Styling the Flare Jean Trend

flare jeans for fallWell ladies, today I’m styling a pair of flare jeans from The Limited. Let me just be honest with you and say I’m struggling with the flare jean trend.

Now I’m not giving up on them but I’m trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe and I don’t love them as much as I do skinny jeans.

But don’t worry, I’m not a quitter!! I’m determined to find a way to wear them for fall and winter. They will not get the best of me!

I tried them with this Old Navy plaid top (similar here) and I like it okay but I think I can do better.

flared jeans with striped topflare jeans with black heelsI added my tan blazer because it was cold outside and I like tan and black together.

tan blazer with flaredjeansLastly, I styled it with this off white sweater (similar one here) I found in my closet that I wore last fall from Old Navy.

off white sweater with flare jeansSo have you styled flare jeans yet? What do you like to wear with them??

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Beauty For the Heart~~The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. Psalm 18:2

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Girl you look great in all 3!
    I’m gonna be a negative nelly and not buy any flare leg pants this season. I love my skinny leg jeans/pants/ leggins and just can’t go back! You are always the trooper to try and not give up on clothing trends. ?

    1. Ditto! Cyndi looks great in these pics…..I just can’t do it. I’m going to stick to what works for me but I’m so glad Cyndi is willing to step outside her comfort zone and try this style. I’m doing good to wear a total outfit that doesn’t somehow incorporate black, navy or khaki! I just don’t like the flared look on me. I see so many women that it just looks great on.

  2. Oooh…I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not 100% on this trend yet. I was wondering if it was because we love our skinnies so much and the flares are quite different? Well, good for you for trying….I don’t even have a pair yet (guess that means I should head over to the thrift shop!) jodie

  3. I love my skinny’s but I have to say I’m happy to see the flare come back. They’re classy and give a more proportioned look in my opinion. I’m just glad to have a variety of styles to choose from! Both outfits are darling on you Cyndi! I think it takes us all awhile to warm on certain trends. I’m glad we don’t have to wear all of them! BTW, I absolutely was blessed in the video talk in yesterday’s Beauty for the Heart! Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I love the look! I’m always looking for casual business to wear to the office and I think these would definitely work even if they are jeans.



  5. I’m 5’8″ and when I wear flare jeans I prefer to either do a low cowboy boot OR wedge heels with the hem closer to the ground (longer) personally.

  6. I think you look amazing in the flared jeans. You look very tall in them. I love this look in fact I have a shirt almost identical to that. I have jeans like this as well…you just gave me my Tuesday outfit. As usual you brightened my day.

    God bless you today and the days to come.

  7. I’m not a fan yet either but I think it’s more of a body proportion thing for me vs. a style/trend thing. At 5’7″, I don’t need to look taller (which seems to be a draw) and it seems harder to find the appropriate footwear. They look great on you.

  8. I love flared jeans and I think you look great. For those who are pear-shaped (like myself), this style of jean is much more flattering than skinny jeans. Thanks for including them in your blog.

    1. I agree 110%! although I like the bootcut style and haven’t tried the “flares” yet. It works better for hourglass shape as well (especially If you have bigger thighs like I do).

      You can wear them so many ways! Try with wedges and some of your “fringe” sweaters.

      Like your outfit with the white sweater!

  9. I love, love, love flare, bootcut jeans! I am short and curvy and they look great with my dansko clogs. I wear them with plain sweaters and t shirts. I am so glad that this style is back!!

  10. Love it! Especially with the sweater! I have so many flared jeans in my closet from 4-5 years ago – but, like you…..I like (and am so used to) the skinny jeans more – it’s hard, I put them on and take them off….often. 🙂

  11. They look great on you Cyndi. I think they have a more classy look than the skinny jean. You wear them both well. thx for sharing them in your post. 😉

  12. I think you look cute in them! But totally get it! Our wardrobes are now based on flowy tops for the most part rather than fitting tops which is the total opposite of what we would want with flares. Its going to take some re-tooling of our minds. But in general I’ve always found flare/bootcuts to fit my body type better so think I will be glad it’s coming back around.

  13. Cry me a river!!! You look GREAT in these flared jeans, but you look GREAT in everything you wear. I do love the skinny jean look on you, but you’re totally rocking these flared legs! Fat girls can’t wear this flared leg unless they can also wear heels (and I can’t wear heels)!!!

  14. I’m new to your site and just let me say that you are an inspiration to me! Am struggling with some personal issues and you have helped with your comments and quotes. You look adorable in all of your outfits!

  15. I like flare jeans aka bootcut – but I’ll be honest I don’t like the “dressy” ones like you have on. I think they are hard to wear and don’t look good on most people, but that’s just me. I prefer regular 5-pocket traditional jeans – without all the stretch! in a bootcut. I don’t like tucking my jeans in boots because I am 5’2 and that looks tends to make me look even shorter. Yes, I know you can’t see the cute boots if they’re hidden under jeans, but…
    I do like the shorter boots with rolled jeans, for several reasons, one being that because I am shorter, the taller boots hit the back of my knees in a weird spot, but anyway – that’s another subjest all together.
    I think you’ve done as well as you can with those, but it’s not one of your better outfits.

    1. Hi Sharon, I’m 5’3 and I too have trouble with boots being too tall for my petite frame. However, that being said, keep shopping around. I’ve found several that are shorter and fit me well. You just have to keep trying them on. Secondly, a boot with a heel will make us petite gals look taller but unfortunately I can’t wear a very tall of heel anymore. Thirdly, I have trouble with the way a lot of boots fit around my calf. Wide calf boots are way to wide and regulars are often too snug. I think a lot of gals must have this problem b/c I see more and more boots with an elastic decorative insert made into the upper boot. I love that b/c it gives a snug but comfortable fit. Good luck!

  16. I think you look fab in them. But, I think I know what is bothering you. It is the proportion thing as you said. With the blazer and the sweater, this problem is fixed. I think with your size, you need a true waist jean in the flares. The low waist type make the flare too important and heavy looking. That is why the blazer and the sweater help, because they make the waist appear(or imagined) to be higher which gives you a more balanced look. A P.S. to younger fashionistas like yourself. I almost fell to a bad ending once when I was wearing cuffed flares when they were in the first time in the 70’s. Be careful in these types of pants. Your heel can easily become entangled in the hem or cuff, and down you go!

  17. Hi Cyndi! Pretty new to your blog and have to tell you it is one of my favorites. As far as the flare jeans, you look great in them. I think my favorite way to wear them is the way you did in the last picture with the off-white sweater that fits close to your body and hits at the hips. It seems balanced, especially with the long necklace. It took me a while to be comfortable in skinnies, but now I do admit, it is hard for me to wear flares again after wearing straight legs and skinnies. I still wear bootcut jeans at times.

  18. I am so glad the flare jeans are coming back!! But it does mean a closer fitting or shorter top with them and I have enjoyed throwing on a flowy top with my ankle pants this summer. There are so many trends out there and so many different directions to go that it can be overwhelming. There are some trends I’m just not a fan of so I try to keep it simple and stick to what I feel comfortable in. I enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day!

  19. I think they make you look thinner! I always wear flare or boot cut jeans. I don’t have the right thigh or calf for skinny jeans.

  20. Hi cyndi, not sure if this is where I leave comment on flare jeans. But I have yet to find a pair of flare jeans. I am right at five feet tall. I ordered about eight pairs of n y d jeans from Nordstrom. And returned every single one. Most of them were long on the rise part to the waist. It made me look frumpy. I am about 99 lbs. if you have any suggestions that would be great. Maybe I’m missing something.
    Anyhow you look great. I am so glad to have found you. You are such and inspiration. I too am a Christian with the same struggles we all face. And I can always use some
    Help in the styling department. I just have the hardest time putting outfits together, especially at the last minute. Like for church on Sunday. Thanks

  21. Definitely yes to flares! They are much more figure flattering than skinny jeans that tend to create a wider hip look. I love flares with a wedge, heel or platform shoe, and a fitted top, but maybe not tucked in unless it fits closer to the body and doesn’t have a lot of extra fabric.

  22. Hi Cyndi…I like the jeans with the jacket but I love with the sweater. Everything always looks good on you.

  23. You look beautiful in what ever you wear. I actually like the flare jeans on you – classy! Also, Love the beauty from the heart today!! When I first posted that my husband is going through cancer treatments I posted that “he was my rock” and someone responded that God is your rock, your husband is a blessing and that is SO true!! Love this scripture verse – it is very special! Thank you.

  24. I love the completed look with a blazer. I also like the sweater with them. I saved all of my flare/boot cut jeans I just personally think they look better on my shape. Which is hourglass. My hips look smaller when I wear them. I like wearing them with a blazer and pointy toe heels. This look to me is very polished and dressy. When it comes to jeans you need to wear the style that works your shape. I don’t follow tends on this one item. (Although I wouldn’t be caught dead in mom jeans!) lol

  25. Cyndi, I think they look great on you, but I’m with you about skinny jeans. I prefer them over flared as well.
    However, I do like boot cut flared. They’re skinnier through the thigh than what you are wearing and are only slightly flared at the bottom.

  26. To my eye, flare jeans looks best in a true denim look (rather than the “trouser” look that you’re wearing).

    The particular pair you’re wearing does not look like it fits properly. Proportion is so important with flare jeans (or, if you’re in my generation, you might call them “elephant bells”). They need to have a rather trim fit through the thighs and knee area. Yours do not, and so they look more like a wide-legged trouser rather than flare jeans.

    I think if you found a pair that fit you well, you might be surprised at how much you would like them.

  27. I have trouser jeans from a few years ago and they fit better than the flares and have just enough flare in the bottom to allow you to wear boots. I find that the flares are voluminous and it is difficult to find the right proportions in what you wear with them.
    We were just talking about this at my Bible study this morning so women are trying to figure this out. I will mention your blog to them.

  28. I had to smile when I read your post today because I pulled a pair of pants similar to yours out of my closet yesterday. I was thinking how much I liked them and that I should wear them more often. I wish I would have taken a picture now…I almost did :). I wore them with a navy boyfriend v neck sweater and matching knit tank top, red sparkly necklace and red wedges. I am not a skinny jeans girl, so I am glad that theses jeans are back in style! Loved your post yesterday. The video had me in tears! Once again you hit the sweet spot. God bless you!

  29. Flare leg jeans are great for ladies like me, tall and lean with broad shoulders. Kind of evens us out, helping not look too top heavy, like a football quarterback. Ha!

  30. For the vast majority of women, boot cut jeans are more flattering than skinny jeans. (The “What Not to Wear” people were right about that. What did they advise once skinny jeans took over the world?) Are your pants really jeans? They look more like dress pants on my phone. I will probably stick to classic boot cut and skip the flares. At 5′ 2 1/2″ I think that may be too much.

  31. This is my second email from you. I’m so glad I signed up to get them! Love your posts.

    I’ve always loved flare/boot cut jeans and I pair them up with everything. I’m a larger woman so skinny jeans have never looked good on me. It seems that a flared leg balances out my shape.

    Have a great day!

  32. I’m with you Cyndi. I love my skinny jeans! They look so much better than a flair. You look good in everything you style.
    Have a great day!

  33. I don’t think that is the right pair of flares for you. I would look for flares/boot-cut jeans that have more of a jean look and a little bit of stretch. The pants you are wearing look both too big and too small. I enjoy your blog!

  34. I don’t think they look bad on you, Cyndi.
    I think the greatest thing about being “over 40” is the wisdom we have gained, and that goes for knowing how to dress ourselves ,too. You are blessed in that most things seem to look great on you! For those of us who are working around figure flaws (and after 40, or 50, thats many of us) we know what works and what doesn’t. If you decide flares don’t maximize your look, and to dress for your best look and not fashion, I say, you go girl!

  35. I understand your reticence with flared pants and jeans, but they do make your legs look so long and beautiful!

  36. You look lovely. However, I do not like flare jeans either. To me, flare and boot cut are two different looks. I have both but whenever I put on the flares, I take them back off as they are not me. I really don’t like how long they always seem to be styled and they are just too much.

  37. Oh, man, takes me right back to the 70’s…..Make It Stop!!!!
    You look really cute, though, Cyndi. But, then, you always do!
    You are an inspiration to us all, and, part of that inspiration is that you are honest about the trends that aren’t right for you. We should all be bold enough to do the same. To the lady that said “Fat girls can’t wear flair jeans,” I totally understand. I became overweight after years of taking medications for my RA and Fibromyalgia. I am just now feeling better to where I can do some form of exercise. But, when it comes to fashion, we just have to do the best we can with what we have. Thank you, Cyndi, for always being “real”. God uses you to touch so many people with HIS love.

  38. The fit is not right for you, too loose in thighs, also, all trends are not for everyone. I think short gals are going to have more of a problem. FIT is the most important, also the size of the flare, try on one that is not so large.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  39. I think flared jeans look the best with heels. That being said, I can’t wear heels much and being only 5’5″, flared jeans are not a good look for me. I might be able to pull them off with a wedge but I have to stick to only a couple inches in height. 🙂 I do like the skinny’s if they fit well and with certain tops and boots or flats. Other than that, I like a plain ‘ole straight leg – not tapered mind you….no “mom” jeans…..haha. But I think a nice straight legged jean can be worn with just about any type of shoe. I do really like the way you styled them in the last picture with the cream sweater and brown heels. Looks nice!

  40. I like the sweater with your flares the best.
    I, too, much prefer skinny jeans with a long top. One reason is that I love my boots and it is hard to show our pretty boots in Flares. So much just depends on a girl’s body type, don’t you think?
    If what I see on fashion sites and in stores is an indication, skinnies are here to stay, even if flares have come back.

  41. A chunky heel boot/shoe would work better than skinny heels. I also think they are too long for you. Don’t need that much “break”.
    I think flares work well for all body types. The shoe needs to be right. Love your styles and am trying some mixed patterns?

  42. I think a skinny flare would look nice on you. It would fit better. You almost seem overwhelmed by fabric in these. The skinny flares also elongate the leg ,which we all want. I think flares look best with fitted shirts, tees or sweaters. That’s the way we wore them first time around. Oops! Gave away my age there, didn’t I?

  43. I actually am very happy about the flared leg styles because they are more flattering for wide hips than skinny jeans. Skinny jeans look horrible on me.

  44. Hi Cyndi, I’m new to your blog and I’m so happy I signed up. I love your sense of style and you look great in everything you wear. Your Beauty for the Heart inspires me!

  45. I think the flared jeans look best with the sweater. Also, some have commented the pants look long, they look right to me.

  46. I love the jeans with the cozy sweaters for this winter…. very cute. I am turning over a new leaf that started with the 26 days of Fall. I am new to your site. I have to say it is saving me sooo much money. I always went to the store and bought this and that. I normally shopped the sale rack to save money. I would then return home with a mish mash of clothes and nothing went together. Cyndi with your help I have stopped that and became more focused. I picked out 5 outfits that I loved the most off of the 26 outfits for fall. Frist I printed them off and took them to my closet. Then Second I shopped my closet for similar pieces. Third I lined the clothes up in a line that I had and placed the print off over the hanger. I made a list of the pieces I didn’t have. Then I looked at what accessory pieces were similar to yours and placed them on the hangers. My daughter called Saturday and wanted to go shopping. I grabbed my list and was out the door. I have saved so much money…instead of buying high priced boots and so forth… I went to Old Navy, Target, and had Loft coupons. I bought an inexpensive necklace that has the same look as the Rebel Pendant Necklace (which is my absolute favorite). I am asking for it for my birthday or Christmas!! 🙂
    “Casting all your cares upon Him…for He cares for you”

    1. Rhonda, I love your idea since I do the same thing – shop all the time and buy pieces but still seem to never have anything to wear! So tired of that, I am going to do exactly what you did. I always see these great outfits and think I will remember them but NEVER do. I’m going to start planning and printing…

  47. Boot-cut or flare leg…I love them both because as a larger, pear-shaped woman, the added width below the knee helps to balance my proportions and give me a leaner look. I have yet to see a larger or curvier woman who looks good in the skinny leg. I love the skinny leg on a trimmed and more athletic frame, but not on the more ample curvy body shapes. Nonetheless, you did a great job styling the pant, Cyndi. Loved the pairing of the sweater and the pant. 🙂

  48. I like your pants with the sweater the best. The blazer isn’t working–it’s too long. I like the brown heels you wear with the sweater but think the black ones aren’t the best. They are too dressy, maybe? I think something with a chunkier heel would balnce better. I agree with the other ladies who mentioned these pants don’t seem to fit the best. Tighter in the the thigh and not as big a flare would maybe make you feel better about them. I also wonder if the suggestion about a truer denim look rather than trouser pants is the way to go.

    But I totally agree with the comment about knowing what works for your body and wearing that. We all want to be comfortable and it we wear what fits our body best we’ll look our best regardless of being “in style”

  49. I totally LOVE the look. I’m tall and kinda “tree stump” , thick in the middle shaped, and the flared/bootcut pants and jeans give me a much better over all shape than skinny jeans do, but I still wear skinny’s with tunic tops and boots, which helps give me a little more weight at the bottom so it doesn’t accentuate the thick middle!!! LOL I think you rock both looks, the only thing that I would do differently is I would probably do pumps with the jacket. Love all of your looks!!! I have printed off the whole fall collection as well!!! Blessings!!!!bb

  50. Hi Cyndy,
    I love your posts and I have a similar style of dressing.
    I had the same problem with flares, being 5’4″ it felt like too much jean. Try the Express mid rise slim Flare jeans. They have a slim fit through the thigh and have a slight flare at the bottom. They are very flattering and the slimmer fit through the leg makes your legs look longer and leaner, especially with a high heel.
    Check them out.
    Jeanne DiOrio

  51. Cyndi, I think you look great in all you style. Thank the Lord for your help styling me!!!
    We skinny pants fans have a hard time with flares.
    Since I think skinny bottoms should be paired with a fluffy (long – more fabric) tops, I try to do the opposite with pants that are flared or flowy.
    They get paired with a tighter and less fabric top. This doesn’t always work with my fluffy middle/waist!!!!
    I agree with many of the other commenters – I’ll take straight cut over flares!!!!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  52. I cannot keep ups with the changing styles! So what are we supposed to do now? Throw out all the skinny jeans we just bought? ARGH! I think from now on I will buy ONE pair of the latest and wear them to death and launder them until they fall apart and when the styles change I can (maybe) justify just tossing them out when the wind blows the other way. I’m saying THAT, but I just cannot be so wasteful! I will continue to dress in what I think flatters MY body-gee, what a concept! I was never trendy and never will be and that’s okay with me. I want to be known for my classy look-not the latest fling.

  53. Love the gap sweater with the flare jeans. Maybe it looks nicer because it didn’t have to be tucked… However you make all clothes look good!!!

  54. Thanks for your blog, Cyndi. I love that you’re honest about what you like and don’t like. I have some of the new flares (from White House Black Market) and I’m anxious to wear them, but the weather’s been so warm in Texas. It’s finally broken out of the 90’s, so it won’t be long now.
    Thanks for you Biblical perspective and Godly inspiration, too. On days when my struggles really push me down and get the better of me, it’s nice to know you’ve got a little nugget for me.
    I really love your blog! I’ve purchased a few of the things you’ve styled. I look forward to you every day. 🙂

  55. Cyndi,
    I too am not a fan of the flare. I think I have linked it to he fact that they were popular back in the 70’s and I really don’t to relive that decade. I do agree that they look best with the white sweater. (Shows off that tan you got while on vacation)! Have a great day.

  56. Cute as always! But, my favorite is the sweater and that too cute necklace!
    Thank you for helping us to feel better from the inside out! <3

  57. I just wear my old Levi’s — they have the flare but also the Levi look and I can dress them up or down.

  58. Cyndi thank you for your wisdom and advice…

    You look great in everything! . I’ve commented before but I”m not a huge fan of skinny jeans. I hate them on me – just cannot get used to them and I don’t even love them on other people. I just like a straighter leg or a bootcut. The flared jeans look great with the sweater in particular. I think sometimes it’s just what you get used to. I feel like the skinny jeans emphasize the rear end, hips and thighs – just the areas I don’t need to emphasize.

  59. Skinny jeans have been around for a while, so I like the change up of a new style. But I do love wearing my skinnies with boots. Try a pair of flares that are more fitted in the thighs. This way you get some of your skinny jean feel while styling the new trend. I have found if you (I mean me ?) have a bit of a booty or are well endowed, skinny jeans tend to draw attention to these parts. With flares, there is a more balanced look.

  60. I like the look with the sweater and blazer better than the tucked in plaid shirt. Without the blazer it just feels like it is a little unbalanced. I also think that a stacked or wedge bootie would go well. I would encourage you to keep trying on flare or boot cut jeans until you find a fit that you like more. Maybe you would feel better in a more fitted pair. But you always look nice and most importantly your beautiful smile radiates your beautiful heart that you share with us!

  61. Maybe I am the only one who remembers wearing flare jeans the FIRST time around! Like some other commenters, I am not a skinny jean fan. I have a narrow leg (but not skin tight) pair that I got from Chico’s that I like a lot.

  62. I’ve been hoping to see some flare jeans. So many of your outfits use skinny jeans, and I just can’t wear them. I think these flare jeans look great!

  63. Cyndi, I like them on you. I think you are just use to the skinny jeans for the past few years. I love the blazer for a work look. The plaid shirt and the sweater are good also for casual look. Don’t give up on them. 🙂

  64. Too funny, I have flared jeans on my blog today too. I styled them for REO Speedwagon concert. I love the chunky sweater version you’ve done here. The button up with blazer version shows how versatile they really can be. It’s nice to break out a,new Jean silhouette.

  65. I agree with many here. I am glad that flared jeans has come back in style. I have only a couple of pair of skinny jeans – I just don’t love them on me. Cyndi the flares look good on you and I would love to see you style more of them for us to see.

  66. I think you look good in everything you wear, Cyndi. However, I do agree with some of the others that these particular jeans look to be a tad big on you. I love skinny jeans as well, but I also like the boot cut jeans that I own. I think that boot cut jeans have the flair leg, but are tighter throughout the thighs and bootie, which is more flattering.

    I love your blog, and look forward to reading each one you write. Thanks so much for sharing your style, and kind positive words.

  67. Hi Cyndi,

    I ordered the necklace that you are wearing here with the ivory sweater. I really love it but it’s so much longer on me (almost to the bikini line). There isn’t a clasp on the necklace so it’s not easily shortened. Did you have to remove links from yours?


    1. Hey Marilyn, I was having the same problem. I like mine a little shorter. I don’t know if this makes sense but I tied a knot in the back to make it shorter. It works perfect!
      Hope that helps!

  68. I know exactly what you mean! I seem to feel more comfortable when I wear flats with them. Or very low heeled booties. That’s just me though. I think you did a very nice version of wearing them. More dressy look.

  69. I hope you don’t mind a suggestion… the outfit with the cream sweater is the most flattering for you. My suggestion is to put a lower heel so the pants are just a tad closer to the ground. This will make the pants and legs look longer. Your long necklace on the sweater also elongate the look. You are a beautiful lady and do a great job of styling things so I hope you don’t mind my input. I have been working with fashion for a gazillion years (and have a degree in fashion merchandising) and really love that flare pants are trending back in.

    1. I don’t mind you helping at all! I agree, I think the pants need to be closer to the ground. I think that’s what I’m not liking.

  70. The flared look doesn’t do anything for a short, 5’2″ woman with short legs. All of my height is in the upper part of my body. The flared pant or jean looks silly on me.

  71. I actually love these looks on you Cyndi! I like skinny jeans too, but the flared look is just really fun! I think you nailed it! I love your cream sweater too! Susan

  72. I love the comeback of the flare jean. But I have been seeing them almost brushing the ground, on lots of websites and blogger sites. So maybe try a slightly lower heel. They look great on you!

  73. I love the flare look but also like skinnies as well. I prefer the outfit with the sweater. Very cute. I’m not a fan of belt loops exposed and no belt, It doesn’t look fully dressed to me.

  74. The flare jeans look great on you especially with the fall sweater. You look ready for a nice evening out -its nice to have a change of pace from skinny jeans! 🙂

  75. You look lovely in flares but why do you feel you must embrace the trend? I like to wear them as I would trousers but I have decided I don’t need to follow trends I have to work to enjoy.

    1. Becky I don’t think I have to embrace every trend but this is one trend I like and I do try to share trends for women over 40 on my blog. 🙂 Styles that I think will work for women my age.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  76. I have two pairs of flares that I bought two and 3 years ago. I am thinking they are more of a staple than a trend, I love them, but I have broad shoulders and they give me balance. I have a faded pair that I wear with more boho type tops and wedge sandals (florida girl, boots are 2 months off) and my dark wash that are great with a sparkly date nite top and heels. Both my pairs are WHBM, Love their jeans! I love the sweater better, but the flares you have on look like they would be a great business casual jean. Love your blog!

  77. At my age, concerning flared pants, been there done that several times over the decades. You did pull these off really nicely, though! If I didn’t have an aversion from ‘too much’ in the past, (like the colors harvest gold and avocado green, so over done in the late 6o’s and all through the 70’s), I would try to duplicate what you pulled off so well. I’ll stick to my boot and mini boot cuts, but love seeing what you are doing. Keep up the good work!