Stitch Fix Has An App!

stitch fix appI am so excited to tell you that Stitch Fix has an appNow you can check your order, sign up for a box, change your preferences, etc. all on the convenience of your phone.

(Make sure you read to the end because you could win money for Stitch Fix clothes!)

I love getting my box in the mail and I have gotten some cute pieces of clothing over the last several years using Stitch Fix.

Stitch fix app picWhat does having the Stitch Fix app mean for those of us who use Stitch Fix? Well, for one, things have just gotten a little more personal.


  • You can share a profile photo with your Stylist! Your stylist can see what you look like.
  • You can communicate with your Stylist on-the-go. Plus easy access to your profile makes sharing notes & feedback a breeze.
  • Schedule & check out whenever, wherever. A more streamlined experience saves you time.

It’s easy to use and you can now check the status of your box, right on your phone. Yipee!

Now, would you like to win $1,000 towards a Stitch Fix wardrobe? Simply download the app and then head over to their Facebook page to enter the contest to win $1000 credit towards Stitch Fix! Easy Peasy!

Also, you could be one of the 1,000 lucky winners of a Stitch Fix selfie stick!

**At this time, the Stitch Fix app is available for iPhone only. They haven’t forgotten about you, Android users. Stay tuned!

Are you all like me, do you use your phone for everything?!

Beauty for the Heart~~I was reading in the Psalms and read Psalm 37:5, Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.

What are you doing today, that you need to commit to the Lord? Trust Him!

Have a blessed day!

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**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. I would like to say that I did not notice your stripe issue until someone brought it out in the comments. I was only noticing that you have the cutest figure and wondering how you maintain it at this age? My 49 yr-old body has morphed into something I do not recognize in the past year. Congratulations on your anniversary and on your success with this blog. I really enjoy getting this at my work email every day. It’s something I look forward to and enjoy.

  2. Cyndi,
    After receiving your email this morning I wanted to send you a word of encouragement. I thought you looked beautiful in both dresses and as soon as I saw the striped dress, I clicked on the link to GF to buy it! You are an inspiration to so many women and I hope you and your husband had a wonderful time on your anniversary. You looked absolutely beautiful!

    God Bless You!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. I thought you looked adorable in your striped dress & boots yesterday! I just wish I could pull it off. Your heart comes through in your blogs and I so appreciate the things you say. Some days it’s just plain hard to be graceful. Like the day I wore a white furry vest last winter. One person told me I looked ‘fabulous’ – another said I looked like ‘a cave woman’. I just smiled and chuckled.

  4. Cyndi – you are an inbox blessing every morning and I look forward to your post when I open my mail. It’s a bright spot in my day. Thank you!

  5. ok I’m not sure what you are referring to about the comments on your striped dress .. were they positive or negative? I thought you looked terrific and the dress was VERY flattering!! Happy anniversary to you and Wayne!!! Have an awesome day Cyndi and thanks for “putting yourself out there” for us to see!! It can’t be easy…you get a lot of credit!! God bless 😉

  6. Hi Cyndi,

    Not sure what all the comments were regarding the stripped dress. My first thoughts when I see anything you have on is what a great figure you have! Thanks for your ministry. I really enjoy reading it every day!


  7. I liked the striped dress, just not the patches. But I thought you looked really skinny in it, and I liked the brown boots and the clutch. I don’t always like everything you wear, but I have bought a lot of things that you have recommended. Everybody has their own “taste.” And clothes are fun to talk about and style. But we all need to remember that the most important thing is the PERSON inside the clothes 🙂

  8. I downloaded the app! I’ve been too scared to try Stitch Fix but maybe this time. I saw your striped dress and boots and hit “Pin It”! I thought it was super cute and made you look fantastic! I didn’t see the negative comments but thought you should know there are others who thought you looked great. Keep your chin up!

  9. I agree with the comment that you are an “inbox blessing.” The striped dress was so cute on you with the accessories that I e-mailed it to my daughter-in-law and she wants me to buy one like it for her for Christmas! If you had any negative comments, please let them roll off your back because as far as I’m concerned you ROCK everything you put on!!! Happy Anniversary!

  10. I always look forward to your fashion advice! I went shopping Tuesday and bought two pair of ankle boots (first ever!) and two cute ponchos! I know you were the influence to give me the “nerve” to wear something different than my usual! My fashion confidence is growing by leaps and bounds! I have started Bible Journaling and your scriptures and comments often make it into my Bible. Thank you.

    1. Judith, I love hearing that you stepped right out of your comfort zone and got a few new stylish items! I’m sure they’re going to look great!


  11. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! YOU looked adorable in the striped dress. The dress itself, I’m still not crazy about the craftsmanship. Thank you for putting yourself out there to us and giving us a moment of awareness what we write and how as well. Hope your day wasn’t spoiled & you enjoyed your Anniversary dinner!

  12. So I noticed the stripes (so what ) but my thought was she looks fabulous !!

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all you do.

  13. You are beautiful – and most of it is your heart shining through. It’s too bad people got caught up in the stripes – I come here for a fun visit – and reminder everyday to get in touch with God and I thank you for that.

  14. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I just celebrated our 24th. I hope you had a lovely evening out with your man.

    I am so sorry you got negative feed back regarding anything you do. I personally thought the stripped dress was super cute. You looked fantastic in it. The elbow patches and the tan boots with the black and cream stripes on the dress were classic and current.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to try current trends. Your guidence has helped me keep my wardrobe current and fresh, while maintaining age appropriateness.

  15. All I can say is, “Your Heart is Showing!” I stumbled upon your webpage a year ago. I am a 47yr who was stuck in a rut inwardly and outwardly. You have encouraged me to become bolder in both areas and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! I have gotten on Stitch Fix and have just ordered a few things from Glamour Farms, which I’m excited to receive. So again thank you for sharing your life with us. You truly have helped me and it is a blessing when I read your emails. So keep up the great work kiddo.

  16. Happy Anniversary!! My husband & I celebrated 27 years in August. He’s still the most handsome man and I have such a crush on him!

    You are precious and have the best shape. I thought the striped dress was cute. I personally like the patched elbows and saw no problem with your boots. If we’re being completely honest, occasionally you style something that I wouldn’t choose. That is because we are different women with different shapes and coloring. But I always have some take-away. Plus, you include Beauty for the Heart, which I love. I can’t tell you how many people I have shared your blog with, from my pastor’s wife, to other teachers, to my Baylor football family. You should have a counter for it like TheSkimm does! LOL

    I haven’t jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon yet. I just feel like I’m so hard to fit (large chest, small waist, big booty). My sizes are all over the place.


  17. Hi Cyndi,

    I never comment on your site, but this morning after reading your post I felt I should. I always enjoy reading your posts. It’s one of the highlights of my day. I find you to be inspiring and cheerful. Plus, you have given me some great style tips. I thought you looked great in the striped dress yesterday. I think all of us women would be lucky to have even just a little of what you have to offer us.

    Thank you for taking the time to show us what it means to be a good person aside from looking good and being healthy at 49. Thank you for your inspiration.

    God Bless!!

  18. I’m so sorry about the negative comments, I think you work so hard to give us great ideas on beauty and health and also share spiritual encouragement, I love Beauty for the Heart! I admire you, you are a true inspiration, keep up the great work! ?

  19. If I don’t like “care” for something I usually keep my mouth shut and apparently there are some out there in “blog land” that should have done the same thing, yesterday! “Constructive criticism” is a slippery slope……and I just want to go on record and say you looked adorable in both outfits, and if the stripes don’t match that has nothing to do with you! THANK YOU for all you do to try and keep us current and on trend…even though some of us go kicking and screaming (as I tried on my first pair of skinny jeans and am in love….I know I didn’t listen too you, and you were right! giggle)
    Enjoy, hug your man just a bit harder today….my hubby and I are facing down our 42nd! How in the world did we get to be so old?

  20. Hi Cyndi,

    I should have left a comment yesterday, because I liked you in the striped dress! I was thinking to myself, “Wow, not everyone can look thin in horizontal stripes, but she does!” I clicked on the link to see where it was sold! I was hoping it was one of your department store finds!

    Love and a Hug,

    1. Hi Cyndi,

      I completely agree with Marie’s email…I also thought you looked fantastic in the striped dress!! As I read through the comments yesterday, I did note the negative ones were aimed at the stripes not matching up at the sides, etc., and NOT about the way you looked in the dress!! You are an absolutely beautiful woman and from your blog, I do see that that is true of your heart as well so there is nothing better than when the inside matches the outside! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your fashion sense, and for all of your other good works!!

      Hugs and Blessings to you!!

  21. Happy Belated Anniversary! I hope y’all had a great night out. We celebrated our 21st in June. My momma always told me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” That’s what I try to do, along with thinking how I would feel reading what I write. Your site is a real blessing for me because of your Christian beliefs and everything I learn from you regarding fashion for women over 40. Have a blessed day!

  22. Dear Cyndi – I’ve been following your blog for a long time now. I’ve always been thankful that I found your blog and you have helped me look and dress better. Of course, I don’t run out and buy everything you show. I know this is not what this blog is about. Because of you I’m better at determining what looks good and what doesn’t. I’m always saddened to see the negative comments, because if you are wearing it I figure you like it and so why would I want to send you a negative comment? I don’t get it. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all you do 🙂
    Also Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary is next week

    Take good care

  23. I love the dress with the stripes and elbow patches & I think the brown boots looked great with it! In fact I ordered one for myself! It showed off your cute figure & you looked great in it!

  24. Cyndi,
    I look forward to your posts daily!!! Putting yourself out there, sharing your fashion sense, and your beauty for the heart are such an inspiration.
    Even if every outfit isn’t a “hit” with everyone all the time- you always look great! I know you have helped me think more openly about trying things I wouldn’t have before. Everybody has their own sense of style. It seems like you can wear anything and look good! I have to be careful since I’m short and proportions can be off if some clothes don’t come in petite.
    Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us! I know I am grateful to have found your blog!

  25. Cyndi,

    You are beautiful inside and outside! Your fashion and “Beauty for the heart” are such an inspiration to me. I look forward to your emails every morning. Keep doing what you are doing because you do it so well and because many of us need your fashion sense!!!

    1. Amen and amen!!! I have revamped my whold closet since finding this blog!!! FINALLY something for the over 40 group that is stylish and age appropraite!!!

  26. Wow. I’ve never much read the comments posted about the outfits you “rock” but the ones yesterday compelled me to write to you. Everybody has opinion – please please please don’t get your feelings hurt by negative feedback. I know it’s hard not to. But girl – let me tell you something – you are the cutest thing, the happiest person, an inspiration to me and tons of other women. And I love the way you put very expensive things together along with not so expensive – caters to all different pocketbooks. That alone is wonderful. You keep doing what you are doing and forget about the haters. We all love you Cyndi. I’m 60 and wouldn’t miss your daily blog for anything. Have a wonderful day and weekend girl!!!& Happy Anniversary!

  27. Cyndi,

    I found you on Pinterest last year and have been a faithful follower ever since. I also found Stitch Fix through you. I love stitch fix!! You have helped this Army veteran come into her own style. Through you I have found the courage to style outfits – not just put some clothes on. I have so much more confidence in my appearance — Thanks to you! I loved the striped dress and ALWAYS think you look great! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  28. My 17 year old daughter, who is very fashionable. and I both thought your striped dress was really cute. You always look nice. She just applied to U of K this week too! Get ready for the monograms 🙂

  29. Cyndi, I loved the striped dress outfit yesterday and meant to comment. I’m sorry I didn’t! You looked great. The outfit looked great. You are an amazing woman. Keep up your great work. You really are beautiful inside and out! God bless!

  30. About the stripped dress…..I LOVED it. I thought it looked great on you and I liked it with the boots. I don’t leave comments very often and I never leave a negative comment. I would wear that dress if I wasn’t so soft in the middle area. If I ever lose my 20 extra pounds I’d definitely wear it and I thought it looked great on you. I wished I had your figure.

  31. Cyndi,
    I liked your post on Instagram and commented how I liked both dresses yesterday. You always look amazing! I love this blog and it is refreshing to read when there’s so much bad news out there.
    Thank you for your heartfelt, honest words today.
    Congratulations on 24 years!

    Blessings to you!

  32. My dearest Cyndi,
    I am visiting my daughter in Mexico and although I read your post and glanced at the pictures, I didn’t take the time to read any comments yesterday. But guess what? YOU WERE IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT!? (I am cracking up right now!?) I saw you in the airport and you commented on how nice I looked and I told you it was because you have taught me! I feel compelled to tell you this now because you might not realize the joy and grace (and beauty) that you inspire. Please take courage. You are doing the Lord’s work through something that women can relate to. PS: Thank you for posting “The Invisible Woman” video. It meant more to me than words can say. I love you, girlfriend.❤️

  33. Cyndi – Your heart does shine through in your smile every day! I am new to this blog/site and have truly enjoyed everything you share. I connected because I like what I saw in the picture and then when I received my first email saw that you have a heart for our Lord! A double blessing to me. I look forward to seeing what’s new in my inbox tomorrow.

    Joy to you!


  34. I haven’t seen your post from yesterday but I’m sorry you were distressed. Please don’t get discouraged. So many of us depend on your fashion and godly enthusiasm. Even if people were critical but nice, it might have been good that they finally know you are actually human. We like that! Keep up the good work!

  35. WHAT?! People had negative comments about the striped dress? I thought it was awesome! Both dresses looked good, but the striped was amazing and my favorite of the two by far. So much so that I almost bought it for myself!

  36. Cyndi,
    I have never seen a picture of you wear you don’t look FABulous! You are Such an inspiration to me. My BFF had been telling me about you for the longest time, and about a month ago I finally took time to look you up on-line. Now I’m beating myself up for waiting so long! Since “meeting you” I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans and bought my first pair of booties! (I am up to three pair of booties as of today!) I just knew I could NEVER pull off skinny jeans, much less wearing them with booties, but thanks to you I gave it a try. I still have some confidence issues, but I have been getting TONS of compliments every time I wear my skinny jeans and booties. Thank you so much for helping me to step out of my fashion comfort zone……and THANKS most of all for the spiritual encouragement! I believe you are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! I am so glad God is using you to encourage others!

  37. Good morning Cyndi,

    I loved both of you dresses yesterday! Thank you for sharing your waredrobe with all of us. I have gotten some great styling tips from you! I joined Stitch Fix about a year ago and I love it. It especially love the cards they send along with the items they send.

  38. By the way I love the stripped dress with the elbow pads. I order me one just like it. I’m sorry for some of the comments u got. Just want u to know I love your heart for the Lord and how your planting those seeds for Christ. I pray you will always seek Jesus. His path is perfect. Thank you again. Have a blessed day in the Lord.

  39. Cyndi, every day you inspire me with your godly attitude, your beautiful figure, your happy marriage, and the way you accessorize & share! You look adorable every single day & I LOVED the striped dress on you! Makes you look very thin & very young!

    Always remember, God made you just the way you are! He gave you this special gift to share with us! And He thinks you are beautiful inside & out every day! SO do I! Be blessed!

    1. Charlcy thank you!! You are way too kind. I look back at some of my outfits and wonder what I was thinking. Ha!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  40. First, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 🙂 and YOU looked wonderful!!!! xxoo
    Second, I did comment on the dress yesterday BUT, my comment was about the dress itself and not in anyway how it looked on you. As I have said in a previous comment, you could wear a brown bag and would make it look great. I personally didn’t like the stripes not lining up front to back, now that being said, I had a reply to my comment indicating that could help “break” the line and be more flattering to the figure – something I had never considered. I loved the elbow patches, and thought your boots were very cute with it! I’m sorry if you felt “beat up” by the end of the comments. I sincerely learn something from you each and everyday, from fashion to God’s word, you inspire me and I think you are AWESOME!
    Sending love, hugs and kisses from Knoxville, Tennessee!

  41. I am sorry to hear about the negative comments. People can be very brave/mean in social media while in real life scared/timid. I actually LOVED the dress and complete outfit. Keep sharing your heart and outfits.

  42. Hi Cyndi,
    Along with many others I want you to know how much I look forward to your blog every day. You have sparked a desire to try harder to dress better and just look better all the way around. I also appreciate your desire for women to be beautiful INSIDE and out and to glorify God in that desire. I think the enemy was just trying to discourage you yesterday, because as I went back to see what all the comments were about. What stood out to me was how many positive and complimentary comments there were. You can never be perfect and you can never make everyone happy, but if what you are wearing is something you like and feel good in, wear it joyfully. I appreciate you so much and are blessed by what you do. Just know the majority of us that follow your blog, don’t expect perfection, but love what you do and find fun and blessings through it. Keep on doing what you do, and just be you.


  43. Wow – I can’t imagine what any of the negative comments could have been. I absolutely loved the striped dress outfit and thought you looked GREAT in it. I love reading your blog – thanks for sharing with us!

  44. Cyndi,

    I wanted to encourage you as well! I thought you rocked the striped dress! (nothing against the GF model but I thought it fit you perfectly and better than how it fit her. I noticed you both wore smalls but it was much more form fitting and flattering on you) You are amazing with your out of the box fashion-sense. You encourage me to step it up and try new things. I look for your insight on how to look fabulous at 50 (speaking for myself). But the icing on the cake is your pure love for the Lord that resonates thru your words and His joy that fills your heart thru the pictures you share.
    You are doing His work exactly as He as instructed you to do touching so many lives with His love.
    You are a blessing!

    1. Thank you Debbie!! I think the dress fit me a little more form fitting because I have a few more curves. Ha!!
      Courtney the model for Glamour Farms is a doll but she’s taller and thinner so it fits her differently.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

    1. Hi Emma, Yes, I think they will. They want to do it well so I think that’s why that haven’t done it yet. But I’m hoping soon!!

  45. Loved the dress I went to buy one from glamor farms but they were sold out? You are a blessing to many of us. I can see your heart in pictures, and you have a good, kind and lovely one. Thank you for all you do, the people you touch and all the blessings you share.

    DeeDee Carroll

  46. Cyndi, that dress looked great on you! It was very flattering to your figure. I don’t usually post a comment, but I needed to let you know that you looked fabulous and happy in the picture. I did not see any flaws. If I looked that good in that dress I would wear it every other day. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

  47. I think you are dazzling in whatever you wear and after following your blog for a couple of years I have had the opportunity to see your heart of compassion, kindness and gentleness. Keep on doing what you do because you are amazing!

    Blessings, Beth

  48. Cyndi,

    I feel so bad that you were hurt by the negative comments yesterday. You looked great in the dress. I loved it and was thinking of getting one for myself, even though I normally don’t wear dresses.

    I think the negative comments were more about the way the dress was made than of your taste. I think we all agree that you have you have wonderful taste, and are a beautiful person inside and out!

    1. Donna thank you! I know the comments weren’t directed at me and I want people to feel like they can’t have an opinion good or bad.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  49. You do such a good job selecting pieces that look great together. If I took a picture of myself in every outfit that I put together and, actually, wear, I might not leave the house. So don’t let opinions on one dress get you down. It looked great on you!! Keep up the good work … love your blog.

  50. Not sure what comments where made about the stripe dress yesterday, but I loved it and have already ordered it:)
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  51. I’m NOT saying this just to be nice Cyndi. But I loved that dress on you yesterday. I HONESTLY almost ordered it. But I thought, it wouldn’t look good on me, the way it did on you. I’m only 5’4 and thought it might look too long on me. I thought about hemming it, but with the stripes, wasn’t sure I’d know how. ( I’m not very good at sewing of any kind. Ha! )
    Anyway, I didn’t read the comments, but I absolutely loved that dress on you!
    It takes a lot of gumption to try on new clothing, trends, etc, for everyone to see.
    I look forward to your blog each day.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  52. Cyndi,
    I’m just sick that about those comments and the one I made. It was just so out of character for you because you always look so classy and stylish. I absolutely LOVE every part of your blog and you’re one of my go to girls!!! Keep up the good work and the comment was directed toward you personally. Oh the lighter side, your new lens works great. 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Sandi I knew you weren’t directing it at me. Please feel free to always comment. Whether you like it or not!!
      Thank you for stopping by!!

  53. I saw your post yesterday and didn’t comment even though I thought the striped dress outfit was adorable. Loved the stripes (didn’t even notice they didn’t line up) and the brow boots with the blac – especially because of the brown elbow patches. Funny, at first I thought I wonder why she paired brown boots with a black dress then once I saw the brown elbow patches they pulled it all together. After reading your post today I felt I should comment so you know everyone isn’t negative. I hope the negative comments didn’t get you too down and you were able to celebrate with your husband. Love your blog and your style. Keep it up! P.s. Wearing a top from stitch fix today!

  54. I am one of those people who read comments and I thought the number that commented on the stripes was just crazy. I wanted to reply to each of them that they can’t complain about the price of an item on the one hand and expect excellent workmanship on the other hand! I hope you were able to shrug it off. Congratulations! We will celebrate our 28th anniversary next month and I’m looking forward to it because we’re actually going to celebrate on the actual day by going to another wedding (and a concert the night before). Getting married around Thanksgiving was not our best move…

    1. Yeah for 28 years Lisa!! Yes the dress was at a good price point and ironically I sold more of those dresses than anything I have ever styled from Glamour Farms. Go figure!!

  55. Hi there. I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved the striped dress! You looked lovely. In fact, I ordered one for myself right after I read your post!

    Take care,


  56. Congrats on the anniversary. My hubbie and I will celebrate 18 years on Sunday. I loved the striped dress; you looked great! I have only tried Stitchfix once, but I loved it. I got a great dress and wore it to my sister’s wedding last Saturday. Blessings!

  57. Hi Cyndi
    I just want to say that you have inspired me to not give up trying to look my best. Your outfits look great. Your heart for God is very evident and has touched my heart. I look forward to your emails everyday. Everyone should have a friend like you. May God continue to bless your life as you have blessed mine. Wish you were closer. Thank you for your perseverance.

  58. My dear Cyndi, I think you have an amazingly loyal following of readers who generally post such complimentary comments! And you deserve them. ?

    Perhaps another way to look at this is to consider that many of the negative comments yesterday included a statement saying how great you looked even though they didn’t care for the mis-matched stripes. Since it’s a fashion blog, and you often (though not yesterday) ask for opinions, perhaps that promoted readers to give their thoughts. I didn’t think people were meaning to be rude to you personally, but of course I can see how you could take it that way. We are all sensitive about what we do. When we do our best, if we are met with negativity, it can hurt.

    Many of us were taught in home ec classes very strict rules about matching stripes which may have prompted comments. I didn’t feel the need to comment, but I do notice when stripes and plaids don’t match. I was just brought up that way.

    All this to say that in any forum, there are bound to be differences in opinions. In a comfortable place, I think people feel free to express an occasional opinion that might not be complimentary. And perhaps that’s not a bad thing when you look at it that way. An open exchange of ideas can be healthy, although respect should always rule. I don’t want want you to worry or take the comments as personal criticism.

    I hope what I have written makes sense and has come across in the helpful way I’ve intended. You have my best wishes always in your blog and all your endeavors.

    1. Suzanne I do have amazing readers! I don’t think I clarified myself. I didn’t think anyone was being mean to me.
      They were stating opinions but I did think after it had been said 40 times, the point was made. 🙂
      Anyone is welcome to comment and they can certainly say they like it or they don’t like it.
      Thank you for sharing and I always appreciate your opinion!!

      1. I loved the dress that I almost ordered it, then I noticed the stripes didn’t line up and that is just a thing with me. I love everything you model. I only wish I looked half as good as you do in all those clothes. Thanks for what you do, it really gives me good styling ideas.

  59. Yes was amazed. Yesterday
    Whatever true lovely and good focus on these things!
    Didn’t comment but loved dresses with boots!
    Thanks for all you do! This blog has helped me so much!

  60. I haven’t read the comments on the stripped dress but I thought it looked great on you! I loved it and thought it fit great also. Just sayin……….

  61. Ok I hope I don’t get bashed here….so first I want to also say this blog is a huge favorite, a real relaxing part of my day…the fashion inspiration is wonderful.

    But additionally, just in regards to the silly stripes not matching….the clothing Cyndi models many times are for sale- Glamour Farms…so to be clear I would never, never comment on another woman’s stripe-not-matching outfit…
    But Cyndi is very forward with the fact that this a job for her, she promotes certain items or stores for compensation.
    So I do not feel the comments were in anyway personal…they were NOT a comment on another woman’s outfit,
    Instead they were comments about a possible purchase… Pretty reasonable in this type of forum.

    1. Thank you for sharing Suzanna!! Yes, I certainly don’t want someone to purchase something they don’t like.
      Thank you for stopping by!!

  62. Hey Cyndi, you know I didn’t even notice the mismatching stripes,.
    I love stripes so I guess I was just focusing on the positive.
    Love boots with dresses too.
    Had another look today and yeah now I know what to look for I see them, but hey you didn’t sew it.
    You have a lovely figure and I didn’t notice any lumps or bumps.
    But I guess you can’t please everybody all the time, and we have all have an opinion.
    Keep up the good work, and congrats son the anniversary.

  63. Cyndi, you are a kind thoughtful lady!! I loved both your outfits yesterday. I am sorry you were hurt and I understand. I appreciate your honesty and I am glad you expressed your feelings today. We all need reminders that words can hurt and may not be intended to do so. You are a stylish loving lady and inspire us all in countless ways to be better. Thank you dear Cyndi for blessing my life. Happy Anniversary to you and Wayne! ?

  64. I did comment that perhaps the boots were not the best choice for the dresses you were wearing, but wouldn’t you prefer honesty? Many times people say nice things but it’s not what they are truly thinking. The comment was not to be taken as rude.

    1. Sher, absolutely I think you should be honest and I did not think it was rude. I didn’t think anyone was being mean to me. I just meant after so many comments, I got the point.
      Thank you for stopping by!!

  65. I have used Stitch Fix once, and enjoyed it. Easy to get something new and different from the usual I would chose for myself. I download their App on my I phone because I am waiting on a delivery. Thanks for sharing.

  66. What! I loved the striped dress so much I ordered it! Lol I hope I look as good as you did in it! Loved the longer length.

  67. Whaaaaaaaaaaat???? I love the striped dress & think it makes you look slimmer than any of the other outfits. You are lovely in everything you show! I love your fashion taste and even more importantly your love for God & others. You rock! xoxox

  68. I really liked the striped dress and am thinking about buying one, but more than that I liked your comments about not really knowing what people are thinking or maybe even going through. It’s so easy to make a snap decision about a post – do I like it or not- but we should always leave the door open for a more personal conversation. I recently simply liked a post on facebook as it well stated my opinion on a particular hot topic. I am quite surprised at the number of people that read through the entire article and felt hurt that I liked the article. My point is, wouldn’t it have better for me to have had one on one conversations at appropriate times rather than just make such a broad statement about a complex issue as I “like” it. Long way to say……great post in the day after the striped dress. If it was for no one else……it was for me.