What The Survey Said!


Well, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading through the survey answers. Thank you so much for taking the time to take the survey. It was helpful to me!

This may not be nearly as interesting to you but I thought I’d share some of it.

One of the questions I asked was have you ever bought anything I recommended on my blog? There was an overwhelming yes. Believe me, I share things on my blog that I like because I realize I’ve built a trust with you all and I don’t take that lightly.

have you ever bought anything you saw on my blog

This was super interesting to me. I love to see where you all shop and overwhelmingly Target is your favorite place. Good to know!

favorite places to shop

Most of you live in the U.S. but isn’t it amazing that there are women in other parts of the world? I love it!!
where do you live?

We are all at different stages of our life and I think that’s great.
what is the stage of your life

I assumed that most of the women were 46-55 but the other half are younger and older.
what is your age range

Um, I assumed that mostly women read my blog, thank goodness!! The other 4 men are probably my husband, father, son and brother. 🙂
female:male chart

Clearly, the posts I share about what I’m wearing are the most popular. So I’m hoping to add more of those. Many of you all want more business attire clothes so I will be working on adding that too.
what are your favorite topics?

I’m so glad I got my mobile site up and running better because clearly a lot of you read my blog from a mobile device.

On what device do you read my blog?

Many of you shared comments and I wanted to share some with you. I hope you don’t mind.

This comment about made me cry! So sweet!

“I love your blog! I’m so happy that I found you. My look has changed since reading your blog, and my confidence level has reached to a new high.”

Let me address this.

“Sometimes the items you recommend are quite expensive for those on a tight budget….not sure if it would be possible to also add a less expensive option when featuring an expensive item.”

I will try to add less expensive things. Generally if I share something from a more expensive store, I’ve caught a really good sale and purchased the item.

One thing I do, is if I see something from another blogger that’s too expensive for me but I like, I will look for a similar look at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.

Here is something else I’ll try to work on.

“I wonder if you could show some gals showing fashion who are larger sizes. I love your look and style but sadly am a larger size and would love some great tips on how to look fashionable and not dowdy!”

I’m going to try to address this over the coming months. Of course, I shop for my size and share what I wear. It’s hard for me to change. But I do hear you!

This was cute!

“Does it bother you if we copy your outfits? Or is that a compliment to you?”

Um, no because I’ve probably copied it from someone else! 🙂

Thankfully, the majority of you enjoy my Beauty for the Heart section. That’s something that I’ve committed to the Lord to do and I can’t quit it.

I’m sure I’ve bored you all by now but please know that you’re important to me!! Thank you for supporting my blog and I’m excited about 2014!

I’d love to know if there are any topics about fashion, makeup etc.  you would like for me to cover!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Good morning Cyndi! First, I was not bored with this post but interested. It’s fun to know about the others following your blog. Don’t ever give up Beauty For The ❤️ It’s the BEST part. I too am larger and wanting to lose weight but your styles shared have helped me a lot especially when I’m in a rut. Skin care…I’m 50 and experiencing acne like crazy in the form of Rosacea. I have oily pale skin. It’s hard to find concealer that doesn’t disappear shortly after I put it on. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear. I currently use Bare Minerals. Thanks and have a great first weekend of 2014! Hugs

  2. This was so interesting. I liked some of the suggestions and am glad to see I am not the only “over 55” reader out there.

  3. Thanks for sharing the results! The whole time I was answering the questions, I was wondering if I was the only one answering that way. Lol! Glad to see I wasn’t! 😉 have a very happy New Year full of blessings!

  4. Interesting results, Cyndi. I was really beginning to enjoy your series on health and eating whole foods. Surprisingly, my husband is showing more interest in better health. So when you come across whole food recipes you’ve tried and really liked, will you share?

    Thank you! Looking forward to another year of reading your blog.
    Happy New Year and God bless you.

  5. I live in the Deep South and spend a good deal of time around the water in summer. I also turned 50 last year. I was wondering if you might do a post on swimwear for the 50ish crowd. Love your blog!

  6. Thanks for the survey results! Enjoyed reviewing them!
    I would LOVE more posts on how you do your hair. Techniques, color, how long it takes you to get ready, etc.
    I have the EXACT same cut & have watched your videos on how to style it but mine NEVER looks as cute as yours! I’m 39 & have been wearing extensions because I just can’t get this bob to look right. I’d retire the extensions if I could style my real hair. The 34 clips on the on the extensions are really a pain sometimes! I also worry about turning 40 this year & looking like I’m trying too hard to look young with these extensions. =/

  7. Hi Teresa, I too love Cyndi’s blog and thought today’s post was interesting. Currently Cyndi is blogging about the Rodan and Fields Redefine product that I sent her. I noticed you said you are having trouble with rosacea and there is a regimen called Soothe that has helped many women with this same issue. You can try it for 60 days and if it doesn’t work, you can return (even empty bottles) to get a 100% of your money back. If you want more information email me at 180yourface@gmail.com. Have a blessed day!

  8. Happy 2014 Cyndi. I too, loved reading your results…especially the 4 males…lol!! Thx for addressing the issues readers ask about…that’s great that you listen :-). Looking forward to your blog this year.. god bless.

  9. I thought this post interesting as well. It’s always good to see who is interested and what they’re interested in. I think you have a great blog. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year!

  10. I am not sure about concealer. I have just started needing it. Do I wear it over or under my foundation? I have been wearing it under. But when I dab just a bit over my spots and then put foundation on , it seems to wipe it away. Any suggestions anyone?

  11. Hey, Cyndi! I noticed in a recent post you are using Lemon-aid as your color corrector. Do you prefer this over the Oil of Olay one you used previously? Trying to decide if I want to purchase the one by Benefit. Thank you for your input!

  12. Hi Cyndi,
    I, too, found this interesting to read, just like all your posts. Why? Because you are so genuine and down to earth and it comes through. I like that your posts are informative and to the point.
    Happy New Year to you!