Summer Fashion Trends

Since my 25 Days of Summer Fashion starts this Thursday, I thought we would talk about summer fashion trends. Most of these will not surprise you because they go hand in hand with spring trends.

Summer Fashion Trends

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Here are some of my favorite Summer Fashion Trends.

1.Espadrilles. Espadrilles are one of my all time favorite shoes. Lace-ups, flats, or wedges, there’s something so summery about espadrilles and they’re usually super comfortable.
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2. Straw bags. I love a good straw bag in the summer, and this year they are super trendy and a must have. They add that beach, summer-time flare to any outfit, and their neutral tone helps them look good with everything.
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3. Mules. These are starting to grow on me. I have several pair’s of mules and I love the comfort that they offer. I also like the ease of slipping them on and off.
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4. Off-shoulder. I love wearing off the shoulder on a date night. Dresses are easy, and off-shoulder tops look great with jeans, short, and even skirts!
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5. Tassels. We have talked about this before but in case you haven’t noticed, tassels are everywhere. They’re on clothes, shoes, earrings and even handbags. I think this is such a fun trend and so cute for summer.
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I’m so excited to style some summer fashion over the next few weeks. They have already started putting summer clothes and accessories on sale, especially with Memorial Weekend coming up.

What are your favorite trends this summer?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I think we are all heartbroken over the latest terrorist attack in Britain. It’s hard for me to believe how any one would want to hurt children.

Let’s remember to pray for the families that have lost loved ones and also those that witnessed the horrific attack. Many of these children will suffer from the things they saw after the attack.

Have a blessed day and hug your loved ones tight!

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  1. I have been loving the OFT shirts now that I finally found a strapless bra. But I realize some women don’t want to try them. Like my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and my stepmom (the 60+ model). Maybe I can twist their arms later in the summer!!
    But the tassels are my favorites—they just make me smile!

  2. I pin my bra straps to the sides of the off shoulder trends. So far it works perfectly and I don’t worry about the strapless bra issues!

  3. I love the Off the Shoulder style, but I have a hard time with it even with a good strapless bra, because I am large busted. Many of the shirts don’t hang right….boo

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    Some great pieces, however, over here in Britain, we are all so devastated with the horrifying terrorist attack
    in Manchester. Children all enjoying a pop concert, such a senseless act. Thank you for your kind thoughts. We need to pray and think of all those affected.
    Nicky xx

    1. Nicky, I have been praying for the victim’s families after the horrific events at Manchester! Please be assured that Americans are broken hearted and praying…

      1. Aww thank you Sandi, there’s no getting away from it today, it’s on all news channels, radio etc. They say tonight the youngest victim was just 8 years old, attending her first pop concert. We know our American friends are very supportive towards us, as we are to you at these dreadful times.
        Nicky 😥

  5. I love the tassels and the straw bags! I probably won’t do the off shoulder trend. I like it on younger women but not for someone like me in my 60’s.

  6. I love the off shoulder trend as well but I’m STILL struggling to find the right strapless:( Someday maybe!

    1. Awhile back Jolynnn styled or I should say talked about a strapless bra from Nordstroms and it is awesome. I was skeptical, but it stays in place and offers great support.

  7. Love the off the shoulder look although I keep mine up unless I’m on a date night or on a trip 😊 I feel the same way about Hobby Lobby! All their fall is out at my store and they were putting the Christmas ribbon out yesterday! So crazy to me! 🙈

  8. I really like the straw bags (great for the beach) and the espadrilles. Both are great. However I do not like the off the shoulder. I personally could not wear them, it is not because of my age or body, but I don’t want to encourage men to have wrong thoughts by showing so much skin. My body is a testimony of Christ. Just my thoughts and convictions.

  9. I am so upset that evil people would deliberately target children. My heart goes out to the people of Manchester!! I have been praying all day for parents whose children did not come home…💔

  10. I’m not sure what my favorites are. I’m not an off the shoulder lover but I do like espadrilles. I feel like the pom poms and tassels are too cutesy but I do like them.
    After much debating, I signed up for the Faster Way to Fat Loss. It’s a splurge for me but my thighs finally gave me the much needed umph to do it. I hope to tone them so I’ll be more comfortable this summer. Are you doing this session Cyndi?

    Saying prayers for those in Manchester. I live near Boston and when we had the Marathon Bombing, it was just horrible.

  11. Love the tassel look! I hope it trends for a while. It really adds a fun factor to clothes and accessories.

    I’m not a fan of the off the shoulder look. I haven’t found one that is comfortable and stays in places. I don’t like to fuss with my clothes. So…I’ll leave that one.

    The espadrilles and straw purses scream summer. i have the bag, now to find a pair of sandals that are comfy.

    Putting fall in stores when we’re just coming into summer is crazy. It seems every year it’s getting earlier. Why?

  12. As our summers are becoming hotter, I gravitate to cute casual dresses. Just so easy to throw on and dress up or down. I’m not into shorts except maybe around the house. Once I hit my 40’s dresses or skorts seemed more appropriate. And yes it won’t be long and snow suits and Christmas trees will be in the stores just wait haha !! Everything is too rushed and summers are too short!! Love the straw bags I will have to look for one😉. God bless and our thoughts and prayers are with those in Manchester.

  13. I love all the trends but I like the cold shoulder tops better than off the shoulder. My go to is a maxi dress and I have several. I hope to see you styling one in you 25 days of summer series.

  14. Love to see the trends. I do not like the off the shoulder trend at all. I hope to see your guys style summer shirts and dresses leaving that out and the cold shoulder out too, since there was a lot of it in the Spring fashions. Just me. 🙂 I love the tassels and straw bags. I almost got a straw bag the other day. Will have to check out the ones you posted. Thanks Cyndi for all your hard work to give us fun. 🙂 Love to open your emails. Looking forward to summer styles. I can’t believe you are seeing Fall out already. Fall is my favorite time of year but not until Sept. 1 Ha Ha Yes…..we all need to pray for the kids and families. So sad.

  15. Cute ideas & trends! I bought a cute cut out shoulder dress with lacing at the neckline & tassels on the strings that is edged in something like eyelet. It is blue chambray so casual. Love the variety this year!

  16. I really like mules and I need to know where to find a pair for narrow feet. I slide right through most of them!
    I sent a cute pair back to Nordstrom yesterday, because they were too wide.
    Anyone know where some cute, low to medium heel mules for narrow feet can be found?
    A stretchy tight band across the foot would help!

  17. I love the straw bags you featured. I don’t need know if it’s the blog site or my phone, but I can’t link to any of the items. Any chance you can provide the links to the straw bags? Two of them are exactly what I’m looking for!

    For what’s it’s worth, I love off the shoulder dresses and tops. They allow me to participate in the trend without being too bare.

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Hi Monica!
      If you click any of those pictures, they will take you directly to the site where you can purchase them. Hope that helps!!