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Summer Fashion-Why I Dress The Way I Do

Happy 1st day of August! I’ve had so much fun with you all over the last 31 days sharing summer fashion. To be honest, it felt weird not posting an outfit picture today.

31 Days of Summer Fashion

Here’s a recap of my 31 days of Summer Fashion. Some of the outfits I loved and some were just so-so.

31 days 3
31 days 2

31 days
31 days 4
A couple of you mentioned in your comments, you would like to see some more figure flattering pieces. I took note of that and will try to add more of those to my wardrobe. There’s always room for improvement!

I’m not a person that believes I have to cover myself head to toe. I don’t mind showing my legs, my arms, my knees, or my shoulders and I don’t have a problem wearing something that accentuates my waist.

But….I don’t show my cleavage or my stomach and I don’t wear skirts that are extremely short. There are certain things that are for my husband’s eyes only.

To be honest, when I see an older woman showing too much skin, I cringe. I don’t think it’s needed. You can look cute and classy and not show your breasts or your behind. That’s my opinion.

The one person that comes to my mind that dresses elegant and classy, and she’s much younger, is Kate Middleton. I wish I had her figure!

I love this quote:


I hope that gives you some insight into how I like to dress. I always appreciate your honesty and your opinions.

I also wanted to share with you my new Pinterest board. It’s titled, “What To Wear Now & Into Fall.” I’d love for yo to follow along!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I LOVE your definition of classy! Accentuating the positive parts of our figures is one thing…revealing is another! It’s just tacky to show too much! I think one of the greatest compliments is to be described as “classy”…..which you obviously are!! 🙂 My son is getting married this weekend!! The dress I am wearing has been described by my close friends as “elegantly classy”…. Love it!! Now I’m ready for wedding festivities!!!

  2. Love your outfit posts. And, could not agree more. I don’t think it is just adults however that need to pay closer attention. I cringe when I see young girls, teens, college age students dressing with too much showing. Since when did sports bras and camis become outer garments? Why do we feel it necessary to show that off to anyone other than our spouse? When I see someone dressed like that to me it screams “I need/want/crave attention.” Sad. Love the quote.

  3. You have a great sense of style and I love to see what you’re wearing. I hate to shop and pick out clothes for myself and your posts give me great ideas of what to look for. And I think all these outfits are “flattering”. Thanks for sharing.

  4. No need for you to want Kate Middleton’s figure – you are just fine in the beautiful body that God has given you!

  5. Cyndi, I agree whole-heartedly on the philosophy of modesty! It should apply to all women, not just us older ones. Women need to have more respect for themselves/ their bodies AND consideration towards the opposite sex. We know that males have a visual stimulation and by practicing modesty we are showing them respect as well (and of course, God). I love your style and appreciate what you do. It helps me to keep up with current fashion that is also appropriate. God bless you and have a super weekend! I cannot believe it is already August!

  6. I agree with you 100%. Honestly, I think you dress perfectly—trendy, classy, age-appropriate all at the same time.

  7. In my humble opinion, there is no reason a woman has to ‘show off’ her private parts in public. A woman’s form can be beautifully covered and still be attractive. I agree, cleavage, stomach and bottom should be for her husbands eyes only. Confidence in a woman trumps skin any day of the week.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly on what should be shown when dressing! I am one of those who commented that I’d like to see you in more form-fitting outfits. Form fitting is NOT the same as sleazy! The one outfit you posted that would be an example of what I meant is the navy shorts with yellow sweater. That is absolutely my favorite of the group! It accentuates your assets with out exposing a thing! As a mother of 4 boys ages 27-21, I agree that how SOME girls dress today is appalling. Thankfully, the girls my boys date have not fallen into that category

  9. I agree with you completely Cyndi. I think what you wear is modest and flattering at the same time. Some of the outfits are figure flattering, some are flattering colors, etc. , but something about each outfit is flattering. Most importantly you are classy, trendy, and age appropriate all at the same time. You have to wear what makes you feel good. Everyone is built different and has different things that flatter their shape. I am an hourglass, so I can’t wear some of what you wear, it just doesnt’ work for me. However, I can wear the same color combos with different pieces and still feel great. I have learned a lot from following you. It has opened up a whole new world of outfits for me. Thank you for that.

  10. I agree and don’t ever show cleavage or my behind. I like to dress stylish and want everyone to say that I am a classy lady….that comes from the way you dress as well as the way you carry yourself and speak to others. I love your posts and get alot of ideas from you as well, thank you for sharing.

  11. I attended a meeting last week, and our presenter had her back to us as we were coming in while she set up her computer. Very nice figure, slim, very short skirt and hair down to her waist. I assumed she was in her 20s or early 30s. When she turned around, it was almost a shock to see her face which revealed a woman in her 50s with very thick make-up. The contrast was almost shocking. I couldn’t help but think of posts on this site, and my opinion was that she could have been an attractive woman, but her choices made her look far less lovely. It almost elicited a feeling of pity for her. Clearly, we often don’t see ourselves as others see us! This comment doesn’t refer to any particular post; just a general statement.

  12. Cyndi, you are so beautiful and such an inspiration to me! I have just turned 41 and realized I needed some good ideas on how to look cute, classy and not outdated. Your posts are the perfect place for me to go for great ideas! I just have to say that your choices ALWAYS flatter you and there is no need to find more “figure flattering” outfits. That is a euphemism for dressing sexier and more provocatively. There are plenty of resources out there if someone wants to show off her body. There are precious few resources like yours for those of us who don’t want to flaunt our bodies, but just want to look cute, modern, and classy. So keep up what you are doing – please don’t change! And no need to look like Kate Middleton – you are beautiful just the way you are.

  13. I also don’t like to wear short skirts, to show cleavage or stomach. I appreciate your modest exploration of fashion and I think you always look beautiful.


  14. I ascribe to your philosophy entirely and only wish more people, and young ones especially, did so. Kate Middleton is a wonderful example for young people! (My daughter adores her). I hate how a certain reality show family is always being touted in the news for their revealing style!

  15. Your explanation of what you won’t wear reminds me that when our son was in middle school he had a very young youth minister. His wife cautioned the young ladies over and over and over again not to show off their bodies. She drilled into them that a young man should fall in love with their minds and hearts. They will always have those things but possibly not their figures. Such true words. Looking back the red dress with the blue on the bottom just might be my favorite. So classy and eye-popping. Great job this month.

  16. Wonderful month of wonderfully flattering and classy outfits from an inspiring
    lady who uses Christ-like thoughts to guide even the way she dresses! Thank you Cyndi!!! Blessings Krista

  17. I very much agree with you Cyndi!! I don’t think any woman, young or older should be showing too much skin. It isn’t flattering on anyone in my opinion. I appreciate your take on modesty & looking classy! Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. I’m confused! How is sexy and provocative figure flattering? I think you meant to say that they are opposites. Otherwise you are stating that everyone who liked Cyndi’s dress yesterday because it flattered her tiny figure are really saying she looked sexy in it!

  19. I think it is a sad state of affairs when our school district had to impose a teacher dress code because some of the staff wanted to dress like the students. I don’t know where women get the idea that dressing like a grown up = frumpy.

    Cyndi, thank you so much for setting the example that you CAN be fashionable and modest at the same time.

  20. Cindi, I love your honesty and your confidence to be comfortable with your convictions and choices in dress! Now that is classy! I’m encouraged to read all these wonderful comments from other women who agree with you, that a woman can look cute and classy w/out showing off certain portions of her anatomy! Gals, let’s be classy trend setters for both the older and the younger!

  21. Love the foments and agree. My friends who try to dress like their teenage daughters make me glad I have boys! You can be age appropriate and look attractive without flaunting the goodies!

  22. I would like to comment that I just love your hair pulled half back…so cute. Thanks for introducing your readers (me) to stitch fix…got my third box today..love it. I do not like to shop and having the box delivered to the door is great! Love trying everything on at home:)

  23. Cyndi you are beautiful the way God created you….no need to wish you had Kate’s figure. And happy birthday! Hope you had a blessed day!!

  24. Hi Cyndi.

    I think you looked great in several of your outfits, but my personal favorites on you were the boyfriend jeans and red, blue and white tie tunic top with your wedges, and the black maxi dress. I love the clothes on you that are more fitted. Just my opinion. 🙂 You are always beautiful anyway.

    I, too, like Kate’s style and body! I also like her sister, Pippa’s, style. I probably don’t always dress my age, but I don’t let my age define what I wear. I wear what I’m comfortable wearing. I love skinny jeans and designer jeans. Some have rips in them, some have rhinestones on the pockets, etc. I also love boots. I just purchased an over-the-knee pair by Vince Camuto. I’m sure a lot of women “my age” wouldn’t wear them, but I like them. They are not high heels, but more like a riding boot. I would love to hear what you think about the different styles of boots out there and which ones you would wear.

    I think confidence is the best fashion accessory we can all have. Some of us are more comfortable in certain pieces of clothing than others, and if we wear what we are comfortable wearing, our confidence shines through. I still think Demi Moore and Sharon Stone always look stuning! Maybe I’m crazy, but I think most things they wear are very flattering, and they are over 50. It does seem that celebrities can get away with wearing things that “normal” women cannot.

    Nonetheless, you always look super cute. Thanks for sharing your style with us. Have a great weekend.

  25. I did not like the green top from Banana Republic at all!! I think that’s the one that was too big for me. I liked the striped dress from Stitch Fix (bottom picture) and for a casual look I liked the green top (third group down) and I liked the neon yellow sweater.
    My Dad said his favorite was the hat picture. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  26. Thank you Amy!! I’m beyond excited for you and your family. That boy has no idea how blessed he is to be a part of your family. I can’t wait to meet him. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  27. Cindy I totally agree with you. I did not think you meant sleazy! The yellow sweater and navy shorts was one of my favorites.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion, it’s always appreciated!!

  28. Thanks Kristen. I think sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I share what I REALLY wear day in and day out. I’m not modeling clothes I don’t wear and sometimes I want to be comfy. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  29. Hollywood definitely gets away with more! I wish I could use their personal trainers!!
    I have a question for you. I need a new pair of athletic shoes for working out and walking. Can you suggest a good pair. I don’t run just walk and work out with light weights.

  30. I love your blog, your style and your outfits! Amen to being classy, cute AND modest!! Like you said, some things are for my husband’s eyes only!

  31. I enjoy your blog so much, and read it nearly every day. I appreciate your more “conservative” (my mother would call it lady-like) way of dress. I get lots of ideas for my own outfits. You have a good eye for detail. And, I know I will always read uplifting words. It is my profound pleasure to have found your blog.

  32. What a lovely fun way to show such darling outfits. I totally agree with you about dressing in a way that gives glory to God. Beauty from within. Sending bundles of hugs.

  33. Enjoyed the pictures and the visual evidence that a “faith based woman” can look pretty and not frumpy. There is a line between dressing attractively and dressing provocatively. I can’t describe it well but l know it when l see it. It is a way of dressing to gain attention instead of dressing to inspire beauty. I am in my 60’s. I quit wearing shorts in my 40’s, (during a time l was a prodigal) not because of immodesty, but because of spider veins that made my legs look like a map of the United States! There are a lot of things that go into fashion choices. I enjoy learning from yours, Cyndi.

  34. I can’t imagine why anyone would feel it their place to criticize what you wear. You provide such a refreshing picture of fashion as opposed to so many who appear to dress “for the blog”. You always look cute and put together!

  35. I think everyone loves your blog and the way you dress: that’s why we read it! I feel awful if you felt anyone was criticizing you because I’m sure that was noone’s intent. I really feel the comments were a compliment as you do have a very nice figure and look great in more form fitting outfits. I don’t like cleavage on anyone and wouldn’t follow your blog if you dressed like a hoochie-mama! :0 Yikes!
    I know it’s sometimes hard to recognize our best features.. Once I looked through a bunch of vacation pics and swore I looked pregnant, and here I thought I looked so cute in my peasant shirts. I’m petite with a small waist, but “well-endowed”, so that style just accentuated my worst asset and hid one my best. I love what you wear, so don’t change a thing for us, your readers. Only do it if you want to, and of course, comfort trumps all sometimes.

  36. Hey Teresa,
    I didn’t feel like anyone was criticizing me at all!! I love to hear from my readers and their opinions.
    Believe me if I get criticized there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m putting myself on the internet, it’s going to happen. I have vey thick skin and I can handle it!! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

  37. I love your blog I think you are Awesome and very pretty I like all your outfits my daughter loves your clothes I’m the same way I don’t think a woman should show to much either to look nice and modest. Can’t wait to see your Fall outfits.