T-Strap Top + Shorts

Hello from Santa Barbara, California!! We are staying a little longer here because I’m in love with this area. The temperatures are in the 70’s and the sun is shining.

I’m a little jealous of all my California friends!! You all have a beautiful state and now I see why you like living on the west coast.

Today I’m styling a t-strap top that is on sale for $14.98! It’s a great casual top and it comes in several colors including black.

T-Strap Top + ShortsT-Strap Top + ShortsMy shorts are Caslon brand from Nordstrom. They are a utility style short with oversized front pockets.

T-Strap Top + ShortsT-Strap Top + ShortsI’m wearing my Nickel & Suede earrings. These are the best earrings!! They are lightweight so they never pull on your ears.

T-Strap Top + ShortsI feel like I have already talked about my Gap crossbody bag enough! I carry it everyday when we are walking around. It is on sale for $27 and it comes in a lot of different colors. I really think I’m going to order the pilot gray color.

T-Strap Top + ShortsT-strap top (i’m wearing an XS)//Shorts  (I’m wearing a size 6, they’re a little big on me)//Wedge heel//Bag//Earrings//Bracelet

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love adding accessories to my outfits, I think they make them pop. But the most important accessory I want to have is love.

Scripture says these remain: faith, hope and love but the greatest is love, and 1 John 4:7 reminds us, “Dear friends, let us love one another, because love comes from God.”

Remember today to show love and especially tell those closest to you how much you love them.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. It’s impossible to not fall in love with Santa Barbara, right? You’ll be amazed at God’s creation in Yosemite as well. Glad you’re feeling blessed by my home state.

  2. Thank you so much for styling shorts! As a busy mom, this Texas heat can only be faced with shorts. Love the outfit, and the background in each pic you’ve shown! Blessings

  3. You’ll be right in my neighborhood on your way to Yosemite. Wish we could meet up and I could give you some of our wonderful California fruit. I work in the tree fruit business. A box of peaches, plums, pluots and nectarines are just waiting for you and Wayne! Our temperatures are sizzling, carry plenty of water! Loving all these vacation shots!

    1. Hi Colleen!

      My name is also Colleen, a California native and I live in Folsom, CA, and look forward to the daily blog posts from Cyndi. Especially since she is in our neck of the woods! I use to live in Santa Barbara, but I grew up in Tuolumne County (the other side of Yosemite). It is truly God’s country when visiting Yosemite!

  4. As always, I love this outfit on you! Thank you for the gorgeous photos that you have shared during your trip. I have enjoyed seeing them all, and I’m very jealous of YOU right now! 70’s and sunshine sounds delightful; however, we are in the midst of Tropical Storm Cindy here in New Orleans. Very wet BUT blessed to say no wind or water damage where I am. Praying for the safety of all in the path of this storm, and praying for a safe return home for you and Wayne. Again, thank you Cyndi for sharing and for everything you do. I enjoy it all 🙂

    1. My niece flew in there yesterday for business with her work. She almost didn’t continue her trip from Denver airport as scared with the tropical storm forecast. I hope she is okay.

  5. Wow! You’re gonna be in my neck of the woods. I look forward to your emails everyday and I’m so excited you’ll be in the Yosemite/Fresno area, which is near where I live. I’ve grown up having Yosemite in my proverbial back yard since I was born. I need to warn you that you will be arriving during one of our hot spells, tomorrow’s anticipated temperature in the Fresno area will be 111 degrees…YIKES!!!! The silver lining is that it’s a DRY heat. So, with that being said, dress COOL ( you already know that ), put your hair up (you know that, too) and drink plenty of fluids (I’m sure you do) and be liberal with the sunscreen! California oftentimes gets a bad wrap but I LOVE IT….mountains, lakes, the Pacific Ocean, desserts, and bountiful valleys growing the best fruit and veggies in the world. Cyndi, welcome to my corner of the world and I hope you come to love it as much as I do!!!

  6. Thank you Cyndi, all the pictures are beautiful!! We are heading to Santa Barbara next month and I can’t wait!! It is amazing how things change for one side of the country to the other!! However, very blessed to be able to live and enjoy it all!!

    Safe and fun travels for you and Wayne!! There is nothing like hubby & wifey time!!

  7. California is beautiful. We stayed in San Francisco, toured Nappa Valley, 17 mile drive and Carmel. Had I gone there as a young woman, I would have stayed. Love your outfjt.

  8. I would like to purchase the blue and white pinstripe top you wore yesterday on the blog with the three bows. Did you locate where we can purchase it?? I am 5’6 and 130 pounds. Would the x-small be the right size?

  9. This outfit is great, and looks great on you! I love the pink color of the top. I just might have to check it out! Have a great vacation – looks like you are having lots of fun.

  10. Your outfit looks great for just a relaxing day. Sounds like this trip just gets better and better. It ‘s been so nice to have you keep in touch while away. Almost feels like we’re on the trip with you. It seems like you’ve been gone awhile now, nice to be able to do that. When do you return to home? Safe travels and enjoy the heat!!

  11. Agree with Karen, it feels like we are on this trip with you! Love to see the pictures and hear how much you like everywhere you have been. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  12. I enjoy your posts and your stylish, classy outfits. Just want to let you know that I purchased a pair of the nude block-heeled sandals from Target that you have shown a few times and have gotten numerous compliments on them. Thank you for encouraging me to get outside my comfort zone with those sandals.

  13. Welcome to California, Cyndi! If you’re heading North on 101, a great stop would be in San Luis Obispo. It has been named one of the happiest / friendly towns & it’s beautiful! A couple of beautiful small beach towns before SLO would be Shell Beach or Avila Beach. These are roughly 2 hours North of Santa Barbara. Wishing you a joy-filled trip! (I love your blog…thank you so much!)

  14. Yosemite is indescribably breathtaking. From the tiniest details to the magnitude of the mountains and unbelievable flow of water in the falls, everywhere you look, there is a reminder of the beauty of our Creator.

    We moved from Mariposa to the Oregon coast five years ago. Though I never want to live anywhere else again, I do miss the majesty of Yosemite. The Central Valley is hot, flat, and rather boring at times. Hang in there! It’s worth the wait. And definitely stop at farmers markets and roadside produce stands. The strawberries are unbelievable.

  15. I love seeing your travels as well! Santa Barbara is called California’s Riviera with good reason.
    Our daughter went to the wonderful Westmont College there, and we “suffered” by visiting whenever we could! 🙂

  16. Welcome to my neck of the woods! I live in Santa Maria, which is an hour north on Hwy 101. Wish I could’ve buzzed down to SB for a quick few minutes to meet you. Love your blog, especially the “Beauty for the heart”. You will love love love Yosemite…God outdid Himself when He created the that area. The falls are all very full since we had so much snow and rain this rain. Safe travels!!

  17. So glad you are having a wonderful time!
    Praying for your safe return and enjoy
    the rest of your time together in this
    beautiful country of ours, we are blessed!!!!

  18. My husband and I love Santa Barbara and have had lovely lovely vacations there! It’s like a little slice of heaven🤗

  19. Sounds like I’ve got to go to Santa Barbara. I live in Oregon and haven’t been. 🙁 You really hit the HOT time to be visiting the West. Especially the dessert areas. You really have to see Oregon. I know I keep telling you that. Love your cute comfortable outfit you are styling. I too have been looking at the pilot grey shoulder bag. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your travels. How long is your overall vacation? I bet your grandson is missing you. 🙂 If I was you I’d go see the lady who has boxes of fruit for you guys. 🙂 LOL California has the BEST fruit. I also agree you should go by any fruit stands. The strawberries this time of year are wonderful.