Styling a Classic Cardigan from Talbots

I have been compensated by Talbots and ShopStyle for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Friday, ladies! We’re back from our trip to Asheville, it was beautiful weather, and I’m thankful we were able to get away for a few days.

While we were there, I wore this classic cardigan from Talbots.Talbots embodies the timeless styles while delivering lasting quality needed to keep you comfortable and confident throughout the holidays.

I love a cardigan to throw on when the weather is chilly, and this one from Talbots is such a pretty olive color. It’s a streamlined cardigan with ribbed details and external side pockets.

I added this pretty charm necklace to my outfit. The two necklaces are together, so no need to worry about how to layer; it’s done for you.

Corduroy is a fall mainstay, but it’s trending for fall 2020. You’ll find corduroy coats, skirts, and blazers, to name a few. Today I’m styling corduroy jeggings, and they’re the perfect fall staple. Not only comfortable but warm!

These classic leopard flats were perfect for walking around the Omni Grove Park Inn, where we stayed in Ashville. They are comfortable, and of course, I love a pop of leopard.

Talbots is having their friends and family event going on right now through 10/25  with 40% off your entire purchase!

My Look

Classic Cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Corduroy Jeggings (I’m wearing a size 4)//Leopard Flats (TTS)//Charm Necklace//Ivory Tank (similar here)

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    1. Love your look today. I love the classic, timeless look of Talbot’s and have been buying more from them lately.

  1. Love the color combo for this outfit! And of course the pop of leopard! So glad you avoided the snake bite that wouldn’t have been good. Just FYI the link for today’s post is going to yesterday’s.. happy weekend. Friends are taking us out for supper tonight our first trip inside a restaurant since… well too long to remember pre Covid!

  2. Love this classic look – my “uniform” in the fall when the weather goes from cool to warm during the day in GA!

  3. Love this look. So cute on you. I can’t believe you had covid and only one small symptoms. Amazing Wayne didn’t catch it being so close to you. I’ve been fearful of getting it and really don’t like going out much. I feel very isolated and hate it. I’m thankful to see my kids and grandchildren. I just would like to go on a vacation but don’t feel safe in motels and restaurants. You seem so brave. I wish I could feel I could go on living as normal but my mind just won’t go there. I know God is in control but I don’t want to get sick as it affects everyone sooo different. Thanks for sharing. It helps to know of the mild cases. The news doesn’t tell those. I quit watching the news often. Covid and Copperhead not a good combo. 🙂 Did you have to trace everyone you were around and they quarentine too? How did you know to test for it? Anyway. Glad you are fine.

  4. Love this outfit….i have all the pieces to replicate:)))) I am sorry to hear you had COVID. Take care!!!

    1. Hi Cyndi
      Love the outfit.

      My husband and I are at home with Covid. We are a week in. He hardly had a Symptom. Me on the other hand have been very ill. Still struggling with a bad cough, fever and terrible fatigue. Not fun, but it hopefully gets better soon!

  5. We were in Asheville this week as well! The Smokey Mountain national park was amazing! We live in Oklahoma so it was a long drive but worth it! Glad your covid symptoms were tolerable and you’re safely back home.

  6. I am glad you are past Covid and are all okay. It is so scary. I am teaching online, so I don’t go out much at all. My husband, as a contractor, works mostly by himself, so we can limit our exposure (hopefully). We were able to socially distance entertain over the summer at our pool area, but now that cold weather is coming/here, we are missing our friends.
    This is one of my go-to outfits (jeggings, either jeans or corduroy, shell and a cardigan).
    We will be moving to NC next spring/summer, and we will be looking for areas to explore as this is a new part of the country for us. We have Asheville on our list.

  7. glad your past the covid and I LOVE the cardigan. My hubby just got out of the hospital for covid – he was in for 2 days and ended up with fluid around his heart which can’t be drained until after he’s over covid so that is a bit scary/tricky.

  8. Love this outfit! As always you look perfectly put together. Great inspiration outfit. We stayed at the Omni Grove Park Inn last year during this same week! It’s such a beautiful resort! Hope you had a great time.
    😊 Courtney

  9. Glad you enjoyed your Asheville stay at GPI, one of many special places in Asheville.
    I love Talbots and like the look you chose. Comfy and classy.

  10. I wore this exact outfit today to a lunch date – waiting for leopard booties to come from DSW coupon. The waitress dumped a coke exactly in my lap! 😳 A little chilly, but so nice to be out with friends! Happy to hear you are back to healthy. Thanks for all the good “feels” from your posts!

  11. Love your fashion posts! So glad you enjoyed visiting us here❤️ But the spelling is Asheville- it’s easy to leave the E off. Have a blessed day❤️

  12. Sorry to hear you dealt with Covid but thankful you symptoms were so few and your husband didn’t get it. We are currently battling it here in our home with 1 of 2 initially exposed testing positive and then the one that was negative as well as my husband and I waiting it out since we were in close contact with the positive one before she tested positive. So you could say my son was double exposed. My daughter’s symptoms are the headache, fatigue, cough and quite a bit of chest congestion. She initially had a fever but thank goodness she didn’t have it yesterday or so far this morning. The fatigue was worse yesterday than it initially was. She started having symptoms last Wednesday, tested Thursday and got the positive results Friday. Now we’re just riding out the 14 days of quarantine for ourselves and doing our best to stay away from each other not knowing who could have it and who doesn’t.

  13. I’m sorry I’m just commenting now, Cyndi. I love this outfit. I love wearing layers during the Fall. I can’t believe we’re almost into November. Time flies!
    I’m so glad you had mild symptoms with COVID. I had COVID in April, and was in ICU for a week. I’m so happy that i recovered, but I’ll be having surgery next month to repair the damage to my heart caused by COVID. I had NO pre-existing conditions prior to COVID, and have always been in good health. Not trying to go on too much, but just sharing because it certainly can cause long term effects. Praying that everyone stays safe and healthy.

  14. Oh, my word! I am so glad that you have successfully recovered from Covid! Good Lord! Please, please, take care of yourself! Stay safe! SO important during these times! Perfect outfit on you today! That’s a keeper! Very classy and timeless! Big hug! Stay away from Covid and Snakes!!