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My Swing Bob Haircut

 I’m FINALLY getting around to talking about my swing bob haircut. Of all the emails I get, my hair is the one I get the most questions about.

Let me first say I’m flattered that you ask about my hair but I’m like most of us, I wish I could wear it a different way. I’d love to let it grow out but when I do, it starts to look thin.

So I stick pretty close to this cut. I just got a cut and color and so it’s a little shorter than what I like but my hair grows fast. I do back tease the back of my hair with this brush. Yes, I sometimes get carried away and it’s too big. 🙂

Here are answers to your questions.

I was given the Color Wow to try and it has made a huge difference on softening my hair. It’s for color treated hair. I use a tiny drop and put it on my wet hair and then blow dry.

I also use a flat iron to straighten and get rid of the frizz.

Here are some pictures I took on two different occasions.

My Swing Bob Haircut

My Swing Bob Haircut
My Swing Bob Haircut

My Swing Bob Haircut

My Swing Bob Haircut

My Swing Bob Haircut

My Swing Bob Haircut

 Does the help? What other questions do you have?

Beauty for the Heart~~I couldn’t help but think of Matthew 10:30, And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

God loves and cares for us!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You are so sweet to share all your “hair tips” with us……..I have thin hair but I don’t have alot…….so mine can’t do what your does…..but I sure enjoy the tips…..you are truly beautiful on the inside and outside! Blessing to you and yours this Christmas! And I love that sweater vest with the fur….cute!!!!!

  2. I have had my baby fine hair, shoulder length forever. Just a few months ago went in and had it all cut off! Almost 4 inchs

  3. I love your hair, and think you are a very pretty lady! I too have fine hair but a lot of it, I recently finished cancer treatment and my hair thinned out quite a bit and looks dull. I will definitely try the Color Wow Pop and Lock Shelac! Thanks for the tip!
    Merry Christmas and God bless~

  4. Thank you for the info & the great pics!! Helps a TON! I will be taking these pics to my stylist 🙂 You’re gorgeous!

  5. Love your hair! Do you have any products you can recommend for winter fly-aways? I’m ok at home as we have a humidifier but my long hair gets so staticky and fly awayish at work! Thanks, Cyndi!

    1. Oh I wish!!! I’m a ball of walking electricity. My hair has fly aways and I shock everything I touch. Warm weather come soon! 🙂

      1. When my hair gets fly away, usually after blow drying, I run a Bounce dryer sheet over it, works great! I LOVE your hair, too ,Cyndi and have shown photos to my hairdresser more than once! How funny to think of so many walking around trying to achieve the Cyndi Spivey “do”

  6. I LOVE your hair style and color! I have a hair appointment next week and will be sharing this with my stylist! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and for always inspiring us with your styles and your Beauty from the Heart!

  7. Hey Cyndi Girl, I’ve been noticing that new haircut (it looks sensational!) and wanted to mention it. I love the bangs and the color. You hair and face shape make you a perfect candidate for that style. I know a lot of women who want to go for that look but can’t achieve it, just not the right kind of hair I guess. My hair is thick and kind of coarse. Since I am such a runt, I wear my hair in a short pixie and it works great. Thanks for the tip on the Color Wow & Pop 6. Have a blessed Thursday, sweetie!

      1. I’m just curious, who does your photos of you in your outfits? Does it take long or do you have special lighting when outside? Love your blog and website. I get a lot of good ideas and inspiration from you. Thank you for what you do and I hope you continue with it. You are a blessing!

  8. Cyndi, I love your hair. It really looks great in all your posts. You are the definition of beauty and grace. So happy to have found your blog. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.

  9. Haha … I was one of those “fans” that messaged you about your haircut! I took your photo to my stylist and she gave me the same cut 🙂 I LOVE IT! My hair isn’t quite as thick as yours but it still works. How do you dry your hair? Flip your head over? Do you use a round brush? And do you flat iron everything or just the parts that need it? I find if I flat iron all of my hair it is too flat so after I blow dry with a round brush I only flat iron those stubborn pieces. You should do a tutorial of you doing your hair start to finish! LOL

    1. Hey Diane,
      I do flip my head over when I blow dry it and I use a round brush. All my hair is stubborn :-), so I flat iron all of it. I click it up in three sections and start at the bottom.
      I’ll try to do a video soon.

  10. Cyndi, I just love your cut! With it shorter you look refreshed, like you’ve just come off vacation! Is there any chance you get your hair cut in Lex? If so, I would love to know where. Thx!

  11. I love your hair and more so your blog. I have a swing bob also, but have not been able to achieve the bang/ front like your hair. I agree – you should do a video tutorial on how you blow it dry!
    Thank you and God bless you.

      1. Hi Cyndi….yes…i’d love to see a video of your blowout and tease….i can’t ever get my hair to tease….how do you flatiron the back? I love the cut and color – it’s beautiful!

  12. Cyndi, I too love your hair. My hairdresser gets tired of me bringing in your picture and saying I want to look like that!!!! She got it almost right the last time. It’s not quite as angled as yours, but I am liking it a lot. I too have fine hair. I just tried Living Proof Full Thicking Cream and I love it. It makes my hair feel really soft and full. Thanks for your inspiration. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. I just love your cut on you! I tried a similar style and it wasn’t right for my face shape but I love it on you! Thanks for all of the great info you share!!!!

    May I ask an off topic question? What are your thought on faux leather boots and booties? I’ve found several styles I like but when I discover they are faux leather I’m hesitant to buy them. Just wondering if you have any experience with them … especially their durability. Thanks!

  14. Love your hair Cyndi! I have had the same hair cut for a few years and really like it but I have wavy hair so it’s harder for me to get it as straight as my hair dresser does. She swears by Moroccan oil for frizz and it works wonders for my hair. A little goes a long way.

  15. Hi Cyndi, Love your hair bob! It is the perfect cut and style for you and I think it probably fits your happy personality as far as I can see in your photos. I would love to meet you in person one day ! But for now I am happy reading your blog and seeing your smiling face and awesome styles every day!! You look divine in this type of hair bob. I think I like it a bit longer, that contours your face a little better as in the very last pic taken inside your home!
    My hair is thick and with a constant wave. I usually wear it layered to help with the headaches it causes when it grows longer and heavier. I am thinking of a shorter style…. just undecided until spring-too cold to cut it just yet, or that’s a pretty good excuse on my part. LOL I also keep mine colored forcing the gray into hiding! 🙂 I will possible look up this salon you go to in Lex. It’s only 2 hours from me and we like to shop at the Fayette Mall or on Sir Barton Way.

  16. Cyndi,
    I love your product recommendations, and have never been disappointed with any that I have tried! You may have previously addressed this, but do you have a favorite “dry” shampoo? There are just those times, like if you have had surgery or just crazy busy, when there is no time to shampoo. Any ones you like?

  17. Looks great Cyndi! I like it this length, it looks thicker. My question, it looks like the back is all one length? Is it layered? Thanks for taking your time to share.

  18. I tend to have BIG hair too 😀 and it can get flyaway! What kind of conditioner do you love to use everyday? Sometimes when I use conditioner it weighs my hair down for a day or so. Thanks for all the good details! LOVE your blog, as always!!! Blessings today!

  19. Love your hairstyle! Do you use hairspray? What do you recommend? My hair is super fine, so finding a spray with the right amount of hold without weight is tough. Thanks!

  20. I just came across your blog a few days ago. I love your hair! I have shoulder length hair and very thick. I’m ready for a change. Please don’t grow your hair out…it looks awesome the way it is. You seem like a very sweet person. I’m learning a lot from your blog. Thank you!

  21. Hi Cyndi,
    Do you know what color your stylist uses? I would love to get back closer to my natural color and yours is gorgeous.

  22. I’m scheduled for a haircut tomorrow, so I was just scrolling thru Pinterest for some inspiration. I’ve kept a bob-ish style for several years and always want a little something different. I saw your cut and knew, “A-ha! That’s exactly what I want.” It’s a more modern version of something I wore when I was younger. I haven’t been able to get my bangs right for years or explain to my stylists (many) what I wanted. Hallelujah!!! I was thrilled to follow the link to your blog and find all your tips and info. Plus, awesome to know you’re a fellow Believer. I’ll have to follow you. Thanks so much for sharing so many details. Can’t wait to give my stylist the scoop!!!

    Many thanks,

  23. I, too have to stick to this hairstyle as my hair is fine and thin but when it gets washed and blow dried, with a little bit of mouse,,poof!! it expands beautifully thanks to Victoria Beckham that introduce this style about 10 years ago 😉

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  26. Hi Cyndi…..I love your angled bob. My hair is long right now but im getting it cut tomorrow, and im cutting it like yours! I especially like the way it looks in one of your pics where your wearing an orange blouse. Its just what I’ve been wanting…and believe me I’ve been looking for a long while now! Take care cyndi, and I love your blog!!

  27. Hi Cyndi! I just love your hair style! My hair is fine and thin, and you said yours is too? I like to keep my ears covered, as I’m hearing impaired and I don’t want anyone seeing my cochlear implants and processors! And I’d love to know how you style your hair!