Summer Of Fun Collection

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! I’m super excited to announce today’s launch of the Summer of Fun Collection with Gibson Look and Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.

The collection has pieces to wear on vacation, at home, and in everyday life. I think you’re going to love this collection! Remember, you can use code CYNDI15 to get 15% off all Gibson items.

First, I’m wearing a sleeveless maxi dress with ruffle trim and pockets.


Summer Nights Ruffle Maxi Dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Sandals (makeup color)//Bracelets//Strapless Bra

This maxi dress features pockets and a flowy tiered skirt.


Sunny Day Tiered Maxi Dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Sandals (makeup color)//Bracelets//Bamboo Handbag

This sleeveless dress has swingy tiers, and it’s accented with a ruffle trim neckline and pockets. I love the pretty blue color!


Decked Out Day Dress//(I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Sandals (makeup color)//Bracelets//Bamboo Handbag

Don’t forget you can use code CYNDI15 to get 15% off all Gibson items.

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Beauty For the Heart~~ I shared this quote on my Instastories yesterday. I like it so much; I’ll share it here too.

God has never looked in your mirror and wished He saw someone else.

You enough;
You are loved;
You are His.
Own that.

-Bob Goff

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!






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  1. Hello! I’m new to the blog. May I ask how tall you are? I’m 5’9” & struggle with dresses being too short…hoping to use your height as a gage when ordering. Thank you 🙂

    1. Don’t mean to butt in but in case you’re wanting to order quickly (I know Cassie’s things often sell out), I’m quite sure Cyndi has said she’s 5’6″.

    2. haha – I’m right there with you Lisa. I am only 5’7″ but all the bloggers are short and their clothes look completely different on them than they do on we taller girls. Plus they show high platform shoes, or heels, which do not work for me either, but make the outfit look so cute. wahhh.

  2. LOL….you’re funny….so….DON’T forget to use the luggage scale. And take it with you to weigh for coming home as well…things always seem to get heavier on the way home.
    When my luggage weighs too much at home before I leave, I take a real critical look at what I packed and the “just in case” items get removed…cause we all know that those things are NEVER going to get worn.
    Have a great vacation.

    1. I try to stick to a pretty tight color pallet and that way I pack less. I pick things out about the week before and go through them again before packing. I’ve gone from a huge suitcase to a smaller one but will never be able to do just carry on. How do those women do it?!

      I went through the new line. It seems a lot have plunging necklines. Cute but a tad too revealing for me. I might wear them on vacation though.

      Have fun in Mexico! What area are you going to?

  3. I love the black dress but it may be too long for petites and the neck line looks to be a little low cut?
    Safe travels and enjoy Mexico. Hope you are vaccinated!

  4. Cyndi, so good to see your name in my inbox again! I’m an over packer. I want choices. We spent last week at Teton National park and Yellowstone. I tried hard not to overpack. I did better than usual. It was easier because everything was casual, mostly hiking clothes. I only took 3 pairs of shoes! 🤣 My husband was shocked!

  5. All three dresses are so pretty! I may have to add the blue one to my closet.
    I am notorious for over packing. My husband shares his suitcase with me for my extra items! Have a wonderful vacation!
    Btw, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Love that pink tiered dress — but it would drag the ground on my short self.

    I am a horrible overpacker, too, partly because I never go anywhere and don’t have it “down.” My suitcase is always enough to throw someone’s back out.

  7. Can’t overpack … I travel everyday!
    Hoping to see you on Friday …
    Actually working Mexico flight.
    Have a great visit!
    Safe travel arrive early for departure

  8. Hi Cyndi. Such pretty dresses! How are the arm holes…are they cut really deep (show bra a lot)? Have a wonderful vacation.

  9. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but packing a carry on suits can be done 😉. When we fly to Florida for 10 days yes 10 days I pack it all in a carry on! I lay all my outfits out on the bed and then pack them …a few days before we leave I take out what I know I won’t actually wear! I roll everything and and wear the heavier items on the plane like a denim jacket etc! I’m also an over packer but I just don’t trust checking luggage lol! Love these pieces you’ve styled today but the shipping with duties to us Canadians is much too high. I’d love to be able to purchase from Gibson as I love all of Caisse’s collections:) Have a wonderful trip safe travels 😎

  10. Thank you for the showing the pink maxi dress. It looks great on you.
    I’m 5′ 2″ and I really like to wear them. I can usually pick up at midi dress and it is a maxi on me because I’m short. Ha ha.
    Thanks for always posting beauty for the heart. I know I’m one of many who enjoys that part of your post.
    Overpack??? Of course. It’s usually the shoes for me. We have been to Europe many times and take a lot of excursions which require good walking shoes. Then I need to wear dress shoes to dinner in the evening.
    I’m not one who really enjoys wearing the same outfit to dinner more than
    once or twice. Have a great trip Cindi!!!