Sunless Tanning & Half Up Hairstyle

Happy Hump Day!

I wanted to share the winner of the LOFT gift card…Julie, from St. Louis, MO. I asked her to share a little about herself.

“I have a three year old son and am currently 4 months pregnant with a little girl. My due date and my son’s birthday are almost 6 months apart so a lot of the maternity clothes I already have are not quite right season-wise so I am very excited to have this gift card to get a few new items so I can feel stylish and confident even while my body is changing quite a bit! LOFT is one of my favorite stores for “normal” (non-maternity) clothes but I’ve never tried their maternity line so this is the perfect opportunity to check it out!”

So happy for her and how exciting to be having a new baby!!

We are having a great time at the beach. I have gotten a little bit of sun (none on my face) but before we came to the beach I used my favorite sunless tanner. Some of you have asked about sunless tanning and I wrote a post back in February. You can read the entire post here.

While I like all three of these sunless tanners, I think my favorite is the Vita Liberata. Of course, it’s the most expensive. Just in case you’re wondering I try to use sunless tanners that are somewhat healthy without a lot of bad chemicals.

Vita Liberata is a non-toxic self-tanning mousse and is free of parabens, perfume, alcohol, and all chemicals of concern and it also contains Odor Remove technology to ensure that you don’t get that gross self tanner scent (and it totally works by the way!).

Next, many of you have asked how I wear my hair up and I use bobby pins. That’s it! I did a post here showing how I do the half up hairstyle.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that the May 22nd Faster Way to Fat Loss class is filling up fast! There are a few spots left. I know I keep talking about this program but I love it so much!

I think because the emphasis is on being healthy and feeling good about yourself. As women we are so critical of every flaw we have but we need to celebrate life and the way God made each of us. I am 50 and I have aging skin but I want to be as healthy as I can at this season of life. Amanda’s program is helping me to do that.

The NEW news is they have a Men’s Faster Way To Fat Loss group now! I so want to get my husband signed up for this. If you are signed up, your husband can sign up for only $49. That gets them in the Facebook group (men’s only group) and gives them all the exercises.

Gray tank top (I’m wearing a small)//High waist leggings (I’m wearing a medium)//Seamless sports bra (I’m wearing a medium)//Tennis shoes (true to size)

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Beauty For the Heart~~I have been doing a lot of reading while on vacation. I have read Draw the Circle prayer challenge before but since we are in a new situation and praying to see where God wants us, I’m reading it again.

This quote was in today’s chapter. “The primary purpose of prayer is not to change circumstances; the primary purpose of prayer is to change us! But either way, the chief objective remains the same; to glorify God in any and every situation.” 

Praying I glorify God today!

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  1. I am SURE the “come as you are” also includes: “after exercise and while still in your leggings:) Most important is “being there”.

  2. You promoted Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion in the past…is there a reason you no longer use this product? I purchased this product since your recommendation…just curious..

  3. I can just see you Praising the Lord in your work out gear! Makes me smile! And it’s real, none of the phony, check me out and see what I am wearing kinda thing…..

  4. Hi Cyndi,

    Could you share with us a few more details about the program? For example, how many days a week do you exercise and for how long? Are the meals easy to prepare? Does she tell you exactly what to eat and when? Have you gone out to eat at all? Her website doesn’t really give details that help me with day to day info. Just would want to be sure I would have the time to put in before I committed! Thanks so much!

    1. Yes! I would like more details too ~ Am 90% ready to register, but would like to know whether the workouts are in video format, and whether my vacation 4 weeks in will cause problems for me. Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks much!

  5. I got Vita Liberata sunless tanning gel in my Birch Box this week and I love it, except on my feet. I’m wearing a dress and some strappy sandals today. My toes look dirty…Yikes!

  6. When my son and daughter-in-law were making preparations for their wedding, I asked him what the bridesmaids would be wearing for the ceremony. He (rightly) said, “Mom, I don’t think God cares what they wear.” : )

    I suspect whatever you wore to church was insignificant to God, but you’re being there was pleasing to him. (I thought you looked fine, BTW.)

  7. I think it’s great that you went to church in your workout clothes! Our church is very casual too, and while my husband and I wear nice clothes (so that we’ll have a place to wear them), some people come looking like they came to church straight from the garden. And that’s fine – the Lord doesn’t care and neither do we!

  8. The Lord doesn’t mind what you wear as long as you show up to worship Him! I applaud you for wearing leggings to church – I have discovered LulaRoe leggings and love them. And thank you for keeping us all in the fashion loop everyday – it’s so fun to read your blogs and follow you on social media. I think you do a fabulous job!

  9. I love the “come as you are” and my church here in Knoxville abides by that thought. I usually attend on Saturday nights – it’s kind of a date night for us, usually with dinner afterward. I often go in shorts and tee’s in the hot summer time, and mostly jeans any other time. I agree with the sentiment, God sees my inside :). As for a vacation church, I’m sure they’ve seen it all, and I think you look perfectly fine.
    I would also like to know some of the answers Lisa asked about the fitness program. Since I do work a full time job, and commute roughly 2 hours a day, time is not on my side for a workout program. I recently let my gym membership go because $100/month for a place I couldn’t tell you the last time I was in seemed a huge waste. I’m willing to spend the $199 for the program, but some extra details to determine if it is something I can really do would be helpful.
    Thanks for always giving us great product, hair, clothing, and work out options!!!

  10. Love Mark Batterson’s Draw the Circle. I just decided to read the book & do the 40-day challenge again.

  11. Cyndi,
    I work at a church and a comment we hear very often is “I don’t have the right thing to wear” Thanks for proving that what we wear on the outside doesn’t matter to God.
    You look great.

  12. Do you apply your self tanner to your face? If not where do you stop and how do you keep your make up looking great?
    Love all your post ❤️

  13. Hello Cyndi
    I was a little surprised that you and your husband – especially being a pastor – had not planned on honoring the Lord’s Day. As Christians, even when we travel we should make an effort to seek out a place of worship that preaches the Word of God. It is the primary means of grace and blessing to our souls.

    1. I dont think we are to put pastors up on pedestals they went and worshipped thst is what we are to do.

    2. Judy, I agree with you. I would rather have been a few minutes late in order to change than show up in leggings. Especially if I’m staying right beside the church and see the schedule sign ahead of start time. I’m just stating my opinion like others have so…..

  14. I also think it is great that you went to church as you were! God doesn’t care what we wear. That being said you praise Him every day, so He has seen it all. :), Thanks for the post. I just started using a self tanner, so we will see how it goes. You look great and I am glad that you and your husband are enjoying your vacation.

  15. Please dont get your feelings hurt because one emailed a personal opinion, not the opinion of all. God sees us from the inside, and you chose to worship, just as you were. God was glorified! Thats what its all about. Love you for sharing your life with us. Dee

  16. With church attendance dwindling at our small rural Methodist church we are always happy to see people walk through our doors and we don’t give a hoot how they are dressed !
    We are just proud they are there!
    Thanks for keeping it real!
    God is good 😊

  17. Love that u went to church in your workout gear! You are so right that God sees the heart!
    In reading through the comments I wish that some ladies would follow the “if u can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” rule. I hope I can look as great as you when I’m you’re age. I’m 38 with 4 small kids and your blog has helped me fight the mom frump so much. 😉 I’m a little jealous of your Florida vacation. We are headed there in Sept and I cannot wait!!

  18. I’m torn on the “come as you are” approach to church. When we were in Congo, some churches in the capital would turn people away who weren’t properly dressed. They meant it as a way to show respect, but it was upsetting to me. Our little church in a more rural area of the country would welcome anyone. Some people came in clothes that I would only consider rags- but that’s what they had! On the other hand, American society is so casual, and I would like to see a return of a bit more class in dressing. I know there are a lot of different opinions on this, but I think that those who don’t usually attend church can be a little uncomfortable when everyone else is dressed up. (And even as a “m,” I’ve been known to skip church from time to time, especially when traveling. It’s awkward to me going into a new place where I don’t know anyone.)

    I love the blue shirt, white shorts & wedge shoes. I’m going to try to make more of an effort to look put together on those rare occasions where I’m wearing shorts. I hope the rest of your trip is fabulous. 🙂

    1. Anna,

      I am with you. It is a struggle. Our church is near a state highway that, sadly, has a good sized population of homeless living under the overpasses (especially since the city of Houston cracked down on them…we are outside city limits). Our church opens our showers for them on Wednesday afternoons. Some have started coming to service…which I LOVE and EMBRACE. However, most of our congregation is not homeless. People wear things that a judge wouldn’t allow in a courtroom to argue a traffic ticket. Truly the LORD loves us and just wants us to worship (Matthew 18:20), but there is no reason to look unkempt when you have the means to clean themselves up a bit. It’s a fine line: Casual enough to welcome all; “cleaned and pressed” enough to show respect.

      We’ve come a LONG way. My Georgia-bred grandmother, nor my mother, would ever even wear slacks to a church meeting, much less a service.

      Cyndi, I think you were fine. It’s a beach community. I wonder if any of your readers were in worship? ; )

  19. I get so tired of wearing my hair the same way every day but I am completely hairdo challenged! I followed your instructions & got my hair up in less than 3 minutes. I love it! Hopefully I can recreate it more than once😊

  20. That is soooo funny, you go girl. It’s your heart the lord looks at, not what you wear. You made those words come to truth. Glad your having a great family trip.

  21. Praising the Lord in any out fit is what he wants us to do!!!
    FYI I have been using the Beauty By Earth tanning lotion it was
    #2 on your list. I am pleased so far. Enjoy your family vacation.

  22. Several years ago, I had a “crisis of conscience” over what was “appropriate attire” in church. The church I was attending then also had a “come as you are” policy, which I liked, but found myself a little distressed (ok, offended!) by some of the teenage boys who were not only wearing sunglasses during the service, but also their turned-around-backwards baseball caps. (It’s been a thorn in my side that so few men remove their hats anymore…in restaurants, during meals, the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance, etc, but IN THE CHURCH?? Horrors!). I really wanted the youth pastor to take them aside and straighten them out, talk to the parents, blah blah blah. That was, until I got that gentle Holy Spirit nudge, and the thought, “Would you rather they NOT be in church? Look at what they’re doing.” These young men were at the alter, hands raised in praise, worshipping Jesus. The joy of the Lord was just radiating from them. Their worship was pure, and happy, and glorified my God, even in baseball caps! So yes, from teens in caps, to the most inked-up biker, to a lovely woman in really cute leggings, I’d rather see them all IN the house of Worship than not!

    1. PS. I would still like to see more men remove their hats tho…simply as a show of respect. I don’t think boys are taught to do that much anymore.

  23. Cindy, many people would not have shared what you choose to so openly…you’re on vacation so good for you to be there then not at all … thank you for your honesty:)

  24. Ok, had to give my 2 cents in this topic. I love the casual dress most churches have adopted. I don’t like to buy clothes just for church. Clean jeans, t-shirts, etc…no problem. God does care more about the inside. With that said, if a girl (or man) is wearing extremly revealing clothes, it feels disrespectful.

  25. I think you looked fine. We go to several churches because we travel from the west coast to the east coast. I think it fine the way people are dressing, although I love fashion too its what’s in your heart that counts just as some of the girls have said I am glad that people come together as a church and receive the message that’s what is important. God bless and keep enjoying your vacation like your homesty!

  26. My husband often says that at our church the dress code is modesty. Truthfully, if anyone has a question, most of them err to the side of more modest apparel. At least that has been our experience.

    1. Just wanted to add that we have a ladies exercise group that meets before Bible study on Wednesday night, and all the ladies come in their exercise apparel. Again, no one has appeared immodest… The idea is to bring them in, so they can be exposed to the Gospel and the love of our Savior…, Right Cyndi?

  27. My favorite self-tanner of all time is Vita Liberata and I just bought it from a seller on ebay for $29 for the large mousse. It is fantastic and well worth the money even if you have to pay full price.

  28. Cyndi, I too think that dressing nicely for church is a sign of respect but that being said I’ve gone to our evening church service in jeans and a sweater. Time gets away from us occasionally whether we are trying to get dinner on the table or taking a walk on the beach. Not many people would have been brave enough to walk in as you did. If you were sitting beside me during that service it would have been clear to me that you came in for the service after working out and not that that was your “Sunday best”. Nothing wrong with that. My husband once wore a nice pair of shorts to church while we were on vacation bc he forgot dress pants. Guess what? They still let him in and were the nicest people to talk to after the service. Thx for sharing. I smiled the whole time I read your post.

  29. “Come as you are” could also mean that, god wants you as you are and he will change you into who he wants you to be after you have accepted Jesus as your savior. One can look at it this way too! Being practical and loving fashion we all would think about how we look, either way Cyndi you did well. Always enjoy hearing what your up too! God bless you for being you.

  30. I have to say as long as you are worshipping the Lord, and have his love and joy in your heart it shouldn’t matter how your dressed. On a different note I have started wearing my hair like yours when I go out, everyone has complemented on how nice it looks. And where do you purchase your self tanner if it has no order would love that what I use now has an order.

  31. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! Pretty sure you are right here in my “neck of the woods!” Yes, the weather has been wonderful this week! This is a very laid back area, so you were just fine worshipping as you were!! If you have never been to Captain Anderson’s, try it out!

  32. I had to laugh at your post. You are very brave. I don’t think I could have done that even at the beach. LOL
    ✋️high five to you 😂

  33. I was looking at the weight loss class and there is not enough info given but 199.00 is a lot for an online class. If I’m going to spend that much I would find someone that can hold me accountable in real time. I was just shocked to see the price. 😢

  34. Cyndi, You are rocking 50 my friend!! You look amazing. Seriously.
    I’m feeling ya on the aging skin, It’s time I start paying more attention to that and treating my face better.
    I’m reading the book: The Circle Make now. It’s amazing. I’m going to have to try the prayer challenge book. God is so good.
    Have fun at the beach!!!

  35. I love this quote. My prayer life has become much stronger in the last couple of years as I go through different seasons in my life and it is so true………prayer changed ME! And made me realize I needed to change. The situations and the facts of the situations needed to change in some of the cases but God used all of those problems to change ME and draw strength completely from Him and His Word. I continually lean on Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. Thank you for sharing.

  36. And Congratulations Julie from St. Louis. It is awesome that you won the gift card and can purchase some new clothes!! And congratulations on your new addition coming in a few months. My favorite thing in this life is being a Mom!!

  37. I loved the sunless tanning recommendations. I refuse to go to a tanning bed and, therefore, rely on sunless tanning. I’ve been tweaking my sunless tanning application every year, because I’m very fair skinned. If I’m not careful, I turn out orangey. What is working well for me now is to make a homemade coconut sugar scrub and use that in the shower before I use my sunless tanner. It works great AND makes my legs super smooth.


  38. Good morning!
    I have used Vita Liberata self tan since your post about it last year and really like it. I have purchased it on Amazon. Recently it seems the product has become less effective/not lasted as long, and the amount of product has gone down. Are you aware of any changes that have been made to it, or if what I’m purchasing on Amazon is potentially not an authentic product? I appreciate your input, I’ve read reviews on Amazon that are disappointed for the same reasons.

  39. Cyndi,
    I have followed your blog for quite some time (and love it) but have never felt the need to comment until now. There were some comments posted yesterday that I just can’t get off my mind and I have felt the Lord urging me to offer some encouragement to you. My husband served as a senior pastor for more than 20 years when God called us 8 years ago to step out in faith and start a new ministry. I guess those similarities to your story is what has drawn me to pray for you every day. It saddened my heart to read these comments yesterday for only those who have walked in the shoes of a pastor and his family understand the need for a vacation, even from church (not from God). Don’t let those who would judge cause you any guilt for God looks on the heart no matter if we’re in church, on the beach, at home, or anywhere else. I happen to do some of my most open and free worship alone in my car singing – not in church. Stand strong and be of good cheer, because the work God began when you stepped out in faith, He will finish.

    1. Lori I am sorry I’m just getting to your sweet comment. I have been traveling so much I have gotten behind. But thank you for your encouragement. It is so true until you have walked in someones shoes, you don’t how you would handle the situation. I do believe Jesus knows my heart and I’m not legalistic. I don’t think it hurts to miss a Sunday every once in a while.
      Thank you again and thank you for your prayers.
      Seeking His will,

  40. I love your fitness top and how it does not droop in the front showing cleavage. It is hard to find a good fitting workout shirt! You are a beautiful lady inside and out and you are an inspiration to me in so many ways!
    Thanks for all you do to glorify the One who set us free!

  41. I love your workout outfit! I have those same workout capris and LOVE them. I bought an aqua top that splits in the back with a v shape & has small holes to let air in. Then on one of my Mother’s Day gifts, my daughter gave me a DSW gift card and got black, aqua & coral new Asics. The only 5 in the store – what luck was that! YOu have inspired me to get with the program when I walk to be aware of all the cute little clothes I could be wearing. It was fun buying new workout clothes & shoes! Thanks again for your inspiration!