neutral shoe is always the best option because they elongate your legs.

And there you have it! Get ready for a summer in style. Which trend are you most excited to try?

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  1. Hi Cyndi!
    I love your styles and look forward to your daily email and inspirations.

    It seems like the tops and dresses you style all have very ruffly, full, poofy, flouncy sleeves. Always. Do you ever do any more tailored tops? Looking for straight elbow or full length sleeves that don’t have ruffles or gathering at the shoulders.
    Diana Z.

    1. Hi Diana, I do love sleeve details and I wear those styles often. But I try to style more classic/structured styles too.

      Here are some I’ve shared this month (there’s a few ruffles but most of the tops are more structured).




      I try to share different options but I admit I lean towards the more feminine styles because that’s what I wear.

  2. I’m with you, there are cuter more comfortable shoes out there than the Birkenstocks. Vionic sandals with the bow ties are cute.

  3. I’m also with you, no way will I wear Birkenstocks. They are unflattering at best. It’s a no go on Mary Janes for me too. There are many options that offer style and comfort. To each his own.

  4. I’m a shoe person too and have a hard time liking Birchenstocks. I did find another brand with only one strap that I liked last year that I liked, so maybe try one trap ones. I don’t like the new ballet flats look.

  5. I was never a Birkenstock fan until the last couple yrs. Due to a knee issue I wear them as soon as I walk into my house instead of being barefoot or bedroom slippers. They honestly reduce pain a lot! Have you tried any of the new recovery slides popping up everywhere?

  6. I hope y’all have a good drive back home! How far is Nashville from you?

    I’m with you on Birkenstock shoes!! lol!! Nope!
    But- I’m not crazy about the mesh flats and kitten heels are a little difficult for me to walk in! lol

    But I love the textured natural look of the other sandals. 😉

    Y’all be blessed!

  7. Just saw the Jolie pink blouse you styled on instagram. So cute on you. I just ordered in XS. Hope it fits. Thank you for the discount code. I tried to opt out of the shipping protection for added $1.95 but it added it anyway and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. Have you had this happen? Their clothes are speedy and I didn’t want to add that to the $5.00 shipping. Eats away the discount code. I think it will be cute with white jeans for Mother’s Day if the weather isn’t warm enough for a dress.

  8. I am one of those that loves Birkenstocks and I’ll tell you why. My heel is way too narrow to wear flats that you just slip into and go. All of my shoes have to have arch support. My feet are paper thin and narrow, so having footwear that I can adjust for a good fit is important. I have shoes in other brands, but it’s not easy for me to find shoes that fit properly.

  9. I’m with you on the Mary Jane’s ( breaks up the leg line!) and Birkenstocks ( I can remember when they were on the what not to wear lists!). I am a fan of all the nude colored shoes you wear. So flattering!

  10. Hey friend! Im with you on the Birks! They look cute on some people but not me. I can’t get on board with the Mary Jane’s either. I love a wedge and that’s what I’ll be wearing all spring/summer! 🤗

  11. I like kitten heels for dressy occasions. I do love Birkenstocks and have worn them for ages. I prefer the ones with the soft foot bed. I know they aren’t dressy but still love them.

  12. I like most of the styles you showed. The only platforms I like is if they aren’t over the top like the Lifestride in the widget. I can’t wear real flat slides. I need more support. I have a knock off version of Birkenstocks. They may not be cute but they are good for my feet. There are other brands that offer comfort and support like Vionic and Born too. When I was younger I abused my feet at the expense of fashion but no more. The good thing is we can find cute comfort sandals.

    1. Terri I agree, I use to wear any shoe even if it was uncomfortable but I don’t do that now. I don’t always wear a shoe with a lot of support and I probably need to.

  13. No thank you to the Birkenstock sandals! I love shoes but I have learnt over the years to not compromise for comfort! I don’t remember when I wore pumps last! I used to wear them 6 days a week ( work and church) now I can’t stand to have my toes squished ) not worth Bunyans! I love how there are so many great other options now!

  14. Not a fan of Birkenstocks. I think the MaryJane flats are cute but I doubt I will buy any. I prefer the classic ballet flats. Loved platforms in the 70’s when I was a teen, no more!

  15. Unable to wear sling backs or any type of heel. Show some choices for us other than tennis shoes please!!

  16. Totally agree with you – love platform shoes especially sandals and I also do not like Birkenstocks. They are just too ugly for me.

  17. Hi Cyndi…..I don’t do birkenstocks. I need to stay with arch support sandals in the summer but prefer Vionic, Easy Spirt, any brand that looks expensive or now & with it, I am learning more new brands to try all the time. Baretraps had a posture plus sandal line last year but haven’t seen it yet this year but their rebound line has arch. I have ordered from all around the place , if it has a heel……petite here and looks great and in size 5 , I will order. I have clogs, slides, tlip flops, and tennis shoes plus dress shoes. All are cute and some cuter than others.