Stitch Fix Launches Extras Today!

This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix but all opinions are 100% my own.

Many of you know I have used Stitch Fix for several years. In case you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service delivered right to your door. They offer women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X, maternity and petite, and men’s sizes XS-XXL.

Stitch Fix returns are super easy & free. Keep what you love, send back the rest with your pre-paid shipping bag at any USPS mailbox. There’s no subscription required; you can get a Fix anytime you want.

You pay $20 to have your Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep. If you keep all five of your Stylist Picks, you get a 25% discount on your entire purchase!

Now for some exciting news! Stitch Fix is launching Extras beginning today, to make finding your everyday wardrobe staples easy and convenient.

With Extras, you can add camisoles, shapewear, underwear, bralettes, bras, tights & socks, all in women’s sizes XS – 3X, to your Fix. How cool is that?

You can easily add Extras to your Fix until your Fix has been styled. Your Extras ship to you along with your 5 Stylist picks.

You only pay for the Extras you want to keep. Shipping is free both ways with your pre-paid shipping bag. Your $20 Styling Fee goes towards any Extras you keep (the buy 5, 25% discount, applies only to your 5 Stylist Picks, not extras).

I recently received a Stitch Fix box, and I added some extras including a camisole and panties. I didn’t snap a picture (wink!), but I loved my Extras!

This beautiful Basanti Split Back Cardigan by Fate was in my box. I love getting unique pieces in my Fixes!

I’m a huge fan of Vince Camuto, so I love that they are carrying this brand. I received this Vince Camuto Mittie Colorblocked Striped Pullover.

I think you’ll love the Extras with Stitch Fix! Have you tried Stitch Fix lately?

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Beauty For the Heart~~Where my soul is filled with sorrow, strengthen me with your words.
Where my heart seeks selfish gain, turn me toward your statutes.
When I’m afflicted and discouraged, fill me with hope and comfort in your promises.

Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.
Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things out of your law.
Give me a love for your word. Make it my meditation all the day.
(Taken from selected verses from Psalm 119)

Have a blessed day!

This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. For more information on what that means, see my About Page: Blog Compensation and Disclosure.

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  1. Hi Cyndi,

    Would you please tell us what the 2 pieces from Stitch Fix cost? I get boxes from them about 3 times a year. I have not been happy with the knit pieces I have gotten in the last two boxes. I am considering going up to a higher price point to get better quality items. Knowing your prices would help me decide if I should do this or not.



    1. Carolyn, on the price points I went back to look and I can’t find the receipt on these items but in full disclosure, I have Stitch Fix credit and I was also compensated for sharing about their new service so I didn’t have to pay for these pieces. Thanks!

  2. Cute clothes but I’m ready for Spring. It has been in the 80’s here lately. Birds are chirping in Mississippi and flowers & trees are blooming. Can’t believe this is happening so early but I’m ready. Probably won’t last but it sure gets you in the mood for winter to be GONE! LOL!

  3. I get SF four times a year. I am hoping this box will be better than the last one was. I know it seems that some love everything they get. Your items are all cute! Not sure I want someone picking out my bra and panties (??)
    . . . I think I’ll stay away from that service. Plus, the thought of who may have had this and tried it? I always wash items, but but but . . . I am strange, I know.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. The sweater is really cute! Question…the black blouse – is it part of the sweater or was it separate? And if separate was it also a stitch fix item or did you purchase it elsewhere? I understand that items in the Stitch Fix box often can’t be found elsewhere which is why I’m asking about the blouse – it is really cute, esp. the little collar :).
    BFTH – I needed that today – Thank you! this week has been challenging in seemingly every direction I turn.

  5. Love Stitch Fix!
    Your booties are so cute! Did they come in your Stitch Fix box as well?

    Hope you have a Blessed day!

  6. Love Love the Vince Camuto top! But I am also ready for Spring. It’s going to be a beautiful 77 degrees here in the Panhandle of Florida today. I need a pedicure!!

  7. Both cute tops and I’ve been considering a box Subscription but would like to know the price points on both of your items? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Gloria, I’ve not had any luck with Stitch Fix. Although I sent them links to my Pinterest page that showed the kind of clothing I liked, the three times I tried them they sent stuff my 13 year old granddaughter might wear. The prices are pretty high in my opinion too.

      1. Same thing..linked to a Pinterest board, emailed my stylist, asked for specific items and still no luck.
        I have a few pieces in my closet with the tags still on so I wouldn’t lose my styling fee.
        The prices are high I think..$98.00 for a pair of colored skinnies.
        I know others that have had great luck but I was sadly not one of them!

        1. For my fall fix I had linked to my Pinterest board too. Did not get one item nor anything like what I had pinned. For the box that is to ship next week, I have added more pins and also wrote a very specific note mentioning various items as well as complete outfits. I did get a 20.00 credit towards my box, due to the issues with the fall box. I have to wonder if I got someone else’s items. I did keep a pair of jeans from my summer bos and they shrank like crazy. I do cold water inside out wash and line dry. Not sure I’ll keep any more jeans. I guess its like anything, some of us can find great things at our Target (not me, mine is always sold out of what I like, in my size) Others shop at SAKS all the time – then there is everything between – everyone has their successful go to place.

          1. Me again . . . sorry . . . I did just go in and review my entire profile. I made a number of changes such as I have lost weight, so sizes were very off. I looked over each option in each category and made a number of updates. Just a suggestion for others who are looking for better results from their box.

        2. Hi Kathy, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that’s had this problem with Stitch Fix. In the first box I received was a pretty orange top that was around $98….the next week I saw a top that looked identical at TJ Maxx for $14.99!

          1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve had similar issue with Stitch Fix on high pricing, found a Daniel Rain top close to one that was in my SF box at Nordstrom Rack for under $20! But, is fun to get the box and find out brands that stylist chooses that I may not try on in stores!

    2. Gloria, I apologize if I haven’t replied. I reply to hundreds of comments and emails a week and sometimes I can’t get to every comment. I went back to look and I can’t find the receipt on these items but in full disclosure, I have Stitch Fix credit and I was also compensated for sharing about their new service so I didn’t have to pay for these pieces.

  8. Very cute outfit.
    Are you doing something different with your hair? It’s pretty too. Your hair always looks so good. Just curious.

  9. Love the grey sweater how cute and different.. we don’t have this yet in Canada like Joanne mentioned .. would be nice if we did😉
    Love the book of psalms
    Have a great day

  10. Ps Sounds like you all are having awesome weather!!! We had two spring like days but now back to -4 Celsius weather with the wind but hey still sunny… please send some my way in Canada… thanks😉

  11. So cute. I’ve found this year I’ve worn my grey sweater more than anything else. Never had stitch fix. Don’t like to return so probably not for me. What are price points on these items you styled?

    1. Thank you! On the price points, I went back to look and I can’t find the receipt on these items but in full disclosure, I have Stitch Fix credit and I was also compensated for sharing about their new service so I didn’t have to pay for these pieces.

  12. I too would love to know the price of your SF items. Sounds from other comments that to get good quality $ is key. I’ve been considering trying SF. would also love a blogg on your hair cut, styling products, etc now that you are wearing longer. SO CUTE!!

    1. Thank you Linda!! On the prices, I went back to look and I can’t find the receipt on these items but in full disclosure, I have Stitch Fix credit and I was also compensated for sharing about their new service so I didn’t have to pay for these pieces.

  13. I so enjoy coming to your sight for outfit ideas!

    I quote this every day before starting my morning devotion “Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things out of your law.”

    Thank you for your boldness in sharing your faith and your love for the Lord….and your style!! 🙂

  14. Hi Cyndi,

    Thank you for sharing about Stitch Fix. I requested for my first fix. I’m thankful they ship to Hawaii! Cyndi, your life inspires me, as a women, a wife (pastor’s wife), a mom, and grandmother, not just your stylish fashion. I am a huge fan!
    Thank you, again for sharing about this fashion service.

    Yours truly,

  15. I have been happy with Stitch Fix as well. I think the key is setting your prices where you want them, giving detailed feedback and of course pinning what you like on your Stitch Fix Pinterest page. I have used Stitch Fix close to 20 times over the past two years and while I get the occasional fix that is really not me, I usually can find at least one item to keep. I love when you share yours and I especially love the BFTH today as well-thanks Cyndi!