The Hair Products I’m Using Right Now

Hi ladies! Today I’m sharing the hair products I’m using right now. All of these products last me for several months (somewhere between 3-6 months).

The Hair Products I’m Using Right Now

I typically have two different shampoos and conditioners that I switch out using. Right now, I’m using the Davines shampoo and conditioner. These help with frizzy hair.

The function of beauty is from Target, and you add up to three Hair Booster Shots to your shampoo and conditioner. Basically, you get to create the shampoo and conditioner that works best for your hair. It’s pretty cool!

I added volume, color protection, and anti-frizz to my shampoo and conditioner.

The Hair Products I'm Using Right Now

Davines Shampoo//Davines Conditioner//Function of Beauty Shampoo//Function of Beauty Conditioner

I blow dry my hair and use a curling iron most days, so I need a good heat protectant. The Davines hair shield is a great heat protectant, and I spray this on my wet hair.

I love Kevin Murphy products, and I also spray this ever.smooth product on my wet hair to help with frizz.

The Hair Products I'm Using Right Now

Davines Hair Shield//Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth

I don’t use the ORIBE product every day, but I’ll spray my hair with this product when it feels too flat.

I spray the Davines product on my hair after I blow dry it; it dries quickly and adds texture to my hair before curling it.

The Hair Products I'm Using Right Now

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray//Davines This is an Invisible No Gas Spray

I use Kenra hairspray after I style my hair.

The Hair Products I'm Using Right Now

Kenra Volume Spray

What hair products are you loving? 

The Hair Products I'm Using Right Now

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  1. I’ve just started using Olaplex shampoo, conditioner and the number 3 and love them my hair feels so clean and shiny! I’m using my regular shampoo and conditioner in between( Aussie)and I can usually get 2 full days of no hair washing. I have hair just about your length and thick( with long layers)I also use the Moroccan oil before drying and spray Moroccan heat protector as well especially if curling my hair. Rain here today but yeah not the warmest spring yet unfortunately comes and goes 🌷

  2. I love the Oribe spray. Works perfect on my thin hair. I love using Unite, 7 second, the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair clean, shiny and full of volume. The detangle spray is amazing too! You have great hair Cyndi!

  3. I love Kenra hairspray! I have tried many and find it is the best. Cyndi, you turned me on to Aquage Uplifting Foam several years ago and it remains my favorite. A great heat protectant is Tresemme…inexpensive and effective!

  4. Are you using two different texturizing sprays/products? Just wondering why? I recently started using the Kenra hairspray and I like it ok. I was using a different product for quite some time and I realized it was making my scalp dry and itchy. But a Warning to anyone who is considering the Kenra hairspray…I find it’s a bit heavy and leaves a lot of product on surfaces from overspray/fallout…countertops, sink, even the floors get a film on them from this hairspray. I usually put down an old towel and stand on it to spray my hair. lol Your hair looks pretty and healthy but I must admit, I prefer you with your hair parted more on the side like you used to wear it…flatters your face nicely. 🙂 Blessings!

  5. I want to look into that brand from Target. I use the Kenra spray and I’ve used the Oribe in the past. XO

  6. I’m using Beauty Counter Shampoo right now. I love the light Citrus smell as I’m sensitive to smells and it’s CLEAN compared to so many products out these days. I don’t use conditioner. Makes my hair too limp and flat. I use Innersense mousse and hairspray. Both work great and CLEAN products and last awhile.

  7. Oh I love hair products and posts about hair.
    I only wash my hair once a week – if I wash too much, it turns into a dust ball. I like the products from Unite – the laser straight shampoo and conditioner along with the Relaxing Fluid. I also use Verb reset clarifying shampoo because I use dry shampoo – the one by Kerastase smells divine! I also like the dry shampoo by Philosophy – Amazing Grace also smells good. I love Aveda Hair thickening tonic, Briogeo Don’t Despair Leave in Hair mask, Oribe Blowout Heat Styling Spray and on days I don’t shampoo I love hair perfumes by Gisou or Tocca…I know it’s a lot but I actually use them all and my hair has improved so much.

  8. Hi Cyndi! Thanks for your post! I am using the Kerastase Chronologiste products and I love them! Each product smells amazing and it’s formulated for aging hair. The perfume oil is also wonderful. It smells great and helps smooth out frazzled ends.

  9. Thank you Cyndi for sharing your hair products. And to everybody else for sharing theirs. I have been wanting to invest in some decent products for my hair, but there is so much out there it’s hard to know which to try. Thus gives some direction, much appreciated 😊

  10. Hi I would like for you to do a hair styling video! I love your hair and need some styling help! Thanks and keep all the good stuff comimg!