Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Hi ladies! I’m continuing with athletic wear, and I’ve got another outfit from Amazon. Amazon Essentials is a go-to brand for me, and I’m wearing the Tech Stretch Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt.

If you like to wear sleeves when working out, this is a good option at an excellent price point. Plus, they come in a ton of colors!

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

My leggings are 90 Degree By Reflex from Amazon. They have a stretchy high rise elastic waistband that will gently compress your midsection. I love high waisted leggings.

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

These New Balance sneakers are stylish and comfortable.

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Make sure you check out all the Amazon Essential items. There have lots of good quality, basic pieces.

Stylish Athletic Wear and Lemon Essential Oil

Tech Stretch Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (I’m wearing a small)// 90 Degree By Reflex leggings (I’m wearing a small)// New Balance Sneakers// Under Armor No Show Socks// Mila Medium-Impact Sports Bra// Apple Watch


One thing I love to add to my water is one to two drops of Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body, and it’s widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, and fight bacteria and fungi.

This is a powerhouse essential oil that is inexpensive. I add a drop to a cup of hot water every morning. (Make sure you use a good quality essential oil. I use Young Living essential oils.)

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Beauty For the Heart~~Ephesians 4:29 (TPT) says, And never let ugly or hateful words come from your mouth, but instead let your words become beautiful gifts that encourage others; do this by speaking words of grace to help them.

Oh, that we would take this verse to heart! Today, ask the Lord to help you guard your words. Before you speak, ask yourself the following questions:

-Does this need to be said?

-Am I saying this out of anger?

-Is this something Jesus would want me to say?

Have a blessed day!


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    1. I love your blog and fashion ideas. Do you have any alternates to legging for workout? I keep puttong off buying new workout clothes because leggings are not flattering on me and honestly not on a lot of women our age that I see wearing them. They look great on you however. 🙂

  1. Love the beauty from the heart today. So good to remember this as we go through our challenges during the day! I have tried a few amazon essentials and like the leggings!
    I did not know you could add the YL lemon to a drink! I Have the YL oil. I thought it could only be used topically? Good to know!

  2. Cute workout, I’m a fan of amazon. Cyni I subscribe to your sisters blog but haven’t received andthing from her. Would you please give her my email address. Along with fashion, I love to decorate 🙂 thanks, have a blessed day.

  3. WOW! You have a busy day, and yes, although daunting to meet with financial people, and putting together a will, it’s those things that help us sleep better at night :).
    Very interested in the cabinet process – my daughter wants hers painted and because I’ve done in before I told her to hire someone – LOL – it’s worth every penny they charge because cabinets are a beast and if not done right, well, they’ll just never be right.
    Question on the tennis shoes – are they TTS? I need a new white pair that isn’t “mom” looking and these are super cute!
    BFTH – spot on! I have that saying posted at my desk at work because there are days….:)

    1. Cyndi
      Please send an email address for your sister’s blog.
      Love your blog. Fashions are great and the BFTH is always so inspiring.


    1. Thank you again Cyndi for sharing your life with us, for being transparent and for encouraging us to take the high road! Blessings today as you work on those numbers! 😀

      1. Hello lovely ladies!
        Great job Cyndi with getting a will done and meeting with your financial advisor! I work for an advisor and it’s much better to pre-plan, than wait until later.
        Thank you for the athletic wear options. I recently started Faster Way to Fat Loss and have been doing the workouts after many years of inactivity. I haven’t worn leggings yet. (I know, I’m behind the times) I still need to get more confidence.

    2. Cyndi
      Please send an email address for your sister’s blog.
      Love your blog. Fashions are great and the BFTH is always so inspiring.


  4. I’m always on the hunt for great yoga outfits at a good price point. These seem to fit the bill. However, when I looked at reviews, some said that the leggings were thin and see-through. Some said they were perfect. Maybe I need to quit reading reviews, LOL! Cindy, these did not seem that way on you. Are there some colors to avoid? Thanks!

  5. I love high waisted leggings too. I ordered these. Thanks, Cyndi! Good luck with the financial guy. I’m not a numbers girl either.

  6. Have you ever tried Old Navy activewear? I find that they have well made tights. Also, are you still taking the Apple cider gummies? I’m wondering how you lie like them and have you noticed any health benefits?

  7. Cyndi
    You are so inspiring to me. I’ve been following you for several years now and have become closer to God because of you. Please keep doing your goodness and I hope the Lord blesses you beyond your dreams.

  8. Looking good, Cyndi! I put a pair of legging in my cart but was wondering if you, or your readers/subscribers, know where I might be able to find Petite length leggings? I always seem to buy the capri length because I can’t seem to find full length ones for folks under 5’2″. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    1. Casey, I buy most of my pants from Talbot’s – when they are on sale. I am 5’2″ and long-waisted, so short legs. Their inseams for petite are usually around 25.5-26.5. They also have petite curvy which works great for me since my hips are so much wider than my waist. I size down. They have some leggings on sale right now. Hope this helps. Susan

  9. Boy, your hair is long and is that a new hair color, very striking. You are a busy, busy girl. Any dress suggestions for 2 spring weddings in Central California? April 25th, my niece is getting married and a week later, May 2nd, my son is getting married. I’m already exhausted.

  10. I agree, the work on a will is a rather depressing thing but you will be glad once it is done.

    Thanks for more good work out wear ideas from Amazon. I also would love to hear more about what you decide with your cabinets.

    Great BFTH.

  11. Yes. Would love to see before and after pictures of the kitchen. I’m thinking about painting our kitchen table. Just purchased new black leggings yesterday. I need to try on in order to get the right length as I’m 5’3 and most are too long and beg . Found a pair at Marshall’s 😊
    Thanks for your BFTH

  12. I needed your Beauty for the Heart today. Thank you for sharing that.
    And I’m always up for home decor and renovations! So please share!