Teacher Wishlists

Hi ladies! I asked for some teacher wishlists, and I’m so excited to share these with you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we filled their whole lists??

I’m so honored to help these teachers, and I’ve prayed for each one and their students. (If you’re going to order from more than one teacher, do one at a time so you can send what they need directly to that teacher.)

1. Amanda T.  • Works with fundamental developed delayed students in high school.

2. Erin B. • Returning to the classroom after being home with her children for 17 years. She is teaching kindergarten in Denver.

3. Hailey S.  • She is a reading and math interventionist teacher in Kansas

4. Michelle B. • Teaches 4th grade.

5. Amanda B. • Teaches 1st grade in Georgia.

6. Allison • She teaches at a Christian elementary school with no AC!

7. Kailee • She teaches 3rd grade in Charlotte, NC.

8. Susan B. • She teaches kindergarten in Ohio.

9. Aldyn S. • Special Needs teacher in Valdosta, Georgia.

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There are no affiliate links in this post. This post is to help these teachers with their wishlist. 


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  1. So all the money you make, on the people hitting these links and buy, you will donate to each teacher?

    1. Jennifer I did NOT use any affiliate links in this post. I copied their wishlist with the link the teachers gave me.

      I did not do this post to make money, I want to support teachers.

      1. Cyndi,
        I love that you want to support our teachers. I am the principal at a Title school (Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary) in Tennessee. None of our teachers are in the first two years of teaching. Our district doesn’t allow the Amazon wishlists for auditing reasons. However, if you could encourage your followers to voluntarily donate to classrooms or Donors Choose requests it would be a huge help. We, most importantly, would also greatly appreciate their prayers for our staff and our students!
        Thank you,
        Monti Hillis

  2. What a great idea to post the wish lists for these teachers. I don’t know any of them BUT I do know they have chosen to teach which is a noble profession. I ordered off of several of them and wish I could have done more to support their efforts.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these wish lists! I just retired from 29 years of teaching, and this gives me the chance to buy for someone else. I wish I could support all of them!