Summer Shoe Trend-Gladiator Sandal

I’m back from New York! Yay! We had a wonderful time but I was ready to get back home. Thank you for your prayers!

One of the things I noticed while walking in New York City was all the fashion. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and there were some different looks.

I did notice one trend that a lot of women were wearing and that was the gladiator sandal.

Summer Shoe Trend Gladiator Sandal

They’ve been getting popular over the last few seasons but this summer they seem to be everywhere. I recently purchased a pair and love the way they look.

Here are some gladiator sandals I found online. My favorite pair is the one from J Crew. I need to find a pair that is a little less expensive.


Have you purchased a pair for your summer wardrobe. I think this is a cute trend!

Beauty For the Heart~~“The circumstances we ask God to change, are often the circumstances God is using to change us.” -Max Lucado

Have a Blessed day!

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  1. Yay! I still have a pair that I bought 2 years ago and that I absolutely love. So glad that I’ll get another year out of them.

  2. Hi Cyndi. I have noticed this trend as well. I can’t say I’m a Big fan…. I like the ones that have fewer straps. Definitely not the ones that go up your leg. They do seem very trendy and I prefer classic. But I sometimes like to try new things too and I always like to see what you are posting. Glad you enjoyed your time away and arrived home safely. 🙂

  3. Happy to hear you made it home safely…fun to travel with the hubby 🙂 . I am not a fan of the gladiator sandal, but you are right- they are on trend. In my small corner of the world, southwestern PA, mostly young women in their teens and twenties are wearing them and they look stylish on them…and you look adorable in everything! Just not the sandal for me.

  4. Not a big fan – but I LOVE my Crocs huaraches (both wedge heel and flats). They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and I’ve got six pair (pairs??) now. You have to check them out online. Seriously…

  5. Not so sure about the gladiators…. I would love to see how you style them (what you wear them with). I have short legs so I’m not sure if they would do much for me and am certainly not sure what I would wear them with. So convince me, Cyndi 🙂 I love the Max Lucado quote! Thank you Cyndi for new ideas and thoughts that challenge us to grow closer to our Lord!

  6. I’m such a classic person, think basic preppy, that they would never be for me. I’m short so I think they would not be very flattering to my legs. Also I would think they are only good for people with thin ankles. My ankles are not at all thick and I feel like any time I wear an ankle strap it makes my ankle look thick. I think they look great on tall gals though!

  7. Sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone…but I think they are UGLY!
    I just have yet to see them look good on anyone. There are so many pretty summer shoe’s out there I would never wear something so manly.

  8. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think they loo great. Obviously, not everyone can or should wear them and they need to go with the right thing. I really consider them a classic in that they come in and out of fashion every few years with very few changes. I have a pair over 20 yrs old and they still look great, especaily with slim bottom jeans and long dresses. I agree it’s mainly for slimmer legs as I think they accentuate the calf. (So that’s a good thing if you want a more shpaed calf, right?)

  9. Hi Cindy. Go to your local Cato’s store and check the gladiator sandals out. They have a pretty good selection and all under $25. I really enjoy reading your blog. You’ve given me a lot of inspiration as I am not very stylish. I’m getting better though. I also love your words of encouragement! God bless you today and every day.