Sunday Encouragement-Letting Go

This past week has been all about “letting go” for my daughter, Courtney. Colt is going to start preschool on Monday. We visited his class this past Friday and met his teachers. (Typical little boy, he has a scuffed knee.)

Sunday Encouragement-Letting Go
We’re so thankful he’s going to a christian preschool where they can pray and read from the Bible. But it’s still hard on Courtney to see him grow up and start school, even if it is preschool.

This past year, Courtney and Colt have dealt with a lot of changes. Change is never easy. But thankfully, they’re are doing great and that makes this Mama very happy.

One of the things Courtney has put off, was taking Colt’s paci’s away. He only uses them to sleep with at night but he loves his paci’s.

Courtney had planned to make it special. We were going to go to Build -a-Bear and let Colt pick out a stuffed animal. Then he’d put the paci’s in the animal and he could sleep with it and his paci’s.

So yesterday was the BIG DAY. We took Colt school shopping, we got a hair cut and we went to Build-a-Bear. Colt picked out a monkey and we stuffed all 5 of his paci’s in the monkey.

Last night around 9:30, I texted Courtney to see how bed time went. Here’s the text:
Sunday Encouragement-Letting Go

Poor Colt, he’s learning at a young age, that letting go isn’t easy. Oh how I wish we could protect him from all the disappointments in life.

Letting go is never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. 

never easy We’ve all had to let go of things, haven’t we? Past sins, difficult relationships, and loved ones who’ve passed away.

But in letting go, we grow and we learn and if we will let Him, Christ will mold us to be more like him.

Jeremy and Maribeth Johnson are friends of ours who understand the difficulty of letting go. They had to let go of their daughter, Abbie Ann, just a few hours after she was born. Abbie Ann had Trisomy 13. Jeremy and Maribeth have shared their story and given God all the glory. Maribeth sings this song about Abbie Ann and letting go of her.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Wow perfect timing!!! My daughter moved into an apartment last night with a friend for her 2nd year of college! Hard on this mama but I know it will be good for her. I just want my babies to stay with me forever!!! 🙂

  2. Yes, perfect timing. Our oldest is walking away from a four year relationship and our youngest will be leaving for her senior year of college-12 hours away. A lot of changes taking place over here. But, I know God has a hand in it all and is guiding us each step of the way.
    Praying things go better tonight for Colt. I love the idea of putting the pacis in a stuffed animal however!!

  3. Yes, perfect timing as I dropped my son off at college yesterday….Next weekend we are Boston bound to drop my daughter off to graduate school…. My oldest moved out, so going from a household of 6 to just 3 in such a short time is a lot of letting go all and once…. It is sad , but also I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor, a great stage in life!

  4. Perfect timing for me too. I just moved my son, the baby, into his dorm room yesterday. UGH. Why is it so hard to let go… even when we know it’s what is best, and it’s what we’ve prayed for?

  5. Touching video. Now that is the hardest letting go.

    As for your grandson he is precious and will give his paci up in time.

  6. I remember when our son had to give up his “plug”. We told him that all of the pacifiers went back to the hospital for all the brand new babies, he bought it thankfully! The first couple of nights werent fun but he made it! Hes almost 20 now and still pacifier free! Haha

  7. Tell Courtney that letting go is hard, it’s supposed be. I think it is God’s way of helping us grow as parents whether it be taking on a parenting challenge or knowing when to allow our children to take their next step of independence.
    As an aside, you can also tell her that I cried on the first day of school with both of my children from pre-school through 12 grade, when they left home for college, when they graduated from high school and college and when we left my son at law school a dozen states away. Fortunately, for my burning eyes, our daughter went to The University of Missouri in Columbia, which is where we live. Have a fun first day of school. Colt!

  8. My heart breaks for Jeremy & Maribeth. I admire their faith and strength. I asked God to fill them with His perfect peace today. Little Colt is adorable! I love the paci idea and will tell my daughter as her little girl will be working on giving up her paci in a few months.

  9. Wow. That puts things in perspective. Our little grandson starts preschool in a few weeks. Like you, so thankful he will attend a Christian school and even more thankful this was something his mommy and daddy consider vital to his education! And…like yours, has a fair amount of boo-boos from summer fun…sigh…love those grandsons…oh my! and Colt is a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing from the heart <3

  10. Thank you for that sweet story. I love having so many blogs to read that are written by lovely Christian women. Letting go is so a constant part of life. My oldest daughter had to let go of her youngest to college this year and my younger daughter had to let go and let her daughter get her driver’s license and drive alone.

  11. Letting go is never easy! Actually it doesn’t even get any easier but nevertheless is a part of each of our lives. Let go and let God!

    I love the story of Colt’s paci. Cute!

  12. Sooo adorable…Colt and the monkey. So glad to hear how well Coutney and Colt are doing. My heart aches for your friends Jeremy and Maribeth. I too lost a baby who had trisomy 13. I actually had 5 miscarriages before God blessed our family with twins boys and then our daughter. The boys are now 16 and my daughter is turning 13 next month. The heartache is very difficult. But God grew my faith tremendously during those 4 years of heartache. My faith is so strong now, that I never doubt His plans. For that, I am forever grateful to Him!! He uses tragedies in our lives for many reasons. One of them is to strengthen our faith. I’ll be praying for your friends. Let go and let God….. A reminder for very day 🙂 God bless Cyndi. Thx for sharing

  13. Thank you so much for the song and video you posted. When I was 18 my mom had a baby boy who was born with trisomy 18. His name was Joshua and he lived 4 days. He changed our lives forever! It is funny how God’s timing is…. 9 years later I had my sweet Matthew on Joshua’s birthday!