Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Well, I have put it off as long as I could but we are going to have to talk about swimsuits. With Memorial weekend just a few weeks away, pools will be opening and vacation season will be in full swing.

Nordstrom has swimsuits for every body type that are called Miraclesuit and Magicsuit which are supposed to make you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. Wow!

Of course you’re going to pay a little more for these swimsuits since they make you look thinner but I think it might be worth it. 🙂

Swimsuits For Every Body Type


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Since Nordstrom has free shipping and returns, I’m going to order a couple and pick the one I like the best. I’ll let you know which one I pick and I’ll share my favorite cover ups too.

Do you have a brand of swimsuits that you like?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I shared with you yesterday that I’m reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I am loving the book!

Here are two quotes I read this morning about prayer, “The more you pray the more holy surprises will happen.” and “Lord, do something unpredictable and uncontrollable.”

Let’s pray and expect to see God do something amazing!

Have a blessed day.

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. I like Lands End swim suites, they have mix and match tops and bottoms. I buy a swim skirt to hide my thighs . Happy blogging 😇

    1. Me too! I’ve gone to the swim skirt the last few years and have gotten used to it. Not loving my thighs as they’ve gotten older and more jello like.

    2. I also love Land’s End suits. They are thick and hold everything in. I have 2 of the swim dresses and love them.

  2. Cyndi- love your blog. I am really puzzled by like to know it and wonder if you can repost the reason you elected to go with it and how we access it. Thanks
    Also I would be interested in what you would wear to upcoming graduation parties.

  3. I also buy my swimsuits at Nordstrom but give T.J.Maxx and Marshalls a try they sometimes have the same excellent quality suits for less than half the price!!

  4. Hi Cyndi! Great posts on cute swimsuits…. I’ve told my teen girls ….. you will be noticed in a swimsuit for one of two reasons, either because you look really really good or because you look really really bad…. I know I’m not going to look really really good, so my goal is to not be noticed! Ha ha…. I can’t wait to see your cover-up post! Blessings Krista

  5. I was just dreading the thought of having to buy a swimsuit this year! I will say I found a really nice quality suit at TJ Maxx and will probably check there again. It can be hit or miss though. Love the book, Circle Maker. It totally changed the way I pray and I definitely want to start reading it again to retain all I learned. Have a great weekend!

  6. Nice suits, however I like to wear skirts on the bottom since I don’t think everyone (and their husbands) need to see that much of me!

  7. My last couple suits I’ve had shorts for bottoms. I absolutely love it! They are long enough to not ride up and give full rear end coverage. With young kids i feel like i can move easily without giving innocent bystanders a show!

  8. I also love the bathing suits that have skirts and shorts. It’s really frustrating to try to find good, cute and decent bathing suits that cover both ends well. Lol.

  9. I like Lands’ End swimsuits and Miracle suit. Miracle suit also makes swim skirts, as do Lands’ End. Miracle suit has a website with lots of choices so that’s also an option vs. Nordstrom. I would like to see some cute cover up options, so I’m anxious so see what you have picked.

  10. The Beauty For the Heart is great today! It’s been many years since I’ve put on a swimsuit. I am not a water person, I don’t lay in the sun, and we haven’t been to the beach. But, there are definitely a lot of flattering suits out.

    Have a blessed day!

  11. Hi Cyndi,

    Great post and super cute age appropriate suits. I have a question that hopefully you or somebody else can help me with….. I am a size 12; I’m packing quite the load up top( DDDD) and I have to bottom that matches the top. They are part of a matching set:) I am 5 feet 9 inches and have a very long rib cage!! Needless to say buying a swimsuit is torture as there is everything overflows up top, squished in the middle and let’s just not talk about the bottom. Since swimsuits run small, as per Nordstrom’s ordering instructions….would a plus size suit work? From the photos, the bust coverage at least looks promising and they look longer too…..does anyone have any experience/knowledge about this issue? Love to hear some helpful advice on this one! God Bless!

    1. Hi Lynn, in the past I have had great experiences with Land’s End’s suits…many can be ordered in a long torso (my biggest problem) and a specific cup size. I have also found that separates (tankini) work well too as you can pick different top and bottom sizes (I tend to be bigger on the bottom). I actually found several cute ones at Belk this year.

      1. Hi Lauren,

        Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will check out Land’s End On-line. I wish I could check Belk’s too but alas we don’t have that store in Canada. I love the store though, always try to make a visit to Belk’s when I visit Florida…. Unfortunately, I think it will be some time before I have the warm pleasure of visiting the Sunshine State….:(:(:(

        If I can’t find anything here I can always zip across the border where a much better selection awaits! Detroit is just a short drive.

        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply; really sweet!


    2. I agree with Lynn……Lands End has lots of options for style and sizes, both in one piece and two.

      1. Hi Keena,

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question;I will definitely check out Land’s End. While it was warmer earlier in the week, it is snowing here today!! Even for Canada, this is ridiculous!! Shopping for a swimsuit has suddenly loss it’s sense of urgency:):):)


    3. Lynn, sounds like you are the same size and shape as me (well the old me). I’ve ordered suits from Lands End since you can order tops by cup size. I just recently had breast reduction surgery, best thing I ever did for myself.

      1. Hi Bobbi,

        Nice to hear everything is going so well and you are so happy about your surgery. Always wonderful when people make a challenging decision and it turns out to be the best thing they ever did! I have several friends who have opted for this surgery and like yourself have been thrilled with the result! As for myself, it’s not on my radar……I don’t have headaches, neck or back aches I’m tall with broad shoulders so, “I carry it well” nobody has any idea of the size of that holster under the clothes and hence I don’t look all that large…… Until……. The Swimsuit….. I’ll check out your suggestions….. Otherwise it’s cover-up city….. The water’s cold and totally messes with your hair:):):)


  12. I’d recommend LimeRicki. They offer modest swimwear. There skirts come with bottoms built in (completely attached). This is all I wear as I feel they offer very cute options but keep you covered up.

  13. Tankinis are much more flattering for women over forty…and honestly a lot more user friendly.

  14. Land’s End is my go to company for swimsuits. I’m a 2 piece girl and they have a great selection and they last forever!

  15. I look terrible in one-piece suits, including the Miraclesuit. I recently bought a bikini top (gasp!) and a matching swim short from Athleta to wear on a Caribbean vacation. It was very comfortable, flattering and my husband approved of the coverage. Everything stayed in place – no worries of wardrobe malfunctions! I felt more comfortable about how I looked in this suit than in any I’ve worn in the past 20 years, even though I’m carrying an extra 10 pounds. The tops are also available in a tankini if you prefer to cover your midriff.

  16. Cute picks, Cyndi! I bought a suit from Lands’ End last year, and I love it. It is a striped dress with a separate bottom that goes underneath. It gives me a little extra coverage without looking matronly at all. I was even able to get an extended chest size in a regular size 10 which was wonderful for me! -Melissa

  17. Hi Cindy! Thank you for sharing this. I can see some of Tim’s points with this book but I’m not familiar with Tim Challies.
    I did check the front of the book to see who had endorsed it, before I started reading, and there were several I was familiar with, including Ruth Bell Graham.
    I think we have to be careful when reading any book other than the Bible but this book has some great points about being bold with our prayers. I certainly am not praying for wealth.
    Thank you again,

  18. I own 2 Miracle suits and several Lands End. Like someone stated, Lands End suits last FOREVER. I have one that is probably 15 years old. It is now only for when we tube at the river, but the color is as strong as newer suits. And, the lycra is still good, or it wouldn’t even be going to the river. LOL

    IDK why, but tankinis just don’t work for me. I have a couple of the shapes listed above, plus a high-waisted swim skirt with a bikini top (my husband’s favorite).

    Yes, please share cover-ups! LOVE them!

  19. I am having a terrible time finding a swimsuit that is both flattering and made for a long torso! Land’s End was my go-to place for swimsuits, but something changed (maybe it’s me) within the last several years, and they just don’t fit properly anymore. I purchased a Longitude swimsuit a couple of years ago but am having no luck finding another one.

  20. Venus swimwear is a good place to shop for separates. I prefer a short bottom and tankini top for full coverage, they have a great selection of colors and sizes to choose from.

  21. I typically buy at Belk or Dillards an usually end up buying a Ralph Lauren swim suit. I have 2 that are over 10 years old and both have held up very well. I have a friend who swears by the miracle suits. Headed to beach in early June and have been dreading shopping for a suit since “things aren’t wher e they used to be and much more support is needed. Kind of takes the fun out of the beach when I feel “strapped in and tied down 😉😫

  22. I don’t like the panty-like bottoms on most women’s suits. Even in my 20’s and a size 4, I felt my rear end was on display in the bathing suit bottom. I tend to like the shorts bottom as well. I think suit #8 and 9 or my favorite. I like the retro look of 9.

  23. Miracle suits & Magic suits are quite expensive but they are worth the money and more!!! Since I bought my first one I will never wear any other brand again! It is very comfortable, stylish, cover everything that needs to be covered and stylish! I cannot rave about them enough!

  24. very comfortable, stylish, cover everything that needs to be covered and stylish! I cannot rave about them enough!

  25. Total fan of Lands End beach living suits, I get at least 2 years out of them and usually pick them up on clearance around Feb. I live in Florida and wear my suits frequently. I have active teenage boys. Love the tankini tops with underwire, can camouflage my fluffy middle and like that I can get bikini bottoms to go with, I Zumba hard for these legs at 48 years old!