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Summer Fashion+Simple Summer Skin Tips

I’m doing two posts in one today. I’m teaming up with some lovely ladies for a simple summer series. But I’m also doing an outfit post for my 31 days of summer fashion. Whew!
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Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode // Elle at Elle Sees // Cyndi at Walking in Grace // Alison at Get Your Pretty On // Jen at Yummy, Healthy, Easy

First, I’ll share my Simple Summer Skin Tips. Most of us know these but since it’s the middle of July and it’s pretty hot outside, we can always use the reminder.

1. Use sunscreen. Although I don’t always have it on my body if I’m not outside, I always have it on my face. It’s in my skincare and my foundation. Gone are the days where I lay outside and bake in the sun for hours. I just don’t do it. I use self tanners to give my skin a glow.

2. Drink plenty of water. I drink water all day long. I add my Young Living Lemon essential oil which is a powerful antioxidant.

3. Cleans your skin morning and night. You want to make sure you wash off the toxins on your skin.

4. Exfoliate-Since I use self tanners, I have to exfoliate every week. It helps your self tanners look better.

5. Moisturize-Wow, the older I get, the more I realize how important moisturizing is for my skin.

Summer heat and sun can be hard on our skin so make sure you’re doing these summer skin tips to help your skin look it’s best!

Now, for What I Wore. It’s day 16 of my 31 days of summer fashion. Yesterday was errand day for me so I dressed comfortable and casual.

Summer Fashion+Simple Summer Skin Tips

Ruffle Detail Sleeveless Blouse-Stitch Fix (19 Cooper brand)//Boyfriend jeans-Kut From the Kloth//Sandals-JCPenney

Summer Fashion+Simple Summer Skin Tips
Earrings-Gold studs from Stella & Dot.

Summer Fashion+Simple Summer Skin Tips
I’ve had this purse for a while and I purchased it from Marshall’s.

On a side note, several of you asked about these wedge heels from my post yesterday, I purchased them at Shoe Sensation but this store is not online. One of my readers found them at 6 p.m. Yay!! So go here to find these wedge heels.

wedge shoes

What do you do to protect your skin during the summer months?

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Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode // Elle at Elle Sees //Alison at Get Your Pretty On // Jen at Yummy, Healthy, Easy

Beauty For the Heart~~ “We are women, and my plea is Let me be a woman, holy through and through, asking for nothing but what God wants to give me, receiving with both hands and with all my heart whatever that is.”-Elisabeth Elliot

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Could you please purchase some camo pants so I can prove to my family that 40 y/o women can wear them too? Lol! I bought some yesterday & my family is totally against them. I’m gonna wear them anyways but I need back up! Ha! 🙂

  2. I agree with all your summer skin suggestions and will add moisturize both day and night! If anyone is new to 6pm.com , they are fabulous! I had an e-mail for a one day special and scored Birki’s for just $26…
    Green is a great color for you!

  3. Cyndi, I love the wedges! Are they comfy?? If so, I’m really thinking of getting them. I’m new to 6pm and it seems like it has great prices. Thanks!!!

  4. Wear them! I have a pair of camo skinny ankle jeans and love them! I wanted the ones The Gap had several months ago, but I could never get them in my size. I am not one that believes every piece of clothing is for a certain age. I think body type, personality and confidence all are equally important in determining what looks best on me. Most of the things society says a 40 plus woman should wear actually make me feel and look 60 plus. I still enjoy most of the styles I loved in my thirties.

  5. I’ll have to add clean eating to the skin care routine. If we nourish our skin from within, we may not need as many things to put on our skin. I think cleaner eating has helped my skin a lot. 🙂

  6. I am 60+ and I don’t wear anything much different than I did when I was 40! I agree with you that age is not the most important thing in deciding what or what not to wear; body type is probably one of the most important. We don’t want to appear to be trying to be our daughters but we don’t want to look older than we are either 🙂 I really appreciate this blog and the ideas that Cyndi shares.

  7. Any suggestions for moisturizing cream? I do use a lotion at night yet I have alligator legs in the morning.

  8. I just purchased my wedges from 6pm.com. I love this site. I get my North Face jackets from there @ really great prices…..

  9. So glad I found your blog through Pinterest. As a soon to be 46 year old mom to two adult daughters (20&24), it is refreshing to see other women my age dressing appropriately without looking dowdy. I follow many blogs, but sometimes have to cringe when I see 35+ year old mothers dressing younger than my daughters just because their figures allow them to! Looking forward to following along.

  10. I have purchased the same tanning lotion that you use, since you recommended it. I like ii but how do you keep the the dark spots that come up where your hair grows out of your legs. The pores where the hair grows out are so big on my legs. How do I make them less noticeable? ?

  11. In response to Amber , I would try these things that worked for me-
    #1 Try Loreal Sublime Bronze spray. It comes in a can almost like hairspray. I use Medium. Use lightly at first application and build up. It never streaks and goes on evenly. It’s by far the best “fake & bake”. I buy mine at Walmart for about $7-$9 . Tawny Orange can.#2 Connected to that recommendation is to use a exfoliator puff with soap or bath gel( after you shave legs) before spraying on your tan.That smooths down the skin edges that have grown up and gets any skin off that makes for uneven application. I have also tried #3 not shaving my legs before I sprayed tan. It fills up that space. Left it to dry and “bake” for 4-6 hours and then showered & shaved. I think for women that have more coarse or larger hair this might work better for them. Hope this helps 🙂 The tan last for 4-6 days before needing another spray. Build up each time you shower until desired effect is achieved.
    Leticia @ kingmakerblog.com

  12. Wear them! I just searched Pinterest for camo pants and a ton of 40+ suitable looks turned up. It’s all in how you style them.

  13. I am closing in on 60 (next month, yikes!) and love cami too. I have a pair of faded cargo shorts and they are my go-to when I, infrequently, wear shorts. I just found a pair of camo capris in a brand that fits me great so i bought them, even though I know they are not everyone’s favorite. Whatever makes ya happy!

  14. WOW! I love all your responses on camo over 40! Thanks so much! I just read them aloud to my family. I still don’t think they’re convinced but I’m gonna wear them anyways. I pinned some outfits on my Pinterest so that I know how to style them without looking foolish. I wish I could post a pic of me in them here for a visual.
    I’m 39 until Nov & I’m gonna rock my camo pants!
    Thanks ladies! <3

  15. I was just scrolling through the comments to see if I could find out – what is the brand of tanning lotion she uses? She looks very natural! thanks.