The Best Self Tanning Mousse

Last month I spent three weeks traveling out west. We did a lot of sight seeing and walking but I spent very little time out in the sun.

To keep a sun kissed glow I brought my self tanning mousse with me and several of asked what I was using. I have tried quite a few self tanning products but this one is hands down my favorite.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse nourishes the skin with marine and botanical extracts including raspberry and saccharide isomerate. It is free from parabens, alcohol, and perfumes. Quick and easy to apply, the mousse dries quickly with long-lasting results.

It can be found several places here, here, and here.

Tassel trim tank//White shorts//Crossbody bag//Sandals

Black Eyelet Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a size 26)//Leopard Sandals//Crossbody bag//Earrings (Stella & Dot, no longer available)//Watch//Bracelet


T-strap top (i’m wearing an XS)//Shorts  (I’m wearing a size 6, they’re a little big on me)//Wedge heel//Bag//Earrings//Bracelet

Pom Pom Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Denim Shorts(I’m wearing a size 2)//Earrings//Wedge Heel

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    1. Jodi, I’ve had that happen before as well. But I found if I apply lotion to my kneecaps, ankles and elbows first, the tanning lotion cannot absorb as much on those areas thus giving an even tan. In fact I usually skip those areas altogether when applying self-tanning products except for occasionally.

      1. Thanks so much Nancy….I just gave up for so long that I don’t know all the ins and outs anymore!!

    2. If you guys go back to another post Cyndi did……not sure when it was….. she has a whole post on self tanners and how to apply. I believe it was in the Spring sometime.

  1. I love self tanner! May give this one a try. Besides not being a slave to be in the sun to get a tan, it’s just not good for us – ever! I’m paying now, in more ways than one, for my sun “indiscretions” as a younger woman. I think everyone looks healthier (and thinner) with a bit of a tan, so glad self tanners have come so far :).

  2. Cyndi, you look amazing! I just started the FASTerwaytofatloss and you are inspiring me. Did you have trouble keeping to the eating schedule with a busy schedule?

  3. I agree that this is the very best self-tanner I have ever used and your blog is where I first heard about it. I actually found it much cheaper by buying it on ebay rather than QVC. This tanner last about 5 days and I shave every single day.

  4. I’m the same as Jodie – it gets in creases and looks awful. I also have issues with it sinking into my pores so you see all these “dots” – ugh! Any suggestions on how to avoid all that? And like her I’d like to know how long it lasts – especially since Im in hot humid Texas – lol.

    Have a blessed day.

  5. I bought this last year when you did a post on it. Did you know that you can also buy it at Ulta now?

  6. Thank you for the recommendation!
    Does it have that self tanner “smell”?
    You know the one…like wet hay or straw? 😉
    I’m interested in trying this…if it has a pleasant smell

    1. Cyndi said on another post about sunless tanners that is DID NOT have the smell at all. I bought this in the Spring but haven’t tried it yet. But, I’m like you…..hate the smell of self tanners.

      1. Kathy thank you! That’s very kind of you to answer my question–I think I’ll try it!
        Have a great rest of your day,

  7. If buying, please be sure to note the size of the product. The QVC deal is the best, as it is a Mega Size!

  8. I agree with Cyndi regarding the Vita Liberata. It gives the best coverage and does not streak. I am fair skinned and I use the medium. Even though it is marketed as ‘no smell,’ it does have that self-tan smell. However it isn’t as strong as some others. I used St. Tropez over the weekend and it turned orange on me so I am back to Vita Liberata. On me, it lasts about 4 days. If it is not completely dry it will rub off on your clothes or sheets but it washes out. I choose a day when I will be at home all day and can wear minimal clothes (tmi, probably). Don’t shave the day before because that will cause the dots on your skin. Hope this helps anyone interested in trying the Vita Liberata.

  9. Hey Cyndi. I bought this brand…..spent a lot on it…..but haven’t tried it yet, as having trouble lately with a rash and didn’t want to irritate it. If I bought this in late March, would it still be good? I know some aren’t after a season. Now its been 4 months. I spent too much to have it wasted.

    1. I purchased this a year ago when Cyndi recommended it and I used it all last summer and continue to use it this year. It goes a long ways. I don’t see any difference from how the product worked last year versus this year and it is at least a year old now.

  10. Hello everyone,

    I know my opinion will not be a popular one, but here goes….save your money and time… embrace your own individual skin color that God gave us.

    I am a nurse practitioner treat people daily with skin cancers and wounds. In hindsight, these people wish they had never tanned and had embraced their fair skin colors.

    The most beautiful skin is healthy natural skin!! ( no dyes please)

  11. I use this self tanner and love it. I saw it last year on your blog and started using it then. I have had to learn how to apply, but with the glove it makes it easier.

  12. Please do not include this comment if it affects your sponsors. I’m fine with that. Some of your readers may not want or be able to spend a lit of money. As an alternative, I use Sauve self tanner. I have to get it from Amazon but I mix it with 50 sunscreen. About half and half. No strong smell, streaking or gathering in pores and for a fraction of the cost. I start with fair at the beginning of the summer and then use medium.

  13. I too bought this last year after Cyndi recommended last year. (Usually there is a link back to this post on the right side of her blog). I have tried many self tanners and THIS IS IT! Yes it is expensive but it lasts all summer. I think if you bought it in the spring it will be fine. The little bit I had leftover from summer for 2016 was not good for this summer. It has no gross smell like the others. It goes on like you would expect mousse to go on but you do need the mitt. I apply 2 days in a row after exfoliating and it lasts about 5 days. A bottle lasts me the summer. I will try the suave idea next winter, but this is my go to tanner from now on. I hate my white legs, there is no chance of sun damage if you stay out of the sun with this product, and I feel great.

    1. Reviews on line say it drops 80% after one shower. Do you have to reapply often? Would love to find something great for my white legs also 🙂

  14. Smart Cyndi, for not hanging out too much in the sun, but wanting a little color on summer time legs. You looked fabulous on vaca! BFTH was so what I needed to hear today, straight from God’s word, after my words ran amuck yesterday. He’s a good, good Father!

  15. Just bought this and very excited to use it! I’ve never used a mitt before so looking forward to trying it out! Love your blog ! Thanks for sharing your love for our God😇
    Be blessed