The Spring Trend I See Everywhere

Happy Thursday ladies! Over the last few weeks, I have been spring shopping since tomorrow begins 26 Days of Spring Fashion. There is a spring trend I keep seeing everywhere I shop.

The spring trend is snake print. Similar to leopard print (which is still very on trend), it can be treated as a neutral, allowing you to mix it with everything from stripes to bold colors.

Here are some of the snake print items I have seen while shopping. If you want to add a touch of snake print, there is a belt or a handbag from Target that has snake print handles.

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I have picked up a few pieces, and I’ll show you how I’m adding this trend to my spring wardrobe during 26 Days of Spring Fashion.

Do you like this trend? Will you add it to your spring wardrobe?

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Beauty For The Heart~~When I think of spring, I also think about spring cleaning around my house. I like to clean my windows; I also want to re-organize my closets and get rid of anything I’m not using.

But what about a spiritual spring cleaning? With the change of a season, it’s a good time to evaluate our heart. Are we holding any grudges? Are we bitter, or hurt?

Psalm 51:10 says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” 

Let’s spring clean our hearts too!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. OOOh! I am super excited to see how you style this. I have a pair of kitten heels in this pattern and just love them – they do really go with everything. But I would always incorporate more into my wardrobe. 🙂

  2. I may still have some of that from the last go round! 😀 Wow it’s really true what they say…Just wait a few years and it will come back in style!

  3. Ok this is a trend I may try with accessories.. I’ve had a pair of pumps in snake skin for awhile. I still like the leopard print especially the larger leopard print but change is good😉.. great BFTH. Holding grudges not a good idea.

  4. Snakeskin is a trend I will never incorporate into my wardrobe. Though many woman love it and might even call it classic, it gives me the creeps and calls to mind the serpent in the garden, (call me crazy).😍 Leopard print though, is a different story for me…love it and have a lit of it.

  5. Most women jump at the thought of a snake, so I don’t understand why anyone would like to wear it! A trend I will never wear for sure.

  6. I like the snake print look. I also am I big fan of leopard print as well. I think a hint of it here and there is a good look just I am not one to over do a look, especially a pattern.

  7. Cyndi, I just hate that you are going to be wearing this snake trend for your spring wardrobe. You will make it look good, but I cannot wear this stuff because I always have these bad dreams that I am fighting off snakes. I think God must be trying to send me a message. Ha Ha!

  8. Love the BFTH verse, one of my favorite. We studied this a few weeks ago at BSF. As for fashion, I will have to be out of style with this snakeskin stuff…..i HATE snakes! Don’t want any “visuals” of them crawling on me!

  9. BFTH – love it!
    As for snake skin – yep, shoes, a pure or a belt sounds about right for me. Likely wouldn’t wear a dress in that print, but in smaller doses – yes!

  10. Today’s BFTH! Love! Snakeskin? No thanks. Don’t want to see snakes wearing their own skin, don’t want to stumble upon a shed snakeskin, don’t want to wear snakeskin. This is a trend I’ll be sitting out

    1. Count me in on hating snakes! The fact that I’m even discussing a snake right now is BAD….hope I don’t dream about them tonight! Won’t be wearing one! Not that a real leopard in person wouldn’t be scary either haha…funny how we don’t mind wearing that….

  11. Interesting trend for spring? I actually have a pair of snake skin pumps I got when I worked in the business world and haven’t wanted to get rid of them because the heel is not too high and they have a padded insole and are so comfortable. Glad I kept them, but I never knew just how to style them so I’ll be looking forward to your post soon. Ready to start seeing some spring fashion but it’s only 46 degrees in South Texas today.

  12. For be first time ever, I had to quickly scroll through your post, skipping everything before the Beauty For The Heart! I do not like anything about snakes and will not be wearing anything resembling one! Lol!!! Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmity between you (the snake) and the woman.” God’s Word is so true! 😊😊😊

  13. Ugh!! Snakeskin. Detest it! I have such a phobia that I don’t even want to be near someone wearing it. When the shoes and bags came around few years ago, I was glad to see them go. Can’t believe the trend is back, and with such a vengeance. I predict that I’m not alone in my view and that the clearance rack will strain under the weight of the stuff.
    You look great always, but yuk, yuk, yuk!!

  14. Hahah, I laughed out loud at the gals who said never to snakeskin! I’m with them, I do not like snakes, I do not like snakes and I will not be wearing anything resembling a snake! I do however, love the jacket your’e wearing! And I really like the BFTH today, even though, I guess I do have a grudge against snakes! LOL

  15. I’m right there with Mary; I scrolled very quickly through the pictures. Don’t want to see or wear this so called fashion. I don’t even go in the snake building at the zoo.

  16. Nope, no snake. Plus my husband would probably refuse to go anywhere with me if I wore it — he’s even more afraid of snakes than I am!

  17. Forget the snake….not that desperate for what’s in! I love your blog but those white boos have got to go…looks like a pair of “go-go” boots I wore with my hot pants way back when. Some things just shouldn’t come back in style…🤭. Have a blast on your time away.

    1. “ Right on”, ladies. NO snakeskin anything for this lady. I think it looks not only creepy, crawly but cheap…no matter what. While I’m not a huge fan of animal prints, with the perfect pairing they can look chic & classy. Just not seeing or feeling that with the reptile prints. 😉🐍👩🏻‍🏫

  18. I love the jacket, it’s adorable. But I think what makes it a slam dunk are great White boots. I am totally digging on those! HAVE a great day and thanks for the inspiration!

  19. As usual, you look good in anything. I bought an animal print belt (1″) last fall and can’t get my husband to ‘let’ me wear it. I don’t think he’ll give the thumbs up to snakeskin. In theory, I wear what I want and he doesn’t control me. In reality, I never want to knowingly dress in something he won’t like. He does the same for me. Ah well, a life without animal print and turtlenecks . . .
    Excellent BFTH, also as usual. I love (and need) being reminded to let go of bitterness!

  20. I for one love snake print and can’t wait to wear my sleeveless blouse. Now I have to get myself a snake print bag or a pair of shoes.

    1. I raided my closet yesterday after I posted my comment and I found my Lesportsac Snake Print bag. I am now ready for spring to arrive.

  21. Funniest comments I have ever heard. Ha. I’m middle of the road but probably won’t buy any. Would rather spend money on something else.

  22. I too say no to anything snakeskin and yes to leopard print. I am looking forward to the 26 Days of Spring Fashion 🙂

  23. I am laughing because I thought the exact same thing as most of you when I scrolled through the snakeskin—creepy, crawly snakes! I love leopard, but no snakes for me either!

  24. Loved all the comments today! Very entertaining! I am definitely a leopard print girl but might buy some snake print shoes or bag.
    Looking forward to seeing you style your snake print items friend! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!😎

  25. I just bought some snake print sandals and would love to see some different outfit ideas to wear with snake print shoes!

  26. I have a bomber jacket that is python print. My husband says it creeps him out a little 😂. I don’t know about ‘Real” snakeskin, but I have no problem with the print on fabric.

  27. Like many of the others commenting , I will not be wearing snakeskin. Snakes have always given me the creeps so it’s a NO for me. I don’t care how trendy it is!

  28. It’s just a print ladies!! I, for one, love the snakeskin trend. Had a pair of cowboy boots back in the day that were the real thing… absolutely loved them but absolutely hate snakes!! Was on the fence about getting a pair of booties in the print but gonna take the plunge now… thanks Cyndi!! I also love those white boots on you!

  29. I don’t like the snake print. I just don’t Luke snakes at all. Anyway, I need spring cleaning in my house & heart. Great idea!

  30. I have to join in on the NO snakeskin anything for me. I live where I have to be aware all summer for snakes & sure won’t be wearing any.

  31. You look darling, as always! Completely forgot about some block heel snakeskin shoes I have. Loved those shoes. I’ll have to pull them out and be right on trend!
    Cute comments today.
    I detest snakes, but love the slight accent of the print. That purse from target is adorable!

  32. I actually don’t hate snakes. My neighbor had a big boa name Julius Squeezer. When he wanted to get rid of he gave it to my daughters science class and it was their pet! It’s not my favorite print for clothes but would wear it in shoes if they were really cute. Love the white booties and that jacket!!

  33. I recently bought a snake print bag at TJ’s just because it was super cute. I didn’t realize I was on-trend!! 😊

  34. SHUDDER!! I am so phobic about *those creatures* that I would never own or wear the print!! I can barely even stand to see it on a product. LOL!!!!

  35. I was stunned by these comments, lol!
    It never crossed my mind that someone would hate snakeskin print because they hate snakes. I love the print although hate being close to the animal!
    And BTW, I have never seen you when I did not like your hair! I am glad you are not stuck in one hairstyle forever😊 Change is good for us all. You are always beautiful and classy!

  36. Back in the day….I had a pair of genuine python pumps. I loved them so much that I wore them well past the time I should have gotten rid of them. They were not a black/white contrast look, but more of an overall subtle gray, so a neutral look, and they upgraded everything I wore with them. I cannot understand how in the 80’s genuine hides and silks, etc., were affordable at least on sale, and now the prices are so out of reach. The real thing is much more subtle and just looks so good, always. These prints are fun for a trend, though. (Oh, and if we’re voting, I’m not afraid of non-venomous snakes–although I will give all snakes plenty of space in case I’m mis-identifying them. They’re another beautiful part of God’s amazing creation, and living on a farm, we has ’em!)

  37. I grew up in a farm & ranching community. A snake in my yard was soon to be missing it’s head! That being said, I have never shied away from snakeskin boots, shoes, etc. It’s a classic.