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The Sleeveless Sweater: The Perfect Fall Transition Piece

If you’re looking for a transition piece from summer to fall, the sleeveless sweater/vest is a great option. I love wearing it now by itself, but when the weather turns cold, I can easily add a shirt underneath for warmth.

This time of year, we tend to wear a lot of neutral colors, so I like that this sweater has some pretty colors.

I paired the sweater with straight-leg jeans and suede heels in a chestnut color.

Sleeveless Sweater (small) | Time & Tru Jeans (6) | Aubrey Heel (less expensive option here) | Earrings | Bracelets

I love the look of a sleeveless sweater with a blazer for a more polished look.

Blazer | Sleeveless Sweater | Denim | Heels | Handbag 

Sleeveless Sweaters for the fall season: 

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We all experience pain, trouble, and failure at times. But when we seek Jesus, we can have confidence that He will keep us on the right path. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus!

Deeper Study: Read Psalm 16:1-11

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  1. Cyndi appreciate all your fashion tips and ideas. Do you have any suggestions for winter shoe options that aren’t heels? My main issues are my feet hurt in heels and shoes that don’t offer support but I still want to look cute and fashionable. I’m very casual in my style? Lots of jeans, tshirts and sweaters. How can I dress these up with the right shoe?
    Thank you! 😊 Thank you got your spiritual encouragement. It’s always a blessing.

  2. Good morning Cyndi ♥️
    I love All your Fall wardrobe fashion trends !! I started purchasing some dark wines and creams, and army greens 😊I’ll see how it goes .
    Thanks for All you do and such an Inspiration for me 🙏🏻💓

  3. Cyndi—-I really like most of your lovely clothes….but that sleeveless knit top, not so much. It looks baggy and the price!——-$98.00?!? No way!!

  4. Hi,I’ve been following you for several years. I’m sorry to say for me at 71,the fashion has left me behind.I remember one of your posts years ago was jeans with boots and a leopard print scarf.This was a couple of new homes ago,before your grandchildren were born. Many of the fashions you model are too young for me now,sorry to say. Wishing you all the best with your blog,but I have to say Good-Bye

  5. I like the sweater vest look.. I’m looking forward to trying more of them. I’m also getting on board with more cargo pants! Question ..if you’re wearing the sweater vests, what shoe options do you have other than heels? My daily routine of running around with errands and such can’t handle the heels! I love the fashion sneakers but just at a loss for other ideas! Please share your thoughts or perhaps pic of a sweater vest styled various ways!
    Thanks 😊

    1. Karen I’ll try to style one several ways. I think you can wear any fall shoes, but it probably depends more on the pants you’re wearing than the sweater vest. Does that make sense?

  6. Very pretty sweater vest, love how you’re styling it. I saw it online a few days ago but have something quite similar already, will have to pass since I’m paring down my wardrobe.