Stripe Lace-Up Top

I am so excited about the weekend because we are having some warm weather! The sun is shining and it’s feeling like spring. This stripe lace-up top is perfect for our mild weekend.

I love this top because it’s unique with the adorable detailing in stripes including raw edge seams and hem. The cute lace-up neckline is right on trend!

Lace-up top with spring booties.

Lace-up top with spring booties.I’m wearing a cut out ankle boot in stone. This boot runs a little big. I usually wear a size 7 1/2 but I’m wearing a size 7. It also comes in several different colors.

Lace-up top with spring booties.Lace-up top with spring booties.I have said this before but if you like a little bit of distressing in your jeans, these from Old Navy are amazing and a great price. I wear them all the time!

Lace-up top with spring booties.Lace-up top with spring booties.The lace-up top has an asymmetrical hemline and it hangs longer in the back.

Lace-up top with spring booties.I also like that this top has just enough spandex to keep it from wrinkling. That’s a must in my book!

Lace-up top with spring booties.Lace-Up top (I’m wearing a small)//Distressed jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Spring bootie//Watch (similar here)//Bracelet//Earrings (similar here)

(Use discount code graceandbeauty022 for $10 off your Glamour Farms purchase.)

This leopard print clutch has been RESTOCKED!

Poncho with striped top and leopard clutch

Fringe Poncho//Striped Top-I’m wearing a small (also comes in burgundy)//Leopard Print Clutch//Articles of Society Jeans//Leather Boot

This year the perforated trend is popular and Glamour Farms has this adorable clutch in several different colors.

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cute top! Love it……didn’t see an xs or ps so I guess the small would be too big for someone like me that usually wears a 2P or PS. It is a cute casual fun look and love your booties too!

  2. Hi Cyndi, I just found your website this week while playing around on Pinterest. I need some fashion ideas and I enjoy looking at all your fabulous ideas and links to find the products.

  3. This outfit is so cute on you and fits you perfectly!
    I may just have to go to Old Navy and try on those jeans since they also come in petite 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I’ll be in Nashville too next weekend – from Canada. I’ll watch for you. However, my style will be nothing I’ve learned from you lol. I’m escorting a tour coach so will be in a “lovely” uniform (NOT). So if you see a crazy lady with a white shirt and navy pants and “sensible” shoes waving at you – its ME!!!! I may be near a Big Blue Bus.
    (Having said all that – I have altered my uniform shirts a bit to make them a bit better looking and not quite as boxy – but there is only so much one can do with them). In my mind I will look quite chic with some nice boots, slim legged pants and a lovely tunic top!!!

  5. I love the Old Navy Rock Star skinnies. They are so comfy! And if it isn’t comfy, I am not wearing it(: I have a few things in my cart at Glamour Farms and I am ordering this weekend as a little bday treat for myself. I really enjoyed your class last night. It made me just want to come over and hang out with your family(:

  6. Love your outfit! I’m going to check out the jeans at Old Navy☺ I enjoyed watching you and Traci last night…and great info!

  7. Cyndi , so glad the Essential oils class went so well and I am glad you are thinking of having another because I didn’t get to attend the one last night , I just looked at the top you are styling today right before I looked at your post and I thought what a cute top for spring , great minds think alike !!! My daughter and I are going shopping tomorrow and I am definitely going by old navy to get these jeans . Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!
    Have a great weekend !!!!

  8. Looking vibrant today Cyndi !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great time last night. It was a blast. Loved watching you and your sis navigate us all through your first webinar. You two did a great job. My husband made homemade pizza and delivered it to the dining room so I could eat and watch. He kept looking over my shoulder during the session. LOL I couldn’t believe over an hour had flown by !!!! Such fun and super informative. Enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s even predicted to be nearly 70 here in normally snowy Iowa !!!!

    Be blessed and be a blessing !!!


  9. Not sure how many Canadian subscribers you have, but we are disappointed whenever the link for an item, as in today’s post takes us to Glamour Farms, as it is either insanely expensive, or unavailable. (Not so with Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc).
    Just wanted you to know.

  10. I noticed the cute top on the webinar. 🙂 Y’all did a great job. I know it had to be super frustrating at points, but you were both very gracious. Don’t you just love your Old Navy jeans? I do. They are so comfy…my new favorite “go to” pair. Have a great weekend. I’m trying not to be jealous that you and Jo-Lynne are going to be in Nashville. Both of my kids are in school there and we LOVE Nashville with all our hearts (with or without the kids😉) Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

  11. You snooze, you lose!! I should have popped over to Glamour Farms last night when you mentioned in your oils webinar where it came from. Great information last night!! Thanks for spending your time with us.

  12. Hi Cyndi…..Nice outfit, love stripes. I really wanted to watch your essential oils video last night, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to come on. Maybe I will get to see the next one you have, don’t know what I did wrong. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Thank you so much for your webinar last evening!! Very enjoyable and informative!

    You talked a bit about using Ylang Ylang, Progessence Phyto Plus and Clary Sage. Do you alternate their use, or apply them at the same time? Do you apply all three on the inner side of the feet? If you have any other comments regarding the use of these oils it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Have a blessed day!

  14. I registered for the Essential oil webinar but didn’t ever receive anything last night to join in on it. I haven’t ever done one online but thought maybe by my registering with my email I’d receive something close to time for it to begin however I didn’t. I had set my alarm on my phone to remind me 15 minutes prior. Thought maybe there wasn’t enough room for everyone. Maybe next time you have one. 😊

  15. Happy Friday!

    Such an adorable outfit! It’s definitely feeling like Spring in Alabama. I can’t wait to stock up on some new clothes for the new season. I’m off work for Spring Break in 3 weeks. So hard to believe!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. Hi Cyndi!
    I hope you host another webinar soon!! I am very much interested to learn and join, yet need more information :)!
    Thank you!!

  17. Very cute top. 🙂 I have the same booties I ordered awhile back, but in the light grey. I haven’t worn them yet, but just trying them around the house, the inside of one rubs a little with the stitching on the inside without socks. I’m thinking maybe I could wear a very light grey footie….. thin sock, if needed, but they may be okay. I noticed one lady asked how they feel without socks? They do run a half size big. I usually wear a size 7 and they didn’t have a 7 at time I was ordering, but Glamor Farms told me most people said they run big. I ordered the 61/2 and they fit good. Waiting for a dry, warm day here in Oregon to wear them. Sounds like your oil class was fun. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  18. I have to comment on Glamour Farms and their return policy. I ordered one of the tops you styled but it didn’t look as cute on me as you so I decided to return. They give you 7 days to return. The item has to be back at their store before the 7 days in order for them to pay for shipping. You also have to email them to request the form and they are closed on the weekends so now you have to have the item back within 5 days and if you travel for work like I do, then you are out of luck and will have to pay for shipping it back. I’m sorry but I won’t be buying anything else from them until they give customers reasonable time to return.

    1. I have to agree with you. Their return policy is rediculous.
      I am also frustrated with them because also almost everytime you post something from them they never have it in stock.
      For instance this top!
      If they are not going to keep stock then dont post the outfit.

      1. I have to agree with you. Their return policy is rediculous.
        I am also frustrated with them because also almost everytime you post something from them they never have it in stock.
        For instance this top and the booties!!
        If they are not going to keep stock then dont post the outfit.

        1. Jeanne we order a ton of the outfits and shoes I wear but they sell out. Many stores (not just Glamour Farms) sell out of items. We will certainly try and adjust to make sure there are more items.
          Sorry for any inconvenience.

    2. I was able to get my item returned. Glamour Farms has cute items even though I wish they gave you 14 days. Still, I will shop there. Thanks Cyndi for great blogs!!!

  19. You look great Cyndi. Thx to you and Traci for the webinar Thursday night. It was very informative. Im going to call YL and see if I can switch. I don’t get any help at all from my spline ;-( Have a great weekend!