The #NSale and a Giveaway

Happy Thursday, ladies! I’m excited to share some of the items I recently tried on for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In case you don’t know if you’re an icon or ambassador cardholder, you can shop online today.

Beginning tomorrow through July 18th, all cardholders can shop. Finally, public access for everyone is July 19th through August 4th.

Now, a few things I noticed in the store..lots of plaids, animal print (especially snake print) and a lot of camo. Camo doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Some of you are thrilled and others not so much.

I’m only sharing some of what I tried on, tomorrow I will share more, and Monday, I have a post on boots. I also have a giveaway today, so make sure you read to the end.

I saw a lot of plaid blazers, so I tried on several cute ones. I think the blue Vince Camuto (and of course, the most expensive one) below was my favorite. I did buy the AG jeans, this is when I get mine every year. I have every pair I have purchased, they don’t fade and they hold their shape. Hands down my favorites!

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Treasure and Bond Blazer (I’m wearing a size 4)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS, not online yet)//Earrings//Necklace

For a less expensive option, I purchased the Kut From The Kloth jeans. I really like these too and they are a much better price point.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Topshop Blazer (I’m wearing a size 6)//Kut from the Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4, size down)//BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS)// Madewell Sandals//Earrings//Necklace

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Vince Camuto Blazer (I’m wearing a size 4)//Kut from the Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4, size down)//BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS)// Madewell Sandals//Earrings//Necklace

As I mentioned, I saw camo tops, camo pants and I really like this camo jacket. My jeans are Wit & Wisdom, and I have this pair from last year’s sale. They’re a great jean for the price point. at $44.90.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Camo Jacket (I’m wearing an XS)//BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS)//Wit & Wisdom Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Vince Camuto Booties//Earrings//Necklace

If you like a sleek look, this Kenneth Cole coat is a classic piece.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

I like the back detail.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Kenneth Cole Coat (I’m wearing a small)//BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS)//Wit & Wisdom Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Steve Madden Boots (I bought 1/2 size up)

They did not have my size in this coat, but it is in my cart to order. I think this will be a great fall staple piece for my wardrobe.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Olive coat (I’m wearing a small because they had sold the XS, I’m ordering an XS)//Earrings //BP Black Tee (I’m wearing an XS)//Wit & Wisdom Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Necklace//Vince Camuto boots (I bought 1/2 size up)

This zebra print is pretty too!

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Zebra print coat (I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Necklace//Madewell Sandals//Kut from the Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4, size down)

Leopard print cardigans are a great option for fall.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

BP Cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//Kut From the Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Necklace//Madewell Sandals

Now let’s talk barefoot dream cardigans. If you don’t have one, these are so comfy. I have two, so I’m not going to purchase one this year, but I wear mine all the time around the house.

This gray one is like the one I have.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan (I’m wearing an xs/small) )//Earrings//Necklace

I don’t have this style, but I really like it.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Cardigan (I’m wearing a small/medium)//Earrings//Necklace

I have these pajamas in black, and I love them. They wash well, and I wear them all the time.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

Nordstrom Brand Pajamas (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Necklace//Bracelet//Bracelet

These are so soft and perfect for lounging around the house.

The #NSale and a Giveaway

BP Top (I’m wearing a small)//BP Shorts (I’m wearing a medium, they run small so size up one size)//Earrings//Necklace


This is a small  “thank you” gift for following my blog/social channels. I can’t thank you enough for all your love and support! I’m so thankful for such a sweet community of women all over the United States (and some outside of the US).

Good luck to all of you and I will email the winner on Saturday morning so make sure you check your email!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Are your problems bigger than God, or is God bigger than your problems? Our biggest problem is our small view of God. That is the cause of all lesser evils. And it’s a high view of God that is the solution to all other problems. -Mark Batterson

Ladies, we serve a big God, don’t let the enemy tell you anything different.

Have a blessed day!


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    1. Great choices! Thanks for showing Kut From The Kloth! They are one of the few higher end jeans that come in petite sizes

  1. You always look amazing in everything. Not a big fan of plaid but the blue blazer was nice. Hope they have some of these items in petite as the sweaters can seem very long on us shorter ladies. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Great to see some coat and sweater options for the fall, thank you for the daily quotes and inspiration!

  3. I work in a professional environment so I love the blazers that you are styling from Nordstrom!

  4. I will be buying wit and wisdom jeans. Like I do every year. And also looking for a black bootie that’s suitable for work.

  5. Love the Nordstrom sales preview!!! I have several things I’m hoping to purchase based on your preview! Thanks!

  6. Love the items you picked out. The Kenneth Cole coat is amazing. Love the olive coat and pjs, too.

  7. Thanks for all the great posts, ideas, and sale notices.
    I will probably buy a new pair of jeans and maybe one of Barefoot Dream cardigans.

  8. I saw so many cute things in your post! I would probably buy some jeans, maybe one of the cardigans. I would refer back to your post. Hope you have a great afternoon!

    1. I would probably buy a good sweater coat, they are all beautiful just like you. Have a good and joyful week, enjoy reading your post. ❤️

    2. I love all of the outfits, they all look great on you. I am going to go online tomorrow and order the barefoot dreams cardigan, I love soft sweaters to lounge in! Thanks for a wonderful post!

  9. I love all your outfits and you look cute in all your outfits, the one’s from today are gorgeous I loved each jacket more than the one before. I wished I looked as good in my cloths.

  10. Hi! Your link to the Kut from the Kloth jeans goes to the AG jeans. Is there a style name to the Kut jeans so I can look them up?

  11. I love the zebra cardigan, the black booties, the AG jeans and the barefoot dreams soft cardi! I will buy all of them! Thx for sharing. Can’t wait to see what else you share 😘

  12. I’m loving the camo jacket and leopard cardigan. So happy to see these for the fall. Thanks for sharing denim at different price points too!

  13. I love the Barefoot Dreams cardigan! It looks so cozy, especially in our New England weather. I truly enjoy your blog.

  14. Thanks for all your coverage and hard work. I do not like to shop so I really appreciate your posts. I’m hoping to find some great bootcut or flare denim and maybe some sweaters this year!

  15. Love the olive coat, zebra coat and of course the leopard cardigan! Looking forward to fall with some of the newer colors.

  16. I too love Kut from the Kloth jeans – they’re made well, and at a good price – I will def. check those out. The camo jacket is really cute, and the green coat/sweater you’re ordering…YES!
    I think we can all agree we’ve likely hit send far too quickly and regretted it so don’t give that too much “worry time” LOL. You’re human and it happens to the best of us.

  17. Love, love, love the olive green coat! I too think this will be a staple in my fall wardrobe!

    1. I love all of the outfits, they all look great on you. I am going to go online tomorrow and order the barefoot dreams cardigan, I love soft sweaters to lounge in! Thanks for a wonderful post!

  18. I love seeing your blog every day!!

    Everything looks great on you!

    I couldn’t leave a comment in the “giveaway” for some reason. I would buy shoes, boots,, a coat, and jeans at the Anniversary sale!!

  19. I love the longer cardigans! They really dress up a basic jean/t-shirt look, or look nice with a pencil skirt.

  20. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at some of the sale items! I think I’ll order a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for my daughter for her birthday if there are any left when I’m granted access to the sale.

  21. this is the best sale! Will be checking out the jeans and the booties – thank you for your help!

  22. I really like the barefoot dreams cardi’s, they look like a super cozy item to lounge in!
    Looking forward to seeing what you post tomorrow!

  23. Thanks for showing us the new styles! Some of your links are not correct – just FYI.

    Love your blog and your transparency!

  24. I absolutely love the cardigans. Camo is def a favorite of mine as well. I really like the jeans you tried on. How do they feel around your ankle?

  25. I would buy the boots, a coat, jeans and really like the looks of the drapes boucle trench!!
    I always look forward to your blog every day!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  26. So many cute things! Favs, the olive coat and the blue blazer. Keep entertaining us, Cyndi, whether it be fashion or behind the scenes escapades in your busy life, I so enjoy your intro everyday!

  27. Thanks for the post! You have saved me time and stress. I see several items that in interested in. Of course, the AG jeans are always on my list.

  28. I’m especially wanting to purchase the Kenneth Cole coat and a pair of the AG jeans this year. Thank you so much, Cyndi, for all you do.

  29. I am a recent blog follower. And I enjoy your posts! I have purchased a couple of items as a result of your post. Thank you!

  30. No worries at all about the post. We all know your busy and love your blog even if you are human… lol
    I would like a pair of Ag jeans from the sale! Thank you for all your hard work!

  31. I love, love love the Pj’s! I have been on a pajama kick lately (much to my husbands dismay)!

  32. I would love to try on the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan. I wish we had a Nordstrom in Lexington. Maybe someday!

    1. Love the zebra cardigan…. No worries about the double email today: we were twice blessed by you!😉 Glad I am not the only one who multi tasks with some goof ups as a result. The stories I could tell ya…..

  33. You are too funny. It’s all good. You are normal! I love everything in your try on. Thank you for the links. I can’t wait to shop tomorrow!
    Have a blessed Thursday.

  34. Hey Cyndi don’t be to hard on yourself!!! You’re human.
    Thanks for all the choices and legwork!

  35. Thanks for doing this giveaway Cindi! My favorite is the zebra coat but I like the Olive coat a lot also. Hope you have a better, quieter, less stressful day. We love you no matter what you post! Hugs!

  36. I love the Kenneth Cole coat. I would also like to buy the Nordstrom brand pajamas. Looking forward to your blog on boots.

    On another note, there must be something in the air as at work I was giving out available meeting dates of 2018 and 2019 (as opposed to 2019 and 2020). Will take that deep breath…..

  37. I would love to purchase a Barefoot cardigan, an incredible pair of jeans, white t-shirt, swimsuit and some cute booties. Thanks for the opportunity to win $250 to Nordstrom,.

  38. Tried to enter the contest but wouldn’t take my comment it was:
    I would purchase the Vince Comento sort of cami looking blazer.

  39. I will be purchasing tops, a cardigan and need some new jeans. I a. Also searching for comfy winter pjs. Gosh…I am an autumn girl and reading your post and looking at all these adorable clothes makes me excited that fall will be here in 2 months time!!! Yippee!

  40. Barefoot Dream is my absolute favorite thing to have, so soft and comfy! I am definitely going to purchase those pajamas and a few other items in your try on. I also love the red floral shirt you are wearing!!

    Thank you for being a shining light on my day (everyday).

  41. Oops….I forgot to mention what I’d like! Vince Camuto tan booties, love any Barefoot Dreams items, Wit & Wisdom jeans. Oh gosh…..lots of things!

  42. I would buy the Kenneth Cole coat-I love it! But wait, i love, love love the Camo jacket. I think i want them both. If i win then maybe both… On the serious side-thank-you for your great style and the love of the Lord you display. It reminds me what truly is important.

  43. Definitely undies! Love their undies and they go on sale now! Also, looking for a better pair of jeans.

  44. Since I don’t live anywhere near Nordstrom, I would have to purchase something online, but I’m sure I could find a lot of things I just couldn’t live without!!!

  45. Love the sweaters and pjs. Luv luv the barefoot dreams cardigan! I have a couple things in my cart waiting for Thursday!!!!

    1. Love the black Steve Madden booties, the olive cardigan, and the leopard cardi! And, everyone should own at least one Barefoot Dreams sweater! They are fantastic!!

  46. Thanks for the fall inspiration. I love all of the jean and that olive sweater jacket is fab!

  47. I am really liking the leopard cardigan and the camo jacket. I also liked the zebra coat. I wouldn’t have any trouble spending $250 at Nordstrom’s! Thank you for your blog.

  48. Thanks Cyndi!
    I tried to enter the contest.
    I love the Barefoot Dreams cardigans, very high quality, love mine!

  49. The leopard print cardigan. I didn’t want to like it but I do! Also the pj’s. I have a pair in black and LOVE.

  50. Of the items you posted, I would get the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan, Madewell sandals and the Wit & Wisdom Jeans. Of course, if I won the gift card (since today is my birthday, Ha!), a nice handbag would be in my cart. 😉

  51. Love all your picks so far. Especially the Kenneth Cole coat and pink PJs. I can’t wait to see the rest of your picks!

  52. Thank you for highlighting some of the best/trendy items from the Nordstrom SALE! I am excited about ordering some of your picks.

  53. Yikes! I entered the give away, but my comment about what I would buy didn’t go through🤪
    I would buy the olive coat for sure!

  54. I have recently started following you and am enjoying your posts. I love cardigans and jackets so I got an eyeful of inspiration today. I also a Love your encouraging words from the scripture. Keep it up please. 🙂

  55. I love this opportunity, Cyndi, and all of the amazing things you’ve shared with us! My two favorites are the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic cardigan and Kut from Kloth jeans. I never have invested in a nice pair of jeans and these sound like a winner! Blessings!! PS: Don’t be too hard on yourself on the post mishap, we all have those kind of days and I think it’s good that we can breath, smile and laugh it off!

  56. I’m interested in the camo jacket. It looks cute on you. I also love the Kenneth Cole coat. Thanks for the sneak peek!

  57. If I had some extra dollars to spend I would definitely buy a new pair of boots and pajamas! The blazers you showed are really cute and not something I would have thought I needed, lol! Also, I loved the olive coat you showed. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Love the blog and ideas that you’ve shown. I would love to try a Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and maybe some new jeans…

  59. Love your blog and your sweet spirit. I need to go pick up a sale catalogue. This is my first year as a card holder and I thought maybe they would send one. Hoping to find a pair of black boots. My old one have had it! Blessings!

  60. It’s my birthday!!! I’m interviewing for a new job and the blazer option would be a perfect choice for my meeting. If I win, I’m headed to Nordstroms to go shopping. Sending you hugs and blessings!

    1. Excited for the sale! I’m not sure I’m into the plaid blazer trend but I’m sure there will be loads of cardigans.

  61. I’m looking forward to getting some wedge sneakers that you have posted in the past. Love your style!

  62. Thanks for your hard work! I actually thought when I saw that email this morning that you must be busy and going crazy!

    1. Love all your picks. This year I’m looking for classic black leather booties. And I’ve been eyeing those barefoot dreams cardigans so this might be the year!!

  63. Jeans of course! A couple sweaters, a cardigan and must have a new pair of booties to complete my fall look! Thanks Cindi for sharing what you tried on. I’m not a Nordy cardholder but plan to get one so I can purchase a couple of the items you wore today. Thanks!!!

  64. I’m desperately seeking a nice black medium or small shoulder bag .. May Abba bless you more 🤗

  65. Thanks for your shopping suggestions. I shopped in store yesterday and bought the North Face quilted vest, a pair of Franco Sarto booties, and the Commando Butter Cami that I’ve been eyeing for a long time.

  66. Hello Cyndi! I’m on the hunt for a new Cardigan. Thank you for putting together this blog and this give away. As always I truly enjoy Beauty for the Heart.

  67. It is fun to see the new Fall trends. I’m not sure I’m ready for oversized blazers though! But, I do love the booties and cardigan sweaters!

  68. I would buy almost anything that fit! Over the past year, I have lost over 50 lbs and I’m having to replace my wardrobe. I have tried to hang on to my “big” clothes as long as possible, but now it’s time to buy clothes that actually fit. My husband keeps asking me, “Isn’t that a problem you like to have?”

  69. You found some great merchandise! So ready for fall clothes. Thanks for doing a give a way!

  70. Very excited about your picks. So glad camo will continue to be a trend. I love it and all the snake and leopard in the NSale this year.

  71. I love the Vince booties and the Barefoot Dreams cardigan! Thank you for doing the shopping for us!

  72. I’d buy the barefoot dreams cadigan, or I’d buy the jeans. I’ve never purchased jeans from Nordstrom.

  73. I am glad there is a place to look and see what other ladies my age are wearing. I don’t want to dress too young or too old and I feel like you are right on point. Thanks for all you do!

  74. I will definitely be purchasing the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the Kenneth Cole coat. Thank you for all the work you do to give us great ideas for our fashion and most importantly your Beauty For the Heart posts that encourage us and remind us that we serve an Awesome God!!

  75. Love your picks, but am dreaming about the camo jacket! Thanks for all you do to keep us more “mature” gals styling 🙂

  76. Love the Kenneth Cole coat and black booties! Don’t be concerned about the wrong post earlier…we all make mistakes! 🤗💜

  77. Thank you for not only sharing your fashion styles, but also sharing tidbits from your life. It makes me feel like I know you!

  78. Thanks Cyndi for the giveaway,

    I’ve been following you for many years when you only had the blog and there was no Instagram or Facebook. I always look forward to reading your daily blog posts and to look at what you’re wearing. It’s a great style inspiration. Thanks for sharing your try-ons at Nordstrom. I like the camo jacket and VC booties.

  79. Nordstrom has and always will be my favorite store. I’m petite and they always have a good selection of petites that help a senior citizen not look like a senior citizen!! I also wear a 4.5 to 5 shoe size and Nordstrom’s is the ONLY store I buy my shoes. I did live in the Dallas area, but after moving to another state I only have access to Nordstrom Rack which is awesome. However, I love the free shipping and free shipping returns that is only available through Nordstrom to have more access to stylish clothes, shoes, and beauty products.

    Cyndi, I think the link to the Kenneth Cole coat is wrong — it keeps taking me to the Plaid Blazer.

    Can’t wait to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale – I have three Fall trips planned and want to have my wardrobe pieces purchased and ready to pack. Thank you!!

  80. I always enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing the current trends and also the Nordstrom Sale!!

  81. You’ve found some beautiful pieces! Always love to see what you’re choosing and how you style it 🙂 I think it’s going to be shoes and cardigans for me lol
    ps. no worries on the link mix-up, and hope you’ve got some breathing space in the rest of your day/week 🙂

  82. I really want to invest in a good pair of Jean’s. The barefoot dreams blardigan has been on my wishlist for a years too

  83. I would order shoes and purses! I love the Vince booties that you styled with the olive coat. But everything you showed us was darling. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog, it certainly shows.

  84. I love the Kenneth Cole coat and the Vince Camuto boots. Your blog has given me some great styling ideas and encouragement with Beauty for the Heart.

  85. Everything you shared is great! I really like the gray plaid blazer and the barefoot dreams cardigan.

  86. Excited about the giveaway. I usually keep a wishlist of items I’m eyeing at Nordstrom. Then when the sale rolls around I buy what’s been discounted. That way I’m buying things I truly wanted all along and not getting caught up in the sale frenzy.

    1. Do like a lot of what you’re styling today, and thank you for the chance to register for the Nordstrom’s gift card. I think I would purchase a really nice pair of jeans and a Barefoot Dreams cardigan.

  87. It’s good to see things from the sale on a real person. I shop at the Nordstrom you went to, but still do most of my ordering online.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  88. Oh that blue plaid blazer! I totally love the look of a blazer over jeans with heels! Thanks for the preview!!

    1. I plan to run over there and check out these jackets, especially the gray one. Unfortunaly the Nordstrom in San Francisco Stonestown is closing permanately in September. I live less than 10 minutes from there. I have spent decades shopping there plus I enjoy the Nordstrom Cafe.

    1. I love your style and your faith! I’d definitely be looking at basics if I won. And maybe a pair of 👖 jeans!!

  89. Love the pajamas. And all the longer sweaters you styled. I love the pieces and accessories you put together. So classy!!

  90. Oh my goodness, I love everything you put together! I definitely have my eyes on the AG jeans, and the pajamas are awesome!

  91. I’m hoping to pick up some basics, household items, and Christmas gifts at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  92. Shoes and cardigans are what I am in most need of. But I’m sure my arm could be twisted for most anything.
    Thank you so much for all you do to help all of us out. It is much appreciated 😊

  93. I hope to find a Northface coat and Ugg Booties. You are the blessing Cyndy❤️✝️. thanks for your uplifting posts.

  94. I am waiting and hoping to buy the Barefoot Dreams cardigan! We were just on a cruise and I saw several ladies with them on, I was very envious! 🙂

  95. I love the long cardigan/coats they are showing for fall. It will be a great purchase to wear with jeans and short boots. Thanks for giving us a peak of what’s looking to be in style this fall.

  96. I would order everything haha!
    The Vince boots are adorable! The Olive Coat and Cardigan —- I’m in love!
    I’d love to have any pair of those jeans as well!
    Great post, Great iteams, Great lady!

  97. I love seeing the different things that the bloggers I follow gravitate toward. I may stock up on jeans and shoes this year.

  98. I can’t wait for the sale! I have my eyes on a handbag and would love to get the Barefoot Dreams cardigan!! 😊. Everything you tried on looked so cute!!

    1. I’d love a pair of the AG jeans! Everybody raves about them and I’d love to try a pair. Cyndi, your hair and skin look amazing!

  99. I would love to get the Kenneth Cole coat! Also liked both the Topshop Blazer and Treasure & Bond blazer. The Kut from the Kluth jeans are really cute but I do imagine that the AG Jeans are top quality! Love the Nordstrom sales posts!

  100. I am loving the styles! Such great deals! I will be opening a Nordstrom card so I can get in on these deals! Thank you!

  101. Such cute things! Thank you for all of your hard work scooping out the sale for all of us…I can’t wait to start shopping!! 🛍

  102. The plaid jackets are adorable on you but I really love the metallic stitch camouflage jacket. Great post!

    1. I would love to be part of the giveaway. I am looking for new pants, pajamas and always cute tops and shoes . I AlWAYS love all your picks. I would love to shop with you.

  103. Cyndi – you do so much for us you deserve a paid vacation!! 🙂 A slip up every once is a while is normal and reminds us that you are human and not superwoman. Thanks for all you do and you deserve a break any time you want to take one! 🙂

  104. I love everything u tried on ! Cant believe you didnt have more shoes lol ! I tried to enter your giveaway but it wouldn’t let me comment 😫oh well love ya

  105. Love all the coats and cardigans on you. Did you find any shorter cardigan sweaters and plan to style any for us soon? As a petite, I like to wear flare jeans and boyfriend jeans with the short cardigans and save the longer cardigans for skinny jeans and leggings. Thank you for your shopping expertise!

  106. I thought the Barefoot dreams cardigans and the zebra and leopard print cardies were gorgeous! It’s all out of my price range right now, as my hubby is out of work and two kids in college! Fun to dream, though! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Welllll… I entered the giveaway, but it wouldn’t let me comment, so I’ll do it here!
    I really loved the olive coat, and I LOVE silky soft PJs.
    Honestly, I just like fall clothes SO much better than summer, so I would take about anything you posted! 😁

  108. I really like the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan, especially the gray color. I may have to buy one for me. Love the jeans too.

  109. Your style is similar to mine, so I am seeing a new blazer and a new handbag in my future!! Thanks

  110. I would love to be part of the giveaway. I am looking for new pants, pajamas and always cute tops and shoes . I AlWAYS love all your picks. I would love to shop with you.

  111. I love the Kenneth Cole Jacket and the cute little pj’s. I would love to purchase both of them:). Thanks Cyndi!

  112. Love the long, olive jacket. My favorite thing about this sale is sneak peak to all the new Fall boots.

  113. Thank you Cyndi for sharing some of your finds. Can’t wait to see what you share tomorrow and on Monday!!!

  114. I can’t say enough how much I love the camo and animal print items! I want to be detailed here but I can’t spend much time as I’m spending a weekend away with my husband celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. We are reconciling after being separated since Christmas. So this time is precious! But I had to get that out there to you about what I saw that I really liked! The Barefoot cardigan is also really nice! I think we are about the same age and that’s why I follow you. And, I’m about the same size as you. Can’t wair to see more. (Hubby is doing work stuff on his laptop, hence how I’m able to escape and peek at these beautiful items!! )

  115. I would love to buy one of everything you have shown here, but I know that is not financially possible. So, I have my eye on a leopard print coat that is similar to the leopard cardigan you have in this post. I hope they still have it in stock by the time the anniversary sale opens up to everyone. Wish me luck! Great post! I love your style!

  116. I’m so excited for the Nsale!! Love most of the items you showed already, definitely will be watching tomorrow so I can get right on it!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for shopping so hard to share these things with us!! And lol on the earlier post…. when I saw it I knew this one would be soon to follow!! 😂😂. Thanks for being REAL!!

    1. I would purchase the Kenneth Cole coat, Barefoot Dreams cardigans, and the pajamas….LOVE a comfy pair of pajamas!!!!!
      Thank you, Cyndi!

  117. I really like the Kenneth Cole jacket. Can’t wait to see the other items you have to show us tomorrow!

  118. I look forward to your blog every day, Cyndi! You do such a great job inspiring us ladies to act, feel and look our best! Thank you!

  119. This will be my first #NSale and I’m so excited! I will be shopping for a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and anything leopard print.

  120. I love following you and love your style!
    I also love Nordstrom and try to save for one thing per summer. I love the bright colorful coats they are featuring this year. Thanks


  122. I thought all I wanted was a cowl necke sweater that I have had my eye on but then I saw your post! Now I want jeans, the moonlight pajamas, a blazer, and the barefoot dreams cozy cardigan! Everything always looks so pretty on you that it makes me want pretty much everything you try on!

  123. I loved the Vince Camuto boots and the leopard print cardigan. Also the navy plaid blazer. I have my charge card ready to go!

  124. Everyone should own at least one of the Barefoot Dreams cardigans! They make great gifts too! The Kenneth Cole coat is speaking to me. Does anyone else hear that? LOL Thanks for your review and looking forward to the next one.

  125. Again, you simplify my shopping! I hate going shopping and trying on clothes, we’re similar in size so when I see something on you that I like, I can point and click and it arrives in a couple days! Thanks for doing all the legwork for me!

  126. I love the black booties with the cute stud detail as well as the comfy looking pj’s, and the camo jacket is really cute!

  127. I will be shopping for Barefoot Dreams cardigans for my girls for Christmas! Also will be shopping for jeans and boots for me!

  128. I had to show my husband your comment about the camo. He thought I was nuts! Now that it is in writing I can get a camo jacket!

  129. I love all the blazers! These used to be the in thing back in the lste 80’s, loved them back then and am thrilled to see them now! The Kenneth Cole jacket is gorgeous on you! I must find one for myself. 🙂

  130. Love the zebra jacket! I’m going to try the wit and wisdom jeans this year. Love your style ! Thank you!

  131. love all the cardigans and booties!!!!! Last year got Barefoot Dreams sweater and wit and wisdom jeans.

  132. I would love to get some sweaters, but I don’t have the expendable money right now….
    Everyone have fun!

    1. Thank you for sharing your fabulous fashion insight with us! I would love to update my winter wardrobe this year with a new coat! (it’s only been 22 years 🤦🏼‍♀️)

  133. I would buy snake print booties and a pair of AG jeans! Or the boot it Kut from the Kloth jeans! Oh and probably that Natori strapless bra, too!!

    Thank you for shopping so hard for us all!!! Fun fun fun!!!

  134. So much leopard print goodness I have seen in this sale. Definitely something with Leopard. I am also eyeing some shoes as well.

  135. Love the preview! Can’t wait to shop tomorrow. And thanks for the reminder to stay rooted in God’s greatness!

  136. I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can shop! I get a bunch of cardigans every year and I think I need a blazer!!! A few Kendra Scott pieces never hurt either😜

  137. Great post. Lots of really cute items. No problem on post sent out from earlier. Things happen. :). Blessings. Have a great day.

  138. I am planning on buying a new Barefoot dreams Cardigan. I wear the one I have so much! Thanks for a great and helpful post!

  139. My favorite is the camo jacket with the wisdom jeans! I love all your outfits though they’re always modest and classy!

  140. I love the white Barefoot Dreams sweater. My daughter in law got one at her baby shower. Perfect gift for a new nursing mom. Now, she gives the sweater to her close friends for baby gift. I’m not expecting a baby; I just love how COZY this sweater is!
    Thanks for trying it all on for us.

  141. I don’t have a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, but I keep hearing so many good things about them. They look so cute and comfy! That is what I would love to have from this sale.

  142. super excited about this years sale. I will be looking at Wit & Wisdom jeans (LOVE!) and a pair of leopard or snake flats.

  143. I would buy the barefoot dream cardigan. And, try out the Nordstrom brand pjs. I really enjoy your blog!

  144. I love your posts! Your style is very compatible to mine and Your love for Christ is very inspirational.
    My favorite pieces from the Nordstrom sale are the coats and the cardigan! Thanks for the sneek peek!

  145. Love all of your looks! I *may* go for a barefoot dreams cardigan this year . I really need work appropriate pants and tops so will also focus on them.

  146. So excited about the fall styles you selected, especially the Kenneth Cole coat! May need to also purchase the Barefoot Dreams gray cardigan and the PJ’s. Always love your style and can’t wait to see what else you selected.

  147. I would love to buy a very comfortable,low heeled pair of booties. Both open toe and closed toe. I have finicky feet.

    I always look forward to reading your blog Cyndi.

    Have a great day!

  148. You are fine! Sometimes multitasking works and sometimes it doesn’t. Hope you have a great remainder of day!

  149. I love your blog! I love seeing all of the upcoming seasonal trends. I would definitely love a pair of the jeans you styled. Thank you for your work! 😊

  150. I love everything especially the Zebra and Lepard prints. Thanks so much for showing us such fabulous finds!

  151. I think this may be the year I finally buy some AG jeans! I also love that zebra coat, and those pjs looks amazing. Thanks for your great tips!

  152. I would purchase a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and probably some jeans or boots! Love following you and your style!

  153. I have 1 Barefoot dreams cardigan that was purchased at Nordstrom’s. I love it so much I really want a second one.

  154. I would love to find a pair of premium jeans at the sale. Thanks for your giveaway. Enjoyed seeing what you tried on.

  155. I think I would buy those Wit & Wisdom jeans (always looking for great jeans at a great price!) or that fluffy cardigan! It looks so cozy!

  156. I NEED those leopard pajamas!! And I’m loving the booties too. Can’t wait for your post on them on Monday!.

  157. I was unable to enter any comment in the Nordstrom giveaway box. I have been following you for a long time and have enjoyed your fashion and beauty posts along with all the encouraging faith posts. I am disappointed that I can’t seem to type in the box for the contest as I would have commented thatif I won the gift card, I would use it to bless by daughter who just had a baby on 5/31…A new mom always appreciates a present after the baby is born! Loving being a grandma!

  158. I can see why you love the Vince blazer above all- unique and classic at the same time. I love the olive cardi / coat. Thanks for keeping us in the know Cyndi!

  159. Goodness…there are so many things I love, but I adore the camo jacket and the black tee! I also think those pj’s look sooo comfy!!

  160. Love black shirt so versatile and switching it up with all the jackets and cardigans. The shoes are great!

  161. Love your picks! Looks like I should have held onto all of my Talbots blazers from 20 years ago, they are right back in style ;-). Thanks for all your hard work putting your posts together I really enjoy your blog. I hope to buy some sweaters/cardigans, booties and a nice bag.

  162. Cyndi, you are a beautiful and wonderful person! I appreciate all your hard work and your great fashion sense! Love the coats and cardigans you styled for us. Can’t wait to see all the other items tomorrow!

  163. Thanks for the opportunity to shop the NSale with a gift card! Hope I win! My work wardrobe could use a refresh!

  164. The barefoot dream sweaters are my favorite. Thank you for always including scripture and words of encouragement!

    1. Hi Cyndi
      I was waiting patiently for your “real” post today! Haha! Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up!! I love the Barefoot Dreams Cardis and that olive green jacket. Looking for new jewelry as well. Love your blog.

  165. So many good choices! I love the kut from the Kloth jeans, the barefoot dreams sweaters, and the leopard jammies. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s selection.

  166. You look darling in everything! Love the fun, casual camo jacket and the soft cardigans! Good finds!

  167. Love the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the jeans options. I have linked those items and plan to purchase! Thank you for the recommendations!

  168. I would buy the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and the Pajamas. Hopefully they are still available when I can purchase them!

  169. I would buy a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and probably some boots. I have been eyeing the cardigans since last year but could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  170. I love all your picks, Cyndi. I hadn’t seen any of the jackets on other bloggers, so I’m glad you shared those. That helps so much!

  171. Wow this is going to be a tough one, but leaning toward a couple of new bags. Definitely my weakness. Thank you for all that you do. Love your style!

  172. Cyndi, you are human like the rest of us! I love and appreciate how you are all about keeping it real!

    If I would win the giveaway I would buy the Kenneth Cole coat – it’s beautiful and timeless.

  173. I love those Steve Madden boots! Very edgy! But for day-to-day, I really like the Kut from the Kloth jeans.

  174. Love the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and the Pajamas! Hope they are still available when i am able to purchase them!

  175. I’m so glad that blazers and jeans are coming back in style. For a working girl that is great combination – both casual but yet professional. Also, I love that tailored cardigans are in style. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on fashion trends. Also, I hope your fireplace will be completed in a timely manner. Take care and God Bless You!

  176. It’s interesting about plaid coming back, I’m not sure I’ll rejoin that trend. I’ve heard fluorescent colors are back for fall too.

  177. I ordered the white Bare Foot Dreams sweater you styled. Also the Sam Edelman trench coat, BP faux suede booties in black, Trish McEvoy Brighten and Define Eye Duo, Nadri Shaky CZ necklace, Taupe suede Born Barnstable loafers and Ugg Light Grey Scuffette (for my daughter for Christmas). I think I am done with shopping for a while. Thanks and have a great day.

  178. I love your openness and honesty in your blogs. I truly look forward to reading them and they are truly uplifting and real!
    To answer the question what I would buy during the sale is oh my word, I’m not sure, as I truly love all their things. I would prabobly look for cute tops & a dress as I’m school Music teacher and heading back to school soon! If it had polka dots, that’s always a plus!
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, I know whomever wins will be very blessed because of your kindness. I hope you have a great daddy today!
    Terri Carrington

  179. If I won the Nordstrom’s raffle I would buy the camouflage or leopard cardigan. I am a teacher and I like to look stylish and not be cold at school. I wear layers and these pieces would be wonderful.

  180. I’m trying to decide between the AG Farrah and the Mother jeans that are similar. I have AG legging jeans already. Which should I go with if only one premium denim?

  181. I think I would get new Jeans and belt and maybe a new puffer jacket or vest. also I looking for a new bag in brown

  182. The olive green cardigan and the zebra cardigan were my favorites! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for doing a drawing 🙂

    1. I love the zebra and leopard sweaters just because they are unique! I enjoy your blog and keep sharing it with others! God bless!

  183. Hi Cyndi, I would get the gray coat. Thanks for your great suggestions;I appreciate your hard work and love your style.

  184. Hi Cyndi, I would get the gray coat. Thanks for your great suggestions;I appreciate your hard work and love your style.

  185. I would probably splurge on a designer handbag!
    Thank you for keeping it real and honest –
    We all need your encouragement ❣️

  186. I love that you are a real person who just so happens to blog. I’ve follow quite a few people and can honestly say that sometimes it feel bad about my little corner of the world because they make their world look so perfect. Even after all these years, you remain real and true to your values and beliefs.

    Now, for the Nordstrom sale, I always try and stock up on basics rather than trends. I shop at Nordstrom for timeless pieces rather than trends that come and go. I’m excited for tomorrow and appreciate your help!

  187. Love everything you had on but I really need a Northface coat. My current one is from the Nordstrom Presale 4 years ago. 💖

  188. Great post! Unable to comment on the link, but here’s what I would buy: new jeans, new pjs for myself, and then pick up something for my husband and my kids!

  189. I love the camo jacket but my practical side would probably win out and I’d buy sneakers for my boys who are constantly wearing theirs out!

  190. I love the olive green cardigan and AG jeans. I can’t wait to see the black tee you are wearing!

  191. Kenneth Cole coat for myself, and for my sweet mom, the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic cardigan. Thank you for sharing, Cyndi!

  192. I would so get the camo jacket (love camo) and one of the Barefoot sweaters! Thanks for all your posts!!! I love seeing what you put together!

    1. I love the cozy cardigan and the Kut jeans. I don’t have any high waisted jeans but pkan to try those. Thanks for the great post on the Nordstrom sale.

  193. I would like to shop for a sweater and blazer. I love the second blazer you posted today. Thanks for doing the work for us.

  194. Thank you Cyndi….
    I love the booties this year (doesn’t seem like they changed much from past 2 years though, you think?). Anything Leopard I Love!!
    Looking forward to seeing Friday’s and Mondays post for the rest of the show!!
    All the best to you and your family❤️

  195. I’m definitely looking for new jeans. Also, some nice cardigans and boots. I really like the look of the blazers though. So I may be adding some into my fall wardrobe as well.

  196. I love the camo jacket! I’ve never had anything camo, and I like how that looks on you! I would probably buy a pair of sandals since I need some, and cardigans!

  197. I love all of these things! I would definitely buy the leopard and zebra print cardigan and some of those AG jeans!

  198. I love all the styles you picked out. Want to go shopping for my new grand baby who will be making his appearance the first of September.

  199. You obviously go through work to give us a glimpse of this vast sale! Thank you for featuring a pair of less expensive jeans.

  200. Thank you for posting your try on session! Gives me lots to think about! I’m hoping to score some Jeffrey Campbell booties!

  201. Cyndi, I love all parts of your blog and have followed you for years. Thanks for all you do for us. your Sister in Christ, Anne

  202. Hi Cyndi, you are looking as adorable as ever here! Love the things you picked from the sale, I would love those Kut from the Kloth Jean’s and those PJ’s are adorable! I also adored that camo vest! Entered to win the gift card and looking forward to seeing more of your posts. 😘

  203. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I think I am going to order the Barefoot dream cardigan- it looks so comfy!

  204. I will definitely be trying to snag one of the Barefoot Dreams cardigans! Thank you for doing the shopping for us – I feel like you are my very own personal stylist!

  205. Thank you Cyndi…..
    Love anything Leopard, cute cardigan, pajamas and the black/gray cardigan! Also in love with the booties! Super cute this year again (hasn’t changed much in a couple years).

    All the best to you and your family!

  206. You look good as always in everything! I’m petite. I hope some of the longer sweaters are petite. Loved all the new trends. Thanks for sharing .

  207. Nordstrom’s used be an anchor store at our nearest mall but sadly pulled out. Thankfully with a little further driving I can get to one! I’ve never considered Camo to be something I’d like but I LOVE the Camo jacket you styled! I would definitely add that to my wardrobe! Thanks for helping us think outside the box! I also love the booties!

  208. Thank you for all of the work you do to keep us in the know. I’m really thinking of getting the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan for my daughter in laws and one for myself.

  209. I’d like to try on the Olive Coat. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think it would be versatile.

  210. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for the great coverage of the NSale! I really need some new denim which will last me a while – in other words, better quality than I usually buy. Looks like there are some great options available.

  211. Love following you. Your choices are always top-notched and I put your choices quite often in my cart.

  212. I have my eye on the leopard cardigan. I was thrilled to see that you had tried it on in your post!!

  213. Love the leopard print items. All things look wonderful on you Cyndi! You are truly so classy and beautiful!!! God bless you 😄

  214. My wardrobe has greatly improved since I started following you. I already have a shopping list for the #NSale thanks to you. Can’t wait!

  215. Sorry you’re sore from shopping! That’s MY kind of exercise!! Love the jeans, booties, and the Vince blazer!

  216. I love the leopard print and the camo jacket. Looks so cute on you!! Thanks for showing us different pieces! 🙂

  217. I Love the Kenneth Cole Coat which looks great on you! Hard to think about Fall in this heat but Thanks for doing this so we know what is out there for the next season Cindy! Love your style and your hair!

  218. Thanks for putting all this together! It is so helpful! Really hope I can get that leopard print cardigan tomorrow!

  219. Some great picks here, especially love the gray barefoot dreams cardigan! It looks so soft and cozy! And the PJ’s look so comfy too!
    Thanks for making it easy to pick favorites and thank youfor a chance to win this wonderful prize!

  220. Thanks for putting all this together! It is so helpful! Really hope I can get that leopard print cardigan tomorrow!

  221. I love the gray Barefoot Dreams Cardigan like you have…looks so cozy for a chilly fall evening! So fun to see all your finds. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Don’t worry about appearing to have lost it – we’re just honored to have you in our group!!! I’ve been thinking that about myself for a while now, don’t worry, it gets worse! Lol I love your posts, they always lift my spirit! I love the Camo Jacket, all the long coats, and the pj’s! They’re all so cute & look so cute on you! Keep the posts coming!

  222. I would purchase the cozy chic cardigan. I love drinking my morning coffee in my pajamas and the cardigan would be perfect for chilly mornings.

  223. The Kenneth Cole coat is calling my name, but I would love to have a barefoot dreams cardigan, as well.

  224. You’ve inspired me to look at jeans as an investment! I usually buy jeans under 50$ at the same store and they always wear out and fade quickly. At first I was shocked at the price tag of 200$ On sale but I talked to my husband and he thinks it’s worth it…I’m worth it! 😊 especially if they last as you say. So I will be checking out the ag jeans at Nordstrom to find my size! Can’t wait!!

  225. Oops, I tried to leave a comment but it accept it before I wrote it. I hope I’m still entered!I would love to sport the camo jacket with black tee and jeans!

  226. I love the barefoot dream cardigan and the Kenneth Cole coat. I really like the pajamas too! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Thanks, Cyndi!

  227. Bless your heart! When I saw your first email this morning, I wondered what was going on. I have numerous pairs of Wit And Wisdom jeans that I am very pleased with. I can’t wait to participate in the sale tomorrow. Fabulous BFTH!

  228. No worries, Cyndi! I knew right away that you were having a very busy day and accidentally sent the wrong email! Knew if I waited you would come back with the correct one! Never thought you were “losing it”! As I have faith in God, I also have faith in you! Because of you, I’m going to not only online shop at Nordstrom’s tomorrow but also brave our local store! I’m sure it will be like that old Jerry Lewis movie! Wish me luck! I’m hunting for some new earrings! 😀😁

  229. I’m thinking new jeans and snakeskin shoes are calling my name 🤔🥰
    Thanks for all of your ideas!

  230. I love the Barefoot Dreams cardigans. I have one I got a few years ago, and it is so comfy! Love your blog!

  231. This will be my first time shopping the sale! I’m so excited! I’m looking for wedge booties for fall/winter and a few cardigans. Thank you for keeping us all “in the know!”

  232. I look forward to your blog everyday. You have inspired me with your styles and your encouraging words!! I love the animal prints!🙂

  233. Cyndi,
    I loved your choices in the Nordstrom Post today! My favorite is the Kenneth Cole Coat. Thank you for giving us these great ideas for picks from the sale! Tricia

  234. Thank you for doing all the legwork. Now I can search all the great things you’ve shown me first thing in the morning! Can’t wait to get started!