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The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40

The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40Happy hump day! This past weekend my daughter wore a floppy hat to the pumpkin patch. I have been wanting to style one, so when I saw her, I decided it was time!

I have seen a lot of younger women wearing them but I think a floppy hat can be worn by women over 40 too. I paired my floppy hat with a jacquard-knit cardigan from H&M. I love the fringe on the cardigan.

The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40
The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40
The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40I added this tawny brown color handbag. This color is sold out but they still have it in black.

The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40My black tassel necklace is from Accessory Concierge. I think it will be fun to add to different outfits this fall/winter.

The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40
The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40I love the floppy hat trend and I can’t wait to wear it. Maybe my daughter and I can wear them together and we will be twinnng! 🙂

The Floppy Hat Trend for Women Over 40
Outfit details: Sweater(I’m wearing xs/small)//Floppy hat (I’m wearing a medium)//tassel necklace//boots (discount code for Glamour Farms: spivey113//skinny jeans//handbag//white shirt//ring

Have you tried the floppy hat trend?

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Beauty for the Heart~~We spend money on facial serums, brighteners, moisturizers and anti-aging products. We want our face to look it’s best! We want to have a glow that others will notice.

But there’s a glow that all of us can have and it’s found right in scripture. Matthew 5:16 says,

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Shine your light today!! The world needs His light!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. That is adorable! I’m loving the floppy hats this year. I’m not sure if I could pull it off, but they are so so cute!

  2. It’s a cute look, and wow, do you and your daughter look alike – in the hats you could be sisters!
    I don’t think I can pull off the look, I have a small face and hats always wear me rather than the other way around.

  3. Looks cute on you, Cydni. I have short hair and I would have to leave my hat on all day; otherwise, that hat would cause some serious hat hair!

  4. Cyndi, you look fantastic! You can definitely pull off the floppy hat. Like Liz commented, my short hair and hats bring on challenges when I take the hat off, and it’s not pretty! I too, would love to see a pic of you and your daughter with your floppy has on.
    Yes, we do need to let our light shine!

    Make it a blessed day!

  5. WOW! Love your entire outfit! And that floppy hat is precious on you. I had noticed your daughter wearing one at the pumpkin patch & thought it looked so cute on her. Yep, the two of you need to be twinning! Love it!!!

  6. Great Look !!! The hat is very becoming on you 🙂

    I started wearing hats 12 or 13 years ago and I have a huge collection now. I personally think any age can wear them.

  7. I loved the floppy hat on your daughter…very glamorous looking. I’m not usually a big hat fan, and don’t love them on older (35+) girls. Sometimes I’m afraid it’s going too far to look young…especially when women want to “twin” with their daughters.:) Don’t get me wrong, you look fabulous, I just feel there’s a time and a place for everything! You are a gorgeous woman.

    P.S. Have you noticed that you are not receiving any comments where people don’t love and adore your look? I think we felt a little chastised after the striped dress!:) I know you really want honest opinions about the fashion though! You are gorgeous-no matter the fashion opinion!

    1. Good morning, the link to the tassel necklace won’t open on my work computer. Where is it from and what is the name of it?

      1. Funny that the association is with hats for younger people, whereas I haven’t worn this style hat because I thought it looked too serious and frumpy. Traditionally, it was older ladies who wore hats. It’s must be the DoCambridge affect.
        I guess I’ll have to pull my camel one out again. I used to rock a cordovan walking-style hat and even some vintage ones, but I feel too self-conscious for that now. I just love hats and am glad to see them back in any form.
        There seems to be a wide range of views on this look. I think I like it, and definitely like Cyndi in the hat. The comment on “twinning” was a little mean and un-called for. I don’t ever see any attempt to look like a 25 yr old on this blog.

  8. Sorry Cyndi. I love you but don’t like this at all. I’m not sure what it is but I just don’t like it. Looks like you should be riding a donkey across the border into Mexico. Maybe it’s just the hat that is throwing me.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean this to sound mean at all. After I re-read it, I’m afraid of how it may be coming across. I just meant it reminds me of something you might see in Mexico. The hat, the boots, the design of the coat. I’m not sure I’m making it any better. Shouldn’t have said anything. Sorry!

  9. You are totally rocking the floppy hat and I love the necklace! I’m on the fence about the fringed sweater, but it looks cute on you. I have a friend my age (60+) who looks great in floppy hats but I’m just not a hat wearer. Might have to try one of these anyway!

  10. Not a fan of this look. Seems a bit costume-y to me. Maybe the hat by itself or the poncho by itself but together it’s a big no for me

  11. Love! It’s so fun to try new looks, and I think with this one all you need to add is a fire pit and a good book during the day and then a good group of friends, a glass of your favorite, and a hundred good laughs when it becomes too dark to read around the fire. God bless you and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. I think you look pretty darn cute! The hat would work maybe for a day of shopping on the streets of NYC city or sight seeing anywhere in general, but not for a typical day, unless it’s raining, snowing, etc…you look great in a hat!

  13. I LOVE everything about this whole outfit!! I love wearing hats, but I feel like people look at me weird when I wear them! I need to just quit caring what other people think & embrace it!!

  14. I bought a similar hat for my teenage daughter and she, like you, can rock the hat. Something does feel a bit off about the complete outfit though and it might be that the sweater is competing too much for attention (pattern, color, tassels and oversize all in one!) with the other accessories. The other accessories harmonize well together. I think I would love this look more with a less distracting outer layer, but that is just me. Way to go for putting something daring out there. I love your blog for the inner beauty messages and would like to take this opportunity to send thanks from Montreal, Canada.

  15. Cyndi, I think you are adorable in this outfit! I love the sweater and bag, the only negative to the hat is it hides your beautiful face.

  16. I can’t wear hats (too claustrophobic) but I would totally wear everything else. You look adorable. I think it’s all attitude. Your sweet spirit shines through and you look great. Good job on pushing the envelope but not too far.

  17. I love this whole outfit!! You look adorable in the floppy hat : ) I may have to go out and buy me one!
    Have a great day!!

  18. Love, Love, Love, this look on you. I just love reading your post everyday. I am so glad your daughter is getting married, God is so good!God bless you and your family.

  19. haven’t seen this in so cal YET. curious about what the hat fiber is. Is it wool and are there a variety of fabrics for them ?? wool allergies is the only reason I am asking. some difference in the floppiness between your and Courtneys brims and wondered if this is due to something besides what they are made of or the cut of the brim ???

    1. I think my hat has wool in it. I got it at H & M. I’m not sure about Courtney’s. But believe it or not, she bought hers at a Kroger Marketplace grocery store. I don’t know if you all have them in so. Cal.

  20. I love the entire outfit on you!! I like hats on others but my hair is short so I think they look funny on me. I wore them when I was bald from chemo & loved them then. Would love a pic with your daughter & you wearing hats. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage! Praying for blessings!

  21. you look adorable Cyndi. I personally don’t like myself in hats… I wish I did ;-(
    your daughter looked adorable in hers too 😉

      1. P.S. I had to run to H & M with my son, the day of your post. I got the last handbag in the same color! woo hoo! great find at a great price!! thank you

  22. I think it is cute, for the right occasion. Maybe you could tell us in your posts what occasion you would wear the particular outfit you are styling that day; I certainly think this would be great for something outdoorsy, like a Fall Festival or apple orchard visit, or maybe even riding horses.

    1. That’s a good idea Brenda!! We have a Christmas home tour in our town the first week in December, and thought I would wear this outfit.

  23. Amen to us being a light in the world!!

    Love the fringed sweater!! And the floppy hat! I think I had one in the 70’s. I am a bit older than you (50+++)!
    Enjoy the rest of your day! Many blessings,

  24. Cyndi,

    I’m thinking of ordering the 21 day fix to keep on track during holiday season. Would love to hear your feedback as I know you did it with a group.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Lisa I love the 21 day fix!! I want to do another group. I’m thinking about adding faith and fitness.
      I like that the videos are only 30 minutes.
      hope that helps!!

  25. Cyndi, you could wear a burlap sack and look amazing! I love this look on you. Especially the hat! I’m not a hat person, but may have to try this hat. I think the sweater does look a bit bulky on your petite frame. But you totally rock the hat! I definitely think you and your beautiful daughter should wear your hats together! I eagerly look forward to your blog each day. It inspires me both fashion wise, and spiritually.
    Congratulations to your family on your daughter’s upcoming nuptials. I hope you’ll share a picture with us!

    1. I hope so to! Perhaps a post incorporating mother of the bride fashion, or fashion for a small private wedding. something along those lines would be nice. I was thrilled to read that post.

  26. I think this is a great outfit! You look so cute in the hat. I don’t think hats have an age attached to them. The floppy hats are adorable.

  27. Hey Cyndi,
    Your hair always looks awesome….longer or when it is shorter. How is your new longer style cut? What would be a good way your stylist would describe it to another stylist?
    Thanks so much for any information!

  28. Cyndi, quick question, the hat you are wearing seems to have a strap hanging from the brim but the link you provided to H and M hat doesn’t. Is that a mistake on their part and also, I have a huge NUGGET, as my husband calls it, do you think this hat runs big or small?
    The sweater is on sale today so I am jumping in on the stylish band wagon, okay, I am hesitant so more like skipping in. Thanks for ALL the inspiration you have given.