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Good morning! I’m always checking around for style inspiration. I have several blogs bookmarked that I check every so often and of course I also check Pinterest.

If I have a certain color blouse and I want ideas, I will type that in on Pinterest and see what comes up. It’s a great way to help with accessorizing an outfit.

I will usually take different ideas and pull them together to create a look that is a “me” look. Here are some of the outfits I thought were cute this week as I was looking around.

This is A Spoonful of Style. I follow her on Instagram because I love her mirror outfit pictures.

Style Inspiration

I loved this outfit from For All Things Lovely. I want to try to style those jeans, they’re from Anthropologie.

Style InspirationShelby lives in my area of Kentucky and blogs at Glitter and Gingham. I love the handbag and wedges she is wearing!

Style InspirationI love this outfit from Hello Fashion. That straw tote is so cute!

Style InspirationSuper cute dress from Sequins & Things.

Style InspirationI love this bright and colorful dress from Brooke at KB Styled.

Style Inspiration

I love searching around and getting style inspiration! 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m on FacebookPinterest and my favorite one, Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~I  am reading the book, Wounded by God’s People by Anne Graham Lotz. It is so good! Here is one of the quotes from her book.

“Authentically, I am deeply motivated to know God. I want to know Him as He truly is, not through the distorted reflection of those who called themselves by His name. And I want to make Him known to others as accurately, winsomely, clearly, and compellingly as I can.”

I too want to know God. I can’t always know Him through people who claim His name. My desire is to dig into His word and share His love with all those I meet.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I always wonder what we did before Pinterest?? It’s such a trove of great inspiration for not only fashion but DIY and home decorating and even recipes!!
    Although I do wish there were more older women models!! It seems so much easier to imagine the outfits on someone my age for some reason. That’s why I keep pinning my mom & stepmom’s photos!!

    1. I become so annoyed that the models are always so young (and size 0 so everything looks good on them.) It is hard for me (who has no real fashion sense, thus I follow you Cyndi) to imagine how anything will look on me. This was especially true when I was looking at mother of the bride dresses which were modeled by 20 something models who had no real figure, no curves. I am always looking for ideas for tops for “experienced” (rather than older 🙂 women who are larger on top. I have trouble finding tops which do not make me look even larger on top (making me look like I have a “shelf” if you know what I mean.) Thanks for any ideas.

      1. I understand and feel the same way, but you can look on Pinterest and type in fashion for over 40 or 50 or any other certain “age” and the models are much more age appropriate for us. That’s how I found Cyndi too 🙂

        1. Same here. I found Cyndi by looking for fashion over 40/50 (which still work for someone over 60 like myself.) And I do search Pinterest when I have some time and want a break from work. So helpful for this fashion challenged over 60 woman 🙂

  2. I love this quote today. It makes me want to close up shop at my job and go home and just read my Bible and get to know Him better and better every day. Thank you for this precious reminder!

  3. I have followed Hello Fashion for several years. Not only is her fashion cute, I love the sweet pics she posts of her hubby and kids.

  4. Love all these looks you shared. I have been following Jade from Spoonful for a couple of years. Love her style!
    I also LOVE that tassel crossbody and even dropped a major hint about it to my hubby a couple days ago!

  5. Oh my goodness I need that book! Going to go get it tomorrow……….
    Cyndi, keep on trying to keep us dressing our best! I know it’s a hard job and I just want to thank you for all your hard work!

  6. Thank you, thank you for this quote today! I will certainly be getting this book ! Also thank you for sharing your style with us. As a “50 something” woman it’s so hard to find that age appropriate but super chic look. Keep sharing and blessings to you always ❤️

  7. Cyndi, Thank you for giving us a little peak into where you get some of your styling I inspiration! I have not learned how to really use Pinterest, so your tip is something I will put to use.
    Have a blessed day!

  8. Those were all fun to see and when you start your Summer Fashion series, I would love to see summer shorts that are age appropriate. I’m petite and can’t wear shorts that are too long, because my legs look even shorter but its hard finding shorts that are the right length and not too short either. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I use Pinterest too and recently I started searching by brand name on Instagram and finding hashtags. For instance I typed in Pleione because I have a few of their tops and found other women styling the same tops with different accessories. Fun and helpful.

    Of course at age 56, there are certain fashion rules that I have for myself and styles that I just won’t do. But, I can usually find stuff at Nordstrom Point of View department at a good price and quality and feel comfortable wearing for my age.



  10. Pinterest is an addiction of mine. I have found many fashion ideas and great recipes. My home has been transformed and updated too thanks to Pinterest! I’m not sure which age appropriate outfits are good for me though. Being petite and bustier has been a real issue for me lately. I would love some suggestions Thx! 😊

  11. I ordered the straw purse in the Hello Fashion pic just yesterday from Barneys New York Warehouse. It is on sale for $99 plus an extra 30% off, so the total is $69.30. There is no tax and the shipping is free. IMO, a great deal! Just thought I would pass this along. Have a great day. Hope you are still enjoying your vacation on the Gulf.

  12. I enjoy your blog and would appreciate seeing how to style tops from Anthropologie. I’ve discovered some of their tops are quite flattering for those of us in our 50’s, but I am uncertain about how to style them.

  13. I had a pair of those wide leg cropped jeans like the anthro ones that I got rid of a few years ago because they were out of style. I loved how they looked with a wedge or heel. Oh how I wish I still had them 😉

  14. Cyndi – I do have a question but not related to your post today. I love your ideas and appreciate you shopping for me. Often I click on links you provide and make a purchase. I understand you get some incentive from that, which is well deserved. Since I live in Atlanta I might see something you post and go to the store to check it out, like last week when you and Jo-Lynne posted about items at Loft I drove 3 miles to the store. Is there any way you can get credi if I shop in the store?


  15. I want to comment on a comment I read about your Sunday outfit. Do not judge. You don’t know what storm I’ve asked her to walk through God. You have been very discreet about the storm you have been going through. Please know there are those of us who are cheering for you all and love you. Have a blessed day.k

  16. Cyndi, thanks again for all your hard work and inspiration. You amaze me!!! Of all the emails I receive daily. . . yours is one that I just cannot just delete and move on. You are a MUST READ for me. And I also delight in reading all the comments from others on the blog. You ladies are also an inspiration. “Beauty for the Heart” is Just that!!! HUGS!!! 🙂

  17. I love these, but I really love the Hello Fashion one with the straw tote. What might be fun is if when you show us an outfit of yours, you also show us a photo that gave you the inspiration. Maybe you could a small series of 2-3 of those and talk through why you styled your outfit differently or what you had in your closet that was similar that worked. Something to show us how you look at a style and then make it all your own. Does that make sense? I love your site and I always read your posts! 🙂

  18. I’d like to see summer dresses and skirts that are casual and could replace shorts. I don’t like shorts. Hard to find a good length and fit and I’m not as fit as I’d like in my legs because of my health……. not able to exercise on regular basis. Thanks Cyndi. Love to have the other blog ideas to look at for fun. I know you will always be my favorite. 🙂

  19. Hi Cyndi,
    I would love if you could provide some nice alternatives to shorts for casual summer wear. I’ll wear them, but usually only around the house, so I could definitely use your suggestions.
    Hope you’re enjoying our warm Florida climate…it’s getting a little toasty down here, but I know you like the warm weather. Enjoy every moment and thanks for taking the time to continue your blog while on your vacation 🙂

  20. Love all these blogs and am a Pinterest fan ….
    But you being right at my age, about an inch taller then me, a few pounds smaller(LOL), and we both live in KY…. I always come back to YOUR blog for my styles, outfits, hair, nails, cosmetics, etc… and I LOVE how you are a pastors wife, as I am also (for 30 years) and Love the Lord with all your heart! I’m just not yet the one thing that you are …. a grandma, but one of these days, I will catch up on that one too. 🙂 I have a twin sister (Identical) that loves your styles. God Bless you every day in delivering to us ladies all your knowledge, fashion and Bible.

  21. I just put a pair of jeans like the ones from “All Things Lovely” in the “donate” pile today when I was cleaning out my closet…finally! Talk about procrastination. Thankfully I woke up motivated today and got that chore checked off my list. I guess it just goes to show that if you keep something long enough it will eventually come back in style 😉.