Stylish and Comfortable Booties-Winter Fashion

It’s 25 Days of Winter Fashion! Today I’m styling a pair of stylish and comfortable booties from Nordstrom.

Many of you have emailed me and asked for a stylish bootie without a heel. These hush puppies definitely fit the bill.

I typically like a heel but to be honest when I styled these I fell in love with them. I will wear these booties a lot!


These booties have a worry-free suede protective coating already on them. That is so nice because you don’t have to spray them with a protective spray.

I’m wearing a sweater and scarf, both from Nordstrom. The sweater is still available but not in my color. They have a green color that would look good with the plaid scarf I’m wearing.

hush-puppie-booties-5The tasseled laces and contrast stitching keep these booties on-trend.

hush-puppie-booties-1My scarf is a square scarf. I folded it in half and put the point in the front, then I wrapped the ends around my neck and let them hang in the front. Super easy!

hush-puppie-booties-7If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable booties, Nordstrom has you covered with these hush puppies!

You can wear footies with these booties but as the weather gets colder, I’ll add socks. I think a navy or even tan sock would work with these booties.


What I’m Wearing

Sweater//Jeans (similar here)//Hush Puppie Bootie//Earrings//Watch//Scarf//Bracelet//Handbag

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~As I think about the Christmas season, I am always reminded that it’s not happy for everyone. I have been there. I understand. This quote by Max Lucado is a good reminder. 

“You’ll get through this. It won’t be painless. It won’t be quick. But God will use this mess for good. In the meantime don’t be foolish or naive. But don’t despair either. With God’s help you will get through this. You, who are torn between families? You, who are still grieving the loss of a precious friend, your loved family member? You, who are wondering if in this season of miracles yours may have been lost? Is it possible that God is using the trials of this season to strengthen you? I think so.”

Have a blessed day!

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  1. It’s Iron Bowl day here in Alabama! I can’t think of a single person in this state shopping today😊🏈🏈🏈 My family is gathering at my brother in laws lake house to watch the game in his “Man Cave” We are having lunch and snacks all afternoon! FUN!!!

  2. Cute outfit
    I have been eyeing your watch and finally bought it for my Hubby to give me Christmas Eve. 😊Understand I have plenty of watches but I love this one. Thx. B

  3. Cyndi, thanks so much for what you offer to so many- style and grace. I almost bought booties like this yesterday while my daughter, Glorian, and I were shopping. Do you have a solution that would help with not buying ourselves gifts while shopping for others? I did too much for myself. I always have this problem. May God’s blessings abound with you.

  4. Love this outfit and you look marvelous in it! Thanks for styling no-heel booties! I really appreciate it! Love them on you!

  5. Cyndi,
    Thank you for all the clothes ypu style for older women who want to look srylish yet modest. I order most everything you model.

    I appreciate the simplicity of the clothes and the quality and prices of most are affordable.

    Thank you for your blog as well. Some days it is exactly what I need.

    Have a blessed day

  6. Love this look, and yes, I am one of those who prefers a low heel or flats. Love the sweater too. Being middle aged I like sweaters that are loose and hid the dreaded middle age spread. Thanks for sharing this nice casual look.

  7. I am so glad you styled these! I have a few pair of jeans that are a little shorter, so I wear flats with them. But now that it’s getting colder here in Northeast PA, these booties would be a perfect alternative! Thank You & happy decoration shopping!

  8. Flat booties honestly never appealed to me until this year, but I am really loving them too! They have been such a practical solution for more casual days. Plus, I don’t feel so silly wearing them when it’s warmer here for some reason. 😉

  9. I bought these last year and love them…so glad to see that they are ok for women to wear too! I have seen them mostly for men.
    Thank you for your fashion help and have a great weekend!

  10. Oh no, I’m a little obsessed with these booties! Had a pair of hush puppies 20+ years ago and they were one of my favorithe pairs of shoes ever! Thanks Cindi! Darling as always!

  11. Thanks SO much for styling some low heeled booties for us!!! I do love the look of heels, but foot issues prevent me from wearing them. Thanks for finding these cute booties!

  12. I bought these a few months ago and can attest that they are very comfortable. Being Hush Puppies, they have a comfy padded insole. I’ve been asked by strangers where I bought my booties with the cute tassels. If in Canada, you can order thsm through Softmoc..
    You look cute and snugly warm, Cyndi.

  13. Very cute pair of Hush Puppies. I’m always for comfort and style at the same time and these are perfect!!
    Beautiful as always ! God Bless…. Have a great weekend!

  14. I recently saw these on another blog too. She loved them and said they were very comfortable. They seem like a nice option for a flat bootie, and I really like how they already have a protective coating on the suede. The color you are wearing is a great neutral! -Melissa

  15. Yes, this is a lovely look and is very cosy and comfy for this time of year. I love the colours and this outfit looks great on you. More flats please!

  16. ❤️ LOVE that quote! My mother died in Christmas Day 2003. She got to spend that as her first Christmas in heaven that year. I will always miss her, especially Christmas Day. Love your outfit today. All of it is so cute!

    1. I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and love. And I,m sure your mothers Christmases are amazing in heaven.

  17. Your outfit is so pretty. I love everything about it. I’m not a tall person so I like a heel too but sometimes it’s not practical and you still want to look put together. The booties are very nice. My dad has been gone now 13 years and my mom two years but the holidays are still emotional for me. I have such wonderful memories but miss them still. Wishing you and family a very blessed Christmas.

  18. Oh Cyndi,

    Perfect timing for your “Beauty from the Heart”! I needed this message and have shared it with others. (Hope that was ok-I credited your blog.) I just felt the need to share since I know I’m not the only one who could use the encouragement.

  19. I love today’s look! I really appreciate the Max Lucado quote as I need it during this holiday season. Thank you for beautiful message you share in your blog.

  20. I really needed to hear this from Max Lucado, I’ve read how you miss your mom, and I never thought I would be saying this right now, I lost my mother Oct. 13th, I still can’t believe it, I miss my mother so much! Anyone reading this I would appreciate your prayers.

    1. Hi Debbie i just prayed a special prayer for you. My mom passed ayear ago July. And yes its very sad. My husband passed away too. I used to say i lost him but the truth is they are not lost, we know exactly where they are, in heaven with our Savior. I have to think about it like that to get thru each day. We will be back with them and hope makes that possible. Love ya!! Dee

      1. Thank you for the prayers Dee, you’re right, I think about what my mother is doing with Jesus each day and how happy she must be, it is a comfort knowing she is in heaven, but I do miss her so much! I’m so very sorry about your mother and husband. God bless you Dee!

  21. That is a great outfit for running errands. And the shoes are perfect. I love a heel because at 5’2 I need all the height I can get, but if I’m busy- out and about I prefer a lower heel- not totally flat because that has other issues.
    Beauty for the heart today is beautiful. I miss my mom everyday, but the holidays are the toughest. She was only 56 when she died and the closer I get to that age I realize how young she was.
    Hope you found a wreath- would love to see some of your decorations.

  22. Very cute! Comfort is the #1 priority for footwear.
    For something different I put up a white wreath this year. Bought a styrofoam wreath and wrapped Fun Fur around a miilion times, add a bow and looks great.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  23. Hi! I love your style, love this outfit, and really love the bag! Where can I find it? Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!