Striped Turtleneck Love

red vest, striped turtleneckFor at least a year, I’ve been eyeing this striped turtleneck. I have pinned pictures on my Pinterest boards of outfits with this turtleneck. (It’s 40% off at Nordstrom right now.)

Here it is with an off white poncho.

9645e870ff70405cc50f67838d8d50baStriped turtleneck with a fur vest.

35c3b498649a84e4957ad089accca797Striped turtleneck with a red sweater (this would be so pretty to wear at Christmas).

bb4787dfdfd753f6e8cf9af2686ba76dI love it with this olive jacket.

6ef7198b17cdd77e7dc5a94222837758I also saw it with a red vest and off white sweater. I copied this outfit with pieces I had in my closet.

red vest 2 picsI’m not sure why it took me so long to purchase the turtleneck but I can’t wait to create some different outfits.

striped turtleneck 1
Red vest: Glamour Farms (I’m wearing a medium)
Sweater: Glamour Farms (I’m wearing a medium)
Skinny Jeans: Glamour Farms (I’m wearing a size 7)
Boots: Macy’s
Striped Turtleneck: Nordstrom (I’m wearing a medium)
Necklace: Stella & Dot

( Make sure you use the discount code Spivey444 to get $10 off at Glamour farms.)

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Have a blessed day!

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    1. I linked to the exact one I ordered. I think it’s black but sometimes it’s so hard to tell!! They call it the Beige Oat Honey stripe and I’m wearing a medium. i put the wrong size so I’m changing it!!

  1. Thank you! I just ordered one! I love turtlenecks & recently purchased a burgundy sweater vest that can be worn multiple ways and wondered what all I could put under it. This would be perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was JUST thinking about messaging you to see if turtle necks were in style this year since I hadn’t really seen you or Jo-Lynne style one yet! Haha!!! Thanks!

  3. Cute outfit, Cyndi! I like that you showed so many ways to change it up. I have most of those pieces in my closet (thanks to you)!

    1. Thanks for mentioning that LE has this. I see Nordstrom is sold out, and I even happen to have an old LE gift certificate I can use! #win!

  4. I can not wear a turtle neck. It has to do with neck surgery I had. I love the look though. I would wear with a crew neck shirt.

  5. You look fabulous as always! That is going to be a nice versatile piece. I’d love any information you have on the red chunky sweater pictured. It looks cozy and cool at the same time! I look forward to your Beauty For the Heart every day! 🙂

  6. Such a cute outfit! It’s actually getting chilly enough here to start thinking about layering! Have a blessed day Cyndi

  7. Love this look but oat was sold out except for xs – so I went with the orange shade – a favorite color of mine – can’t wait ! love stripes and turtle necks! Thanks for the great look!

  8. And now you have inspired me! I just bought a grey wool poncho and I think I will wear it with a grey striped turtleneck I’ve been eyeing. Thanks, Cyndy!

  9. I love this casual look. I love the pop of red. I have a crew neck striped shirt from Talbots that I think looks good under my olive vest. I love the oatmeal sweater also.

  10. Great examples on how to wear a simple striped turtleneck. I would have passed these by but now I want one. I’ve pinned all of the above for reference.
    Love that red chunky turtleneck. Any idea where that can be found?

  11. I bought the Talbots version of that striped turtleneck last winter and wore it frequently. It goes with everything!

  12. awesome outfit; have always wanted a fisherman cableknit sweater, so I ordered the GF version, just hoping that the medium is roomy enough…I love space but dont’ want it to “hang” 🙂 Love and Light 🙂

  13. Wow, I think you caused a rush on striped turtlecks! Last evening, Nordstrom was sold out except XS size so I went to Lands End and they had this in every size. Put one in my shopping cart, and when I went to check out this morning, the white and black was sold out in every size! q

  14. Hi Cyndi,
    You look mighty warm and cozy in all those layers!! Beautiful as always!!!
    I just bought a khaki vest and might pair it over a stripe today.. also found a sweet cream hoodie and cami in Tenn. to wear soon. I LOVE the Fall colors and earth tones are my favorite!!
    Have a blessed weekend!