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T-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring Fashion

It’s the weekend so I’m ready for some casual spring fashion. This t-shirt is definitely my motto! I love starting my day with Jesus and coffee.

I should have put those sunglasses I’m holding on my face! #squinting This t-shirt is a very relaxed fit with wide set shoulder seams. It’s super soft and doesn’t hug the middle area.

T-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring Fashion

Statement necklaces are a great accessory and I think it’s fun to add some glitz to an outfit, especially a t-shirt. Glamour Farms has a similar necklace here. They have several necklaces that are perfect for spring. I really like the Gleam Team bib necklace, black and clear and the Polished Details bib necklace.

One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update your look is with trendy jewelry!

T-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring FashionI finally broke down and purchased these Adidas Superstar Sneakers and I have to admit that I really like them. These are the original Adidas (they have the gold tag on them). They have a classic but retro look.

T-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring FashionT-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring FashionT-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring FashionT-shirt and Adidas-Casual Spring FashionFueled by Jesus and Coffee t-shirt (I’m wearing a small, runs a little big so if in between, size down)//Joe’s skinny jeans (similar here)//Earrings//Adidas sneakers

(Use discount code graceandbeauty642 for $10 off your Glamour Farms purchase.)

Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today for our spring series!

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Beauty for the Heart~~I read this in my devotion, Shallow seeking will lead to shallow believing–that dangerous place where we will fall for whatever opinions make us comfortable and make our lives more convenient. -Lysa TerKeurst

It’s so important for us to spend time in God’s word. Psalm 119:11 says, I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I have the Sweet Tea and Jesus t-shirt. I love it! Fun look for the weekend. Last weekend I met with some new clients and they use to live in Lexington, KY. They both taught at the University. The husband is a professor at the U of M now.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I did checkout your daughter’s site, how exciting for her!!

  2. Love the relaxed casual look! I want to get that shirt since I have been so upset about ruining my “thank ya Jesus
    Tshirt” with a cleaning product I was using 😢
    I like those sneakers too but when I shop with my twenty year old daughter which I love doing, however, she often tells me “those are too young for you” all the kids are wearing them! Lol
    Congrats to Courtney and I will definitely check out her blog!!

  3. Loved seeing the adidas! I bought them for my daughter’s 30th b-day in January (black tag because they were $30 cheaper at Nordstrom at that time but be careful with the sizing as that shoe is built on a unisex -or male more precisely – platform). I just came back from a visit with my daughter and she loved the nike’s I was wearing (which you recommended!). As far as my life style goes, I enjoy seeing the “athleisure” posts-I know it’s not for everybody, but I enjoy wearing comfortable, age-appropriate casual wear when running errands, road tripping and marketing! Thanks!

  4. Cyndi, I think you look adorable. I must say I an not a sneaker girl so it is hard to see everyone wearing them. I guess I need to get with it. I am more a sandal and flip flop lady. I don’t believe you have any midsection to worry about. You look great

  5. Love this whole look with the little touch of bling! It took me so long to finally buy these Adidas, but I’m so glad I did. I had no idea that there were different ones, I just grabbed a pair of kids’ that were on sale, lol. I’m finding myself wanting to wear them constantly and I get compliments on them nearly every time. 🙂

    So excited for your daughter! Going to check it out now!

  6. You are a beautiful and talented lady so not only does your daughter take after your Mom, she takes after YOU as well! Beautiful inside and out! Love your blog – you inspire me every day!

  7. not sure on Courtney’s page …. if this part is still under construction or if I did something wrong but I tried to enter in my contact information (name and email) and when I hit “go” it said “error…. page not found”

  8. I too am getting an error page for your daughter, she is adorable just like her mother! I have been on Glamour Farms website looking at shapewear camis what size do you wear? We look to be about the same size so was wondering what to order. Have a blessed weekend, can’t wait to see more spring fashions!

  9. I have to buy that tee! I pray It does not sell out before I can place my GF order later today, when I have my password handy. I too like the relaxed look!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  10. First of all, I checked out your daughter’s blog and tried to enroll. However, when I entered my information from my IPad, everything was in capitals, and there was no way I could change it. Therefore, I couldn’t enroll.

    Also, I really appreciate your scripture message each day. Today’s words touched me deeply as I have a relative who is particularly toxic while posing as a Christian. Last night I asked God to forgive her and to forgive me for my feelings. Today’s message reinforced my conviction. Forgivenss is not shallow; forgiveness is strength.

  11. Super cute tee! and yes, in that order daily :). Just curious abou the sizing of that tee because it looks really big on you – as in the neck looks very “scoopy” – if that’s a word – HA! I like my shirts bigger too and just wondering about the size of the one you have on.
    Courtney is adorable!

  12. FIrst of all, I can’t log on to your daughters webstie. It only allows me to type in caps. Perhaps that’s thei issue, as my email isn’t all capitals.

    Also, I deeply appreciate your daily scripture messages. I have a toxic relative who poses as a Christian to create havoc. Last night I asked God to forgive her and to forgive me for my thoughts about her and her behavior. Today’s message spoke to me: Forgiveness is strength:)

    1. God bless you Sharel! I struggled for many years in a similar situation , until I found my freedom in forgiveness. When the Lord sets you free , you are free indeed ! Thank you Cyndi for sharing this message! The Lord uses you to touch many hearts . ❤️ I’m crazy about your outfit ! Must have that shirt !

  13. Your daughter looks just like you! I would love to subscribe to her blog. Something is wrong with the website I keep getting an error message when I submit my information.

  14. I also got page not found on your Daughter’s website when I tried to subscribe to it. I think your daughter looks a lot like your sister.

  15. How exciting for Courtney! Her blog looks great!! I told her she’s one lucky girl to have you and Traci to guide her. Maybe you girls could adopt me as a sister and mentor me 😉 I love the casual look and I’ve been trying to wear it myself a little, it’s just so different from my normal style. Do you feel that way? Anyway, I also love how it’a now acceptable to take statement pieces and mix them with a casual look to dress it up and make it fun. 5 years ago if you’d done that, people would have thought you’d lost your mind. LOL

  16. Hahaha I broke down and got the Adidas after Jo Lynne kept featuring them and I saw them on another blog too. I had to get a whole size smaller.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  17. LOVE the whole look today, Cyndi !!!! The t-shirt says it all !!!!!!

    Be blessed and be a blessing !!!


  18. Love this outfit; it’s so cute and looks great on you! I never thought of wearing a statement necklace with a tee but I love that and am going to start!! and the ADIDAS sneakers are cute too. I noticed you’re not wearing socks…do they give you a blister on the back of your feet by doing that?
    and congrats to your daughter on her blog, I’m going to check it out now.

  19. So simple but so cute. The adidas look great with cuffed jeans. I’m going to have to buy a pair.
    On another note: I went to Courtenay’s blog and when I scrolled down to comment there was the name and email address of the previous commenter.

  20. Fun outfit!! Your daughter is cute and looks like you! Good luck to her with her blog! I have been seeing those tennis shoes everywhere and have been debating about getting a pair.

  21. Hi Cyndi ~ I must not see all of your post bc everybody is talking about your daughter and her blog. I didn’t get any of that. I would love to check it out, but don’t have the info. I love your Tee shirt today. I think you and I are about the same size. What size are you wearing in the tee? Thank You and have a blessed weekend!

  22. Love the look. I’m still so upset that my daily post are not coming to me email anymore. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? Also, I would like to follow your daughter too. What is her site? Thanks