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Style Tip: What To Wear Over Sleeveless Dresses

Hi ladies! Sleeveless dresses are popular for spring and summer, but if you’re like me and get chilly, you might need something to wear over your sleeveless dresses. If you aren’t sure what to wear over sleeveless dresses, I have some great options.

Style Tip: What To Wear Over Sleeveless Dresses

First, I’m wearing this pretty floral dress from Avara. It has a higher smocked neckline and flutter sleeves with an on-trend asymmetrical high-low hem.

Leona Dress (Small) • Heels (not sure where I purchased these heels) • EarringsBracelets

1. Puff Sleeve Icon Denim Jacket – A denim jacket is a great option, and I love the feminine detail with the puff sleeves. This one is an option if you prefer a denim jacket without puff sleeves.

Denim Jacket (Small)

2. White Denim Jacket – I love a white denim jacket, and this one would work, but it’s a little big on me with a dress. I would size down for a more fitted look if I were going to wear this jacket with my dress.

White Denim Jacket (Small)

3. Black Double Breasted Blazer – A black blazer is always a good option over sleeveless dresses (Use code cyndi10 for 10% off).

Black Double Breasted Blazer (small)

4. White Blazer – This blazer from Ann Taylor has a nice tailored fit which works really well with dresses. I purchased it when they were having a 50% off sale, and at the bottom of this post, you’ll see this blazer, click the heart and you’ll get notified when it goes on sale.

White Blazer (2)

5. Classic White Cardigan – This is probably the most conservative look, but I still like a cardigan with my sleeveless dresses.

White Crop Cardigan (Small)

There you go, five options to wear with your sleeveless dresses (and tops) for spring and summer! Which one do you like the best?

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Beauty For the Heart™Jesus sat down near the collection box in the Temple and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put large amounts. Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins. Mark 12:41-42

Truth: I’ve read the above scripture many times, but the first part of verse 41 stood out to me. It says Jesus watched while the people gave their money.

It’s interesting to me that Jesus watched. Jesus not only saw their gift, but He saw their heart, and He sees ours too. May our hearts be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Deeper Study: Mark 12:28-44

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing as I get a little older I am not liking showing my arms. I Doha e a question and I hope you will send me a email reply I am packing for a trip and wondering how to wear overlay kimonos and are they still in style I am 64 years old Thank you

  2. All those look great! Are shrugs & small cropped sweaters in style too. I have a dressy shift dress to wear & had altered – 0P was better with darts in the back. Since I’m small , could I wear a pink shrug or cropped sweater that was dressier with nude heels to church also. I love denim with maxi dresses!!! I have been strength training so I would wear the dress sleeveless if our church wasn’t so cold. ha!

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    I have a maxi dress that I am wearing to a wedding in MI in April and I love the look of this blazer.Curious to know if you have a Gibson code?
    Thank you,

  4. Good post to do. Its chilly in NW Oregon on Easter, so I like to have a layer too and I never have the right coat and a coat seems like too much to deal with in church. I still don’t know if I’m wearing a dress or not. I have the off white Gibson notched blazer from 2 yrs. ago that I don’t get much use out of, so will have that for layering if needed. I also received the Sugar lips white, ruffle sleeve sweater you featured last year and showed again this year. They didn’t have many sizes lef, but the XS worked for me, especially for over dresses. I’m like you, I like my over layer on dresses to be little more fitted. Now I need to try out the sunless tanner you recommend that you use. I bought it in the medium color. I haven’t worm sunless tanner for years, as I don’t like the chemicals on my body, but I just can’t go bare legs this early if I wear a dress for Easter. LOL 🙂 Thanks for the BFTH. I hadn’t really looked close at this verse before that Jesus “watched” them. You are right, he really was “seeing” their hearts, more than what they gave. Its so true in all we do, we have to be careful on our motive and our heart.

  5. PS Could you tell me where you purchased the glass container for your tulips? I bought the same tulips to decorate this Easter and that size seems perfect for the amount of tulips. Assuming amazon but do you have the link? Thanks

  6. I like all the options especially the jean jacket. I recently bought a puff sleeve jean jacket from Old Navy. I no longer wear sleeveless in public so I always will wear a jacket or tops with short sleeves. I work out but it doesn’t help the skin in the underarms.

    I wish I could find a floral dress that’s made out of cotton. Most are made of polyester and are too hot for summer. I love beauty for the heart and like how you caught Jesus is watching.

  7. Really nice options, Cyndi. My favorite look for Spring would be the white blazer or a denim jacket without puffed sleeves. Also, I can see wearing that dress into the Fall with a black blazer or denim jacket. Very pretty choice.