Styling Lace and Denim

lace-and denim-with-bootsHappy Friday! I am headed to Nashville for the weekend to meet with Jo-lynne Shane for a “work” weekend. We spend a lot of time emailing back and forth and thought it would be fun if we got together for a weekend. So Nashville here we come! I’m sure I’ll share some pics on Instagram.

Today I’m styling a lace and denim. I have already worn this lace top twice and I love it! Before I share my outfit, I wanted to share a little bit of the “why” I work with Glamour Farms.

In 2014, I was contacted by Stephanie. She is pictured on the right in the picture below. These are the ladies behind Glamour Farms. It’s a mom and two daughters, Elizabeth (left), Pam (middle and the Mom), and Stephanie.

They are so sweet and remind me of the relationship I have with my sister. I could have seen Traci and I doing something like this with our Mom.

Anyway, she asked if I would style something from their boutique and I think I said I wasn’t interested the first few times she asked.

Stephanie was persistent and I finally gave in and styled this top. The top sold out within the first few hours. They didn’t have a large supply of them and they realized they were going to need to order more of the items I style.

Fast forward to last summer, they asked if I would come to Illinois and see their store and meet with them and talk about a business relationship with them.

So Wayne and I headed to Illinois and met the whole family! We had a great time and realized we had a lot in common. 

(This isn’t the best quality picture, it was almost dark outside.)

They’re a christian family and they love to encourage women not only with their outer beauty but also their inner beauty.

They work extremely hard and they love what they do! Wayne and I came home from that trip and after praying about it, we both thought it would be a great partnership for my blog/business.

Since then, they have come to our home and stayed all night with us and we not only have a business relationship but we are friends.

We have some fun things planned for the future. We’re hoping to have an area on their website with my favorite “picks”.

I’m flying to Dallas, Texas at the end of the month to meet them for the spring market. We’ll be picking out spring and summer styles so I’ll be able to tell you what’s coming for those seasons!

I hope whether you order from them or not, you get outfit ideas that you like and when you’re out shopping you can find something similar.

I know there has been some discussion with their return policy and they are looking at it. Many online boutiques have that same type of policy.

One thing you can do is call them if you are questioning what size to order. MANY of my readers call them and they have even kidded about needing a Grace & Beauty phone line!! It’s like having a personal shopper to help you with your clothes.

I hope that helps explain why I share Glamour Farms clothes. So many of you order from them and love their clothes and I want to keep sharing them.

Okay, here is the lace top. I snapped this picture with my iphone. I was wearing a gold necklace and my brown boots. I think it looks cute with a necklace!

lace-and-denim-5Yesterday I added a scarf that I have had for several years so I can’t link to the scarf.

Wayne and I wanted to get outside pictures but the wind was blowing too hard!

lace-and-denimOutfit details: Cream lace top( I’m wearing a small)//Ahhmazing shaper in latte//Watch//Bracelet//Earrings//Jeans (Stitch Fix)

(Use code Spivey837 for $10 off your Glamour Farms purchase)

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Beauty for the Heart~~The will of God is not something you add to your life. It’s a course you choose. You either line yourself up with the Son of God . . . or you capitulate to the principle which governs the rest of the world. -Elisabeth Elliot

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Glamour Farms this past year! I have ordered a couple times and love their clothes! They are one of my very few “go to” sites now. It is also encouraging to hear they love the Lord!

    1. I have not ordered from them yet. I was wondering is this lace top machine washable? I try not to buy too much that is hand wash only. Thanks and I really do love your blog Cyndi:)

      1. Hi Rebecca…I looked at the care instructions on this top and it did say to hand wash in cold and lay or line dry. If you ever have any questions about our clothes, please contact me at or call 618-665-3276 M-F 8:30-4:30pm. Thanks and have a Blessed Day! Annie

    2. Hi Cheryl…Thank you for choosing Glamour Farms and your kind words. If you ever need help styling or have questions about a fit, please contact me at or call 618-665-3276 M-F 8:30-4:30pm. I love getting to know and serve our customers! Have a Wonderful Day! Annie

  2. Thanks for this post. I was one of the ones questioning the return policy and I got a sweet email from the owners. I will definitely order in the future! Once my wallet recovers from the little spending spree I had an outlet mall earlier this week, that is. Cute top!!

  3. Very cute outfit once again!!! I have ordered several items from Glamour Farms since I started following your blog. I love their stuff! I used to typically buy from Kohls or Maurices but I’m loving my wardrobe much more now that I’ve branched out. I think they are a wonderful place to order from and will continue to buy from them as long as they’re around! 🙂

  4. Hi Cyndi! I’m very happy you introduced Glamour Farms to me! We moved from Texas to Minnesota last year… In Texas I shopped at this great boutique that was in my hair salon. I loved the southern styles and the prices from that boutique and have missed shopping there. I haven’t been able to find any places here that are like that. GF carries very similar styles and the price is right too! I made my first purchase from them recently and opening up my pink package from them felt like going back home:) I love both of the items I bought! I also wrote to them to request a color in a piko top and received an answer right away. I will definitely be making future purchases from GF!

    This isn’t the place where you buy your wardrobe staples that you expect to last for years, you know, the serious stuff… for me, that’s Ann Taylor…. this is where you buy the cute trendy things that make you feel girly and give you a few fresh fun things that don’t break the bank!

    About their return policy etc… I say…. We can’t expect a small business to act like Nordstrom! They don’t have the volume to pick up that kind of expense…. But they make up for it in personal attention!

    Thank you Cyndi and Glamour Farms! Blessing, Krista

    BTW …. love that top, Cyndi!

    1. Krista…You are in luck! I just got off the phone with our owners and they are currently designing a GF exclusive that will be available mid March! The colors that you asked for will be in this collection. Thank you for choosing Glamour Farms and letting us serve you! Annie

  5. I’m really happy you and Glamour Farms are working together. I went to their site because of the clothing you wear and style for us all.
    They are just wonderful, kind and attentive ladies. I spent almost 15+ minutes on the line with Annie there and she truly was my personal shopper!!!! She helped me figure out the sizes that would be the best fit for me given the parameters of their return policy.
    You won’t be disappointed with Glamour Farms!!!!
    Have a great time with Jo-lynne.

    1. Hey Colleen….You made me laugh when you wrote “we talked for 15 + minutes”. I sure do have the gift for gab. Thank you for letting me serve you and get to know you better. Call me anytime! Have a wonderful weekend…Annie

  6. I was looking via the link you attached to Glamour Farms at the latte shaper. The link takes me to a spaghetti strap latte short tank. In the picture of you wearing the necklace, it looks like the shaper is the v tank style ( which only comes in a long tank in latte on their site). In your other pics where you are wearing a scarf, I’m not sure which shaper you have on. Can you please clarify for me. I would like to try one of these shapers and I want to make a good choice. I also was wondering with the thin strap shaper, do you typically wear a bra underneath and have 2 sets of straps going, or is their a shelf liner to add inserts?

    1. Hi Susan…I personally love the “Ahh-Mazing Tank Shapers” in both short and long. This shaper is actually rounded on one side and v-neck on the other. Not only do you get two options for wearing it but it covers the bra straps. The latte does come in both short and long. I personally prefer the long shapers because I like that I can pull them down long when I’m wearing a dress or tunic and scrunch them up when I’m wearing a top. The best part about the shaper is that it will not move on your body. Once you place it, it stays! If you wear more tops than tunics, then I would suggest buying the short tank. Feel free to contact me anytime at or call 618-665-3276 M-F 8:30-4:30. Have a blessed day! Annie

  7. I’m so excited for what you and Jo- Lynn will bring back for us! Have a blast together! GF have some really cute things,, wish I could go visit their shop! Drop a hint or two for them to add petites to their on-line store! 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy… I would love for you to come visit and let us serve and style you!
      I am also petite. Glamour Farms carries two fits “Contemporary” and “Missy”. If you are petite, I would recommend our “Contemporary” line and order true to size. If you like an item that is a “Missy” fit then size down. Once you select the item on our website, there is a tab that says “fit” and that is where you can see if the item is “Contemporary” or “Missy”. I love helping our customers find the clothes that fit them best and make them feel great. Call me anytime! 618-665-3276 Have a Wonderful Weekend! Annie

  8. Cute outfit, Cyndi! I love Glamour Farms – thank you for introducing us to them. They have so many cute items and they ship really fast! Buying local is a big deal where I live but it can be limiting, so buying from a family business on line is great- and they seem like a lovely bunch!!!

  9. I ordered a top the other day. Great price. Can’t wait to get it. Was one you styled months ago. On sale plus I got $10 off which more than covered shipping.

  10. I am new to your blog, but I look forward every day to seeing your e-mail and then heading over to your blog to read/see more. I turned 50 this past summer, and I am not gonna lie–I did not handle it well at all! God had some serious work to do on my heart about this, but long story short, just seeing someone close to my age, looking adorable in stylish clothes really encouraged me! Thanks for all you do and thanks for not focusing just on the outward beauty, but turning it all back to Him! Dawn

  11. That top is so cute on you Cyndi! I have purchased 4 items from Glamour Farms I found through your blog & I love all 4, especially their leggings. Thanks for your very helpful blog and for introducing me to Glamour Farms. Have a blessed weekend!

  12. Love Denim and Lace, thank you for all your help in directing me in the right path of fashion. I went to your sisters blog “Beneath My Heart” and also found that blog to be just as amazing as yours. So my only 2 blogs I follow are the sisters, one for fashion and one for décor. Oh, we are sisters in Christ too….. 🙂

    1. Traci IS wonderful! That’s how I found Cyndi’s blog. Be sure to visit the archives showing her old house and the carriage house…. amazing.

  13. I love your style, but sweetheart we aren’t all a small. I’m an extra large working on weight loss but I would like to feel good and look stylish in the mean time. Thoughts?

  14. I’ve been following your blog for some time and you have gotten better and better – with pictures, your writing comes across like having a conversation with a great friend. I miss the days you don’t post -like yesterday 🙂 – yes, I noticed. I just imagine you are quite busy and never thought blogging would lead to where you are now, and what the future may hold. God is good to his children! I haven’t purchased from Glamour Farms – yet, but I do have a couple of items on my mind, and I’m always about supporting local business. Keep up the good work and have fun in Nashville! Hugs from Knoxville, TN.

  15. I love Glamour Farms and their unique, feminine style, but…….the return policy. I actually decided to forego any more purchases because of just that. Hate to be a Debbie Downer but I’ve got $100 worth of items in my closet that I can’t return. Can’t afford that…….

    1. HI Juanice….I hate to hear that you have items that did not work for you. Please call me at 618-665-3276 and lets go over your purchases and see what we can do. I’m confident that I can help you with your past purchases and make any future purchases a success! Have a blessed day! Annie

  16. I love the clothes you show from Glamour Farms. I would love to support a Christian business. Their return policy is a deal bracker. I rarely find a camisole that fits, I try on many different leggings before I find a pair that fits….I would be foolish to order these from them. I am short, 5 foot three….tops that show any neck at all are usually too low unless petite. If not too low, they are too wide just showing more skin that I look good in. I understand they are small and can’t take a lot of liability . But, they also need to realize that limits people giving them a try.

    1. Hi Fonda….I am also petite and I wear our “Contemporary” fit. Just call me and I guarantee we will find items that you love and will fit you well! I worked in our boutique from the time we opened styling women of all shapes and sizes. Nothing makes me happier than to find that perfect outfit. I recently have been moved to helping our online customers and I absolutely love it! Don’t be scared of the return policy. We must have a guideline but we are all about serving. Call me at 618-665-3276 M-F 8:30-4:30pm and let me serve you! Have a wonderful weekend. Annie

  17. I love your blog and I love fashion. When a new season approaches, I get very excited to see the new trends. It really is fun. However, as a Christian, I wonder sometimes if I am pleasing the Lord with my thoughts and actions. I question myself, “Would I be honoring the Lord better by becoming a minimalist dresser and spending more time doing His Will rather than focusing a percentage of my time on browsing magazines and shopping for fashion items that I may want but not really need?” I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!

    1. Hey Rhonda, This is a constant battle for me. If I’m not careful, I can focus too much on clothing. This blog is my business but it’s also a ministry.
      I think it’s always good to evaluate where we are in our relationship with the Lord. I want to honor the Lord in everything I do, even sharing fashion.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Cyndi & Rhonda- thank you for sharing your thoughts. I too wonder sometimes about this especially after retiring ( as I do not need to shop as much). But I have come to the conclusion that God wants me to be happy so I have found an even blend. Hope you agree, thanks.

  18. I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished through your blog! You are a true inspiration! Thank you for working so hard for your followers and thank you for sharing the word of God! Have a great afternoon! 😍

  19. Cyndi, I love that top! I need to call and talk with the ladies at Glamour Farms about my challenges with the Aahmazing Shaper. I hope that your and Jo-Lynne’s weekend is very productive and fun in Nashville.

    God bless!

    1. Hi Ginger…Please call anytime. Of course be prepared, I have the gift of gab especially when I get to talk about our shape wear and when I get to meet new people! Have a wonderful weekend! Annie (618)665-3276

  20. Love your shirt and scarf! The shirt is already sold out in the small and medium so hopefully they will be getting more in. Any ideas where to get a scarf similar to yours? Love the colors in it.

  21. I enjoy the clothes you feature from Glamour Farms but I ordered a top that did not fit. I found out when I wanted to return it that they would not refund my money. Only store credit was offered. I will not order from them again unless they change their return policy. There are just too many other places to shop online, and some even offer free shipping!

  22. Thanks for talking more about your partnerships with Glamour Farms. I have thought about ordering this lace top, and this was the little push that I needed. I’m also going to try the Ahh-mazing Lace Short Shapers. I’ve been a little reluctant with those, since they are “one size fits most” which usually doesn’t work for me. But I need some new layering pieces, so I thought I would give it a try 🙂 I like the idea of buying from a company that is family owned.

    1. Yay…I’m so excited you are giving us a try! You will love the shape wear. My favorite thing about it is that once you place it where you want it, it STAYS! If you have any problems or concerns, please call me at 618-665-3276 or email me at I would love to answer any questions about fit and style. Have a blessed day! Annie

  23. I love this outfit on you, Cyndi! The top is so cute with jeans. Thank you for introducing your followers to Glamour Farms. I have made several purchases from them and have been really happy. My two Ahh-mazing long tank shapers in black and white have become wardrobe staples I don’t know how I ever lived without! I’m excited to see the spring and summer styles. Have fun!

  24. I’m so glad I found your blog/website, Cyndi; you’re awesome, through and through! I’ve dropped Pippa Middleton as my style icon, since finding you. Just bought the color-block sweater from Macy’s, I loved it immediately and now I own it! Thanks for sharing your style knowledge with us, Cyndi—you’re great!

  25. Very cute! I love your style Cindy. I wish Glamour Farms still that that denim and black top in stock. It’s adorable and I wasn’t a Spivey-ette fan yet.

  26. Been a fan for a few years and must say I look forward to each post, especially your “Beauty for the Heart”. Always inspirational, however some days I’m certain you are writing just for me! God bless you sweet gal and your precious family.
    P.S. Love, love your fashion posts, wish retailers carried more cute things in petites, at 5’2″ lots of cute things don’t work for me…

    1. Hi Nita…I am also petite and 5’2″ and I wear our “Contemporary” fit. I have some great ideas for styling our clothes on us “shorties”. Just call me at 618-665-3276 and I’m confident together we can find the perfect outfits. Have a wonderful weekend! Annie

  27. I have been looking all over for a cute top with lace detailing and finally found it! How did you read my mind?! 🙂

    I love your blog and love when you point out when something would be good for petites. You wouldn’t think finding cute clothes for petites would be hard…but it is!

  28. Although I like to shop online, I never buy clothes online. It’s just too hard to know if it’s going to look right on me. And if I need to return it, I’ve lost the cost of shipping both ways! So I just delete the email when I see it’s something from Glamour Farms. I would like to see you go back to styling clothes from brick and mortar stores more often.

  29. I found Glamour Farms through you and I love them. I have ordered from them many times and I’m always pleased. Once you start ordering and figure out how things fit it’s easy to order from them. Thanks so much Cyndi!

  30. Hi Cyndi,

    I enjoy your site so much and love every outfit you coordinate. Please continue featuring outfits from various stores and Glamour Farms. I am on a budget and can’t purchase from Glamour Farms, even with a coupon, so retail stores are more affordable for me. Thanks.

  31. I don’t remember when exactly I started to order from Glamour Farms but I do know I was beyond thrilled to see you styling their clothes. It helps me so much to see how to put outfits together. I love their clothes but I’m not always sure how to wear them for someone my age. You do a great job of showing all of us over 40 how to dress gracefully and still be stylish. In fact because of you I bought that cute red and white dress you have on in the pic with all of the Glamour Farm family. I loved the way you styled it with the white crop leggings and I bought those too. Thanks for helping me feel like I’m up to date and thanks to Glamour Farms for such cute outfits!!

  32. I love Glamour Farms! They have great customer service. On almost every item, they state what size the model is wearing. There is also a “model stats” tab to click on, which tells the measurements of the model. This has helped me greatly in deciding what size I would need to order. Keep up the awesome work, GF’s! I think it’s great you get to go to market, Cyndi! That would be fun.

  33. Cyndi, it is good to know the back story.. I like a family story and business. Thanks for sharing. Cyndi I love your style and more importantly your faith sharing. Have a great time at market…share some photos.

  34. Well I for one, love Glamour Farms. Their cloths are gorgeous and unique. They are of great quality. I have ordered several times and have been completely satisfied. I will continue to purchase their cloths, especially since they are endorsed by you. I support you in your collaboration endeavor and wish you the best! God bless!!!

  35. Love the sorry too. Can you see about them adding larger bust sizing! I would love to order from them! Love several of there items but I am not a plus size just bustie and now several that are. 38DD or 40C
    When you get into the plus size with a larger bust they are too big everywhere else.

  36. Hi~I just received my first order from Glamour Farms and am so thrilled with the items that I purchased. (I got the same or similar top in gray :).) What I especially love about the items is that they don’t look like everything else that one might see in the local stores. I will be visiting Glamour Farms again. (And I loved the sweet little note that was enclosed.) Thanks for sharing, Cyndi!

  37. As always, you are just too cute for words! Love this top and whole look.

    Glad to hear more about your Glamour Farms relationship. I ordered from them recently as was pleased with my purchases. I tried the Ahmazing tank, Ahmazing shaper leggings, and a top. Everything worked great. I will be definitely be ordering from them again!! Thanks for the discount codes you often give.