Sunday Encouragement-Let’s Thrive!

I love how God’s word always speaks to me. I read this passage in Romans from the New Living Translation. It simply states what we need to be doing.

Sunday Encouragement-Let's Thrive!

I love this entire passage but specifically, “Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Do you have something today that troubles you. Let me remind you, KEEP ON PRAYING!!

We heard Casting Crowns in concert a few months ago. This is one of their newer songs, Thrive.


We were made for more than ordinary lives!! We were made to Thrive!!

Have a blessed Sumday!!

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  1. Hi Cindy:

    I hop over here and to Traci’s blog from time to time. I always love both of your blogs. I was catching up today, and read about Courtney. It made me sad, but I also know in my heart that God is going to use this is her life to help so many others, just as he will with you. It isn’t the huge victories that speak to the hurting, it’s the heart of one who has struggled, just like them, just like all of us. I will be excited to see what is ahead for her and your precious grandson. It’s going to be good!!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Cyndi! Love that we are made to thrive…. not just survive! I often think of Joseph living in Egypt and he was a “fruitful bough by well”! So beautiful! Have a wonderful week, friend! So wish I was going to Haven to meet y’all!

  3. Thank-you Cyndi for your blog! I often need to read exactly what you wrote. That is especially true for today. I am struggling with loving his kids as much as I love him. Hard to be a blended family.
    I truly take this post as a sign for me!