The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

As summer is ending and I start to see signs of fall,  I can’t help but think about the seasons of life.

Some of you might be in the season where you have young children or maybe you have teenagers. Maybe your season is becoming an empty nester or maybe you’re enjoying the blessings of grandchildren.

Life is full of seasons. Some are joyous and some are difficult.

the joy of the lordWhatever season you’re in, Nehemiah 8:10 is a good verse to remember, The Joy of the Lord is your Strength. We are never in a season without Jesus.

This quote by Beth Moore was written for young girls, but I think it can pertain to any stage in life.

Just like the four seasons come and go, so will different seasons of life come and go. Don’t despair! “This too shall pass.” is true in both sweet and bitter seasons of life.

While you don’t need to wish any of it away, remember to savor the sweet seasons, take the joy when it comes and stay faithful during the bitter seasons.

Worship in the good times and bad. Jesus will be faithful over and over and over again. It’s in the valleys that God develops your character.

Life is full of seasons and some are easier than others but all of them have a purpose and God’s building your character.

What season are you in right now? Are you allowing God to build your character? 

I have played this video before but it’s so good it’s worth repeating. The song reminds me of seasons, the good and the bad. Life is a journey.

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  1. Amen! And….As I was reminded the other day as my 6 year old grandson explained to his 4 year old brother….this isn’t our REAL home. We just have to live here for awhile until Jesus takes us to our REAL home where He is and we will be very happy there ALL the time…”so just live Alex and don’t worry”.

    1. Priceless! It amazes me how in tune kids are with God’s meanwhile we grown up who should have a better understanding struggle

  2. Beautiful reminder, Cindi, as we see the seasons change around us! Signposts from God reminding us that change is good for us…always pointing us to our heavenly home. Our ladies book club from church just finished studying Elyse Fitzpatrick’s “The Afternoon of Life”…I highly recommend it! There’s even discussion questions at the end of each chapter that allow for deeper thought and meditation on the various topics. Have a blessed Sabbath!

  3. Absolutely looked forward to getting up and reading this devotional on Sunday mornings before church!! Always wonderful!!! Thank you!!

  4. Thank you each day for the sweet beautiful encouraging words. God is faithful and good as we go through each season. Thank you Cyndi. Blessings as you celebrate and travel.

  5. Cyndi,
    What a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfullness! The Colton Dixon song was just what I needed to hear as I enter a new storm season of life! Welcome to Florida a enjoy your vacation!

  6. So Thankful that God is with me! We are in Tallahassee FL…we are still without electricity. Praying it will come on soon and all the other challenges will straighten out God has been with us this whole time

  7. Cyndi, I always appreciate your posts. The joy of the Lord is my strength has always been my mom’s life verse and now she is 84! We go through many things in our lives, but God is always faithful. Thank you for being faithful to Him in your posts! You are reaching many for Him. May you be truly blessed!

  8. This is for Joyce….what a smart little grandson you have….too bad there are a lot of adults who don’t quite get it. Praise God for the little children.

  9. Thank you Cyndi for sharing your family stories with us! Love your blog and more how you share your faith !
    Welcome to Florida!!! hope the weather cooperates..☀️ have a great time 🌴🌴🌴 God bless!

  10. Thank you! I needed this today! This coming year will be a year of big changes for me. Two of my sons are getting married and will be moving out and my youngest will be graduating high school.

    I’ve been dreading the changes and have been feeling the Lord gently leading me through it. I know there’s beauty in every season but it’s so hard when being a mother was all I wanted to be.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  11. I’m new to this site Cyndi, but am really glad I’ve found it! I look forward each day to seeing your stylish outfits and reading the devotionals. Faith & Fashion – what a great combo!
    God bless you.

  12. Hi Cyndi! Excellent message as usual! Amazing how many of us are touched by your devotional. The Lord is certainly speaking to us through you. You are so right about our “seasons” of life. My husband of 42 years & I are enjoying the season of grand parenting! My husband is a bit on the older side of grandparenting, 68, & our youngest is 6 months, so that will keep him going. One of the most difficult seasons for me was in 2003. In February of that year, my mother passed away at age 72, after a 5 year battle with breast cancer. I took care of her the last few months, and as you know, losing your mother can be such a traumatic event, especially where cancer is involved. In June that year, our oldest daughter graduated from college & went out on her own. Then in October, my husband retired after 35 years. All of those events were huge to me as a daughter, mother & wife. Each event needed a different type of adjustment. BUT the Lord was by my side each step of the way & helped me through it all. He was my Rock. So thank you for your meaningful words & enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  13. I just brought my baby of four children to college yesterday. Today is the first day of my empty nesting after 27 years. So neat you would choose today to say this! My older two children each got married this year and my 3rd off to grad school and my baby to college. But in February we are expecting our first grandchild! So another new season!!

  14. Your post is very appropriate. In July we had our third granddaughter,third grandchild. Our first will be starting kindergarten next September. I volunteer at a school and I will start next week. My children are in their 30’s. I will be 60 next year. I am thankful for everything the Lord has given me. Thank you for making me stop and think.

  15. I love this song and it’s so true. God is with us through it all. Sometimes it takes us years to look back and realize that. But during the last 10 years especially he has been building my character and strength as you said. He helps us through those difficult times. And I feel so sad for those who don’t know him because they don’t have him to lean on during those times. Thank you for your fashion advice and especially for your godly spirit that speaks to all of your readers.

  16. Thank you for your blog and your ministry Cyndi! Again and again it speaks right to me! My eldest daughter is getting married and our 2nd daughter just left for college. Definitely seasons changing . I always love reading what you have to say and love your fashion tips! Thank you!!!

  17. Thank for your message today it really hit home. I always look forward to your quotes and taking time to share. Love the song heard it many of times the words were more clear to me today. Thank you so much…

  18. Thank you for your post. I needed to read that today. I always feel encouraged by your posts. Bless you and your family.

  19. Some of you might be in the season where you have young children or maybe you have teenagers. Maybe your season is becoming an empty nester or maybe you’re enjoying the blessings of grandchildren.

  20. Thank you for the scripture, I needed that today. Am so blessed I found your blog and get to read it everyday!! I love tying the faith and fashion in together. You are truly an inspiration!