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Summer Fashion-Business Casual

Happy hump day! It’s day 2, of my 31 days of summer fashion. Several of you mentioned “business casual” outfits so that’s what I’m sharing today.

I think there’s a difference between business attire and business casual attire. If you work in an office that is business attire, you would probably not want to wear the wedge heels.

Summer Fashion-Business CasualMy black and white top I received in my June Golden Tote.

Summer Fashion-Business CasualMy black ankle pants are from JCPenney’s.

Summer Fashion-Business Casual
My wedge heels are Lauren by Ralph Lauren from Macy’s.

Summer Fashion-Business CasualI love a comfortable outfit for summer!

Summer Fashion-Business Casual
Do you think there’s a difference between business attire and business casual attire? 

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Well, I am a SAHM ,but from my expereince I’d say closed toe shoes are more approrpriate in most offices, but we have gone more casual as a society… I love this outfit and am missing my wedges due to my broken toe…Perhaps by July I can indulge again…

  2. I work in an office that is “business casual” attire. We allow ankle pants, open toed shoes, and casual tops. From my experience “business attire” usually requires a jacket for both men and women, a shirt or blouse with a collar, a tie for men, and closed toed shoes and panty hose for women.

  3. Definitely a difference between business attire and business casual attire. I’ve worked at the corporate office of a bank for the last 13 years and those definitions have certainly changed over time–A LOT. I’ve seen some people wearing juicy sweatpants to work! Certainly that is a casual attire and not business at all.
    When I first started working, you couldn’t wear open toe shoes, you had to wear pantyhose and no sleeveless tops. We didn’t necessarily wear suits all the time, but it definitely was conservative.
    Now, some people take business casual to even mean jeans and tennis shoes, but our group usually means you don’t need a suit, but you still need to wear dress clothes but allow sleeveless tops and open toe shoes.
    I would wear the outfit you have to work on business casual day, but probably on a more relaxed day like Friday. It’s really cute, by the way!

  4. I agree with what others have stated, but will say that generally those in upper management dress more conservatively. The “Dress for Success’ maxim still survives to a degree. Having worked in a very creative field, however, the standards are much more relaxed , but across different lines. Unique and artistic rule the day (unless one works in the business office;)). Maybe a sweatsuit, but only if it’s retro/vintage!

  5. I think there is definitely a difference and I agree with the others, that sometimes business “casual” gets taken to the extreme. The office where I work allows pretty casual attire (i.e. – khakis, polos, sandals for women, etc) even for the management staff. It does allow for a more comfortable working environment, which is nice because we work a compressed work week. I love the outfit you shared today Cyndi! It is so my style and would be totally appropriate at my workplace. Thx!

  6. most businesses I am acquainted with disallow open toes and open back shoes with safety issues being the driving force. If any article of apparel does not pass on safety drills it is out. I guess it is better to find out in a drill than the real deal.
    I so like the outfit today.

  7. It depends on the company’s dress code and how they interpret business attire and business casual. I work for a company that tends more toward business attire, but we can wear open-toed sandals and shoes (as long as they’re “dressy”.

  8. Hi Cyndi, You look polished casual in that darling outfit! Love it all. I have always thought that business attire was a bit more “dressed” than business casual. In my son’s office, I always notice that the administrative assistants and paralegals wear more of a “nice” business casual look and seem very appropriately dressed. The women attorneys, however, almost always have on a jacket with trousers or skirt or a nice traditional looking dress . I’ve never seen any of them in open toe shoes or trendy jewelry. Now then, my sister is the admin. asst. to the dean of the medical school here at the University of Missouri and she dresses in what I would call polished business casual. I guess it is probably up to the dress code of the business or how women feel most comfortable dressing.

  9. That exactly the type of outfit I want for a casual speaking opportunity I have this month. What are you wearing under it? It appears to be a camisole but I know it gets hot in Kentucky like it does in Texas. How do you layer for modesty and remain cool?

  10. Very cute outfit Cyndi. Someone in a more structured office could just switch out the shoes for black pumps. I love it the way you are showing it. 🙂

  11. I wish I could wear this to work everyday! I have to wear skirts/dresses/slacks 🙁 Maybe on casual friday I could get away with this outfit!