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The 5 Body Types & How To Dress Them

I’m so excited to be home for a little while on a Saturday. I have been doing some more decorating and some online shopping.

Wayne and I are headed to Shaker Village for dinner. It’s very festive there this time of year and we live close by so we thought we’d go enjoy it.

I’ve been getting some emails on body types. Last January, I wrote about 5 different body types. It’s important to know your body type so when you go shopping you know what styles will look best on you.

Here are the 5 body types that most women fall in to:

The Hourglass body type

The Pear body type

The Banana body type

The Apple body type

The Inverted Triangle body type

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and take some time to enjoy the season. It goes by so fast!

This is my December special with my Young Living Oils! (Any questions, email me at cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com)

December Special

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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I’m a pear too (I clicked through to read the post on pear shaped). You mentioned how you shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans but you love them. I know they are what’s in style now but I just can’t get used to them. I haven’t found a good pair of skinny or even straight jeans yet. Any recommendations? I put them on and they just don’t look very good and after wearing boot cut and flair, they feel so constricting, I just can’t get used to them – but it seems they really are what’s in style. I feel like an ice cream cone!

    1. Hi Gina!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      I love LOFT jeans. They fit great! I also like Banana Republic, Tommy Hilifiger and Calvin Klein.
      Hope that helps,

  2. Oh, Shaker Village! We went there 40 years ago right after we moved to the area and it was magical! It was In February and after we ate dinner we walked out to softly falling snow. We were transported back in time! Would love to go back and visit. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!