Sunday Encouragement-Grace

Sunday Encouragement-Grace
Grace…...the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it.

If you have been given grace you have felt the blessings. You know of His faithfulness. It’s nothing deserved but freely given.

Grace is all you need

So thankful today for grace! Where would I be without it?

(I’ve shared this song before but it’s so good, I’m sharing it again! 🙂 )


Have a grace-filled Sunday!

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  1. Love the song. Have a blessed day. Wonderful sermon today at my church. Was by our senior ministers wife in honor of United Methodist women’s Sunday.

  2. Thank you Cindi for the song, first time I’ve heard it! We had our Sunday School children sing special music before the message today. All 12 of them (we have a very small country church) & what a blessing they are! So eager to share their songs with us!

  3. Love that song! My husband & I have been involved in a Praise Band retreat this weekend @ our church, so, we have worshipped all weekend with this kind of music! We are actually going to start working on this song. Thanks so much for the Sunday Encouragement!