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Summer Fashion-Black Jumper

For some reason when I count the days out on my blog, it makes the month go even faster. I can’t believe it’s already Day 9 of my 31 days of summer fashion. Yikes!

I told you yesterday that I’m heading to Atlanta tomorrow for the Haven Conference. We have a couple of events in the evenings and I’m trying to figure out what I want to wear.

Here’s an option and I would love your input. I’ve been wanting to wear a jumper and I recently found this one at Macy’s.

Summer Fashion-Black JumperThe brand is Ellen Tracy. I’ve only purchased this brand one other time but I will tell you it runs big. So purchase a smaller size than what you normally wear.

Summer Fashion-Black JumperI’m thinking I need a dressier wedge heel. Hmmm. I would wear my long gold necklace but because of the zipper I don’t think that will work.

Summer Fashion-Black Jumper

I would love to hear your suggestions. How would you style this black jumper?

Beauty For the Heart~~I’m reading through the New Testament right now but I also read from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young some days. I loved one of the scriptures she shared for today.

It reminded me of what I said yesterday…….. [Tweet “His word is life to my soul.”]

The scripture from today’s devotion is Deuteronomy 30:20, and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is YOUR LIFE.

He is LIFE! Cling to Him!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I think it would be great to wear at the conference. I bought two black jumpsuits (that’s what I call them) at NY & Co. I’m wearing gold jewelry with them and I found a great pair of black/gold/leopard sandals. Some people don’t like jumpsuits for going to the potty…I don’t think it is a big deal to maneuver 🙂

  2. I love this jumpsuit! I have been wanting one, too but I’m afraid I am too short. I see why you are questioning the wedge. They look good but the material isn’t as “fancy.” You could look for a dressier pair or even wear black heels. Closed toe shoes look good with jumpers, too! 🙂

  3. I love the jumpsuit! It’s super cute on you. I love the idea of leopard sandals. I think they would be great with the gold on the jumpsuit!

  4. I would use a colorful silk scarf as a belt. I think that would define your waist and add color. You could keep it more neutral (leopard print) or use a scarf with vibrant colors for a real pop! I have a solid colored dress that I’ve worn this way and received many compliments. Love your earrings!

  5. I like the idea of a scarf-belt. I also think stacking some bracelets on your right arm and wearing gold shoes rather than black would be an option. Jumpsuits were very in-style when I was in college in the 70s! I sewed one for myself because it was hard to find one to fit a tall frame without being uncomfortable. Everything comes back in style over time!

  6. I may buy the jumpsuit myself. I am a pearl girl. To me, the gold is in the suit. I would wear some chunky pearls or a necklace that screams!

  7. The jumpsuit looks great on you! I would wear dressier shoes. I have some black patent sandal wedges that would look great. Chunky pearls at the neck or just your simple gold necklace. Stacked bracelets would be fun as would a clutch with some punch of color.

  8. I loved them in the 70’s! Haven’t tried any on this time around, but this looks great on you. Enjoy!

  9. The circle shape of the necklace you’re wearing with the circle zipper clasp looks confusing to me . I really think you need some color somewhere or some cap sleeve or short sleeve. Definitely different color shoe. For me it’s a bit overwhelming with the solid black plus sleeveless. Difficult piece.

  10. Love the jumpsuit on you and for the conference…you definitely need a different shoe, one that has gold accents to match the gold zipper. I would also put on a gold accented belt. Love the earrings but would do a chunkier gold necklace. Hope that helps. 🙂

  11. I would not wear necklace. The gold zipper is enough. You’ve got great gold statement earrings on. I would wear strappy gold sandals and a few more gold bracelets. The gold and black is classic and timeless and the jumpsuit is a statement in itself.

  12. I love how you have styled this, do you have a gold wedge? That would look great to me especially with the gold jewelry. So cute!

  13. This jumpsuit is so cute, don’t know how I missed it. It definitely needs some color and a belt. I love turquoise with black and usually get positive feedback with that combo. I personally would not use a scarf as a belt because I think it can look a little frumpy/dated, but a scarf in lieu of a necklace might work. Please post a pic of the final styleing.

  14. With the huge earrings you are wearing, I think the round necklace can go. I agree that it is too much with the round zipper. I would not wear a scarf as a belt, but would choose different shoes!

  15. I think the jumper looks amazing on you. Not everyone can wear this but you pull it off. The gold accents are just right. I think it’s perfect as is.

  16. I agree with a dressier shoe and a colorful scarf as a belt. It needs color. Looks great on you Cyndi 🙂

  17. You look amazing in this jumpsuit (that’s what we called them in the 1970s and I remember also wearing a black and white one in 1990). But my jumper/jumpsuit days are over! Whatever accessories you wear with this will be great!

  18. Love the jumpsuit on you! Black and gold are perfect for a night time. When I choose not to wear a necklace I usually do bigger earrings. Love stacking gold braclets also. I think a different wedge shoe would dress it up a bit or a strappy heel . Don’t like the idea of a scarf belt. If you have a slim leopard one you could try that but I think you look darling without. A fun colored clutch ( coral/ orange / turquoise ) would make the outfit! Have a wonderful time!

  19. super cute jumpsuit! I would add a bright pop of color in a small belt and a necklace that sits on your collar bone.

  20. My first thought is a short necklace with black and gold to tie it all in but no scarf belt.

  21. That jumpsuit looks perfect for your event, but I agree with previous posters who said the necklace is getting in the way of the zipper. A belt with a gold accent might also work well. I don’t agree that some color is mandatory – black and gold works well for a dressy-casual evening event. I think your cute gold sandals might work with this, if they wouldn’t make the pants too long. Can’t wait to see your final look!

  22. I think since this is going to be in the evening you could put a short sleeve jacket with it maybe cobalt blue or a red. Maybe a dressier sandal or pump. You look great! Thanks for sharing with us.

  23. Great ideas although I think it is fine as is. I think adding a leopard print or bright colored clutch would be enough. I love black and gold. It always looks classy!

  24. Definitely a colored belt…almost any color would be nice…then can add some of that same color in your accessories !

  25. I too would wear some type of “belt”, put a pair of pumps or heels with this and it will help dress it up. It makes you look tall and slim.

  26. First I’d do away with the necklace. It’s competing with the zipper and also looks too small in comparison to the size of the earrings. Those are enough unless you add more bracelets. I like the way Macy’s has it zipped all the way up. You’ve got it down a bit with an extra tank under which personally I think is unnecessary. It muddies up the neck and armhole fit.

    Add a dressier shoe, possibly a belt and maybe a short dressyish jacket and you’re good to go.

  27. I think a 2-2 1/2″ black belt would look great, to accent your waist but not break up the long line of the jumper. I would add a stack of bracelets and maybe a higher heel, open toe shoe, whether a wedge or not. Love black jumpers! 🙂 I don’t have one yet, but maybe soon. Have fun at the conference.

  28. Statement earrings; no necklace. Black patent sling-back heels, or leopard print strappy sandals. The pant-legs should be hemmed to they just grace the crown of your arch. Colorful print shawl. Stacked bracelets (black, gold, and leopard print). Clutch handbag in one of the colors of the print shawl.

  29. Darling jumpsuit. Stay away from gold accessories altogether as there is enough gold in the zipper. Wear large, bold colored earrings and stack bracelets perhaps in a coral or teal. No necklace is needed with the zipper. A pair of black strappy heels would bring femininity to the outfit. Carry a clutch handbag perhaps with some color in it to bring out the accessories. I would not belt the jumpsuit at all unless it was black. Have fun at your conference!

  30. Well it looks like you have quite a few suggestions here Cyndi so wishing you luck deciding what changes you are going to make. I know whatever you decide, it will look very cute. I hope you share a photo of your final outfit !! Have fun supporting your sister and enjoy the conference.

  31. I dont really like it on you. looks too big or something. You look better in more tailored. I do too!!!

  32. Ok… Could you BE any cuter!??!!! I LOVE it on you! It’s classy, with a bit of punch. Maybe a scarf around the waist, if you would like to introduce color. You could even do the scarf in a triangle so to speak. So part of the scarf is longer on one hip than it is on the other hip. (Hope that makes sense) Maybe throw on a bracelet and you’re good-to-go! I just adore it on you. 🙂

  33. I think you put together another great outfit. Add some color by adding bracelets and changing shoes.

  34. What a great look on you! I would omit the necklace and keep the earrings. Dress up the shoes but I’m on the fence about the waist. I feel like maybe you could add a pop of color here but I wonder if a thin colored belt would clash with the zippered top. You should take pics from everyone suggestions and have us vote on them.

  35. So cute on you! Did you hem it because I always find things that are one piece too long.

    I think a bracelet more than a necklace – the zipper is enough.

    Also take a scarf or sweater you will freeze in the conference room!


  36. I would definitely wear a dressier shoe and maybe a colorful, short jacket to liven up the color a bit. Simple jewelry and you’ll be good to go!