Sunday Encouragement-Winter Is Necessary

The weather has turned cold this week. The leaves are starting to fall and many of the trees are now bare.

Bare trees make me sad. I miss the autumn colors. But winter is needed for the trees to flourish.

Richard Foster says, “Winter preserves and strengthens a tree. Rather than expending its strength on the exterior surface, its sap is forced deeper and deeper into its interior depth. In winter, a tougher, more resilient life is firmly established. Winter is necessary for the tree to survive and flourish.”

Although I don’t love winter, I think I need winter. It’s a great time for me to dig deep into scripture and let my faith grow.

Sunday Encouragement-Winter Is Necessary
Winter prepares me for the year ahead. I want my faith to be strong and my roots to grow deep and that can only be done by spending time in His word.

How deep are your roots? Are you preparing for the year ahead?

This song could not say it any better! Start a fire in us so that others see Christ.

Have a blessed Sunday friends!

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  1. I love this observation, Cyndi ~ I’ve often said I love the winter months simply because I can rest and rejuvenate for the year ahead (esp Jan/Feb); God gave us winters to recharge us and draw us closer to Him, i believe… Have a blessed day!
    xo heidi

  2. Cyndi, this is lovely! I am one of the few who like winter, and the change of seasons. Many friends near and dear complain all winter. Rather than me pushing against why they should love the frosty mornings, bright blue sky meeting the snow capped mountains, etc. I will share this thought. Thank you for also giving me something deeper to strive for this winter!

  3. Thank you Cyndi. This is so true. Autumn and Spring are my fav seasons but I like Winter for the reasons you shared. I appreciate all you do. I hope Courtney is doing well! I think about her occasionally. May you have a blessed Sunday and week ahead 🙂

  4. Thank you! I LOVE autumn and am always sad to see it go. On a deeper level, at 62 I cannot escape the fact that I am heading into the winter of my own life. For 40 years I’ve gone full-speed-ahead in church, with my family, and my job as a teacher. I have been dreading the thought of retirement but am going to try to look at it from this perspective.

  5. I’m like you, the bare trees make me sad. Living in Oregon, the winters are wet and dreary. I’m okay with winter until Christmas comes and then I am done! It had me so depressed a few years back that I prayed that the Lord would show me the beauty of winter. I began to realize how far I can see in the winter. The leaves are gone and I feel like I can see for eternity. The winter times of my spiritual life are like that too. I can see so much farther. My view of eternity is far less obstructed.
    All of our beautiful evergreens in the northwest also reminds me that He is eternal and his love for me never changes regardless of the circumstances and what surrounds me.
    God has made a hard season for me a beautiful reminder of his everlasting love and the reality of the “big picture”.

  6. I have always thought myself to be a pretty tough old bird which after reading your beautiful post, I can now attribute to my strong roots. Love the idea of mentally and physically and spiritually preparing for the year ahead. Thank you.