Stitch Fix For Women Over 40

Every time I get a “fix” from Stitch Fix, I question whether I should share it or not? There are lots of bloggers that share about Stitch Fix these days. But I started with them in the early days so they’re kind of like family to me.

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40

Truthfully, I’m passionate about their service because I’ve met the people behind the scenes. I shared about my Stitch Fix trip here, in case some of you missed it. They love what they do!

If I lived in San Francisco, I would be applying for a job at Stitch Fix, even if they hired me to clean the office, I would want to be a part of their team. 🙂

Here’s what I got in my box this month: Lyla Beaded Hexagon Layering Necklace-$32.00

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40Rilo Tab-Sleeve Button-Front Blouse-$68.00

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40Annabeth Striped Shift Dress-$138.00

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40Augusto Dot Print Sleeveless Blouse-$48.00

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40Jaclynn 3/4Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan-$38.00.

Stitch Fix For Women Over 40

I kept all 5 pieces this time. If you keep all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount which came to a $76.00 discount. My total was $228.00.

If I didn’t have credit with Stitch Fix, I probably would have picked one item and that would have been the dress. Although it was the most expensive item, my husband loved it, so it was a keeper.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix you can go here to sign up!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Everything looks lovely! I especially love the dress and the cardigan is gorgeous. I haven’t looked into Stitch Fix. Maybe I should:)

  2. I agree with your husband…the dress is adorable! Tried Stitch Fix awhile back and didn’t keep anything. I may need to give them another chance:)

  3. I love the roll tab blouse! I have a purse that color and LOVE it! It looks beautiful and has such a nice “drape”.

  4. Yes , I agree with your husband! The dress looks really pretty on you and it is very unique. I think it is a plus that makes you look 10 years younger.

  5. My fix last month was a 5 item keeper too. I know that I have read several comments about Stitch Fix stating that the items can be found for a cheaper price on line or in stores. But, I think they are missing the point. The point is the fun of someone picking pieces for you, them arriving in a box on your doorstep and you getting to try them on in your own home. I love Stitch Fix. Thanks for turning me on to such a fun monthly adventure.

  6. Love the dress! Also, glad to see the 3/4 sleeve blouse. I would love to see more of these as my arms are not pretty plus I need them for warmth in the super cold stores and restaurants!

  7. Love that dress on you Cyndi! I love seeing you in more fitted clothes like this. You look 10 lbs. thinner and 10 years younger! You always look great and beautiful, but I do think the fitted look is best on you. Glad you kept that dress. I love seeing your Stitch Fix posts. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

  8. The 3/4 length sweater is beautiful, I love that color normally I would think summer when I saw that color but the way you have it paired looks perfect for fall. I have looked into Stitch Fix but I am more voluptuous that the sizes they carry,but that’s not to say I don’t get ideas from all the photos that you share.

  9. I will be getting my first fix this month. Very excited about that, and excited to see what they will send me. You always look so cute, in your fix outfits!

  10. Sharing your Stitch Fix box is a fun feature on your blog…Thrifting blogs show their weekly hauls and no one thinks anything of that…I say share away! i love the pieces you get from Stitch Fix, but like picking my own items for better pricing. I love all the pieces you’ve gotten from them and think they are very suited for our age group and a great way for someone who doesn’t have access to as much shopping as I do…

  11. Thanks for representing the over 40 crowd so very well! I did one Stitch Fix and haven’t been back… for reasons I can’t even define. I love the necklace and the cardi!

  12. I agree with you, Nancy. There was a bit of hoopla about finding the same pieces for a lower price. I’ll admit, it made my heart skip a beat as I try to be very budget conscious. I have to say, however, that in the end this may be a better way for me to be budget conscious. With the prices of each item being a bit higher than I would normally spend, I’m very thoughtful about what pieces I keep (I’ve had two fixes so far and have kept 4 items total). Also, I don’t go out “shopping” as much anymore. I used to buy a lot of things because they were a great price and then ended up never wearing them because I only purchased them because I was getting a deal.

  13. I like all you share but I’ll admit that Stitch Fix is out of my budget. I was reared to be very price conscientious when shopping and I find great deals on Gap, Loft and JCrewFactory. I’ve even shopped JC Penney more that you share what you purchase. I recently purchased two Ralph Lauren dresses for $35 each and was tickled at my buys. Since clothing styles differ and go out of style quickly, I would not spend that much on a dress, but I am very frugal. I still want to look nice though . I’ll keep reading, but I don’t think I’d ever sign up for Stitch Fix.

  14. Hey Lisa, I get a fix every month. But that’s mainly because I have credit. If I didn’t, I would probably get one a season and then maybe when I had a special occasion.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!