Taking A Leap Of Faith

Good morning ladies and happy Palm Sunday!

I wanted to say thank you so much for all your comments on last week’s post about our leap of faith. It’s sometimes scary to be open and share about what’s going on behind this blog. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

A Leap Of FaithYou did ask some questions that I wanted to answer about where God is leading us and what we are doing in this “in between” season.

Several of you asked if we were going to church. YES! We are passionate about the body of Christ and being a part of the body. We are going to a church where we feel we can grow and get involved.

Our children do not live in the same town so they go to different churches. The church we are attending now is where our daughter and her family attend. So we will get to see our grandson which is a plus!

Wayne and I would love to use this blog in some way and we’re planning on doing some SHORT videos about different topics. We have some ideas such as

  • marriage
  • learning from past mistakes/grace
  • what we are learning during this season
  • how do we hear from God

I would love to hear from you, if you have any ideas! I want to keep the videos short and I want them to be encouraging. We both have a passion for people and we want to share our love for Christ so these Sunday posts could be a way for us to do that.

This song reminds us that there has never been a moment that we were not loved by God.


Have a blessed palm Sunday!

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  1. I love your idea for videos. We can all use encouragement and direction in our lives, especially when God is involved. I know you and Wayne prayed a lot about this decision and God will lead you where he wants you to be. As the old song says “Trust and Obey”!

  2. Idea…using the Easter season to work on being the best version of ourselves. Faith & prayer, fasting, and alms giving (quitely). Along with ideas on how we can achieve. Thank you kindly for all that You and Wayne have done on this inspirational blog.

  3. I would love to hear what you have to say about marriage. My husband and I are going through a rough patch right now after 17 years. This morning, went through your marriage blogs and wrote down your 5 steps to a healthy marriage. We posted them in our bedroom in our wedding picture. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this has helped us already.

  4. I agree, any encouragement is beneficial in these times we are living in – maybe some work related advice on motivation, going after what the Lord is leading you to – seems like you are going through that now!

  5. Like you, we are in a season of waiting. But unlike you we are not in a church. We are in a large metropolitan city with many churches of all kinds and lots are megachurches. I think it would help if we had a body of believers to belong to, even if it’s only for a season. Praying to find it. Thank you for your transparency, love Grace & Beauty.

  6. I love this idea of the videos. I was brought up in the Lutheran Church as a child and I also brought my girls up in the church too. I have been married for 35 years and my husband is not a church goer. Since the girls have both left the nest I just haven’t found the right church for me. We live in a small town. I think these videos would be a great out reach for both of you.

  7. I can so relate, Cyndi! 10 months ago when we were about to move on (May 31st), we were excited and (I was) a bit fearful about our “new normal”. After 29 years of ministry it was all so strange. We too are attending a church where our 2 married sons attend. I won’t say it has all been easy, but I will say that God has confirmed over and over again that this was the right decision. As we approach completing our 1st year I can honestly say that I have never seen my husband so energized, excited and fulfilled in his part-time positions within our Presbytery and in Campus ministry. (Campus Outreach). I will pray specifically for you as you too have a new identity and your relationships will change, too. Love the video idea!

  8. Love the encouragement videos! So many great ideas: marriage, trusting God, worry, difficult times, prayer, etc…. so many topics! I’ve loved reading your encouraging words about your life and faith! Looking forward to more! God bless.

  9. I love the idea of sharing short videos! I really enjoyed the testimony video you shared in the past. Your topic ideas sound great! Excited to see what comes❤

  10. Would love to hear from you about waiting on God’s plan to unfold, God’s plan versus one’s own plan and when those aren’t the same and how to not be so self-critical and recognize one’s own God-given value, worth and brilliance.

  11. It is exciting to hear of your plans! Someone mentioned spiritual gifts and how to decern them; that is what I was thinking also. How do spiritual gifts differ from talents.

  12. Happy Sunday Cyndi. Looking forward to the video’s and hearing about what’s happening with you and your family!🌸

  13. I’d love to hear about submission, and how to be a submissive wife. I struggle with this often but when I follow my husband’s lead I do find that our home is more peaceful.

    1. I believe in equality , mutual respect and love. Submissive wife is not a healthy place to be & I do hope this subject isn’t covered on your,wonderful nlog.,

      1. Great example of why I hope it is covered! Clearly people don’t understand it, and it’s biblical. It’s not about not being equal. That’s ridiculous.

  14. Can you do a video about what the Bible means when it says we are “to be in the world but not of it.” Thank you 🙂

  15. I’m excited how God is possibly bringing you and Wayne together with an added dimension of outreach ministry for Christ! Cindi you have brought much wisdom and encouragement to women, young and old, via your Blog and having your husband’s Godly wisdom could bring balance and completeness to your messages! I loved the video you and Wayne shared last year. It was encouraging to listen how God showered you with forgiveness, love and grace during your engagement and marriage! I will be praying for God yo give you both discernment, unity and confirmation as He leads you to do His will.

  16. Hi Cyndi, I am looking forward to seeing where you and Wayne go next. For over a year I have been working on Sunday and have not attended church. I have read your blogs during that time and found them so helpful. I will admit, although I was raised in church I have made mistakes and unfortunately Christians can be some of the most unforgiving and “cliquish” people. It is discouraging. I recently began a new position and will be back in service. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your honesty and encouragement. If the two of you have tips on dating, parenting, or finding your purpose I am tuned in.! Thank you.

  17. I am just reading your post and the responses and they are amazing! My prayers are with you and Wayne as you are guided into your new phase of life and career! God is good all the time and will be a lamp upon your feet and a light upon your path! Love the video idea and I believe everyone has given you leads to get started!
    Many blessings!!

  18. I love your spirit and would love to have you and your husband teach on whatever the Lord puts on your heart. This is a blessing to have a new dimension to our relationship with you. Honestly, I always felt a little envious, in a good way, of people who were able to hear you speak.

  19. I’m excited for you and your husband. I really like the idea of the videos. How about advice on parenting young adults? I know how to parent babies, children, and teens. Parenting an adult is a totally different world!

  20. I love the idea of videos. I think it would be great if you and your husband did some bible study series, even if they were short videos.

  21. I’m excited t hear more about your new season and where God leads you and Wayne, as I know you won’t forget us and will share this new journey as it unfolds 💕

  22. Cyndi , so happy for you and Wayne , it is always a plus to get to see grandkids more , I am very excited about Sunday videos or any day of the week will be great too.
    Looking forward to seeing what this new season brings for y’all
    Hope you have a blessed week

  23. I have an elderly mother who is quite ill and is having difficulty facing her own mortality. She is in rehab facility after a tough bout of puemonia. She looked at me yesterday and said she didn’t know why she was still alive “what is my purpose now? How can I be comforting voice to my mother? I responded in the best that I know how but this might be helpful topic to cover. Not just with an elderly parent but perhaps a friend or family member. Thanks!

  24. Greetings Cyndi and Wayne

    Congratulations on your new journey; it takes loads of spirit and fortitude to walk away from the familiar. It is especially challenging when one chooses to move forward into uncharted waters. Ministry is a calling as opposed to a job or a position…….. I can only imagine the challenge in abandoning, at least on the surface, one’s calling.

    Cyndi, I have read your blog for a couple of years and I have read and viewed some of the clips you have attached regarding your ministry work with Wayne. Both of you seem like absolutely darling people committed to sincere fellowship. You have shared your struggles and faith failures with humility. It’s not easy to be good!

    Forgive me, I will state for the record, full disclosure, that I am not a person of faith. My participation in religious service is limited to Christmas and Easter. The only scripture I read is that which is attached to your blog…. which is very good BTW! So, I think it is more than a bit cheeky for me to offer up religious advice to the fine Pastor and his lovely lady…. but here goes……..Many people find faith a struggle….. you know this:) … duh….aside from the regular worshippers there are loads of people who could benefit from the good Lord’s teaching. There are many reasons why people don’t attend service and I understand complete acceptance of Christ is the preacher’s mandate….. but do people need heed the calling all at once? Can people approach faith in baby steps? Pure and saintly may not be in the cards for most of us; but how can we be better people? In essence, can the divine such as yourself, find a spot ministering to the ” not quite deplorable” knowing your flock may never get beyond beginner level Christianity?
    Most traditional places of worship, offer large, loud proclamations of faith, there is nothing wrong with that style of worship but I am asking you to consider offering something quieter and more reflective. A web based ministry catering to those who don’t attend church. Sorry but there are loads of reasons people choose not to worship some really aren’t that bad…. maybe they don’t feel comfortable attending service because they feel judged, maybe they have had a bad experience at another church, they have no money for the offering, the reasons are endless……..I hate to ask this because you seem so devoted, but I am asking you to at least think about ministering to “Closet Christians”. I know the wardrobe worshippers aren’t showy, but you two seem capable of treading beyond traditional ministry. Your acceptance of each other and Wayne having faith in you despite your previous marriage is the stuff of good people….. I think you are up to the challenge of ministering a “non traditional flock”. Worshiping and Celebrating the Lord is fine and encouraged but some people may better served in something a little more low key and reflective as opposed to traditional fellowship. I can understand that you might view ministering to the devotionally challenged somewhat a demotion after presiding over a large congregation at a beautiful church, but I am only guessing here, you probably had to deal with more than a few people you would describe, under your breath of course, as less than stellar Christians despite having a meticulous service attendance award!

    Best Blessings in whatever you choose!

  25. Thanks Cyndi for updating us on your new adventure with Wayne. I wish you the best. I love the video idea. I was thinking maybe something on community. We were all created for community with others and not to isolate ourselves and I’m reading the book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them by John Ortberg. Its really good on this topic and he adds humor. I recommend this book to everyone to read. Don’t be frightened from the title…..you will understand it after reading the book. 🙂 Has anyone else read it? I think in this day in age, where everyone is on social media, they think they are being in community but in reality they are isolated at home not fellowshiping face to face, breaking bread together etc. I think its a great topic to explore. 🙂

  26. I love the video idea. There are SO many directions you could take that. I know you will rely on God to give you the direction that fits for you and Wayne but also the Lord’s will for those who will join you on the journey. The marriage “theme” sounds wonderful to me. I think so many couples find themselves in a “rut” or feeling disgruntled and don’t know where to turn for advice. Going to your pastor can be scary. I know you will figure it out! Just listen to God’s voice in your hearts.

  27. I would love to see your video series. I belong to a church but am unable to attend due to work taking me out of town on a regular basis. I live in a small town and get tired of explaining my absence from church and feeling like a failure. I took this job so I could afford to put my youngest through college without accumulating a ton of student loans and feel like I spend more time apologizing that listening to the word. Your videos would allow me the chance to renew my spirit anywhere.

  28. I would like to know more about marriage, particularly what a Christian should do in a marriage where non-believing spouse is hurtful and controlling. I have been praying and seeking guidance for a long time now on this issue; my wishes are one direction but I believe marriage is sacred to God. I would appreciate a Christian perspective on how to really know God’s will about this.

  29. It is interesting to watch your journey as you step out in faith to something new. Thanks for being an encouragement to so many of us.
    I like the idea of videos and many of the subjects mentioned sound good. Another thing that I think would be helpful would be about trusting God- through ups and downs, when circumstances are difficult, etc.

  30. I’d love to hear more about navigating the changing seasons of life, especially into the empty nest, retirement of one spouse but not the other, children living far away, etc.