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Summer Fashion-Striped Dress

It’s Day 10 of 31 Days of summer fashion. Today’s post is going to be brief because I’m headed to Atlanta this morning.

This striped dress was in a Stitch fix box several months ago and I’ve been dying to wear it, so I’m pulling it out for the Haven Conference.

Summer Fashion-Striped DressWe talked about these wedges yesterday and I’m not loving them with this dress. I have another pair of dressier wedges but my daughter has them. I’m picking them up on my way out of town. Nothing like being last minute!

Summer Fashion-Striped Dress
So besides needing a dressier pair of shoes, don’t you think the dress is cute? It’s different, which is what I love about Stitch Fix.

Also, thanks for all the advice on my outfit yesterday. You all are awesome! I think I have a chunky necklace that’s going to work. I would love to add leopard print at some point but I don’t have time to get it for this weekend.

I’ll be sharing a lot of pictures on Instagram over the next few days, if you would like to follow along you can look up cyndi spivey!

Beauty For the Heart~~Would you all mind praying for my safety today as I travel. I would really appreciate it!

Lord, hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for your favor. Psalm 86:6

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Oh my, I love love love that dress and you look amazing in it!! My first shipment of stitch fix should be coming this next week and I can’t wait to see my goodies.

    Prayers for you and your travels and have fun, I will be looking for pictures!!

  2. Love, love love this dress. Very flattering. Praying for safety and God’s precious peace for you.

  3. The dress is really cute on you and the wedges are fine, although a little dressier wouldn’t hurt. It may just be my preference (a friend says I channel Carmen Miranda), but I think it would really make a statement to play off the mint stripe in the dress with shoes and/or accessories. I also love mint (this year). Have a fun and safe trip.

  4. One of my absolute favourites!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It’s very flattering on your bodytype, as well and I really like how you’ve styled it. The shoes are perfect! Sometimes I don’t like everything all formal. It’s the mix that keeps it vibrant, not that the shoes are TOO casual. Not at all. Maybe a mint bag in the future, but you don’t have to get all matchy.

  5. Love everything about this dress. Adorable. I’m so happy that you are able to attend Haven this weekend. I was supposed to go but my day job (where I travel a lot) has called me out of town beginning Sunday. Hopefully next year. Anyway, have a wonderful time. Blessings to you!

  6. LOVE THE DRESS!!!!!!!! Love the beauty for the heart. Scripture is so amazing, it can speak directly to our soul.

  7. Cyndi, girl, you could wear a glad trashbag and make it look gorgeous! Love the dress, the hair, the make-up, and yes, the shoes too. Have fun at the conference!

  8. This is a really pretty dress. I love the style on you. Just gorgeous! Prying for you to have a safe trip.

  9. I love that dress! Maybe I could understand your comment about the shoes if I saw what you wanted to put with it but those wedges look good. Prayers said for safe travels – enjoy your conference.

  10. The dress looks great on you. I love the sheath dress but sometimes they can run on the snug side.