Sweatshirt for Spring with Jeans Shorts

Happy Tuesday ladies! I’m back with some more spring/summer fashion. Haha! Spring in Kentucky is still too chilly for shorts this year, but I wore these jean shorts and free people sweatshirt on our recent vacation.

I don’t know about you but evenings on the beach can get chilly especially after you’ve been out in the sun all day, so I always like to have a sweatshirt to wear.

Sweatshirts for Spring with Jeans Shorts

This sweatshirt can be worn on the shoulders, off the shoulder, or off one shoulder. It’s versatile!

Sweatshirts for Spring with Jeans ShortsWhen the weather warms up, I love wearing jeans shorts. I also think this sweatshirt would look cute with white shorts.

Sweatshirts for Spring with Jeans Shorts Sweatshirts for Spring with Jeans ShortsIf you’re headed on vacation, it might be a good idea to grab a sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts for Spring with Jeans ShortsSHOP THE POST

Free People Sweatshirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Jean Shorts//Slim Flip Flop//Panama Hat//Strapless Bra

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Here are several more sweatshirt options at different price points.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. I recently listened to Nicki Koziarz. Nicki has written a book called Why Her? It’s about the comparison game.

Someone will always be ahead. But that doesn’t mean you’re behind. Because Truth, like always, will set us free. And free women don’t have to measure up to anybody. Not even her.

Comparison is dangerous, and we all do it. I do it! We think things like she’s prettier, her life is perfect, she has better clothes, a prettier house and the list goes on.

We need to stop comparing! One of the quotes in the book is, We love to shout about our successes, but we seldom speak of our secret sorrows.

Everyone you are comparing yourself to has secret sorrows. No one is exempt from life’s hardships.

You are dearly loved and uniquely made by our Heavenly Father. He made you to be YOU and you are a gift.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Such a cute outfit! That pool looks so enticing.

    You asked about podcasts….. I listen to Stand Up For The Truth Christian ministry podcasts, based out of Wisconsin. They address contemporary issues and the news from a Christian perspective.

  2. Good morning Cyndi. I so appreciate your comments on “comparison”. I feel this is so needful. Also, I am interested in hearing how you do the intermittent fasting, especially the part about your morning coffee. Lol

  3. Would like to hear an update on your daughter, her pregnancy and a sneak peak of the babies room. Also Colts thoughts and views on his new baby sister.

  4. Cute as always. Love the look. I, too, will be glad when we can wear our jean shorts.
    Thanks for the podcast suggestions. I like to listen when I have a chance.

  5. Love cozy sweatshirts too!!!
    My favorite podcast is transformedyou at markdejesus.com. A couple deal with real issues such as anxiety and much more that believers are facing today and ways to overcome!!! I am so thankful God allowed me to find this. I know I’m not alone.

  6. Hi Cyndi, I love this look! Just wished I would look as good😊
    You are so right about comparison, thank you for reminding us we are all unique and special in His eyes.

  7. So cute and comfy looking Cyndi! You are adorable! 🙂 May I ask how tall you are? Everything looks great on you.

  8. Happy Tuesday!

    Love the Beauty for the Heart! I am certainly guilty of this……… being 51 and single doesn’t help. Not a place I thought I’d be in life. Praying and having faith God will open doors in my life. 🙂

    I loved the chambray top from yesterday so much that I ordered it from Loft. I can’t wait to get it!

    Have a great day!

    1. I just bought it today. Love it. I actually got it 50% off plus another 15%. So $25 something. Thanks Cyndi for styling the chambray blouse. Also for great reminder not to compare. I had just did it after opening your post and seeing you in shorts. I hate wearing shorts with my legs out of shape. How do you keep your legs so in shape?

  9. Such a GREAT Beauty for the Heart this morning! I’m between jobs at the moment, and have had some really difficult family things in the last 7 years. It is enough for me to try to live in a hopeful mindset, trusting Christ day by day. I think that Satan wants us to constantly compare and be dissatisfied. But I commit to choosing Christ. Thank you Cyndi!

    1. Amen! Satan wants to steal our JOY. And this is just one of the ways he tries to do it! I think especially with women! Remember you are a daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords🙏

    2. Katrina,
      I’m praying for you. I feel your pain. Your not a lone.
      Cling to Jesus, He is your best friend!!

      1. I’m looking for a decent no strap bra.. I’d suppose you are wearing one with this sweatshirt (maybe not but if so…). Suggestions? I’m a 36D.

  10. Hi cyndi,
    Your bfth today is so true!!
    I too, like Katrina, am in between jobs and very difficult family issues for the past two years. Some days I want to give up. I look around and compare myself with other mothers that look so happy and wonder where I went wrong.
    Satan is real and I feel he is working very hard in Christians to try and break their spirit. We have to be strong and cling to Christ.
    Thank you condo for your post everyday and giving me hope!

  11. Oh it seems that we are so far from spring here! Weather forecast looks chilly and rainy for the foreseeable future… I love sweatshirts, however and have many colors that I can wear until the weather warms up.
    I do listen to podcasts frequently, and since my oldest son is an associate pastor, I listen to the podcasts from his church.

  12. That outfit screams beach and summer how cute and comfy looking:) I love sweatshirts for a cool evening too… gathering around the bomb fires etc. Thanks for the BFTH a great reminder to be happy with ourselves and God did create us all to be different… we will only reach perfection in Heaven:) I love podcasts too I listen to Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley and right now David Jeremiah on his revelation study…which if studying revelation doesn’t make us glad to be saved I don’t know what will lol.
    Blessings and have a great day

  13. I listen to Kathi Lipp’s podcasts all the time and she recently had Nicki on her podcast also talking about her new book. And you are right…….as women especially we find ourselves comparing a lot. We should only strive to be more like Jesus and not like things of the world. I am excited to start listening to the Jesus Calling podcasts. I listen to Kathi’s almost always when I am do my exercise walks.

  14. Thus outfit makes me yearn for summer. I am looking for a hat. I have a small head and sometimes hats just drown me. How does this hat run size wise? You’re BFTH is the second blog I have read today on this subject. Comparison is something I struggle with especially my weight. I am on medication that keeps me inflated and almost impossible to lose the pounds. Add to that fibromyalgia and back problems for years that make me unable to exercise except easy walking or water aerobics and it is difficult to keep a grateful heart. Sorry for whining as I didn’t mean for it to come across that way. Your BFTH is always timely and encouragin and I wanted you to know that.

  15. Beautiful as always! I love podcasts and am
    Going to check out your recommendation now.
    Have you listened to The Next Right Thing
    By Emily P Freeman? 15 minutes of encouragement for “space for your soul
    To breathe”

  16. Thanks Cyndi. Can’t wait to try her podcast. (I enjoy Alistair Begg/TruthForLife.). I chose to forego my FB account about 5 years ago. I miss it at times, but I knew it was best for me personally and my emotional wellbeing. Can’t compare against or over-analyze what you can’t see lol!

  17. I just joined that OBS for this book! I sure still need these truths in my life as well! It’s too easy to forget!!
    I love the look of the sweatshirt and shorts! And of course the hat!!
    Every once in a while I will listen to a podcast, it’s usua Steven Furtick, John Gray or Joyce Meyer.
    Enjoy the week lovelies!

  18. I know what you mean about being
    in the sun all day and when it comes
    to the evening, you are so chilled so
    this outfit is so perfect for that time
    of day. I was just wondering if anyone
    recognized you on your trip from your
    Have a blessed evening!!

  19. Love following your fashion advice and encouragement! I just got around to listening to Oils of the Bible you did with your sister. I loved it. I thought I signed up for the Basic Oils but I can’t find it. Is there any way I can get a link to that? I’m very interested in anything that helps with chronic pain? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  20. Hi!

    I love the whole outfit! At some point you may have shared your height and sizes. What size shorts are you wearing for a point of reference for me?

    Thank you!