The Fall Trend I Had To Try

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Happy Tuesday, ladies! There are so many fall trends I want to try, but hands down snake print boots were at the top of my list. And can I say, these Marc Fisher booties did not disappoint?

Macy’s has a great selection of all trends, and they’re on sale.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

I wear plenty of black, gray, camel and even white during fall and winter and these booties will be easy to add to my outfits. They have a chic pointed toe lofted on a chunky block heel. They also come in several different colors if snake print is not your thing.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

Another trend I can’t get enough of is the duster cardigan. This cardigan is heavy enough that it can double as a lightweight coat for winter (long coats are also trending).

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

Camisoles are a staple for me, and this one is perfect for layering under your cardigans or blazer. It’s lined so it’s not see-through and it has a hip-length hemline. I did a front tuck, but it can be worn out if you prefer.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

So, I wore a regular bra, but typically I wear a bralette. They work great with camisoles, and I think they’re more comfortable than a strapless bra.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

Macy’s has lots of jewelry options, but I kept mine simple with a pair of Alfani Linked Hoop Earrings.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

Another favorite for me is Kut From the Kloth jeans. These are the Donna High-Rise Button-Fly Ankle Skinny Jeans. They have slight distressing and a frayed hem.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

If you want to add to your fall wardrobe, check out Macy’s. They have a great promotion right now with 30% off VIP Sale with code VIP. The sale runs through September 22nd.

The Fall Trend I Had To Try

Marc Fisher Bootie (I sized up 1/2 size)//Duster Cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//Camisole (I’m wearing a small)//Kut From The Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings



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Let’s not worry about the future but focus on today. Remember, each day is a gift!

Have a blessed day!


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    1. Gorgeous as always but I do feel something is off with the silhouette of this outfit. My brain wanted to see a little bit of ankle peeking out and the print on the heel of the boots seems like ‘too much’ snakeskin? I think it’s a great transition outfit I am hoping to pull off with some minor tweaking. Love the BFTH today💕

      1. A speaking engagement! Now that is exciting! I’m sure all will be appropriately styled on their cruise. You always look so cute and stylish.
        While I like your outfit, I feel the snakeskin booties being tall would look better with a cropped flare, than a tucked skinny. What are your thoughts on this?

        1. I think that’s a good idea. I still tend to lean towards a tan or nude boot when I weared cropped flares.

          Actually it looks like my jeans are tucked in but they actually sit right at the top of my boot.

  1. super cute way to transition in to the fall, and to pop the outfit with the boots. I like that you kept everything else simple and the boots are the focus of the outfit. I love the duster length sweaters, but at 5’2″ they look like full length sweaters – LOL
    Question about the white denim jacket – so so cute btw – what size did you get? I’m interested in getting but unsure since it indicated it fits big.

  2. If I were into tattoos, I would have this BFTH put somewhere on my body where I could see it every day to remind myself that God is in control.

    My on the fence about the snake booties but I did get a pair of snake slip on sneakers that I love. However these booties are so cute on you and the perfect heel height.

    1. As a newbie to wearing camisoles. How does a bralette work better than a bra? Does it still show at the strap area? Thanks.

  3. Love the outfit. The boots may not be me, but I bought a small snakeskin handbag that gives that same pop and focus in the outfit:) I can duplicate this exact outfit just add the bag instead of the boots.
    Karen ❤️

  4. I love the snakeskin boots, and I think you styled this PERFECTLY! Everything else understated, but still trendy, and the boots take the focus.

    1. I have snake print flats but, sorry, those boots are too “in your face”.
      They seem to be wearing you instead of the reverse.

  5. I absolutely love everything! It is totally something I would wear. I bought snakeskin boots during the Nordstrom sale and I love them. I can’t wait until it is cool enough to wear them!

  6. Very nice outfit on you, Cyndi! I bought a pair of snakeskin booties during the N sale and can’t wait to wear them. I have a very dear friend that is retired from CFA. I know you will have a great time. Hopefully,we will have decent weather for you!

  7. I love outfit on you. The snake skin boots would take me out of my comfort box for sure. I’m not sure about it just yet. Maybe I will try them one day. Thanks for sharing so many stylish outfits.

  8. Love the outfit and you look great, but will never ever wear anything snake print. Eeww. Looks really ugly. Sorry to say but am just not a fan of that.

  9. Love the boots & earrings!!!! Had them in my cart…but then prayed for self control because I’ve put myself on a shopping fast….for my clothes & shoes obsession!💜

  10. You’ve sold me on the snakeskin boots! I just hit checkout! I hate snakes but this trend is growing me. Beautiful outfit and especially needed to BFTH today!!

  11. I’m sorry, but this whole outfit just didn’t do for me. The snakeskin boots are just too trendy and the duster way too long…it looks overpowering on your small frame. Next….

  12. I notice that you wear a bralette with a cami. Unfortunately for big busts they just don’t work. If you can ever find a supportive bralette that is made for big busts please let me know. You always look so great!

  13. I saw those tall snake print boots you shared on Instastories…if you are sharing those on Friday that will really send the anti-snakers running! These are just ok to me, I have tan snake print slip on sneakers that are right up my alley. Not a fan of the dusters for me, but everything is not for everyone.

  14. You look so good in the long dusters friend! I’d be dusting the floors if I wore one.🤪 I’m too short. I’m going to check out the denim jacket today!

  15. Cute boot, cute jeans, cute sweater! But I follow you “faith-fully” and I know how you like to elongate your legs with nude shoes. The bootie worn with those jeans gives the illusion your legs are very short. Would you consider modeling the booties with a wider cut jean?

  16. I bought a pair of tortoise shell earrings, but haven’t worn the much, because I’m not sure what to wear them with….any suggestions?

  17. Cyndi…..was struggling yesterday and today and so decided to go to do my bible study. We are doing Beth Moore’s James study. Of course God spoke to me there and then just now when I read your BFTH. I need to be reminded to live in the moment……which I’ve told my kids for years…..and not worry about what is coming up, that may or may not happen like you said. But, this is hard sometimes when we are going through trials. Thank you for your witness and speaking HIS word. You look great in your posted outfit as always. I know snakeskin is in, but I opt out. 🙂 LOL

  18. Hi Cyndi,
    This comment has nothing to do with your post but I thought of you all day and needed to share. International Dot Day is on September 15!!I teach at an elementary school and we were all about the dots today. I remembered how you love polka dots so I thought I would pass it on to you! I do love the outfit on you and I am loving the duster cardigan when I see it on people but I’m only 5 feet tall(actually short:) so I might have to settle for something a little shorter. As always, thank you for the BFTH.

  19. Hi Cyndi,
    This comment doesn’t really have anything to do with your post but I thought of you all day and wanted to share. International Dot Day was Sept. 15. I teach at an elementary school and we have been all about the dots. The art teacher did a big project with dots and today was wearing dots. I know how you love polka dots so I wanted to pass this on. Your outfit looks great on you. I love the duster cardigans but I haven’t tried it yet. Only being 5 feet tall will make it hard so I may need to settle for something shorter. As always, thank you for the BFTH.

  20. Please give me your advice! I love clothes, shoes, jewelry. I have things in my closet that I have had for 5-10 years. Most of these things are traditional & they really don’t look out of style. I may wear each item once a year. I have 17 pairs of shorts & 20 tank tops in all colors. I wore most of them at least once this summer. I really don’t know what to part with. I think as soon as I get rid of it, I will be needing it. Help me purge! It is difficult to look through this many clothes & I am bored with most of them. I feel guilty to get rid of perfectly good clothes.

  21. Like your bravery for sporting these boots, Cyndi but too much boot showing for my liking.. Maybe if the jeans were over them? I just think it draws the eye down too much. Love the sweater though, very cute,

    1. Hey Cyndi..I gotta say you’re looking great btw..I saw one of your pics from a few years back and you’re looking really good!
      I like the snakeskin on you but I think they need dressing up a bit..maybe a gray pair of leggings instead of jeans..love the duster! …just fabulous;-)

  22. Hi Cyndi,
    I agree with Jill, love the white jacket, but can we wear it for winter? Also, how/ what would you wear it with? Would you share with us a complete outfit?

  23. I love this outfit…but the boots seem off to me and that is out of your control. Their print is amazing, but there’s just something not right about how they work with the jeans. Again, this is not a ‘miss’ but I’d try different jeans to see what happens.

  24. You’re looking very sweet. I love the little cami, I always look best in a V neck. I love the long duster as a light coat for Fall. The bootie is very cute, Not my favorite choice. I’m more of a leopard print, then snake. But I haven’t seen you model anything and make it look bad. “You could wear a gunnysack and make it look gorgeous”!! 😉

  25. Love the outfit but not those booties. They seem off as someone else said. Love the duster on you. I may have to try one of those as you said petites might could wear. 🙂

    1. I think the frayed hem throw it off, with a nice quality boot like that, but maybe a black heel, so the snakeskin is not so overwhelming. Frayed hems and rips on us 40 and up gals look a bit sloppy and is geared more towards teenagers, and some trends need to pass quickly😂😂😂

  26. The booties seem too over-powering with the med/light jean wash. I’d like it much better with a darker gray/charcoal pant/jean or black pant/ jean. The booties would still be seen, but would be a better transition of colors and snake skin print.