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27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard Print

Welcome to 27 Days of Spring Fashion! I have mentioned several times that pink is THE color this spring. I’m wearing pink and mixing stripes and leopard print today.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard PrintThis striped top from Gap is only $14.99!!! They have limited sizes so if they have your size and you’re wanting to purchase it, I would do it. Old Navy has a similar one here.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard PrintSo…let’s talk handbags. After I did the Save vs. Splurge post on handbags, I realized many of you like to purchase nice handbags. Now I can’t stop looking at them and I decided to add a couple to my spring/summer wardrobe. Macy’s was having a 25% sale on top of the already marked down price for this Coach bag.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard Print

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard PrintThis is a perfect spring outfit, distressed jeans and all. My jeans are Kut From the Kloth. They do have a hole in the knee. My husband asked me if I paid money for them. I said yes and don’t judge me. #letitgo #helovesme

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard PrintI have had the necklace I’m wearing for a while but I have seen several bloggers style this top with this and this necklace. Super cute!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stripes and Leopard Print

Outfit Details: Striped Top (similar here)//Distressed jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Sneakers//Handbag//Sunglasses//Leopard Print Belt

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Stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today for our 27 Days of Spring Fashion!

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Beauty for the Heart~~“I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end, even when the sky is falling. I’ve seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new — That’s what faith can do” ~ Kutless

For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi–my iPad is blurry and the iPhone is not blurry on the photos. The one of your looking down with the coach purse is not blurry on the iPad though, all others are. Hope this helps. Love the pink!

  2. I LOVE this outfit so much! Wish it was plus size! Eating clean so,maybe someday I’ll be in regular sizes!

  3. You noted that you’re wearing a six in the jeans. Do you normally wear that size or should I be buying a different size from my normal? Love the whole outfit!

  4. Hi Cyndi! I love reading your daily posts, and especially like today’s outfit. Pink is not one of my favorite colors, but I like how you balanced it with the denim jeans and grey sneakers. I can totally do this! Quick question: Are you naturally olive toned or do you use a self tanner? I’m headed to sunny Orlando next week for a conference and can’t “bare” the thought of my white legs and arms in summer clothes! Thanks 🙂

    1. I have olive skin and I tan easily. I have been using a self tanner lately. I’m going to post about it soon!!

  5. Now THIS is something that I would wear, I dress this way 99% of the time, cute but has to be comfortable and very casual because I have boys, one only 7……Sadly, gap only has the top in gray or navy, both of which I love, but the pink would be fun 🙂

  6. Love your outfit! Love.love.love it!
    Got a question. I try to wear my shirt tucked in front like you have yours but for some odd reason I just can’t make it look right. Could you give me a 101 class on how to…? Thanks

  7. seems the pictures “blur” when my curser is over them!
    Love the outfit, my brothers comment on my ripped jeans was something about an altercation with a barbed wire fence!
    Snow storm today in Ontario ,Canada , love the thought of jeans and sneakers someday!

  8. This really is a super cute outfit! I guess everyone loved the pink shirt, because they appear to be out. 🙁 At least now I can keep an eye out for one similar…thanks for the idea!

    Have a great day, Cyndi!!!!

  9. Always look adorable! Love the pink for spring. They are out, but Old Navy has a short sleeve version. It would be cute with a white cardigan. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. Another really cute outfit Cyndi! You make inexpensive items look like expensive ones…thank you for still showing affordable items! You look fabulous!!!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the coach handbag & good for you for making the splurge. Love the two alternative necklaces you linked too. I’m getting one of those for sure. You look awesome in pink.

    Good bless

  12. Nice outfit I thought I would try hot pink for today too. With black yoga pants.also a dash of silver. Thats a good passage.Bless you.

  13. Hi Cyndi!

    Love your outfit today!!!! I am having a problem finding color jeans that fit properly & LOOK GOOD!!! I am a curvy size 16 and on a strict budget. Do you have any suggestions??????

  14. this outfit is adorable The top however seems to be gone 🙁 Maybe you have other suggestions? Thank you! Have a blessed day

  15. I want this entire outfit! This is the first time I clicked to order (the top) right away. But it is sold out in pink. I’ll have to find one somewhere else. You look GREAT as always! I love the purse too but Coach is way too expensive for me. Actually, most of the brands you wear are too expensive for me but I love your style and I get ideas from your blog and find more affordable options for me elsewhere.

  16. Adorable! I also love your husband’s response. 🙂 #letitgo # heloves me. Must be a bro-code or something about not understanding distressed jeans and why we need more than 3 pairs of shoes. 😉

  17. AS soon as I opend the email the first word that popped into my head was ADORABLE!!! Apparently serveral others had the same thought. This is a great outfit and it fits my style perfectly. I like to dress nicely but on the fun, casual, cute side. This isa reat outfit–makes you look younger but not like you’re trying to be a 20-something

  18. Fabulous Cyndi, I love this look and have worn the same outfit today ( around the house) as we have had snow today
    and freezing cold grrrr. My converse are the same colour as yours and so versatile I bought them a couple of weeks
    ago in a sale. My dad hates my ripped jeans and can’t believe we buy them like that, my husband absolutely loves them
    and thinks they make me look very young, what a great result.
    Enjoy your Wednesday your weather looks great.
    Nicky 😎

  19. Love it ! I was about to ask last week if you ever wore gym shoes. I need support and seem to be stuck in gym shoes for a lifetime. I do like J-41 shoes, lots of support with a sporty look.

    Spring/summer colors are my thing.

  20. Darling outfit, Cyndi! It looks like Gap is sold out of the top in pink. I will look for something similar, and more pink for Spring. I have the gray Converse also (thanks to you).

    1. I found a lot at the Gap store in Southlake Texas…maybe they can mail it to you or another closer store.
      The shirt is very comfortable…and on sale. I purchased 4!!
      Love the look Cyndi.<3


  21. One of my faves. I have a ? concerning the sales, however. Was only the pink top on sale because the blue and gray ones are 24.99? I’m also not seeing a 25% discount on the bag. Was this an in-store purchase or a one day sale?

    I get blurry pics when I scroll over them ie when they’re in the “Pin It” mode. Once I scroll off, it goes back to normal. Maybe that more easily don on an iPad? It is slightly annoying, but now I just moe my cursor to the side.

  22. Love this outfit! Perfect for normal day to day wear! You look so cute in this outfit, course you always look great. Have a blessed day!

  23. It is my understanding that Coach stores will clean their bags. My friend utilized this service and said her bag looks like new. Good to know for light colored bags. I would wear this outfit every day if I didn’t have to work! Perfection. My husband would say the same about the hole in the knee so I’d probably cave and buy the version without the hole!

  24. You’re outfit is adorable! I clicked on the Coach link you provided and I purchased the same bag as you in the pink. My weakness is handbags and I like to invest in a good quality one that will last a long time. Thank you for giving us great ideas for putting together outfits that are so flattering! Have a wonderful day!

  25. Hi Cyndi! Love, love, this outfit! Went to Gap today and found the pink shirt and I really like it. The only problem is it’s a little sheer and was wondering what you are wearing under yours. What would you suggest? Thanks! Janelle

  26. Cyndi!

    First of all, I love the song by Kutless– it is such a great reminder!! And when my husband mentions that a particular song has touched him, I really take note, because he rarely says that! (although he LOVES music and is the sound guy at our church!)
    I SUPER love the outfit for today!! However, I find that boat neck tees are not particularly flattering to us ladies that have broad shoulders! LOL! 😉 But I LOVE stripes so much that my best friend has said that I need a ‘striped shirt intervention’!! LOL! Also, when I clicked the link, it appears that they are already sold out of the pink stripe, as well as the chucks!! Seems to me that the makers of the things that you blog about need to make more of those particular items! That’s awesome, especially for them!
    I’ve missed the FB group page, I’ve been off of FB for a little while now….
    Blessings Sweet Lady!

    1. OHHHHHH AND I SOOOOOO Love the handbag!!!!!! If I hadn’t just bought a Coach, I’d definitely be buying that one! <3 <3 <3

  27. Too Cute!!!! As always!!! I’m so excited to see what all you have in store for spring!!! Love following your blog and the inspriational messages!!!! Thanks a million!!!! Kutless is the BOMB!!!! We sing alot of their music at our church!!

  28. Hi Cindy! Love your blog. I have a question about your Chuck Taylor’s: are they the originals or are they one of the newer styles. I see Nordstrom has several different styles. Which style do you have?

  29. Also I am so happy to see you purchased a Coach bag. They have been my favorites for many years. The Outlet Mall at Simpsonville has a great Coach store!! So happy you came over to the “Coach Side”.

  30. Love the stripes and the sneakers. I’m thinking I may need to add a pair of Converse shoes to my wardrobe. I have several Coach handbags. They are such great quality and really last a long time.

  31. Thank you for adorable look! I was lucky enough To have ordered the pink shirt when I received your email! The coach purse I’ve been obsessing all day I’ll probably order it tomorrow. I’m going to pair my leopard Sperrys instead of the belt. I love your posts and looking around my closet to see what I can use in place of.

  32. Hi. For some reason for the past few days I have not been receiving your emails. I’ve resubmitted it twice. Thanks!

      1. Hi Cyndi,
        Not sure why but I’m still not getting the emails. Darn! Is there something I can do on my end?

  33. HI Cyndi,
    Not one pic is blurry, but I’m always on a PC or desk top computer. 🙂
    OMGoodness…. I LOVE this outfit!!!! You are sooo adorable in it… and it is MY KIND of STYLE !!
    I went to order the blouse, but out of stock…. I know exactly where to find and already tried on a pair of Nike, gray,(gel) tinny-shoes, and already have a PINK genuine leather handbag (Prada) from my mother in law…. and lastly, maybe stress my good pair of summer jeans and voi’la !!!! I got this… LOL
    God Bless you….

  34. Will not purchase any piece of clothing that is damaged prior to purchase. Like the gold cuff you are wearing but I didn’t see it mentioned. Can you let us know where it is from?

  35. Hi Cyndi, hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks so much for your post today. I love everything, unfortunately the pink shirt is sold out. I ordered the shoes #lovemyshoes. I’m over 50 so I wasn’t sure I could pull off the jeans even though I really like them. 🙂 The purse is fabulous but I need to be able to put my purse organizer in it so this one doesn’t quite function for me but I love how it looks (I’m a pink girl). 🙂 I put this passage on my Christmas cards this year because I had a picture of my grandchildren holding hands and walking away from the camera so I tho’t it was so appropriate and it’s a verse I cannot live without. There are daily circumstances in my life that require this constant reminder. I say it often throughout the day along with “I trust in You, I trust in You, I trust in You alone.” Blessings from Iowa.

  36. I still remember when I found out from my boys that the kids were BUYING their jeans already slashed up…I thought I would pass out! It’s hard to believe that trend is still going strong (my boys are 30 and 28 now). Pink has always been my favorite color, but somehow I don’t have any pastel pink in my wardrobe right now. May have to change that!

  37. SUPER CUTE!!!! I love PINK! I bought the shirt when you told us about it a few weeks ago. I might just get the bag. What color are the shoes? Gray? Are they the kind with elastic in the back or no?

  38. Just bought the purse and shoes but so bummed I can’t find the pink-stripped top! Love this casual yet dressy look!! Love your blog Cyndi!!

  39. And SCORE!!!! …just found the shirt at my local GAP thanks to your readers comments. Can NOT wait to put this all together!! One of my favorite outfits of yours. Thanks for making 51 still look cute!

  40. Quick Question Cyndi: What size are you in this shirt? Do you wear a Cami underneath?

    Super Cute and Chic!!

  41. I found the pink striped top at an outlet Gap!!! So excited!!! It is all out online! Super cute outfit Cyndi!!!!!

  42. Was at my Gap store buying this top in Utah the gal at the register said this top is popular I have had 3 calls in the last 30 min. for it. I told her why and all about you Cyndi. I love it!

  43. I found this top at the Gap for $14.99. I can’t wait to wear it. I checked online to make sure it was in a local store.