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Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Hey ladies! Today I’ve got a summer try-on, and because our weather warmed up last week, I’ve been able to wear some of these pieces.

I wore this pink top from Amazon last week. It’s a pretty v-neck pink top that’s fully lined; I wore it with white shorts.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Pink Top (I’m wearing a small) • White Shorts (I’m wearing a size 27) • Sandals (I sized up 1/2 size) • EarringsNecklace

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Next, I recently purchased a white tee from LOFT. I love a white tee with denim shorts, and I added these white sneakers from TJ Maxx. I shared these sneakers and denim shorts in my Five Finds post a few weeks ago.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

White Tee (I’m wearing a small) • Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a size 6) • Sneakers (TTS) • EarringsNecklace

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

This pretty LOFT top has all the pretty spring colors in it. I wore this last week with denim shorts and sandals.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Floral Top (I’m wearing a small but could size down) • Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a size 6) • Sandals (TTS) • Earrings

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

I shared these pretty Draper James pajamas last week in my Five Finds. They’re from TJ Maxx and are around $30.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Pajamas (I sized up to a medium)

I wanted to get a white tank and found this one at LOFT. I paired it with a black skirt. The skirt is short, but I thought it would be cute to wear with a swimsuit.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

White Tank Top (I’m wearing a small) • Black Skirt (I’m wearing a small) • Sandals (TTS) • Earrings

If you’re looking for slim straight, leg jeans, these are a great option, and they’re under $30. I style these jeans with a tie-front top from LOFT.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Tie Front Tank Top (I’m wearing a small) • Denim (I’m wearing a size 6) • Sandals (TTS) • EarringsNecklace

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Lastly, I’m wearing a ruffle sleeve top from Belk with the Universal Thread jeans.

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

Ruffle Sleeve Top (I’m wearing a small)Denim (I’m wearing a size 6) • Sandals (TTS) • Earrings

Summer Try-On & What I Wore

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  1. Could you please show us clothes to dress appropriate to your age? It seems to me that you are a blogger over 50. Right?

    1. My goodness Rebecca. What do you mean by “appropriate to her age?” What is inappropriate about any of the outfits she posted here? I’m over 50 as well and don’t believe in anyone telling others how they should dress. I’m sorry if someone has done that to you in your life. If so, maybe just ignore that inappropriate advice and wear whatever makes you happy. I’d think that someone over 50 would understand that women should never tear down other women.

    2. I’m 63 and would wear any of these cute outfits. I’ve never looked at as dressing too young. Is a matter of fact, I’m normally told I’m classy, and Cyndi always looks classy too.

    3. I”m over 60 and would wear all of what Cyndi is showing here. I don’t understand how any of these pieces are inappropriate…..please explain.

  2. Love these summer looks! I just bought those jeans while away to the states last week! They fit great and I loved that I could get them in short length:)

    1. Karen, I don’t see the “short” option for the Target jeans on the website. Do you suppose only the store offers “short?” I’m 5’3″ so usually need short to get them to hit at the ankle in the right spot. I’ll have to try our Target close by to see if they have them to try. Do they stretch out at all? I like jeans to hold their shape.

  3. Cyndi……Is the white tank from LOFT bra friendly? I was just there last weekend looking for tanks and the one I saw was cut more racerback. This one looks different, like it may not be. Cute finds for sure. I might try the Old Navy shorts. I didn’t see them in the store, as I ran in there too for a minute last weekend. I usually don’t shop there, as I find the clothes don’t hold up well. Especially the tops. But denim would do better and I do love a white peasant blouse I bought there in the Spring. So cute and comfortable. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing Summer finds.

  4. Hi Cyndi!
    These are great options for summer. I was wondering if you could give outfit ideas for pear shaped ladies? I know there are many body types and information is sometimes conflicting.

    Thank you!

  5. I noticed another commenter and had to say… These outfits ARE APPROPRIATE. And I appreciate the outfits you share for the most part. Many over 50 bloggers show homely looking pieces that I always felt my grandmother would wear.

  6. She’s beautiful with a disposition and attitude to match! These outfits are definitely appropriate

  7. I bought the same shirt from Belk with some navy and green scalloped shorts for our trip to DC. I thought it would be so cute. It has been so cool here this week I’ve been wearing the one pair of jeans I brought. 😩. But luckily we live in Mississippi so I will have plenty of time to wear this summer.

    And FYI – I’m 48 in a couple weeks.