Styling a Patagonia Vest

Happy Tuesday! The weather here has been cold, downright cold. It’s windy; we’ve had rain, snow and tonight we’re supposed to get some ice. #winteriskillingme

I have been living in athleisure wear these days. I’m also wearing this coat and these boots. Another thing I wear this time of year is vests.

Lat fall (and I’m missing all the green grass and trees in these pictures!) I styled this vest.

Styling a Patagonia Vest

Military Vest (I’m wearing an XS)//V neck tee (I’m wearing an XS)//Loft jeans (I’m wearing a size 26)//Leopard print Mules//Handbag//Bar Necklace//Arrowstack Necklace (similar to my necklace)

And this puffer vest from Old Navy.

Styling a Patagonia VestPuffer Vest (I’m wearing an XS)//Plaid Tunic (I’m wearing a small)//Slit Cut Jeans (I’m wearing a size 26)//Booties//Watch//Earrings

I recently purchased a Patagonia vest, and I’ve been wearing it with jeans and with my black leggings.

Styling a Patagonia VestStyling a Patagonia VestIt seems old man winter is going to hang around a while. I’m hoping March will be warmer when I start my spring series.

Styling a Patagonia VestPatagonia vest (I’m wearing a small)//Paige jeans (less expensive option here)//Booties//Gray tee (I’m wearing an XS//Earrings

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Do you like to wear vests?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. All those vests are super cute! I have a navy and black puffer vest and really like them for that in between weather, especially when I am walking the dog. I hear you about winter, we just got a big dump of snow on the weekend, with more expected on Wednesday night – uggh! Although if I don’t have to leave the house, there is no view I like better than looking out the window at snow covered trees! 🙂

  2. Such a cute vest and it looks so comfy.. I know what you mean about winter. I live in Canada where you know you have winter every year and once it comes you never know when its leaving lol. And yet we are 😳when it comes .. I’ve always said that a few nice staple coats and scarves and boots and jeans is all that’s needed here as you never take your coat off when you’re out running around. I’m anxious for spring and a change of wardrobe. I rush that part every year.. looking forward to what you have to share.
    Have a great day:)

  3. I love puffer vests with plaid blouses! My dilemma is how to wear the collar of the blouse? Tucked in ? Out and up? Over the top of the collar of the vest?

  4. My husband watches the Alaska shows about living off the grid too – it must be a man thing. I’ve told him if he ever wants to do that to go ahead, this ole’ gal will just have to write – hahahahaha!!!
    I’ve found I like vests this time of year since I can’t see to get my, as my husband calls it “frab-o-stat” stabilized. I’m hot, then cold, then hot, but mostly just a hot mess :-).
    LOVE Big Daddy Weave!!!!

  5. I never saw the point of a sleeveless vest because your arms are still out there and mine get really cold. Then I saw a plaid one on your site. I’m mad for all things tartan and I’m so glad that I couldn’t resist. While I’m a real fan of pearls (real and faux) I also had to get the mutiple strands of them as well. I’m pairing them with a chambray shirt and skinny jeans and boots. This is a very refreshing look. Thanks. Your love for our Lord is a delight.

  6. I bought this vest and it is very tight around the bust if you are busty. Unfortunately, I had to return it.

  7. I love wearing vests in the winter for an extra layer of warmth without the bulk of some sweaters. I have about 5 or 6 vests that I love!

  8. Cyndi, I love the vests! Warmth without the bulk! I also am tired of this cold! Can’t wait for Spring! My husband and I watch the Alaska shows too! I’m with you if I move it’s to a hot place! Have a great day!

  9. I have learned to love vests more in the last year or two… being a bit cold natured yet over 45…. meaning I can get too hot at the drop of a hat too!! LOL! It’s the perfect compromise! Plus I don’t like to wear coats if I can get away with it, they are too bulky and get on my nerves! I have a few vests ranging from a light crocheted type to a heavier wool one with pockets. <3

  10. I think most of us are so over winter! I can clearly see why people go south for the winter, but this year even you folks further south are suffering from the cold! Brrrrr! I really like vests too. They are such a great way to add a warm stylish layer. You have a nice collection. – Amy

  11. Haven’t had winter this year. It’s going to be 80 again here in So Cal. Your Fall pic works for our weather here! Short sleeves and light weight.

  12. Our daughter lives in CO and off the grid. Its an amazing way to live, not sure I could do it, but she sure seems happy with less – than she did when she had more. She is half an hour off the highway, and that is in the summer months when they can drive in and out. Winters they park out at the road and take snowmobile or 4 wheelers to get back to the homestead.

  13. We were completely cheated out of winter all together here in Northern California. It was 78 yesterday and looks to be similar for the 15 day forecast. I’d love some cold! I built a fire once in January because I had so much wood on my back porch that I didn’t want to sit until next winter and we had to open up the doors and windows it was so hot in the house! Lol. Come visit me anytime you need to warm up.
    I love vests, too. Mostly because that is enough but I wear my old old vests from Lands End around the house to keep my core warm while my arms are free to work. (just FYI their new vest styles are not the same 🙂 )

  14. My husband and I watch the same show. lol. We say the same thing no way!!! Way to cold for this girl. I’m an Ohio girl so I’m with you about the weather. Burr

    I wear a lot of best also, actually wore one today. I love your post and look forward to it everyday.

  15. I really love the Patagonia Vest but have been looking for one on sale. I get a lot of wear from my vest in Texas so I may have to inves in this one. I can’t imagine living in the NE or anywhere dealing with this crazy cold weather 😔
    I remember when I started following you a few years ago that you use to take some great pictures in your home. Don’t get me wrong I love your outdoor pics but miss you posting more fashion pics, like you use to.